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Nothing like the holidays to bring two people together
A Very Sexy Christmas

My cousin Carl is 10 years older than me. To say he has had a hard dating life is an understatement. We all were very happy when he met Lily, a very sweet woman from Panama. Lily has 2 daughters from her previous marriage, Mia who is 14 and Antonia who is 18. I never got to see them much except for on holiday dinners. I watch them both grow up from the moment they were introduced to the family. Antonia developed into a very attractive young lady. She’s 5’ 6”, about 110 lbs., long dark hair, and brown eyes. She is very active in sports. There have been times when I would see her picture in the paper for this sporting event or that. All in all they are all very pleasant to talk to and spend time with on the holidays.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jordan and I am 30 years old. I have blue eyes, dark dirty blonde hair, and I am 6ft tall. I consider myself to be average looking with an average body that is 205 lbs. and earlier this year I found Antonia on Facebook and added her as a friend. We never really talked but I did comment on her statuses once in a while. About a month ago that all changed. Antonia had posted a status that read “How could you do this to me, I thought you loved me and yet you are a lying piece of shit”. I took a shot as asked what was wrong surprisingly she replied.

“Everything ok Antonia?” I asked.

“No” she said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well it’s a long story”

“Well I got the time if you do?”

“It has to do with my boyfriend, I mean my ex-boyfriend.”

“Ah boy troubles that’s always a not so fun thing”

“Oh you have no idea. I am sitting here at work after being called in and he comes in and makes out with another girl in front of me. He didn’t see me but I saw him. When I went up to him and confronted him, he told me to fuck off that I wasn’t good enough.”

“Oh wow Antonia I am so sorry to hear that.”

“Thanks. It just sucks I feel so heart broken.”

“I know what you mean. Years ago I was dating a girl and I walked in on her screwing another guy. When she saw me, she just rode the guy harder and faster not caring I was there. Later that night she told me that it was ok for her to do that, but not ok to talk to any girl”

“What? Wow what a major bitch.”

“Yeah I know, I dumped her right then and there”

“Don’t blame you. Listen I need to get back to work. How about we talk tomorrow?”

“Sure, you have a good night and remember I am here if you need to vent”

“You too and thanks, bye”


Antonia signed off and I went about playing around on Facebook. When I went to bed and the next morning I had a message on Facebook. It was from Antonia, she was leaving me her cell number and a message to get ahold of her. I picked up my cell and texted her and agreed to meet up, hang out and talk. Over the course of the month we talked every day and hung out on weekends. I can honestly say it was fun. We would go to the movies, play games, chat, and listen to music. We would also talk about our lives and what we did. In the end we became pretty good friends. I couldn’t help but fall for her. In a way she is my cousin, but my step-cousin by marriage.

A couple nights before Christmas we went out for a drive to look at all the Christmas decorated houses. It is so fun driving down the rich neighborhood and seeing all the pretty nights. After we had our fill of the drive I took her home and she gave me a hug when I dropped her off. The feel of her young tight body pressed against mine was turning me on. We said our good-byes and I quickly drove home. When I got home I ran to my room and pulled my hard five and a half inch cock out and start stroking it. I imagine Antonia’s sweet lips wrapped around my hard cock sucking it like a Popsicle. Her sweet tongue licking my shift up and down, the feel of her hand wrapped around my cock instead of mine, stroking my cock slowly while her head moves up and down my cock. I couldn’t help but blow my load right then. I have never thought of a family member in a sexual way before, yet I didn’t feel dirty about it. I guess that’s because Antonia is not a blood member of my family but one by marriage.

We didn’t get to talk much on Christmas Eve. We did send each other E-Cards though. When I got hers my heart skipped a beat. The card was a picture of mistletoe and lips under it. The card read:

Jordan, I enjoy spending the past month talking to you and hanging out with you. You have been there during my time of need and I thank you for it. You truly are my best friend. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at dinner. Love Antonia

I couldn’t help but think of Antonia that night. My cock was so hard again that I had to relieve the pressure. I imagine Antonia on her hands and knees, her cute tight ass in the air as I am behind her. My hard cock slowly sliding in and out of her tight pussy, I have my hands on her hips guiding her back and forth along my cock. I picture her cunt lips wrapped around my shaft, her head back moan with pleasure as I can feel my cock hit her G-spot. I feel my cum building in my balls. Within a couple more strokes I picture in my mind my cum shooting deep inside Antonia’s pussy, but despite the orgasm, I am still hard. I continue thinking of Antonia fucking me. This time I picture her riding me. Her dark areolas and nipples are being played with by my hands. Her tight body is bouncing up and down on my cock and her hands on my chest as she rides me fast. I imagine her bending over and kissing me deeply and passionately, the image is too much and I blow my second load. I clean up and go to bed looking forward to Christmas dinner tomorrow.

I text Antonia wishing her a Merry Christmas and telling her how I can’t wait for dinner, she texts me back telling me she can’t wait either and can’t wait to see me. This year Christmas dinner is being held at our house. I still live with my mom because she just became disabled. It’s part of the reason why it is here since it will be easier for her to get around. Like all of our family dinners this one is buffet style, mostly because there are so many of us to pass food around. At around 4 everyone starts arriving. The first to arrive was Carl and his family. Antonia saw me and smiled. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and a long sleeve dark blue shirt. She had on just the right amount of make-up to enhance her natural beauty.

Handshakes and hugs were exchanged. When Antonia came and hugged me I told her how beautiful she looked. She smiled and hugged me again. Since dinner wasn’t ready yet, Antonia, and I went to my room to hang out and wait for dinner with Mia in tow. We started to watch a movie on TV and talked. Mia was too busy with her cell phone to really care what went on around her. While we were watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Antonia snuggled up close to me. Not enough to make anyone question, but obviously closer than she has before.

“Jordan, can I tell you something?” she asks me.

“Sure” I tell her.

“I have never told you way Jason was with that other girl. He did it because I wasn’t ready to give it up to him. You see I’m still a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex. I have been wondering if I had gave it up to him if he would have cheated. This past month, hanging out with you and talking with you, has made me realize that he still would have cheated on me. Am I right in my thinking?”

“Honestly Antonia I think so. I true man would be willing to wait for when the woman he loves is ready, not when he is ready because let’s face it all guys are ready the moment they become teenagers. Giving it up to him would not have caused him to do the things he has done. You are better off losing it to a man you love, who loves you and will not hurt you. If you don’t you may regret it. I know I do.”

“What do you mean you do?”

“I was your age when I lost mine to a girl, who in the end I don’t think I was ready to be with. I did it because everyone around me had lost it and they were always talking about it. In the end it cost me a friend because she and I decided to start dating and we had sex. Shortly after we broke up and she moved on to another guy very quickly”

“Wow that is sad. It seems you haven’t had good luck with the ladies”

“Well Antonia that’s why I am still single”

“That sucks because any girl would be happy to have you. I know I would love to have a man like you”

“Yeah, I would love to have a girl like you”

As we talked I couldn’t help but notice how we were getting closer and closer and our voices become softer and softer. We were looking into each other’s eyes when we were called out to eat. We all went out and got our plates. Since it was buffet stay we all sat where we wanted. Antonia and I sat next to each other in a room by ourselves. Together we still talked but this time it was different. We were more flirty than normal. At times we even fed each other off our plates. It was a very romantic dinner. After we had our fill of all the good food and deserts, Antonia went to ask her parents a question while I went back to my room to find a movie. Shortly after Antonia returned with happy glow about her, she had asked her parents if they would mind if she stayed here for the night because she was having fun and didn’t want to go home. Both her parents and my mom agreed.

I took her home so she could get a change of close and we come back to my house. Some of the relatives had left include Carl and the rest of Antonia’s family. We retreated back to my room and started watching another movie. All through the movie we sat as close as we did earlier that evening. We can hear the rest of the family leaving. A couple hours later mom say she’s heading to bed. That leaves Antonia and me up watching the start of another movie. The moment she hears my mom heading to bed things change between us. She cuddles up to me and I put my arm around her and hold her close. I can feel the blood rushing to my cock. I hope she doesn’t see the tent starting to form.

“I’m so glad I can spend Christmas with you” Antonia says to me.

“Me too” I tell her.

We look at each other and stare into each other’s eyes. An unspoken statement passed between us. We slowly close the distance. Nothing stopping us now, our lips meet. It’s like massive chain reaction. The feeling of her lips pressed against mine is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Antonia rolls on top of me, our lips never breaking apart. Our tongues begin to probe each other’s mouths. I can’t help but pull her in tighter. I love the feeling of her warm body against mine. My hard on is completely forgotten. After what seems like an eternity we break apart. Looking into each other’s eyes we both smile.

“I have wanted to do that for a while” Antonia tells me.

“Same here, you are so beautiful” I tell her.

“Thank you, I got you something for Christmas”

“You didn’t have to Antonia”

She kisses me again quickly “Yes, I did. You wore right, I should lost my virginity to someone I love. I love you Jordan, I want you to be my first and I can tell you want to as well”

I kiss her deeply and passionately allowing my hands to roam her tight body. With one hand behind her head I place the other on her sweet ass. Slowly she starts grinding on my body. Our kisses are become more and more passionate. She pulls away from me and gets off the bed. I watch as she slowly strips. First she removes her shirt exposing her small 32B tits trapped in a black bra. Next she slides her jeans off showing me her matching bikini bottoms. She takes off her bra showing me for the first time those sweet beautiful mounds. They are just as tanned as the rest of her skin, with tan areolas. Her nipples are hard but just the right size. She takes off her bottoms and shows me her virgin pussy. She is shaved except for a small patch of hair above her clit. Unlike her I didn’t take my time I quickly took off my clothes and tossed them away. My hard cock standing straight up in the air.

Antonia smiled at the sight of it. Slowly she takes my cock in her hand and kisses it. She starts licking my shaft and my balls. She wraps her lips around my mushroom hand and uses both her mouth and hand to stroke my cock. My eyes slowly roll into the back of my head. Her blowjob is unlike anything I have imagined. She speeds up never taking the entire cock in her mouth. I can feel her tongue flicking across the tip. I can’t help it, I feel my balls start to boil with my hot cum.

“Antonia I’m going to cum” I warn her.

“Cum for me, I want to taste it” she tells me then goes back and sucks me harder and faster. I feel the time has come. I have reached the point of no return. My cum fires off into Antonia’s mouth. One, two, three hard pumps of my hot cum are shot into her mouth and not a drop comes out of her mouth. She kisses her way up my body till our lips meet. I can taste my salty cum on her mouth. I roll us over never breaking our kiss. Slowly I start kissing my way down her body. I kiss her neck, I kiss, suck and tease both her nipples with my tongue, I kiss my way past her pierced belly button, and finally I arrive at my destination, her sweet wet pussy. I can see that she is soaked; I kiss her pussy lips and taste her wetness. I can’t describe the taste, but I can tell you that it is like the nectar of the Gods. I lap it up like a thirsty dog drinking water. I use my tongue to probe the inside of her pussy. Antonia is playing with her nipples with her back arched. I suck on her clit for a few.

“Oh God I’m going to cum. Make me cum please” Antonia pleads with me as I continue my tongue assault on her pussy. Her hand moves to start playing with her clit. I drive my tongue deep into her pussy just as her legs squeeze my head. I feel her cum on my tongue as it squirts out of her pussy into my mouth. I lick and drink it as fast I can. When her legs let go of my head I start licking my way up her body. When I reach her face I look into her eyes, I feel her hand grab my cock and slowly guide it towards her virgin pussy.

“It’s ok, I’m on the pill and I broke my hymen years ago” She says as I slowly pushed my cock into her ultra-tight pussy. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as I slowly reach balls deep into her pussy. I kiss her and slowly start pulling out and pushing in. Her arms are wrapped around my body, while her legs are resting on my ass. Her pussy has a vice like grip around my cock. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock as her orgasm hits. I swear it feels like her pussy is going to break my cock off, but I love the feeling. It feels like my cock is literally going to pop out of her pussy. I slowly speed up.

“Baby let’s change it up” She tells me.

I pull out of her and she sighs. I have her get on her hands and knees and I get behind her. I rest my hands on her hips after guiding my pussy back into her pussy. She’s even tighter this way and it feels so good. I start pounding her pussy, her hands brush against my balls as she starts playing with her clit. Slowly she starts moaning so she buries her face in a pillow. I grab a handful of her hair and lightly pull. She lifts her head up and lets out a very silent moan.

“Oh God Jordan, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Please baby give it to me, my pussy is yours. Fuck me, Fuck me hard” Antonia moans

I speed up and fuck her hard. My balls slapping against her hand and clit, within no time I can feel her orgasm hit again. “I’m CUMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGGG, Oh god, your so thick.”

After her orgasm subsides I pull out and lay on my back. Antonia wastes no time in climbing on top of me returning my cock into her cock hungry pussy. I watch as it disappears inside her and come back out as she rides me hard and fast. I reach up and start playing with her tits. The feeling it too much, I bite my lower lip as I slowly start to feel my cum building.

“OH Yes, cum for me, shoot your hot cum inside me. I want to feel it” Not wanting to disappoint her, I let loose a powerful blast of cum deep inside her pussy. She stops moving as I cum hard. My eyes roll into the back of my head. The sweat is dripping off both of us. Antonia collapses on top of me. My cock still buried inside her.

“You were amazing Jordan. I am so glad you were my first. I want you to know that I have liked you ever since we first met. I hope you enjoyed your present.“

“You were amazing too Antonia. You are a very beautiful young woman, I truly did enjoy it. I do hope this isn’t the last time we do this.”

“Oh trust me sexy. This isn’t the first time we will be having sex. I don’t care what they say. I truly do love you. “

“I love you too”

I kiss her deeply before we both get under the covers. Not bothering to put our clothes on, we cuddle up together, our hands holding each other’s and our sex juices slowly drying. This by far is the best Christmas present I have ever got.

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