A hot experience that happened to me when I was (
Ever since I was 8 years old I have masturbated a lot. But I think my beginnings as an exhibitionist can be traced back to when I was nine. I had an experience that would change my life.

That summer I never wore panties under my summer dress when I went to the playground. One day there was this totally hot young mother who had a little toddler, a girl. The toddler was playing in the sand box and the pretty mom who wore tight jean shorts sat on the edge of the sandbox. I got into the sandbox, digging a hole with m y hands and I slowly spread my legs for the pretty mommy to see my slit. I didn’t want to look up cause my heart was beating so fast and I thought she would be angry with me.

Then she spoke, “Hey there miss I think you forgot something.” I looked up and she was looking right at my puffy cunny.

“I didn’t forget,” I said softly.

“Mmmm… really, then you better come over here and join me.” I stood and walked over to her and stood in front of her, gazing at the outline of her pussy lips in the crotch of her tight shorts then at her big boobs, under her t-shirt. .

The pretty mommy patted my dress down, and lifted my chin. My cheeks were hot as I looked into her brown eyes.”Good girls wear panties in the park, you are a good girl aren’t you?”

“No I’m not!” I said defiantly,” I’m a horney little girl.” I put my hands on my hips and stuck my pink tongue out at her.

A lustful grin came over the young mothers face at that moment.

“Turn around you bad, bad baby, mommy will give you want you want!”

When I turned around this beautiful mommy put her arm around my waist and pulled me hard against her.

”Mommy knows what to do to bad little girls who flash their little cunts,” she hissed in my ear.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil, “Put out your hand.”

I did and she brought it to her mouth pushing my slim fingers into her wide mouth sucking on them and coating them with saliva. The sensation that ran through my little body were amazing. She took my fingers from her mouth dribbled baby oil all over them, and taking the hand between hers rubbed the oil all over my hand.

Without hesitating the young mom pushed my hand under my dress and guided it over my bare slit, forcing me to grind my hand up and down my puffy cunt and then she took two of my fingers and guided them over my tiny clit. The sensation made me groan.

“All girls have one of those… it’s called a clit and it makes us feel very, very good.”

She then moved my hand behind my back and shoved it down the front of her shorts, which she had unzipped. , I gave out a whimper as my hand made contact with her long slick shaved cunt.

“Oh yes baby, mommy didn’t wear panties today either… rub mommy’s clit just like that and don’s stop for anything, do you understand? She jerked her hips forward whenever I made contact with her puffy clit.

“Oh yes baby rub mommy’s clit for her.”

I nodded as she put more oil on her hand and slipped it under the back of my dress squeezing my firm butt then gliding her fingers between my legs and parting my young slit. Thank god it was early and the park was empty because I sent up a whinny of pleasure, like a young colt. Her fingers on my pussy felt so good I thought I would die.

I rubbed my fingers up and down the woman’s pussy using my finger tips pulling on her wet lips and pinching her throbbing clit.

She reached her other hand up my dress and began pinching my tiny pink nipples , again I groaned, as I had never felt this way when I touched myself. This was a million times better. I felt her pinky finger circle my cunny hole and I nodded up and down furiously. She must have known what I wanted because she jammed her pinky into my slit and began fucking me with it ike it was a tiny cock.

My legs were like spaghetti and I felt so light headed I thought I was going to pass out as the mommy fingers flashed over my pink clit. My whole body began to shake, and I slammed my back against her body. I was coming my body lost all tension and I fell against this beautiful woman. Her little girl looked up as I growled, “Yes fuck me mommy, I’m coming so hard.”
My hand was thrashing over her clit and I felt her thighs close around my hips in a hard grip as she groaned into my soft shoulder and she moaned in my ear as her juices flowed freely from her pussy spilling over my trembling hand. I had never felt anything like it.

She kissed and kissed my neck as her body continued to jerk up and back as she whispered “Sshhhh shhh, shhh shhh…Oh my love , my bad, bad girl,” as her body slowly came down from her climax.

Her baby came running to the bench wanting to sit on her mommy’s lap so I moved letting out a whimper as my pussy lost contact with this woman’s amazing fingers.

What happened next sent a shock of pleasure through my cunt. As she held the toddler in her arms she cooed,” Here Mary, I have a treat for you, Look what’s on mommy’s fingers, go on taste it. “

The little girl smiled and her small pink tongue darted out and licked my cum from her mother’s fingers. “

“Oh Mary likes that , go ahead baby, lick it all up for mommy.” The mother blew me a kiss

An aftershock visibly ran through the mother’s body as her sweet little baby cleaned my girl cum from her fingers.

I ran home, smelling and tasting the hot mom’s juices on my fingers. My whole body was on fire that last image in my mind. Thank god no one was home as I climbed into the shower and brought myself to the brink two more times before I collapsed to the shower floor.

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Wish I could have seen you when you did a lot of the things you did at a young age, I see quite a lot of things going on as I live near Three schools. I use to have some couples hide behind my bushes and do everything after I told them one day all I care about is not leaving trsh in my yard. I could look through my curtains and see more blow jobs and the word got out I was cool and they used my yard often. even two girls.

I wish I could write or get someone to write forme.


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