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Sandy’s Slumber Party (revised)
by lovesyoungpussy

Pre-teen, Nudity, Male/Young Females, First Time, Virginity.

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Sandy sat in her room sorting her collection of dolls and trying to find a suitable place to put them. Her mind was preoccupied with her twelfth birthday that was coming up. There would be a touch of sadness this year because her mother was no longer with them. She had died suddenly from cancer. The big ‘C’ had spread throughout her body faster than the doctors could manage it. She had died within six months.

So Sandy wondered to herself just how her birthday would turn out. It was just three weeks away. Twelve! That is supposed to be a big one. Others in her future were sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one: all big milestones in a child’s life. Her dad had given her permission to invite her girl friends over for the party. They were planning to have it at their backyard pool and she wanted everything to be perfect. Her dad, John, was not a very good cook so everything was being catered for the afternoon. No boys were invited to the party; it was to be an all girl party (except for John, of course).

Sandy cared a lot for her father. He had always been good to her even before the loss of her mother, and now he was even better. She never wanted for anything. He had quit the job that took him out of town a lot and started an at-home job on his computer so that he could be there for her at all times. He was lonely though. He missed his darling wife. It was all that he could do just to look at Sandy because of the resemblance she had to her mother. Many were the night that John masturbated thinking of Sandy just twelve feet away in her room. He did not really know what to do. When he was not working, he watched porn movies about daddies seducing their young daughters. He was preoccupied with sex.

Sometimes, he would sneak into her room to watch her sleep. From a very young age Sandy slept nude. She had followed the pattern set by her mother and later by him. He would pull the covers back so that her naked body was exposed. John loved to stroke her body while she slept. While stroking her, he would pull on his cock until he was ready to cum. Quickly, he would retreat to his room, strip, and finish his masturbation process. John, too, slept naked. Clothing restricted his movement at night as he often tossed and turned.

The birthday party was less than three weeks away now and he had agreed that all of the girls invited to the party could sleep over. Now the thought of all of those young girls sleeping, some naked, some not, was overwhelming his thoughts. His thoughts of ten naked girls in his house was causing him to become aroused again. John did not know if anything would happen between himself and the girls, but he hoped so. He decided to play it all by ear and let nature take its course. He was not planning to change his habit of sleeping nude. If the girls saw him, then all the better.

The next morning John went to an electronics store to purchase several small cameras that he could hook up to his video recorder. They were installed in key areas of the house in order to catch the girls in action. As the date of the party approached, he tested the system several times to insure that all would go well.

Chapter 2

The party was tomorrow. John wanted his daughter to think that everything was on the up and up, so he called Sandy into his home office to talk to her about the party. “Have you asked your friends to bring their PJs? Sandy was shocked that he would ask this question. “Daddy, everyone has been here for individual sleepovers before and know that I sleep naked. They want to be nude also. I could not ask them to bring PJs when they are looking forward to sleeping naked as I do.” He replied that he did not want any trouble with their parents and that he would have to close his door to maintain his own privacy. “There will not be any trouble, daddy. All of my friends have already okayed sleeping naked with their parents. In fact, most of them already sleep naked at home. Everything will be alright, wait and see. Oh, and you do not have to close your door.” And so, John had outwitted his twelve year old into thinking that he was concerned. He turned back to his computer porn and began to wonder if he had done the right thing, but then smiled big as he began to look forward to the arrival of the ten girls to spend the night in his home. Sandy stood and hugged her dad kissing him on the cheek and then left the room with a smile on her face.

That night, thinking of ten naked girls in his house the next night, beat off to the biggest cum of his life shooting seven spurts at least two feet into the air. Sandy was watching. She wanted to be fucked by her dad and hoped it would happen soon. Doors are normally not closed in their house so she stood in the doorway watching while he wanked off with his eyes closed. Her hands were covered in cum juices as she forced her fingers deep into her young pussy. As she came on her hand, she cried out a little, but John was too absorbed in his own orgasm to hear. As he shot off his load, she thought to herself that she had to have some of that, and soon. He did not bother to clean up the mess, but drifted off to sleep dreaming of ten naked waifs playing in his living room the next night.

Chapter 3

Party day arrived. The caterer was due by ten to set things up and the guest by noon. All was set. Sandy had talked her dad into buying her a new bikini (actually he had just given her his credit card and told her to go buy it) that he had not yet seen. As the girls arrived, each one took a turn in the pool’s changing room to remove their clothing and change into their own swim suit. To John, each one seemed to be slightly skimpier than the last. He decided to retire upstairs to his bedroom and let the girls have their fun. If anything happened at the pool, he had the advantage of being able to peer down upon them from his window to make sure everything was all right.

It was not long before all ten of Sandy’s guest had arrived and were playing in the warm water of the pool. As some of the girls had not forgotten to bring their swimming costumes, they all decided to strip naked in the pool. So, ten naked nymphs were partying in the warm waters of the Sheffield’s pool. John did not know of this new development and proceeded to go down to begin dinner. Hot Dogs were the choice of the birthday girl and as he was preparing the feast, he casually peeked out upon the patio only to see that all the girls were naked.

Following the initial shock of seeing all of those naked bodies, he watched as they frolicked in the water with each other. His attention was drawn to the ten naked pussies. Each one hairless as the day they were born. Nothing seemed more beautiful than a hairless pussy exposed. His dreams were to fondle and play with those bald slits, but he could not figure out just how to go about it. He turned back to preparing dinner for the ten nymphs in the pool.

When all was ready he called out the sliding door that dinner was ready. Rather than putting their cloths on, all ten girls entered the house naked and excited. As he turned and gasp at their nakedness, they all laughed. Daddy, will you join us, Sandy asked her dad. Yes, I will eat something in just a minute, John replied. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean will you take your cloths off like we did. Oh, John exclaimed. I am not sure about that, and you girls should not be running around in front of me naked like that. What if someone saw you? The girls all looked at each other and shrugged. I do not see anyone else coming over…everyone is here, Sandy said. Well, just the same, I don’t think I’ll be joining you.

As the evening drew to a close, all of the girls remained naked. John had a tough time hiding his raging hard-on from them. Little did he know that they had already seen it. Bedtime came and the slumber part of the party moved into the living room for the night. John retired to his room alone. As he prepared for bed, he began to have second thoughts about sleeping nude. As he thought about all of those little pussies, he put away his fears and stripped off his clothes and crawled into bed. What the hell, he reasoned, if the girls see him he may get lucky. Soon he had drifted off to sleep.

As the wee hours of the morning approached, most of the girls were still awake either watching television or playing some game. A few were tired and had gone to bed in Sandy’s room because it was quiet. Kelly and Kim went looking for a place to sleep and found John’s room. Slowly they entered the room and found him sleeping alone in a big king-sized bed. They looked at each other wondering what to do and then shrugged their shoulders and slipped under the covers on the opposite side of the bed from John with Kim on the side and Kelly in the middle. They realized when they crawled under the blanket that he was also naked. The two giggled, but they just turned over and fell asleep. And so it was that three naked bodies ended up in the same bed. Normally at a slumber party this may not have been uncommon, but in this bed were two nubile pre-teens and one grown man, John.

Unbeknownst to the three sleeping bodied, sometime during the night they had moved together, each one spooning the next. Kelly had her hand draped over John’s body with her hand wrapped around his cock. John, in his slumber, knew that he was aroused, but did not know by whom. He was just enjoying the action in his sleep. Kelly was used to this sort of action because she slept many nights with her own dad. Kim was merely looking for security in her sleep and did not realize what was going own with the other two.

As John rolled in his sleep, Kelly came with him. Her right leg passing over his right leg so that she was straddling his leg. Her hand was still holding his cock. By this time it was rock solid. In his sleep, John reached over and pulled Kelly full on top of him. His cock ended up right at the entrance to her pussy. As both were sleeping, he pushed her down so that his cock entered her. Realizing that something had happed, she awoke suddenly to feel the head of John’s cock inside of her tight pussy. With all of the commotion going on Kim also woke. She saw that Kelly was now awake and whispered to her ‘what’s going on?’ Kelly smiled back at her and informed her that John was in her pussy. Kim gasp, clasping her hand on her mouth. I’m going to fuck him, Kelly whispered. Slowly, she pushed herself further down onto John’s cock until he had reached the depth of her pre-teen pussy. Kim asked of Kelly…Does it hurt? Kelly’s reply was…Of course not I do this all the time with my daddy. It’s fun. And so Kelly began fucking John’s cock in full force. Sliding up and down nearly the full length of his shaft. John was beginning to awaken. A smile crossed his face as he realized that he was fucking someone and that someone was extremely tight. He just could not remember whom he had brought home that evening. It was then he realized that he had not brought anyone home, and that Sandy was having a slumber party with ten naked girls.

He came fully awake at that point and saw one of then girls fucking him and another was lying next to him. He never did know their names. What is going on….What the fuck….What are you doing, he was shouting at the girl. But she kept bouncing up and down on his cock nearing her own climax. John soon realized that he too was nearing his own climax. His balls began to tighten up. Kelly was beginning to groan loudly and Kim was excitedly playing with her tits with one hand and his balls with the other.

Suddenly with a shout and a groan he blasted his cum deep into her prepubescent pussy. At least six ropes of cum blasted into her tight twat. This set off Kelly’s orgasm in full force as she screamed into his chest. Suddenly, eight naked girls swarmed into the room. They all shouted in unison…What’s going on in here? But then they stopped when all at once they saw John’s cock still embedded in Kelly’s pussy and cum leaking out around it onto his balls and Kim’s hand.

Sandy ran up to her dad with a questioning look on her face. She wanted him to fuck her first. John just stared at her and the rest of the girls in then room with a satisfied smile on his face. Kelly turned and looked at all of them smiling. I was horny and I missed my daddy, she said. Not all, but several of the girls nodded their heads understandably. Sandy had known that some of the girls fucked their dads, but she did not know how many. Everyone just crawled up onto the king sized bed.

As Kelly removed herself from John’s cock, another girl grabbed it and began sucking it clean. One girl began to suck at Kelly’s pussy to get all of the cum out of her. Another began to lick and clean John’s balls and asshole. Others girls were sucking another’s pussy. One sat down on John’s cock when he was hard again. It was an all out orgy of ten pre-teen pussies and one grown cock.

By morning all of the girls had had their pussy fucked, or eaten. All were satisfied. John rose from the bed and made his way to the bathroom for his morning piss. As he was draining his bladder, one of the girls came in with the same goal in mind. She stood and watched. ‘Can I hold it for you?’ Sure baby, help yourself. As John finished, he turned on the shower and stepped inside. While showering, he watched as the twelve year old took a piss in the toilet. Upon finishing, she got into the shower with him. They both cleaned up and got out to dry off, but neither put any clothes on.

John went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the ten girls. One by one they filed into the kitchen naked to eat. Once finished, the girls all dressed and prepared to go home. Sandy and John were left alone after about an hour naked. They retired to John’s bed when he began to teach her how to suck his cock. As she sucked, he played with her pussy in a sixty-nine position. Having had little or no sleep the night before, the pair soon found themselves sleeping in the same position. Sandy fell asleep sucking on his cock as a baby might suck a tit and John fell asleep with her pussy on his face. The two were never again the same.

Needless to say, there were more slumber and pool parties in that neighborhood after that.

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