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Annie goes on her first ski trip and gets more than she bargained for...
Annie glanced in the mirror one last time as she exited out the door with her boyfriend Jeff. She secretly wondered how badly this woolen head wrap thing was messing with her new hair cut. Annie was a firm believer in that old adage ‘It’s not what you do, it’s how you look doing it’ and once had those very words displayed rather unapologetically on a small plaque in her office.

“You’ll look fine Annie,” Jeff assured her.

“What are you a mind reader?

“You’re not that hard to figure out sometimes,” he replied.

Annie pondered those words for a moment after they got in the car and started off. She wondered to herself how she let Jeff talk her into this ski trip anyway. Annie, ice and cold weather did not mix. It was not a big secret that the only time Annie liked ice was if it was crushed and blended with liberal doses of tequila, and perhaps, a lime wedge and salt shaker in easy reach.

“Relax Annie,” Jeff started, “and I’m quite certain you’ll get along fine with Frank and Kate. You always seemed to before.”

Frank was one of Jeff’s co-workers at the office, and Kate was his girlfriend. They did seem like a fun couple, the few times Annie had met them at Jeff’s office parties. Their company should ease this foray into the world of skiing, Annie thought to herself as visions of snowdrifts and avalanches danced in her head. Besides, Frank was sort of nice to look at, and his girlfriend Kate was pretty hot herself.

The other couple was soon picked up and the four of them seem to converse quite easily, making the three hour trek to the mountain lodge seem like a much shorter trip. Annie was actually quite surprised when Jeff announced they had arrived already.

After parking the car, Jeff and Frank went into the resort office and took care of the business end while the two girls stood outside and admired the view.

“This is really quite spectacular,” Annie remarked.

“This your first time?” Kate questioned.

“Ah, yeah,” Annie muttered.

“I think you’ll have a great time,” Kate replied with a smile as she reached over and touched Annie’s hand.

When the men remerged, the two couples grabbed their belongings and made their way to the cabin that would be their home for the next few days. When they arrived at the entrance, Annie could not help but be impressed by the imposing stone steps that led to the entrance of the log cabin, and once inside she was equally impressed.

“Nice,” she smiled at Jeff.

“See Annie, I knew you’d like it here.”

Annie put down her things in the living room and took a look around. There was a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, which was impressive, had Annie any intention of cooking. Even more impressive though, was the view out the large windows in the main living area. The view over the mountains was truly breathtaking, with sun perched almost majestically over the wisps of clouds that skimmed the snow-capped mountaintops.

“It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?” Jeff asked as he snuck up behind Annie and gave her a kiss on the neck.

“Yes, it is,” she agreed.

“Let’s get on our ski gear and hit the slopes while the sun’s still up,” Frank remarked.

“Good idea,” Jeff agreed.

Annie thought about it. In her mind, she was secretly hoping the first night would consist of something a bit less stressful, like wine and cheese tasting.

“Come on Annie,” Kate started, “we’ll help you along.”

Annie somewhat reluctantly agreed, and soon the group was outside with Annie standing precariously atop the beginner’s slope. Jeff, ever the showoff, skied up alongside his girlfriend creating a shower of powdered white stuff which created a rainbow effect amidst the sun’s rays. Annie just looked down at the newly formed snow covering her new boots and shook her head.

“Sorry about that Annie,” Jeff said as he removed his goggles. He had a way of looking at Annie which always disarmed her.

“Sometimes I wonder what I see in you,” she said coyly.

“Annie, you really need to try going down the hill,” Jeff said as he gave Annie a swift rap on the butt, and with that, Annie was suddenly on her way down the hill. From the sounds of her screams though, one could easily get the distinct impression that she wasn’t quite prepared for the journey.

Jeff skied down the hill and met his girlfriend who had landed on her butt somewhat towards the bottom in a small snowdrift. Annie looked up at him with one of those looks that could be registered as a lethal weapon.

“Don’t just stand there, at least help me up,” she groaned, extending her arm.

“Sorry Annie, we’ll just have to take this skiing thing a bit slow I guess,” Jeff said almost apologetically.

“Yes, I guess you guess right.”

The rest of the afternoon went slightly better, though it was quite obvious that Annie was not about to secure a position on the Olympic Ski Team any time in the near future.

The group soon retired back to the warmth and comfort of the cabin, much to the joy of Annie. A wonderful dinner was prepared by the group, consisting of filet mignons, roast baby potatoes and asparagus spears. Afterwards, someone suggested playing poker, and a bottle of Jose Cuervo was brought out along with the usual accoutrements consisting of cut lime and a salt shaker.

“Ah, my Latin lover Jose,” Annie joked, smiling up at Jeff, “I hope you don’t mind sharing me.”

“I just may have to think about that,” Jeff smiled back.

As the poker and drinking progressed, it was clear everyone was having a good time, and perhaps feeling no pain. Any misfortune on the ski slope seemed to have been long forgotten by Annie, and she didn’t even seem to be minding that she was losing in poker now. After a while, Kate had an idea.

“Want to make this game a bit more interesting?” Kate inquired with a grin.

“Oh, up the stakes?” Annie asked, “Can’t get any worse, I’m practically losing my shirt already.”

“Ah, that was what I had in mind,” Kate started, “How about we play Strip Poker?”

Annie just giggled and looked up at Jeff for guidance.

“It will be fun Annie,” he assured her, “remember what we talked about?”

Annie thought for a moment. They talked about a lot of things, like getting a puppy, but she didn’t think that was what he had in mind at the moment.

“Well, I certainly don’t want to be a party pooper.” Annie smiled.

The new game started in earnest, as Annie almost true to form, lost the first hand. She sat there momentarily with a sly grin, and then stood up and removed the bulky pink sweater she had been wearing, hoisting the garment up over her head and tossing it on the floor with a big grin. She tossed back her blonde locks, and reseated herself at the table in her red lace bra. A big grin on Jeff’s face signaled his obvious approval.

The next to lose, was Frank who was soon sitting bare-chested at the table, which caused his girlfriend Kate to reach over and give his nipple a playful twist.

“Ouch, play nice,” he smirked.

In no time, Kate was in her white bra, and the both the men were showing off their athletic upper builds. Next to lose was Annie again, as once again she stood up, this time sashaying out of her tight fitting jeans which she tossed aside with a mock twirl and cheers from the others.

Frank soon lost his pants so to speak, and as he stood up, his girlfriend Kate reached over and gave him a loving stroke to the bulge in his boxers causing an obvious movement. Annie let out a little sigh, and involuntarily touched herself, an action which did not go unnoticed by her boyfriend.

When it was Annie’s turn to lose her bra, she reached back and unhooked it, eased the straps slowly off her arms before tossing it aside. Her perky pink nipples were quite attentive, something which again, did not go unnoticed.

“I think I need to do another shot,” Jeff remarked.

With that he poured a shot glass full of tequila. He licked his finger and dipped it in a small pile of salt on the table and coated the salt on Annie’s right areola before licking it off and doing the shot. As he bit into the lime, he planted a big sensual kiss on Annie’s lips while reaching down between her legs and stroking her gently through her panties.

“We’re really going to have to get you out of these wet clothes soon,” he whispered softly in her ear.

Next came Frank’s turn to rid himself of his boxers. His girlfriend Kate gladly helped in the process, literally lending a hand, as she eased the boxers off her man revealing his sizable manhood. As she gripped his member, stroking the pre-cum soaked tip with her thumb, her tongue traced a delicate line of glistening saliva along his stomach on down, and soon her lips were employed to active duty. Frank’s moans clearly signaled his approval.

This was becoming too much for Annie, who soon relieved herself of her lacy panties before the next hand was dealt, and soon the whole room was naked.

Jeff sat in his chair with his now very stiff cock begging for attention, and Annie was clearly in the mood to give it. While the other couple moved over to a nearby sofa to get on with festivities, Annie got on top of her boyfriend’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck while planting a sensual kiss on his lips. Jeff gladly assisted by grabbing her hips firmly and guiding her very ready pussy onto his waiting cock, her juices glistening off her neatly trimmed pubic region as she traveled up and down upon his manhood, her breasts audibly flapping in time to her thrusts. Soon her vaginal muscles gripped his erection like a pulsing vise, milking him dry as the two came together in a crescendo of animal like sounds.

After another round of tequila shots, it was agreed the two couples should exchange partners, but only after the two girls put on a bit of a show for the two gents. Neither of the minded certainly, as Annie and Kate easily demonstrated their pussy eating skills ranked up there with the best, as the room once again filled with the sounds and scents of sex. Soon the guys got back in the act, as the sounds of naked flesh pounding naked flesh resonated throughout the cabin.

Afterwards, the two couples fell asleep in the living room before awaking to do an encore performance, more than once that long holiday weekend by the way.

When it was time to leave the ski resort and go back home, Jeff had to ask Annie.

“So, what was it like having another man?”

Annie thought for a moment.

“Oh, just makes me appreciate you,” she smiled.

“So, you’re not eager to do this again?” Jeff inquired with a grin.

“Hmmm, maybe under one condition,” Annie said thoughtfully.

“Oh, what’s that?” Jeff asked.

“That we skip the skiing next time, and just hang out in the cabin.” she grinned.

With that she gave him a big smack on the butt and grinned ear to ear.


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2015-03-16 12:09:00
It seemed somewhat rushed on e it got to the good part. A little bit of build up during the poker game would have added to it.

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2011-12-21 23:55:51
Kinda skipped too much to make it a good story. Where's the action????

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2011-12-21 22:56:51
You forgot the sex part of the sex story....

Where we're the details?

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2011-12-20 23:48:26
Good but a bit short

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2011-12-20 23:17:54
That was a great story. I liked the idea of the skiing. Maybe a part 2?

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