Arriving at our apartment about 1:30, I gathered up my purchases and walked Little Bit into the place. She went directly to the bathroom to clean herself up a little and I installed the batteries in the toys that I had bought. I cleaned myself up at the kitchen sink and by the time she made her appearance again, I was sitting on the couch in the living room.

She had not changed from her clothes that she wore for our lunch at the lake and she still looked fabulous in her new sundress. I was suddenly struck at how young she really was. I had humped her ass like a mature man does a mature woman but now, looking at her approach me she looked like a very young little girl.

Her dress clung to her tiny body like a fine piece of silk fresh from the seamstress as it covered her 4’ 9” or so inches that couldn’t weigh more than 90 pounds. I was instantly jolted by her swaying little breasts that were obvious unencumbered by a bra and stuck out boldly under the softest of materials. They didn’t giggle or bounce; they didn’t even sway that much because of their lack of mass. They just were moving slightly as she walked; just enough to tell me that they were there and waiting for me touch them.

The silhouette of her finely shaped legs shown through the silky dress skirt as she walked forward, moving them one after the other towards my position. It gathered a little at her crotch and I stared at the gathering place in hopes of getting a glimpse of her panty line protruding thru. It was not to be but she caught the drift of my gaze and she blushed just a little and covered up her crotch with her fore arm. I noticed all of this in the brief few seconds it took her to cover the short distance but it seemed like an eternity to my hungry eyes.

Walking right up to the couch, she started to seat herself but I stopped her with my hands. She looked down at me with this quizzical look on her face and I told her, “Just stand right there for a second. I have a surprise for you.” Her eyes began to smile as she moved over to face me and I reached for the toys.

Reaching down to the hem of her dress with a Pocket Rocket in my palm, I ran my hand up to her crotch and then turned the vibrator on. She heard it buzz and instantly pushed it away with her hands as she shrunk away from the unknown object.

“Whoa, what’s that?” she asked in her own defense.

“It’s something that I think you going to like, a lot,” I told her.

Once again I turned it towards her inner thigh and touched her there with it and again she shied away from its vibrations. I told her that it wouldn’t hurt and to let it touch her on the leg so she reluctantly let go with her hands as she let it make contact with her sensitive inner thigh. She opened her mouth as she became wide eyed and then let out a cry of surprise.


As I ran it up to the place where t was intended to stimulate, her eyes got bigger and her mouth flew open even wider. “OH MY GOD!” she shrieked.

I planted the devise up high on her slit, aiming for her clitoral area, and by her reaction, I must have had good aim because her knees started to buckle. She jolted her hips away from the vibrator and she squealed her excitement. After a brief second, she spread her knees a little and plunged her crotch back down on it. She threw her head back, grabbed my hand holding the pleasurable piece of plastic and pushed it up to vibrate on her love button.

“Here, take it yourself and you can pleasure it way you want to,” I told her, giving the Pocket Rocket up to her guidance. She took it without any hesitation at all and began moving it around over her panties to just the right spot. She found it and fell down on her butt beside me on the couch and spread her legs out wide. Pulling up her skirt so she had easier access to her crotch, she buried the vibrator into her slit and started making facial contortions and squeals as she applied the vibrator to her most sensitive spot until finally she exploded into an amazing orgasm.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY, OH MY, OOHHH MMYYYYY!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she started pulsating all over the couch. “BOOOBYYYYY,” she yelled as she raised her hips up off of her seat and drove her hand held pleasure stick up against her sensitive little node. She strained and strained and finally let out her long held breath as she dropped the vibrating rod to the floor and curled up into a ball. She jerked and convulsed but she finally started to come down from this first experience of self stimulated orgasm. She finally quit her writhing as her breathing became more normal once again but her eyes were closed and she didn’t move.

I waited a long few minutes, letting her catch her breath and then I moved myself off of the couch and took up the position on my knees, directly in front of her. I was in between her knees looking up into her pretty little, panty covered crotch. I gently touched her on the leg and she moaned and moved away from the touch instantly. “Oh Bobby, I’m so sensitive down there. Just wait a second okay?” she exclaimed.

I ignored her complaint and moved my touch up her legs to her tummy and then up to her breasts. She tried to move my touch off of her sensitive little body but I persisted until she was tired of fighting me. I withdrew my hand from her dress and moved both hands up to her neckline and untied the straps that held her top up. Pulling the thin material down over her breasts, I exposed them to my sight and to my caress.

“Oh Bobby,” she cooed as she moved her lower body back up on the couch. She lay down lengthwise on the sofa as I continued to massage her now naked breasts. She was smiling at my touch and seemed to once again tolerate my attention as she stretched out her legs that were now exposed under the dress up to her waist. I looked down at the most wondrous sight in the entire world, her thin, see-thru beige panties covering a brown patch of her pubic hair.

I reached down with one hand and cupped her pussy under her panties as she moaned a soft little moan. Then I inserted my hand down the front of them and settled my hand directly on her two labia lips. My fingers went to work rubbing and massaging in between them until they separated giving my fingers free access to her wet slit. Her eyes were now closed again and she was starting to breathe very heavily. I continued to rub and probe with my fingers until I pushed with my entire hand down into the crotch of the garment and it started to give way at the hips.

She raised her hips off of the couch to free her panties of any restraint as they began the journey off of her hips and down to her thighs. I took my hand out of them and grabbed the back of her legs to raise them up in the air so as to remove her panties from her legs all together. After releasing the last foot from the elastic waistband, I held her legs up into the air as I ran my other hand along her hamstrings until they rested on her hairy little junction. She growled out loud when I inserted one finger up her vagina.

I then reached down under the couch where I had stashed the other toys and retrieved a Vibrating Egg that I placed up in her crotch. Finding her opening and turning it on, I inserted the vibrating little oval into her vagina and she squealed her approval. She separated her bent knees and opened up her crotch to my exploration and sight. I could see it devise slide between her two, hair lined lips and suddenly disappear in between them except for the thin plastic coated wire that ran back to the controls. Just the faint little hum from the vibrator could be heard over the gasps and moans that it elicited from Little Bit.

She started moving her hips in a rotating manner as I started probing with my finger along her slit. It would slide up to tease her clitoris and down to stimulate her anal opening. This last area was new to my sister so the first time that I touched her anus, she jumped and recoiled from it madly but after a few probing rotation of my finger, she settled down to the excitement of it all. I then withdrew the vibrating egg and moved to down to her rectum and slowly pushed it in.

Her eyes flew open as did her mouth as she reacted to the vibrating intruder up her ass. But she soon started cooing at the smooth sensation that she felt and spread her knees out wide as she drew them up to her chest. My hand found another toy from its hiding place under the couch and this time it was a Rabbit Dildo that also ran on batteries. It was a rubberized devise consisting of a simulated cock that moved and twisted at various speeds that had two little “Rabbit Ears” on it that stimulated the clitoris.

I turned it on and moved it to the entrance of her vagina. She was shocked at first and started to move away but the sensation of it rubbing up next to her pussy soon caused her to trust me one more time and allow me to insert it into her wet opening. As it rotated and twisted its way deeper and deeper into her womb, the little ears finally found something to flitter upon and it was on her love button. She cried out in a loud scream of surprise as she lowered her heels back down to the couch and raised her hips up into the ever present stimulating Rabbit Ears.

Little Bit was going wild with her fight for more and more stimulation from both of the vibrators as she wretched it out of my hand. She was in control now and she was going to make the most of her new found power. She was contorting her poor little body to force the device into her clitoris. She was using both hands as she pushed it deeper and deeper into her confines. The anal vibrator was working its magic on her rear as she was starting to vocalize her demands and excitement.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she was repeating in a low, soft voice. It was almost inaudible at first but as she continued to build, she became louder and more forceful. “Oh, oh, oh!” she reiterated as her tenor increased in pitch. Soon she was shouting her expectations in a loud demanding voice, “OH, OH, OH!!” and scrunching up her face in an unworldly fashion. “OH MY GOD, OH GOD OH GOODDD!!!” she finally cried out. She was ramming the vibrator with both hands into her vagina as its “ears” were mashed into her tender little love button. Her ass was off of the bed now as she arched her back and flooded the fabric on the couch with her juices. She was building and building, holding her breath and emotions back until they were just too powerful.

Then they came out, her breath and the emotions. They flooded out of her just like the juices from her vagina. They spilled out in a draining way that on one hand filled the air with her rapture and on the other with her desperation of finally getting her release. She cried out with relief and with pleasure. It was a passionate cry of desire and of satisfaction. It was a cry that caused rear tears yet was a cry of surrender. It was a cry that finally started to muffle itself in intensity until it left her a quivering mass of nerve ending. It was a cry that turned into a whimper and then silence. It was her final cry of release that left her mute with exhaustion.

My poor Little Bit, laying there on the couch, topless and bottomless with her dress gathered at her waist. The vibrators were still running although one had been extracted from its place deep within her womb. I reached over a turned it off and then I carefully pulled on the cord until it plopped out of her little asshole. She didn’t move an inch. She acted as if she didn’t notice that the stimulators had been silenced because she was out, both mentally and physically.

I noticed that I was out of breath just watching my sister manipulate those devices on herself so I took a moment to collect my own thoughts. Finally after about five minutes or so I picked up Little Bit by putting my arms under her knees and shoulders and carried her into the bedroom. She never even woke up she was so exhausted. I tucked her in and went out to the living room and waited for my wife to get off work. It was 3:00 so I had two hours to wait with nothing to do but fantasize about this evening.

At exactly 5:05, Carol walked thru the door of the apartment and ran into my arms. We kissed the longest, most passionate kiss in the world and when we broke it, we both had to catch our breath. She indicated that she was going into the bedroom to change so I told her that Little Bit was still in there sleeping off the afternoon’s activities. She raised her eyebrows and then opened the bedroom door quietly and entered.

It was a few minutes before she reappeared wearing and old sweat shirt and jeans. As she came out into the living area, she turned and closed the door quietly and tip toed back to the couch where I was still seated.

She came up to me to snuggle into my side with her head on my shoulder and she asked, “What did you do to her this afternoon to wear her out so much? I thought I told her not to wear you out because I wanted some of you before you have to leave tomorrow.”
I laughed at her question but answered it seriously. “Oh I bought a few “toys” at the adult shop for her to use while I’m gone,” I explained. “I thought that she could try them out and I guess, judging from her reaction to them, think she really liked them.”

Her eyes flew open wide as she asked, “Toys? What toys? I mean which ones?”

“Oh I got her a Pocket Rocket, an Egg vibrator and a Rabbit that’s all,” I said.

She thought for a second and then she asked, “You bought them just for her?”

I smiled at her slyly as I cuddled into her a little more and told her sarcastically, “Well, they are her gift, so if you want to use any of them then you’ll just have to ask her for permission.”

She smiled back at me and added, “We’ll just have to do that now won’t we.”

After a couple more seconds she changed the subject by asking me, “What are we going to do about this evening? I mean I thought it would be nice to be home alone with my husband on his last night here for a whole year.”

“I don’t know. Would it be okay to ask her if she could go away to a friend’s house or something for tonight?” I suggested.

“Would it be okay to ask who to go to a friend’s house?” Little Bit asked as she came out of the bedroom looking like something dead the cat drug into the house.

“Oh hi there,” I said to her, surprised to see her finally up. “I thought that maybe you had died or something.”

“No thanks to you,” she muttered sarcastically. “Who do you want to leave? Do you want me to leave for the night?”

“Oh Marcie,” Carol chimed in, “do you mind so much? It is, after all, the last night that I will have with my husband you know,” she asked in a pleading voice.

Little Bit thought for a moment. She was running the idea of Carol taking the last night with me all to herself and totally excluding my sister from the evening. She frowned but said, “I guess I could call Sheri and see if she is doing anything this evening,” she finally said. But the expression on her face told us both that she wasn’t too keen on the idea.

Carol got up and walked over to her and gave her a big hug. She told her, “Marcie I would appreciate this more than you will ever know. I know that you want to spend some time with your brother too but you’ve had him all to yourself for the entire afternoon. I just want him for awhile this evening. You can come back and we can all sleep together tonight but I want him to myself for just a little while this evening. Okay?”

Little Bit looked up into my wife’s eyes, smiled and told her, “Don’t wear him out too much because I want another turn at him too.”

“What’s going on here? Am I a piece of meat that everyone wants a piece of or what?” I thought wondering just how I was suppose to satisfy both of my girls but soon I found myself looking forward to it.

After she called her friend, Little Bit went in, changed her clothes and left for the evening but not before she told us both, “You have about 4 hours alone and then I’m coming back and joining the party.” Then she turned and smiled at us and closed the door behind her. We looked at each other and smiled at the comment from the little sex monster that I had created. I shrugged my shoulders and Carol got up and came over to me on the couch to sit right next to me. I leaned in to kiss her as I ran my hand under her sweat shirt and felt the unrestricted flesh that formed her left breast. She moaned a muffled sigh of enjoyment as she opened up to allow my hand to freely explore anywhere it wanted.

It wanted to feel her full, firm breasts that sported the tightest little nipples in the whole world. I found them each wanting to be pinched and pulled and roughly treated as I massaged her entire glandular globes with the palm and fingers of my hand. I was mashing down on her mouth with my own and then opened up my lips to receive her tongue as she pressed it towards its mate. I was squeezing her breast hard and completely when she broke the kiss suddenly and panted herself down at my knees. She looked up into my eyes as her fingers began to take off my trousers.

I had not changed my clothes since this afternoon although I did take the time to shower and shave for her this evening, so I was not wearing any underwear. She discovered that little fact when she got my trousers opened up and she raised her eyebrows and stated, “Oh my, what have we hear? Why Mr. Martin, you aren’t wearing any underwear. Now what am I to make of that? I guess you must be expecting some action tonight so I don’t want to disappoint you now do I?”

With that said, she moved my trousers down over my butt and off of my legs so I was sitting there with just my polo shirt on. “We need to take this off also,” she said pulling it over my head. Now I was totally naked with my beautiful wife resting her arms between my outstretched knees. She smiled up at me and moved her head in closer to my semi-hard cock and opening her mouth; taking the entire head and staff into it and started to slide it in and out.

I felt her hand go down to cradle my balls as my cock inflated to its full size. She continued the sucking action with her mouth as her finger found the area between my legs right next to my anus. I went wild with anticipation as I started rocking my hips up and down in rhythm with her mouth. I soon had to make a decision of what I wanted to do; shoot my wad into the most receptive mouth imaginable or pull out and save it for another place and time. I decided to let it shoot and hope that I had enough reserve for that other place and time.

She felt it grow in her mouth and start to twitch as she sucked on it even harder that she had. When I exploded with a giant growl from my lips and a sudden squirt from my cock, I let loose a deluge of sperm that would have flown 5’ if it wasn’t restrained by Carol’s mouth. She acted as if she was unaware that I was cumming because she didn’t break her rhythm one beat. She kept on pulling it in and out of her mouth with the force and urgency of someone wanting to express her love and that is exactly how I took it. Another jet shot into her mouth and then another. Without missing a beat she swallowed every last glob of my sperm, never letting one drop slip from her tight lips. After the last ooze of my juices escaped the end of my now deflating cock, she sucked the end of the head, licking it all around, making sure there was none left over and then rose up and smiled into my eyes.

“Now that was great,” she said, wiping her mouth with her hand. “I love the taste of your sperm. I only wish that I…” she didn’t finish her thought.

“You only wish that you what? That you had done that that first time? Do you have any regrets about the baby and everything?” I asked.

She came up and settled right next to me and placed her hand on my chin and pulled it to her to look me right in the eyes. She told me sincerely, “I love you Bobby, you know that don’t you? I want to be with you forever so if making this baby with you is how we can get our lives together started than so be it. I love the thought of having your baby growing inside me. But I can’t help but wish that it didn’t have to be this way. I wish that we had taken a more conventional way of becoming “man and wife”. I wish that you didn’t have to leave that’s all. I don’t want to make all of the decisions by myself. I don’t want to have to go to all of the doctors appointments by myself. You are part of this child too and I want you to have some input into those decisions.”

I cuddled her close and thought about her concerns. I said, “Yeah it would be nice but that isn’t the way things worked out is it? We have to play the hand that was dealt us and that hand is not what we would wish for. The truth of the matter is that I don’t think we will ever have a perfect hand so we had better become good players.”

I looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile and then continued. “There is always email and maybe we can Skype or face time via the phone. I do know that the Navy is sensitive to issues like ours and will try to accommodate in any way that it can. But I know what you mean; I will miss out on a lot. But that’s why you have Little Bit here to help you. She is a sweet girl and I know that she likes you. You just have to lean on her a lot and to keep me in the loop via one of the other ways.”

We cuddled in silence for the longest time. So long, in fact, that I actually started thinking about taking my wife into the bedroom, stripping her naked and making love with her until Little Bit came home. I pulled away from her a little and she looked up at me with a quizzical look in her eye. I smiled at her and then moved my hand down to her breasts again and started to rub on her nipple again. She smiled back at me, took my hand away from her breast, stood up and walked me towards our bedroom.

When we got there she turned to me and put her arms around my neck and backed up to the bed. Looking directly into her eyes, I moved my right hand up to her breast once again and started to massage it with my entire palm. She closed her eyes for a second and then opened them back up and gave this continued look of acceptance and pleading to go on. I moved my other hand down to the bottom of the sweat shirt and started to raise it up. She put her hands up to allow it to slide up and off of her beautiful body, exposing the two most wondrous sights a man can ever experience.

They were just as perfectly shaped as I remembered them being; firm and perky yet soft as a baby’s behind. They were white, except for her two brown areolas that were presently puckered up into pointy little spectacles. These supported the two even harder sentinels that were standing tall on top of her mounds making the entire picture one that was imbedded forever in my mind. I lowered my face down to take each into my mouth and suckle upon them as she mewed a soft little sound of contentment and raised her chin up towards the ceiling.

I was using my mouth, my tongue and my teeth to consume those beautiful breasts of hers, knowing that I could, one day, have this pleasure any time that I wanted but in the mean time, I was instilling this moment into my memory banks. My hand went up to squeeze the one that I was sucking as she started to breathe a little bit heavier into my ear. I was ravishing them, rapidly switching from one to the other as I grabbed my hand full of the mammary flesh and squeezed on it roughly. She continued to become louder and louder with her vocalizations until I reached down and placed my hand directly on her crotch. She moaned a loud acceptance of my advance and spread her legs out little inviting it to go even further.

I began rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans, probing with my finger down deep between her legs. She moaned again as she twitched the muscles of her hips and then relented even more to my pressure. After a few more gropes, my hand went up to her fly and started to unbutton and unzip her jeans and when I was through, they opened up to my exploring hand as I slid it down on the inside of her panties.

Feeling her pubic hair sent a shiver down my spine so I inserted my middle finger between her lips and started looking for her clitoris. She jerked away wildly as I found it hiding under the protective hood that Mother Nature had provided for it as she cried out in submission. I rubbed my finger on it for a second or two then I went down to find the source of all the moisture that it was encountering. It was coming from her vaginal opening down deep between her legs and as they slid apart for my exploration, my finger tried to stop the flow by plugging up her canal.

It went in as far as I could force it and as I brought it out, I turned it up a little and felt for the roughness of her G-spot. I knew when I touched it because Carol threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Oh my God Bobby, what you do to me!”

She clamped down with her legs, crushing my finger still in her vagina. She tried to back away but my finger persisted onward, keeping contact with her real sensitive spot. She was crying now and writhing to find a way of escape; a way to stop the pleasurable tormenting of my finger, until finally she managed to dislodge it from her over stimulated area inside her vagina. Feeling just a brief reprieve from the assault on her spot, she reached down with her hands and grabbed the waist of her jeans and started to tug them over her well shaped hips. As they were striped down to her thighs, I took over and moved them down to the floor where she stepped out of them. Her panties got hung up by my hand on her crotch and only came off of her butt so I slowly withdrew my hand and went down on my knees to watch the spectacle of exposing her most precious part of her anatomy to my hungry eyes.

Slowly pulling them down in front, I first got a trace of her pubic hair as it made its descent. Then I saw her junction with her two tightly closed labia lips with just a hint of moisture seeping out between them. Passing over her thighs and down to the floor revealing her entire naked body to my gaze, her panties waited impatiently for someone to take them from her ankles. I obliged and tossed them off to join with her other garments and turned my attention to the unbelievable sight before me.

My hand followed my gaze as it went up to her crotch to continue with the stimulating probing that I had just stopped but Carol had had enough stimulating so instead sat back down on the edge of the bed as I crawled close to her. Separating her knees with my hands, she lay back on the bed with her feet still touching the floor and spread out her arms in acceptance of the inevitable. I placed her knees over my shoulders and moved my face down between them. She moaned a contented acquiesces and settled back to enjoy what was to come.

I put my two fingers on her wet lips and pushed them apart to see what was hiding beneath their treasure laden presence. What I found was a pinkish colored channel that ran up to a white little hood that covered her precious pleasure button, a tiny little urethra opening where she pees and two smaller little lips that surrounded her larger vaginal opening. Taking mental inventory of her genital area for my first time, I vowed that I would remember that sight for the rest of my life.

Moving my mouth closer, I put my tongue down at her opening and ran it the entire length up until it settled on her hood. She reacted by trying to move away from its pressure but with my arms encompassing her by her thighs, there wasn’t much chance that she could move that far from my probing tongue so she cried out her pleasure instead.

“Oh my God Bobby! Oh God I love you,” she cried out starting to actually tear up. “You make me feel so good!”

My tongue became a poker as it pressed and poked all over her tight little hood until her clitoris decided to come out and play. When my tongue actually welcomed it with a touch, she arched her back violently and began to hump my tongue wildly. I put it between my lips and started to suck on it as I slowly found her opening with my finger and started its insertion into the depths of her wanting canal.

“Oh God yes,” she screamed, begging me to continue with both of my assaults.

I inserted another finger to join with my other one in pressing into her confines just as far as they would reach. I would try to separate them when I had them buried inside her but the muscular vaginal walls would only stretch so far. She was bucking her hips in concert with my fingers going in and out and she was excreting much more of her heavenly nectar than before. Her hands were now on both of my ears and was guiding my tongue action more than I was, so when they started to squeeze down on my tender lopes, I knew that it was time to switch my position so that I could consummate this session immediately.

I maintained my link under her legs as I crawled up to put my cock into her starving pussy. I was on now on the bed but on my knees as I placed it right at her opening. Her lips had not closed completely so when they felt my intrusion between them, they almost sucked me into their midst and into her welcoming vagina. Once there, it was drawn deep into her by her powerful walls until it met the end of her uterus, right next to her cervix. Then it was spit out like a foreign object until just the head was left inside of her and then the process was repeated, again and again, with greater force and speed.

Her legs were trapped by my shoulders and my cock was ramming into her bare crotch sticking straight up in the air. She was yelling and screaming at the top of her lugs; begging me to fuck her harder and deeper. I could feel the urge start to build but I knew that I had to finish what I had started so I plunged my hand down between us and found her other opening, her anus and started to rotate my finger around and around, stimulating her there at her other sensitive spot.

She cried out in acceptance as she attempted to raise her hips up off of the bed but then pressed them back down hard once again. She wanted to make her anus more accessible to my insertion but was struggling to find the right position. I found the position when I lay down on her with her legs still trapped my arms and shoulders. Now her open ass hole was sticking straight up in the air and was readily inviting my penetration.

As I inserted my finger up her rectum, I continued to pump with my hips into her gushing vaginal opening. She was going wild with her lustful experience of having both of her cavities violated at the same time as was I, but I knew that my time was about up because I could feel my balls being sucked up into my crotch. I continued to pump my finger as fast as I could until my first shot of sperm erupted from my cock. Releasing my finger from her ass hole, I placed my hand next to her head for support, raised myself up off of her except for my pounding cock and fucked her like I’ve never fucked a woman before.

I was impaling her pussy with my rock hard cock, sliding it in and out of her opening which was sticking straight up in the air. Her legs were bent over so her knees were on either side of her chest and with my other hand pinning them down, I continually violated her crotch. Over and over I slammed my cock into her sloppy wet pussy and over and over she cried out for more. The fluids were gushing out around my cock from deep within her opening and then I started to add my own.

I held my breath as I let fly with my first massive stream of fluids. I could feel it ricochet back off of her vaginal wall or cervix to splash again my raging cock. My body was stiff as a board as I pressed it in as hard and as deep as I could. Then I felt her pussy walls start to contract as she reached down deep to release her own pent up emotions. She contorted her body under my weight, trying to extract the greatest amount of pleasure out of this gigantic orgasm until she could control it no further and she erupted with a breathless scream that rattled the windows as she spewed out a flow of juices that literally flew out past the intruder and hit me right on my crotch, my balls and my legs.

Her climax was so intense that she dug her fingernails into my back, bringing blood from the wounds. She was crying my name over and over and was pressing into my cock, slamming her crotch into my own unmercifully. Then she stiffened like a board, squeezing hard with her pussy walls and started to slow down a bit as she rhythmically continued to allow it to enter and withdraw from her bare little pussy lips.

Somewhere down the road, we both collapsed into a wonderful state of afterglow, resting there entwined in each others arms and legs, totally spent from our ordeal. We rested content in our love making, content in the knowledge that this would not be our last time together, just that it would be a while before we would be able enjoy each other again. We rested as only husbands and wives do after making love; totally exhausted but totally in love.

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