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Jack and Stephanie were brother and sister, who were born into a poor family. One day when they were 14 a rich family came and offered to buy the twins from their parents for $50,000 each. Being poor, the parents had to accept. Little did the children know what they were getting into when they went to live with their new masters: Nick (the father), Maria (the mother), Jessica (the 15 year old daughter) and John (the 16 year old son).

All 4 people in the house liked to dominate teens of Jack and Stephanie’s age. As soon as the teens moved in they were presented with the rules that they must follow:

1. They must serve everybody in the family and any guests that they might have
2. They will not ask any questions
3. They will be naked 24/7 unless told otherwise
4. They are slaves 24/7 and can never leave
5. They may not speak unless spoken to

Needless to say the twins were shocked, but interested. Immediately they stripped and awaited their first orders as slaves.

“Report to the basement” ordered Nick, “Jessica is down their and will tell the two of you what to do!” Jack and Stephanie entered the basement and realized that it was a huge dungeon. Jack was about to speak but realized that he better not.

“OK you two come here so I can gag you!” ordered Jessica. as the twins had identical penis gags inserted into their mouths, Maria entered the room, dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, inserted huge butt plugs into the 2 virgin assholes and attached each of them to an X frame.

"You are about to be beaten, then house broken!" Commented Nick as he entered the room and took out a riding crop, "I think 15 strokes each should be good enough." After their strokes, the twins were let down and made to stand on all fours.

"You are pets, and must stand like this unless doing chores or told otherwise!" odered John. "i will now give you the tour of the house. On the tour, John pointed out all the important locations: the kitchen (where the twins would do all the cooking), the sevral 'play' areas (where Jack and Stephanie would be used and abused), the litter box (where Jack and Stephanie would do their buisness) and the twins bedroom, it had only 1 cot and 2 ringbolts with sevral lenghts of chain attached to them.

The twins were now wondering what they were getting themselves into, and they wanted to get out.......... Continued in part 2.

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2012-08-04 03:01:47
write more of a deion about the twins example: penis length,boob size,height,etc. write about how jack feels about Stephanie (did get a hard-on?) who stripped first?
add some parts in the next chapter about the twins fucking together ,separately with the daughter son mom and dad, and lots of scenes where Stephanie is forced to suck,stroke,and swallow jack.
maybe there should be a scene where Stephine has sex with son and dad while jack has sex with daughter and mom.

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2011-06-13 22:21:47
make the 2 part of this story

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2008-10-18 10:27:38
Does the story carry on?

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2008-10-17 06:00:19
When do we see the rest of the trilogy

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2008-10-02 22:23:44
will there even be a part2?

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