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Ocay so this dirt ball tries to whack my hubby Carlo but nearly shoots my mamma instead. Complications, taht's the life of a mafia wife.
Being a mafia wife isn’t as glamorous as you see in the movies. Fuck no. I’m Belinda and my good fella husband is Carlo. We’re a young couple, a bambino on the yeah I’m 3 months preggers and showing it. So I never want for anything, but there are always complications. Like what happened last week .

We are just getting up and Carlo tells me he’s going out of state for a few days to take care of some business. What kind of business? I never fuckin know, ya know. I’m still in my night gown; nothing on underneath and I get all close and whisper in his ear, “Do you have to go right away?”

Carlo just smiles and pushes the gown off my shoulders, “Baby you are so fuckin’ hot knocked up like this.”
He grabs my cunt hard and says get on the bed, be my doggie bitch!”

I smile and get on all fours on the bed, I turn my head back to Carlo and say “Hey big dog, I like it rough, rough, rough, “ I bark out the word.

Carlo is already hard and he begins licking my cunt from behind, noticing that I’m already wet. Its like this every day. Having’ a baby has made me hornier than a New Jersey hooker. Carlo flicks he tongue over my pearl shaped clit and I’m barking again. Then he can’t help himself he rams that cock in all the way up to the hilt and I’m groaning like a mother giving’ birth. My Carlo is endowed if you know what I mean, and I’m thinking our little bambino just got a wakeup call.

Carlo knows how I like it so he’s pulling my hair and slapping my ass and ramming me with that cock and my juices are dripping down my thighs its feeling so fuckin’ good.”

I turn my head to look Carlo in the eyes and he puts two fingers in my mouth “Suck you mongrel bitch, I’m gotta fuck your doggie ass, until you cream all over my cock.

I suck and spit my saliva on the his fingers and he pulls them out and twists them deep into my up turned ass. I can feel my cunt walls contract on Carlo’s big fat cock and he groans as he sinks the fingers in all the way. At the same time that cock is getting’ deeper, harder and faster. and I can tell by the way his cock head is throbbing inside me that he’s close to shooting his load.
I reach between my legs and grind three fingers in frantic circles over my engorged clit, I want to cum with my big dock hubby.
“Get that cock off in my bitch cunt!” I scream at him, “Make your bitch whine, “ then I do whne like a horney bitch who needs it so fuckin’bad.”

“Oh fuck Belinda, you horney fuckin ‘bitch I’m gonna cum inside your knocked-up cunt!” He groans and begins firing hot shots of cum deep in my cunt hole. I pinch my chubby clit hard between my long finger nails and I’m with him, whining and grinding my ass and cunt on his fingers and cock as my cunt explodes-- squirting cum out around the his jerking cock.

I look back at Carlo and I see it in his face, that look of satisfaction, which just might keep away from those high-priced hookers for a few days.

When Carlo is gone I have a long hot bath and heat up some lasagna, hey I’m eating for two. Then I call my mamma, “Hey mamma, I just had some of your lasagna, it was so good, I just got the wall paper for the nursery, you wanna come over and see it and maybe check out a few other things? Good, see you in a while,”

If I’m a good mafia wife, it’s because I was raised by a good mafia wife, my mamma, Isabella. Yeah, she’s nearly fifty but she looks more like my older sister than my mamma. She cooks like to die for and her home is beautiful, a place for the whole family to be together.

I don’t bother to get dressed; I wanna show mamma my tummy. When she rings the bell I run on bare feet to swing it open and she steps in and takes me in her arms and gives me a big hug.

“Let me look at you,” she says stepping back, “This is going to be one big bambino, look at you and only five months. I make some cappuccino for her and I have bottled water and we make our way into the bedroom and sit on the side of the bed.

“Baby, you are just glowing,” says mamma as she caresses my face, “Is Carlos treating you right, is he fucking you like he should.”

I turn my face and kiss her palm, “Yes mamma, he fucked me doggie this morning before he left, and I barked for him like a bitch in heat.”

“That’s good, I know how hot I was when I carried you Belinda, I needed it two sometimes three times a day. Just like you do right baby?”

“Oh yes, mamma, did you bring the oil?” she smiled and nodded.

Isabella reached into her purse and pulled out the special oil, which has been made by the women of our family for generations. I opened my robe and exposed my round belly to mamma, “It feels so good on my tummy, please mamma, make it feel good for your little girl.”

Mamma helped me get comfortable propping my back and ass on pillows. “Yes my baby, is having a bambino,” she said with a smile, poring the oil on her palm then rubbing it between her hands to warm it up.

I closed my eyes in anticipation as mamma’s warm oiled hands began to make slow circles on my belly, “You know when I carried you, and later your sister my mamma did this for me, and as I watched you grow into beautiful women, I dreamed of doing this for the two of you, it is our way; if there is a need then the need is fulfilled within the family, and one day you my love will do this for your daughter,” mamma sighed as her right hand slipped down my belly to cup my pussy firmly in her grasp.

“Oh baby girl you re so wet, how many fingers does my hot my hot little baby need?” said mama, stroking her oiled finger over my slick pearl.

“Oh fuck mamma, that feels so fucking good, give me three then four, you know how I like it momma, fuck your little girl like the slut she is.” I spread my legs wide for my beautiful mother.

The oil was remarkable, it seemed to warm and ignite my pussy flesh as momma parted my outer lips with one hand and let her fingers gently circle my clit. Oh baby, your clit is so big, that happened to me in pregnancy, it’s no wonder my little baby is so hot and bothered. Tell me again how you want your mamma to fuck you baby.” I looked at mamma’s face between my legs and I groaned, there it was that look again, a look of utter lust for her little girl.

“Oh momma, fuck me hard, so hard and fast, make me yours mamma, make me your baby slut, and when the baby’s born I let you lick her tiny little cunt, would you like that mamma. Do you want to taste my little girl’s pink cubby cunt?”

“Oh fuck, baby girl you know I do!” Mamma slammed three fingers deep inside me and at the same instant began grinding her thumb down hard on my clit. My body jerked with such pleasure, pushing her fingers deeper inside of me and I screamed.

“Oh baby you needed this so bad didn’t you, look at the my little girl’s pussy, so slick so engorged, like a good girl. When your baby is born will you squirt your cum in a bowl and feed it to your baby in a bottle the way I did to you?” asked mamma.

Her fingers were curling deep inside me hitting my g-spot with such force I could barely breathe.
“Oh fuck yes mama, she will nurse on my hot cum, sucking it down and wanting more, so I will feed her your cum too mamma, she will learn to love our cum!” My body is writhing on the bed now as mamma jams four fingers into my twat, making sloppy fuck sounds and filling the room with the smell of cunt. Her thumb is flicking and grinding on my clit and as I hump her hard mamma takes me by surprise by twisting two fingers deep in my tight ass. Sweat is dripping from my forehead as I scream, “Oh fuck mamma, you hod fuckin bitch I’m going to cum all over your hand.”

Mamma could feel my cunt walls convulsing and put her beautiful face between my legs and opened her mouth red with lipstick, and I moaned, “Ohhhh maaaammmmaaaa!” Just as I was about to cum mamma pulled out her fingers and a torrent of cum hit her straight in the face, some entering her mouth, I watch astounded as she licked her lips and opened her mouth again for the next shot of cum. I groaned again and humped my cunt forward and mommy clamped her mouth onto my cunt so my final spray of cum went deep into her loving mouth.

My whole body was trembling as I whispered to her over and over “I love you mama, I love you mama.” Mamma covered my body with a sheet and held me close. I drifted off to sleep coming to consciousness a bit later to hear the shower running then I slipped off to sleep again.

So remember when I mentioned complications, well here’s where they come in. While I’m off in pleasentville I have no idea that this scum of the earth “Nick the Butcher” is breaking into our home. This piece of shit has come to kill my husband but he has no idea Carlo has already gone to Los Vegas. This pig weighs nearly three hundred bounds and he is holding a hand gun pointed at my head , in my bedroom and I’m snoozing like a baby. He hears the shower in the master washroom and thinks Carlo will be out in a moment, so he clamps his fat hand over my mouth and I wake up nearly pissing myself.
He pulls me out of bed with his hand lifting me off my feet and holds me so close that I can feel his cock getting hard against my bare ass.

He puts the gun to my head and whispers. “I will blow your fuckin head off bitch if you move one cunt hair on your body. “ I nod tiring to breath around is big meaty hand. I’m noticing now that he has a raging boner, as he points his gun at the bathroom door and it crosses my mind that he might think of raping me after he whacks my Carlo. This fucker is a bull but like all Italian men his cock sells him out every fuckin time. The shower stops, Nick turns the barrel of the gun at the closed bathroom door. I am poised; I wait for just the right instant. As the handle on the door begins to turn I make my move I suck one of his fat fucking fingers into my mouth and bite down so hard on my short front teeth that I instantly taste blood and feel bone. As mamma opens the door the prick shoots a bullet in the ceiling as he is still looking up I bring the heal of my right foot up hard and fast into his fat nut sack and he moans with pure male pain and drops the gun. I’m on the piece before he can grab his balls and I have the gun aimed and his big fat head.

Mother Mary and Joseph, who is this piece a shit and why is he trying to put a bullet in my head?” screams momma, the towel falling from her beautiful body as she comes to my side.
“He wasn’t expecting’ you mamma, were you fat fuck? “ I leaned in as spit on the bastards face. “He came here to whack Carlo, this bitch is with the Callinno family. Yeah he would have shot Carlo then raped me look at that horse cock in his pants mamma, his was getting all hard when he held me. “

“Kill him!” mamma screamed, “Kill this fuck now with bullet in the head, do it now Belinda.”

“Just a minute mamma, look at the way he’s lookin’ at us, he fuckin’ creeps into our house, our house you bitch fuck, and you look at my momma that way, like you wanna put that horse cock in her cunt. Is that how you are looking at my mamma.” I pointed the gun right at his crotch he just smiled that sick smile of his.

“Fuck you and your slut, dyke cow of a mother, fucks youse both,” the fat prick said llicking his lips.

“Dyck, you calling me a dyck you, fuck up your little pussy whipped bitch.” She moved in behind me know and firmly snaked her hand over my round tummy and into my pussy lips, you see this, this is my daughters cunt and it belongs to me, you understand. Baby girl tell this big shit who your cunt belongs to. “
Mamma’s fingers were now circling my clit and dipping deep into my wet cunt hole, “Oh fuck mama, my baby girl cunt belongs to you, forever and always!”

“Sick bitches, I should have put a bullet in each of your fuckin heads when I had the chance.”
“Shut to fuck up!” I scream at him and get your fuckin clothes off, now!!”

I point the gun at his nuts and he compiled mom, watched with interest as he took off his shirt and dropped his pants, and boxers. “Baby girl would you look at that fuckn dong, do wonder his protestant wife is so fucking happy, look at the head on that thing!” Mamma was finger fucking me good now letting her thump dominate my slick round clit.

“Mamma you want that, you wanna make this fuck’s day and take that meat on?” I said as I could feel my cunt grab at momma’s fingers.

“Oh yes baby girl, we will have to tie him up but I do want that horse cock inside me, of fuck yes, I do.”
“Oh, Oh fuck, mamma that is so fucking hot. Fuck me like that ohhhh fuck yes!” I came hard holding the gun in too hands and feeling the power of holding a man’s life in my hands.

Breathing hard I told mamma where to find the two sets of handcuffs Carlo uses on me sometimes. Mama gets the fat cunt laid out on the bed, not able to make a move cause I have his own gun pointed at his head. She locks is arms and into place then she gets the chains from under the bed and chains his legs to the bed with padlocks. Then finally she gags the big clown so we don’t have to listen to his disrespect.

“Come here mamma, let me get you ready for this gorilla.” I squat down between her legs and begin grinding my tongue up and down her hot wet slit, pushing my tongue inside her to taste her lovely sweet cunt. Then I suck hard on her clit playing it back and forth on my tongue and teeth until she squeals with delight.

“Oh fuck mamma you are so friggin wet, but are you sure you can take that big cock?”

“Baby girl with the family oil, everything is possible. She poured a splash of oil down the length of the massive cock and began pumping it with both her hands. When it was all slick she got on the bed and squatted over the big sausage.

“Mamma, mamma, let me put that thing inside your cunt…so fuckin hot, fuckin you si the last thing this sick fuck ever does.” I guided the fat pink cock head to the entrance of mamma’s cunt hole and she did the rest, lowering herself slowly so the cock head disappeared inside her. Nick groaned under the gag and his whole body grew tense.

“You’re not calling my mamma a slut and cow now are you, you fat fuck.” Mamma groaned as she took on more of the big cock with each inch dribbling more of the wonderful family oil onto the cock and her cunt. Rubbing the oil it over her clit and the shaft of the cock to make it easier to fuck.

I moved over to the beg and grabbed Nick’s balls and squeezed hard. “Fuck mamma, this prick is makin a big load of cum, you don’t let that cum inside you now, I want this fuck to see his last cum as I put a bullet up his fuckin ass. I move where Nick can see me and I lick the barrel of the cunt getting it nice and slick. Momma put some of the family oil on this gun. Mom groaned as she took nearly 7 inches of the big fat cock in her cunt. She let the oil run over the steel and I began jacking off the barrel looking Nick right in the eyes.
“You can hold off, if you can Nick but if you cum before my mamma cums I will shot you in the head. You understand me you fuck?.” Nick nodded his face beaded in sweat. Mamma was doin a good job working her way down his fat cock.

“Just so you know, when mamma and I are done with you, we’re going to call my crazy bitch of a sister and take a little trip over to your house. You know my sister right Nick, the 15 year old girl you bum raped in high school. She’s going to be really up for this visit. Now let me see, isn’t your lil Mia 15 year old now. Now isn’t that funny! Your blonde bitch will be fast asleep, when we trip the security and walk into your house, like you did to ours. “

Mamma groaned, as she finally took the full nine inches into her big cunt and was thrusting up and down on it. “Oh fuck yes, baby girl tell this fuck what we are going to do.”

“We’ll divide your family between the three of us. Momma with take your prissy bitch of a wife strip her and tie her hands behind her back and take her into the living room, so she can have the best show in the house.

“ Will go into Celia’s room, I just saw her at mass the other day, what is she Nick, 18 now, She looked so fuckable in that frilly dress she had on. It made my pussy wet just to look at her ass swaying up the aisle. I will wake her with a slap to her soft little face and I’ll put a switch blade in her face and get her down into the living room where she will join your wife and little Mia who Maria will have by the wrist, throwing her on the floor in front of your weeping wife.

“Oh god baby girl go on, you are making me so wet, and hot.”

Nick’s eyes were crazy as he looked at me breathing heavy as mamma humped up and down on his fat cock.

“Will get Celia to take off her night gown and I will cut off her hot lacey bra and thong with my blade and the I will hold the blade to her mouth and tell her that she had two choices, either eat out my cunt or let me cut her tongue out. I wonder what she will choose Nick. Hey this is your daughter we are talking about so the slut will be on me in no time, sticking her hot little tongue deep inside my slick pussy hole. Mmmm, I’m going to enjoy that Nick.”

“Oh baby girl yess, yess baby girl!” mamma screams.

“And Maria, well Maria isn’t as gentle as me. I’m sure she will have one thing in mind, and one thing only, how far she can get her big black strap on dildo up your Mia’s ass. Oh she might use the family oil, you better pray she does Nick, cause as mamma said, anything is possible with the family oil. Imagine it Nick the girl you butt raped taking that rubber cock deep into you Mia’s hot tight ass. And while Celia’s is tongue fucking me Mamma will be slapping your fucking bitch around rubbing her cunt , then slapping her cunt silly as she watches her daughters be used by us.

“You see I won’t be finished with Celia for a long time. I intend to ride her hot little face for a long time and then when she is good and wet I’m going to put my cunt between her hot tanned legs and fuck her hard, ramming my fat clit up her cunt until she can’t take it anymore and when she feels the best cum of her young life I’m going to cum all over her face and before she can get off. I’m going to fun my blade up her thigh leaving a river of red and I will sing my long blade into her pretty little cunt she will bleed out in a matter of seconds her beautiful face growing pale just when it was about to grimace with pleasure. “
“Mamma will be rubbing your wife’s cunt while she watches this telling her how hot her little girl looks as her virgin cunt bleeds out. Oh and don’t worry about Mia. Mia will live Nick, we will keeper as long as she plays the part as our fuck toy, then we will sell her as a sex slave and you momma, how are you going to deal with that big boobed wife on Nick’s?”

“Oh Oh baby girl I’m gonna cut her fuckin throat.” With that mamma rose off the fat cock standing above Nick on the bed and squirting her cum all over his face. There was so munch he had to close his eyes.
“Good boy Nick you didn’t cum, but you will.” Leaned over with the gun in one hand and took the cock in the other swirling my tongue around the cock head tasting mammas sweet juices. I took the cock as deep as I could into my mouth. Nick arched his back, straining at the chains and cuffs, there was a furry in his body that was a turn on for me. I grabbed his balls and rolled them in my fingers and I used my mouth to bob up and down on his amazing cock .

“I know what will make you cum you piece of shit.” Without warning I shoved the oiled gun barrel up the fat fuck’s ass and began to butt fuck him with it. His eyes grew wider, from the pain and perhaps pleasure, cause his cock started jumping in my fist and I knew his load was on it way. A look of udder desperation came over Nick’s face as the first string of cum shot a foot in the air and landed right on his face.
I smiled at him and said, “Bye, bye you piece of shit,” and I pulled the trigger twice then put another in his head. Nicks body slumped on the bed and blood began soaking the sheets.

“Oh baby girl mama said putting her arm over my shoulder, it’s been a long time since we’ve had this much fun.”

“Yeah mamma, I’m hungry, did you bring some more lasagna?”

“Of course I did my baby girl,” giving me a long tongue swapping kiss on the mouth.


2015-10-03 22:33:44
A little to fiction, but hot as fuck none the less. I have at times had fantasies of rapping a woman and her young. Forcing them to do some rather unthinkable things to each other as their pleasures slowly break down their fight.

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2013-02-26 23:48:42
(Kindle Edition) The collection of stroies came close to short but I can say I highly enjoyed them since it was so many of them. They are hardcore with some very tantalizing sex scenes. Ive even caught myself laughing a couple of times wishing it was me in the story. So it was definitely worth it, especially if you get turned on by dirty language.Looking forward to reading this erotica boxset at a great price:

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2012-04-27 11:20:57
Boardwalk Empire storyline rip off, what an asshole.

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2012-04-27 11:20:41
Boardwalk Empire storyline rip off, what an asshole.

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2012-04-17 13:33:25
definitely proof read
and this is pretty racist

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