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Chapter 5

Dave chewed his bottom lip as he considered his options, but he realized he just didn’t know enough to know what he needed in an MP-3 player. One player seemed to be loaded with options but it was priced at the top of his price range, and he wasn’t even sure what half the options did or if he even wanted them. Another option was a stripped down version but it was missing a couple options he thought he’d like, but it was much cheaper than his first option. Then there was everything in between. He just didn’t know what to go with, and he knew his mother was waiting impatiently for him over in the mens department.

“May I help you?” a saleslady asked. Dave had to force his eyes to look up past her tits before he could speak.

“Yes,” Dave said awkwardly, thinking that the young blond’s breasts looked even bigger than Kims. “I want to get an MP-3 player, but there’s so many options I’m not sure what I need.”

“Let me ask you a few questions and then I’ll have a better idea of which one would be best for you. First, what kind of music do you listen to?”

The sales girl - Matty according to her ID badge - proceeded to ask Dave about a dozen questions before she recommended a player. The player had a rechargeable battery - something Dave hadn’t considered - as well as a radio receiver so he could listen to local broadcasts for news and weather as well as music. Best of all the player was on sale and left Dave with more money than he’d expected. That’s when a new problem developed and Dave was still trying to work it out when his sister found him.

“What’s taking you so long, Dave?” Linda asked as she sidled up next to him at the electronics counter. “Mom’s getting tired of waiting and she sent me to get you so you can try on some of the clothes she’s picked out for you. Are you still trying to decide on a player?”

“No,” Dave sighed, “thanks to Matty here I’ve found the perfect player. But since it cost less than I expected I thought I’d get something for Kim and Jane to show my appreciation for everything they’ve done for me. But I don’t know what to get them. They already have their own MP-3 players and more CD’s than the two of us own together. Any suggestions?”

“Maybe one,” Linda said hesitantly. “I don’t think Kim and Jane have their own camera, they always have to borrow their dad’s if they want to take some pictures. I know you can’t afford a really good camera, but I’m sure they’d enjoy a cheap one just as much, especially if it’s from you.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Dave said as he let his eyes wander over the cameras on display, “but it looks like I’ll be ten dollars short after taxes.”

“Tell you what, Dave, since this is for Kim and Jane I’ll loan you the money,” Linda offered, taking her wallet out of her purse and offering him the money. “Just don’t tell mom you got it from me.”

“Where did you get money to lend?” Dave asked as he accepted the bill with a grateful smile and noticed that his sister had several more bills in her wallet.

“Since Aunt Beth and Uncle Ted decided to pay me for helping Jane around the house,” Linda said, dropping her purse back into her bag and snapping it shut. “I tried to refuse and pointed out that Jane and I spent more time playing and visiting than cleaning but they insisted on paying me since I kept Jane from getting bored through the day.”

“Now remember, don’t tell mom where you got the last bit of money from,” Linda reminded her brother after he made his purchases and they headed over to the men’s department.

“No problem,” Dave said, “mom and dad never did ask me how much money I made picking berries. They’ll just assume that I made that much over the past month.”

* * * * * * * * *

“Hi, Uncle Ted,” Dave said when his uncle opened the front door at his knock.

“Hi, Dave,” Uncle Ted said, giving his head a quick shake before he backed out of the door to let his nephew in. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”

“I did say I’d come over if I had the time when we finished shopping,” Dave pointed out. “Mom didn’t want to let me come over because there isn’t that much time before she and dad leave for their date, but since I have a gift for Kim and Jane she let me go after I promised to be right back.”

“You have a gift for Kim and Jane?” Uncle Ted asked as he closed the door.

“Yeah, my MP3 player cost less than I expected so I used the extra money to get the girls something to say thank-you for their help. And to show my appreciation for other things as well.”
“I understand,” Uncle Ted said with a quick nod. “Kim, Jane, Dave’s here to see you.”

“Oh boy, time to fuck,” Jane said, running into the living room naked and heading straight for her cousin.

“Sorry, Jane,” Dave said, lifting the naked girl up and spinning her around in a circle before he set her down. “I don’t have time to fuck you now, I have to get back home as soon as I give you and Kim your present.”

“Come on, Dave,” Kim said as she followed her younger sister into the living room. “You know there’s only one present Jane and I want from you. And if you don’t have time to give it to us you shouldn’t be teasing us like this.”

“I didn’t mean to tease you,” Dave apologized, “but I did want to bring you your gift as soon as I could.”
“So what do you have for us?” Jane asked, bouncing excitedly around her older cousin. “It better be good if you’re not fucking us.”

“Well I hope you like it,” Dave said, offering Jane the gift bag with the camera. “It’s for both of you so you’ll have to share it.”

“A camera,” Jane cried pulling the box out of the bag as it fell empty to the floor. “Kim, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I hope so,” Kim said with a mischievous grin, “but if we’re going to do it we better hurry since Dave has to get right back home.”

“Kim, does it say how big the memory card is?” Uncle Ted asked. “Most of the time the card that comes with the camera is a small one.”

“Here it is,” Kim said, reading off the side of the box. “Includes 8 megabyte memory card.”

“That would be good for about three or four pictures,” Uncle Ted said. “Since the two of you probably want to take more pictures than that why don’t you get a memory card out of my camera bag. I have some 128 and 256 cards that I never use, you can have them if you want. They won’t really be any good for videos, but you can fit a lot of pictures on them.”

“Thanks, dad,” Kim said. “Come on Jane, we better hurry if we want to send Dave home with some pictures from our new camera.”

“But I don’t have time,” Dave said weakly as the two naked girls ran out of the room.

“You have a few minutes, Dave,” Uncle Ted said. “If I know my sister she’ll want to make sure that she has time to spare before she actually has to leave. Don’t worry, the girls won’t take too long - I don’t think.”

“Famous last words,” David said with a snort before he dropped into the nearest arm chair.

“Hi David, I thought that was you,” Ted’s wife said, wiping her hands on her apron as she entered the room.

“Hi Aunt Beth,” Dave said, sitting up as straight as he could.

“Hello, David,” Beth said, “so, now that you’re fucking my daughters when are you going to start fucking me? After all, Kim and Jane aren’t the only ones who want to have your babies.”

“Right,” Dave said slowly as he watched his aunt start to undress in front of him. “Like I told Jane and Kim, I have to get home real soon so I don’t have time to fuck right now.”

“What a shame,” Aunt Beth said with a sigh. “How are you set for tomorrow?”

“I’ll have time tomorrow,” Dave said, swallowing nervously as he watched his aunt’s firm breasts bounce hypnotically just a few inches from his face. “I’ll come over after my parents leave for work since they’re both putting in overtime this weekend.”

“That sounds good to me,” Aunt Beth said softly. “Wouldn’t it be great if you managed to knock all three of us up over the weekend, it makes me horny just thinking about the three of us carrying your babies at the same time. And I can tell it makes you horny too,” Beth said, tracing the lump in his pants, “and I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow. Goodbye for now.”

“Goodbye,” Dave said weakly when his aunt pulled her naked body away from him.

“Doesn’t look like I’ll have to force you to come over tomorrow,” Uncle Ted chuckled. “Just make sure you wait for your parents to leave before you come over.”

“Right,” Dave said with a gulp.

“Sorry we took so long, Dave,” Kim said when she and Jane trotted into the room.

“It hasn’t been that long, has it?” Dave asked, turning to his uncle for confirmation.

“Long enough,” Uncle Ted said, “you better take the memory card and head home before your parents think something is happening even when it isn’t.”

“Here you go, Dave,” Kim said, handing Dave the memory card with the pictures she and Jane had just taken. “Make sure you watch them in private, you don’t want your parents to find them.”

“I will,” Dave promised. As he left the house he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of pictures the girls had taken, then he realized it was a silly question since they told him to look at the pictures in private.

“I’m back, mom,” Dave called when he let himself in the front door.

“Well it’s about time, your father and I were just about to leave,” when his mother passed him on the way to the master bedroom Dave was tempted to ask her why she was still dressed in her work clothes if they were about to leave, but at the last second he thought better of the idea and kept his mouth shut.

“I’ll be in my room if you need me, I want to try loading my MP3 player from my computer.” Dave didn’t even hear his mother’s reply through her closed bedroom door so he ignored it and went to his own room, closing the door once he was inside. For the first time in his life Dave regretted the fact that he didn’t have a lock on his bedroom door. He thought about wedging a chair under the doorknob but then he realized his parents would get suspicious if he blocked it like that. He decided he’d just have to hope that they respected his privacy enough to knock before they entered. He hoped that would give him enough time to close or minimize the program he’d be using for the pictures Kim and Jane had made for him.

Dave sat down in his office chair and spun around to face his computer. While he waited for his computer to start up he pulled the memory card out of his pocket and stared at it in his trembling hand. It seemed odd that he’d be so nervous about looking at pictures of Kim and Jane after he’d fucked both of them, but somehow the idea of seeing their naked pictures got him so excited he could barely think straight.

Finally the computer was ready and Dave slid the memory card into the built in reader. The short wait while the computer read the card seemed like an eternity but finally Dave was able to call up the first image. At first he was a little disappointed because the picture was of Kim fully clothed and sitting on the edge of her bed, then he realized that his cousin had her knees open and the camera was at just the right angle to give him a clear view of her wet panties.

Dave was so excited to view the rest of the pictures to listen for his door and didn’t realize anything was wrong until he felt Linda’s breath against his neck and turned around to find his sister looking at the monitor screen over his shoulder. Without looking Dave managed to find the computer’s power switch and turned it off manually, hoping he hadn’t screwed up the memory card in the process.

“What did you do that for?” Linda asked, “I was enjoying that picture of Kim. This must be what took you so long to get back. Did you take the picture or what?”

“I think Jane took that picture,” Dave said before he could stop himself. “It doesn’t matter who took that picture, what are you doing in my room without knocking first?”

“I did knock, you didn’t answer,” Linda said with a snort. “Since mom sent me up to get you I didn’t think she’d take no for an answer so when you didn’t answer after my second knock I came in.”

“What does mom want,” Dave asked as he got up from his chair.

“The usual,” Linda said with a shrug. “Remind you of all the emergency numbers, make sure you know how to contact them in case of an emergency, and to make sure that even though you’re in charge you still have to answer to them when they get back.”

“The usual,” Dave agreed.

“So how many pictures do you have on this thing anyway?” Linda asked, popping the memory card out of the reader and holding it at arms length while her brother tried to snatch it back.

“Give that back, it’s private,” while Linda continued to hold the SD card just out of his reach.

“Is that what mom and dad would say about it if they knew about this card?” Linda teased. “Relax, Dave, I’m not going to tell them about it, I just want to look at it myself. After mom and dad leave I’ll give it back to you, I promise.”

For a second Dave considered making another grab for the memory card, but he realized that if he and Linda made too much noise his parents would investigate and find out about the card and the pictures right away. In the end he decided Linda was his best choice and decided to trust her.”

“Ok, you can look at them, but you have to give them back after mom and dad leave for the evening.”

“I promise,” Linda said, slipping the card into her pocket before she sidled out the door just in ahead of her brother, While Linda hurried to her own room and her own computer Dave turned the other way and went to meet his mother in the kitchen. While his mother recited the information for the night over and over again to make sure David knew where they would be and when. The whole time Dave couldn’t help but wonder what Linda was doing with the pictures on the memory card and when she’d run into the kitchen to tell his mother about them.

After several minutes David ended his mother’s recital by reminding her that he had her cell phone number and could call her directly if anything happened. “Besides,” he finished, “I’m eighteen and Linda’s sixteen, it’s not we can’t take care of ourselves anymore.”

“I guess you’re right,” Dave’s mother agreed, “but I still worry about the two of you. Just promise me you won’t do something stupid, ok?”

“I promise,” Dave said with a sigh. “I won’t let anything happen to Linda while you and dad are out on your date.”

“I guess that will do,” Mrs. Norman said, giving her son a quick grin. “We’ll be home late so don’t wait up for us and we’ll see you in the morning.”

Dave watched his parents pull out of the driveway and breathed a sigh of relief. He was still worried about what Linda was going to do with the pictures or the memory card but at least she’d decided not to tell their parents about them - at least not yet.

“Are they gone?” Linda asked after their parents headlights had disappeared.

“They’re gone,” Dave confirmed.

“Good,” Linda said, pressing a memory card into her brother’s palm. Dave looked down and thought it looked like the card Kim had given him but he wasn’t completely sure. “You’re going to enjoy those pictures, Dave. Take your time and enjoy them, all of them.”

“Thanks,” Dave said weakly, but Linda had already run off, closing the door to her room a second later.

“I wonder why she told me to enjoy all the pictures,” Dave mussed, looking down at the memory card in his hand. “I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

After closing the door to his room David sat down at his computer and slipped the memory card into the reader. When the information about the card showed up he frowned at the screen. “That’s funny, I thought there were only twenty-four files on this card before, now there’s thirty-six. Where did the extra files come from?”

With a shrug Dave opened the first file with his picture viewer and grinned when Kim’s image filled his screen. In the first picture Kim was fully clothed but she was leaning close enough to the camera to give Dave a clear shot of her cleavage. In the next picture Kim had pulled the collar of her blouse down so her boobs popped out of the top and the erect nipples were in plain sight. With each picture Kim revealed more of her body until the next to last picture she was totally nude and stretched out on her bed with her legs spread to give him a clear view of her wet pussy as well as the red thatch of hair just above her fuck hole.

Dave advanced the viewer to the next picture and saw that Kim was in the same position as the previous picture except that she was holding a piece of paper over her navel. Since he couldn’t read the note Kim was holding Dave zoomed in on the paper and read the note aloud, “This space reserved for David’s baby.”

Once his hands stopped shaking Dave zipped through the next set of pictures with Jane doing the same strip tease as her sister and ending with the same note held just over her belly. After zooming in to read the note over Jane’s belly Dave took a deep breath and moved on to the next file. The angle was wrong and it was clear that Linda was using the web cam on her computer so the picture wasn’t as good as Kim and Jane’s new camera, but it was obvious that she was trying to copy the same strip tease as her cousins. Dave swallowed hard as he advanced through the pictures of his sister until he got to the last picture and zoomed in to read the note that Linda held just above her thatch of brown pussy fur. The note in Linda’s hand was different from the one Kim and Jane had and Dave read it aloud again, “This virgin pussy reserved for my brother’s cock and this womb reserved for his baby.”

For several seconds Dave gaped at the picture of his naked sister and read the note over and over again until it finally sank in what his sister was telling him. Dave got up from his office chair so fast it sent the chair rolling across the floor until it slammed into opposite wall, but by that time Dave was already out the door and headed down the hall to Linda’s bedroom.

“What took you so long?” Linda asked when her brother flew into her room. From the doorway Dave could see his sixteen year old sister’s naked body draped across her bed. He swallowed hard as he looked between Linda’s spread legs and saw her drooling pussy. “I was beginning to wonder if I should give up waiting and just go down to your room.”

“Sorry I took so long,” Dave managed to gasp without taking his eyes off his sister’s brown furred pussy. “But you did tell me to make sure I took a good look at all the pictures on the card.”

“I guess I did,” Linda said with a chuckle while she ran her hands from her wet cunt up her belly to cradle her breasts. For the first time Dave realized that his sister’s perky tits were almost as big as Kim’s and he wondered just how large they’d be in another year.

“Linda, are you sure about this?” Dave asked, letting his eyes drift back to his sister’s gaping pussy.

“About giving you my cherry? Or about having your baby?” Linda asked, giving her brother a seductive smile. “I’m sure about both. All I’ve been able to think about this summer is how much I want to fuck you. I remember the day I was so horny I just had to tell someone about, so I told Jane. At first I couldn’t understand why she was laughing so hard, but once she caught her breath she told me all about Kim’s plans to seduce you before school started and how they both wanted to have your babies. Up until then I hadn’t even thought about having your baby, but once Jane mentioned it I knew I had to have one too.”

“Wow, so all three of you were in on it together?”

“Not really, Kim and Jane were already working on you by then, but I realized that once they fucked you it would be easy for me to get your cock too. So, when did you fuck them?”

Dave could feel his cheeks heating up and he gave Linda a weak smile before he answered, “I fucked Kim for the first time two days ago, and I fucked Jane yesterday.”

“Good,” Linda said with a relieved smile, bouncing on the end of her bed so her tits bobbed invitingly on her chest. “That means I still have a chance to beat them for the first baby. And if you fuck me now I’ll have a good chance to beat them because I’m in the middle of my cycle.”

“Ok,” Dave said, “I guess you are sure about this. Do you have a position you want to lose your virginity in?”

“Yes,” Linda said excitedly while she watched her brother stripping out of his clothes. “I’d like to lose my cherry in the doggy position.”

“Doggy?” Dave asked, hopping on one leg to pull his pants off, “that’s different, but if that’s what you want.”

“It is,” Linda said, hopping back into her bed and getting on her hands and knees to get ready for her brother. “So come on and pop my cherry before I bust.”

“I never thought I’d say this to my own sister,” Dave said, coming up behind Linda and patting her firm ass cheeks affectionately, “but I’m really glad you decided to have me pop your cherry. I’m also glad you want to have my baby.”

“And I’m glad I waited for you,” Linda gasped, wiggling her ass when her brother licked her slit. “But I’m tired of waiting. Fuck me already, and make sure you leave a lot of baby juice in my cunt when you’re done.”

“I’ll give you plenty of baby juice,” Dave promised, sliding the head of his cock up and down his sister’s slit until it was well coated with her juices, but he hesitated before he shoved it into her fuck hole. “Linda, if I do get you pregnant, what are we going to do about mom and dad?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” Linda said, pushing her hips back in an attempt to catch her brother’s cock with her pussy lips. “I’ll think of something when my panties start getting too small for me, but we have a few months before that happens.”

“I guess you’re right,” Dave admitted, giving in mostly because he wanted to slam his cock into his sister’s virgin pussy instead of making plans for her pregnancy. “Hold still while I pop your cherry.”

“I’m trying,” Linda said, quivering with anticipation when Dave’s cock head was wedged between her cunt lips, “but you have me so hot right now I can barely contain myself.”

“Don’t worry,” Dave said, holding her butt steady with one hand while he guided his cock with the other one. “Once I’m in your pussy you won’t be able to get rid of my cock no matter how hard you buck.”

In spite of how much Dave wanted to slam his cock into Linda’s tight little pussy he made an effort to ease his cock between her cunt lips until he felt resistance and realized the tip of his prick was up against his sister’s hymen. “Get ready to say good-bye to your virginity, sis.”

“Good riddance,” Linda said, pushing her ass back toward her brother’s impaling cock.

With his sister’s encouragement Dave slammed his hips forward and smashed through her cherry with one quick thrust and buried his shaft as deep as it could go in Linda’s cunt. Linda screamed at the loss of her virginity and just managed to keep her arms from collapsing while David kept the full length of his shaft buried in her slit.

David waited until Linda stopped shivering and started breathing normally again then he leaned forward and started massaging her tits before he whispered, “Are you ready to keep going now that you’re no longer a virgin.”

“Oh, I’m ready, David,” Linda growled. “Now fuck that cock into my pussy and make me scream while you knock me up.”

“Scream all you want little sister,” David encouraged, “for now at least. Once mom and dad get home you’ll have to smother your screams when we fuck.”

“I know,” Linda said, grunting with every thrust of her brother’s cock, “but right now I’m going to scream to my heart’s content.”

David chuckled softly and started thrusting his cock in and out of his sister’s wet fertile pussy. He continued playing with Linda’s tits, pinching her erect nipples, making her wiggle
with pleasure and pain at the same time.

“Oh, David, I love your cock in my pussy,” Linda groaned, “it’s a perfect fit. I love fucking, and I can’t wait to have your cum and your baby in my belly.”

“If you think fucking feels good now just wait until you cum for the first time with a cock in your pussy,” Dave said. “Kim and Jane tell me it feels as good as having a pussy wrapped around your cock when you cum.”

“Then let’s make sure that we both enjoy this fuck,” Linda said, slamming her ass back to meet her brother’s strokes, pushing him faster and faster with each thrust. Linda’s pussy clamped down on David’s shaft every time he tried to pull back and he was enjoying the extra sensation so much that he was almost ready to cum before he realized it.

“I’m almost ready to cum, sis,” David hissed in Linda’s ear.

“So am I,” Linda groaned, her stomach quivering with her approaching orgasm. “Let’s cum together, I love the idea of cumming while you knock me up at the same time.”

“Here I cum,” David screamed, slamming his cock as deep as it could go for the last thrust and holding it there while his cum filled his sister’s fertile womb while her sixteen year old pussy squeezed his shaft for all it was worth.

“That was incredible,” Linda groaned a few seconds later, her back snuggled up against her brother’s chest while her pussy milked the last few drops of cum from his wilting cock. “Jane kept telling Kim and I that there was nothing better than fucking, but I didn’t realize how good it was until now. Thank you David, thank you for popping my cherry, thank you for fucking me, and thank you for giving me a baby.”

“No, thank you, Linda,” Dave muttered, kissing his sister’s ear as he pulled his softened cock out of her pussy. “Just remember, we have to come up with something to tell mom and dad by the time your panties start getting snug.”

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