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I wont tell u if this is real or fiction i suspect its more fun not knowing but if it is real then of course all names and places have been changed in order to protect those innocent or guilty involved..... if u arent in to beast or dog sex then please feel free to hit ur back button. comments and input are great but no need to be whine or self rightous...

Well my first experience with bestiality was a few summers ago, I was over at a friend’s house hanging out, he left for the grave yard shift, I was lounging naked on his couch (it was a very hot Las Vegas summer night) channel surfing when Scooby (a fawn Great Dane) came over and put his head on my thigh I ignored him at first, but he kept whimpering. I went to stand opening my thighs and exposing my pussy to him, he sniffed and nuzzled my thighs sliding his nose and muzzle into my pussy. I was shocked at first so I didn’t react, I felt his tongue on my pussy lips, I whimpered and then without thinking I reached down and opened my pussy lips letting his tongue lap at my clit. I moaned and slid my hips forward letting him lick deeper sliding his long thick tongue into my core. I shuttered and arched , then heard a sound I opened my eyes. Dark’s (my friend) other dog Riddler (a big black Rottweiler) stood next to the couch watching and wagging his short stubby tail. I glanced down at Scooby still licking my pussy I could see his huge red doggy cock slipping free of his sheath, it bobbed with his every movement, seeing his huge red cock made my pussy even wetter, I stood and laid a blanket on the floor. Then got down on my hands and knees. I reached under Scooby and took his cock in my hand and began to masturbate him, I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock in my mouth sucking tasting his pre cum. I felt something rub against my ass I glanced back and saw Riddler there sniffing t my tight wet pussy and virgin ass, I went back to sucking Scooby’s cock, when I felt Riddler’s tongue slid into my pussy licking at my wetness, knowing how taboo what I was doing was only making me wetter. I pushed back against Riddler but he was gone. I glanced back and saw him licking at his big hard cock, I sat up and turned I began to play with his knot, I leaned down and licked and sucked his cock he watched me. Suddenly from behind a heavy weight pressed against my back, I realized that Scooby had mounted me, I relaxed my body and arched offering my tight wet pussy to him, I felt his cock press against my thighs then my ass, then his tip pressed into my pussy, I cried out as he penetrated me. Scooby’s cock filled me his tip pressing into my cervix, as his knot pressed forcing my pussy to open more. I arched as he began to fuck me his cock was huge his tip kept bumping my cervix, he kept trying to force his knot inside me, making me cry out. My eyes were closed, I felt something warm and wet brush a crossed my cheek. I opened and saw Riddler’s cock right in my face, I stuck my tongue out and licked his tip, he pushed closer, I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could sucking. His cock wasn’t as large as Scooby’s, but it was still a mouth full, Riddler stood over me, his thrusts forcing his tip down my throat. I then felt Scooby press forward forcing his big knot passed my tight pussy opening his tip penetrated my cervix, I cried out around Riddler’s cock. I panicked a little but then reached up and took a hold of Riddler’s knot he thrust into my mouth forcing his tip down my throat, I feel my pussy clenching around Scooby’s cock. I felt Riddler’s body stiffen as he came shooting his doggy cum down my throat it feels my mouth as he pulls his cock free. I cum hard as Scooby’s humping becomes erratic and his knot pulsing inside me I feel him cum hard filling my pussy with his thick creamy doggy cum, I fall to my elbows but can’t move further because Scooby’s knot has locked his massive cock inside me. I moaned and fell forward slumping while I waited for his massive canine knot to shrink. He finally freed himself and I stood on shaky legs going into the bathroom to clean up before Dark returned.


One night I went over to dark's and he fucked me, but I didn't get off. While he was showering I. Began to finger myself I had my eyes closed. I felt the bed move then I felt somthing wet and cold touch my leg. I opened my eyes and saw Scooby sniffing at my pussy so I open my legs and let him sniff then he began to lick, his broad flat tongue lapping at my clit. I moaned and opened my lips wider alowwing him to lick more he slid hi tongue into my pussy and ass hole. I head a door then a "What the fuck, silver." I looked up and saw Dark in the door, I sat up and tried to push the dog away. Scooby wouldn't budge, so I smiled and said "ummm...hi." he laughed and stepped forward turning I saw he was rock hard again he pulled off his towel and offered me his cock, I began to suck I watch him reach down and start playing with scooby's cock. It made me wet to watch then riddler jumped up and nosed scoody out of my pussy his tongue going deep inside me. Scooby look up at us and dark pulled his cock out of my mouth the offered it to the dog, scooby began to lick his cock. Dark reached down and took the dogs ears and began to fuck scooby's muzzle. I felt riddler move up my body, I rolled over offering riddler my pussy. He mounted me his cock rubbing up my thigh before hitting home and sinking to the knot, I screamed in pain and pleasure. Dark looking up at me he moaned and got off the bed I watched them as riddler fucked my pussy. Dark picked up the lube and came over to Scooby he gelled his finger and rubbed the dogs ass hole he began to finger him, I felt my pussy get tight at the sight. He then lubed his cock and slowly pushed his cock into the dogs ass, I moaned as riddle tried to force hi knot inside me. I watched as scooby's cock slid further out of his sheathfrom the cock buried in his ass. I screamed again as riddler finily got his knot into my pussy, he begain to ram his cock tip into my cervix, his knot holding his cock in my pussy I cried out and came with almost every thrust. I looked over and watched dark pick up speed to scooby's knot fully formed as it bounced slightly from the fucking. I moaned and came hard as he came filling my womb with his doggy cum. He stayed on my back his cock locking him inside me. I looked over and watched dark finish fucking scooby's asshole. I watched dark fill his ass with his thick creamy cum, he pulled out and wiped his cock off then he crawled under scooby's body and took his cock into his mouth sucking it my pussy got tight watching my human lover suck the huge hard cock of my doggy lover. He locked his fingers behind scooby's knot as he sucked him off, I moved feeling riddler tug on his knot. I whimpered as riddler's knot poped free, I watched as Scooby gave Dark a belly full of his doggy cum. Then both doggs got off the bed and left the room I looked over at dark and said "your such a whore he laughed and pushed me down on the bed he got behind me and pushed his cock into my ass fucking me...

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2013-01-19 19:05:39
great story not quite as good as my missus showin her tits and wet pussy to 78 year old man then pullin his cock out and wankin him off

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2012-01-08 02:50:18
loved it, great story!

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2012-01-04 07:40:41
scooby?? use some fucking imagination for fucks sake!!

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2011-12-22 14:36:32
You really need to separate out the paragraphs. As written it is very difficult to read with everything in one paragraph. It tends to get negative reaction from your readers.

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2011-12-22 09:26:14
this story was hot as... It got me off and my Pussy juices running...

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