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I experimented with a woman's perspective for this one.
At age 31, I’d finally decided to have a baby. The complication: after months of trying, my husband and I still weren’t able to produce. We hadn’t had any tests done on the virility of either of us, but I had my private thoughts that my husband was infertile. Luckily I had a solution. As a high school teacher, I was surrounded each day by hundreds of strong, virile, young men. I just needed to find one who looked somewhat like my husband and let him fill me with his spunk. Repeat until pregnant. It was a little cunning of me, but I would get my baby, the kid would get a great story about fucking the hot teacher, and my hubby would be none the wiser.

After about a month of careful scouting, I felt that I’d found my guy. His name was Kevin, and he was a senior in my environmental studies class. He had blond hair and was around my husband’s height and build, and I’d be lying if he wasn’t a muscular jock that got my panties wet just thinking about him. He was dating some bitch also in my class, but I didn’t think I’d have any trouble seducing him. His GF was a short Indian girl with mammoth tits but not much else going on inside or out. I was tall, leggy, and blond with boobs on the upper end of C-cup. I’d noticed male students ogling me for years, and suspected I was the punchline to more than a few locker-room jokes. Kevin would jump at the chance to fuck me, girlfriend or no girlfriend.

I came at this with the classic approach, I’d call him over after class and practically throw myself at him, no need to overthink it. I’d worn a pair of tight black pants that showed off my supple ass, and a simple white blouse, buttoned one lower than I usually wore. As his friends were filing out after the lesson I beckoned him over to my office chair behind my desk at the front of the room.

“Yes Mrs. Shurgur?”

“Kevin I need your help with a problem.” I spoke in a tone best described as “seductress classic.” I could practically see the blood rushing to his pants.

“What kind of problem?” He said, visibly taken aback by my voice and the cleavage view I was giving him, sitting while he stood.

“My husband.” I could see his gears turn. “Just isn’t getting the job done in bed.” He almost gulped at what he knew was coming. “I’ve seen you in class. You’re very handsome you know, and I can tell you stare at me when you don’t think I’m looking at you.” He did gulp now, and I could see the rather large bulge in his crotch. I unbuttoned another button in my blouse, fully revealing the tops of my breasts. “How would you feel about doing a little extra credit.” Corny line, I know, but the situation called for it. Kevin struggled to regain his composure.

“I would be up for that.” He stammered out.

“Good, now get you cock out for me, I want to taste you.” He jumped to unzip his fly as I unbuttoned and removed the rest of my blouse. I’d picked a nice, somewhat lacy, white bra for the occasion. Kevin’s cock was easily 8 inches long, and I smiled to myself that I’d chosen well in this regard.
“I assume you’ve had your dick sucked before.” I stroked his member softly, gazing at its manly beauty. I’d been a wallflower in my own high school years, so this would be my first chance to have a man in his sexual prime fuck my brains out.

“Ohh, that feels good,” he moaned, then continued with some hesitation. “Tia gives me blowjobs sometimes, but I like it better when she jacks me off and I cum on her tits.” I thought about his cock jizzing spurts onto Tia’s heaving breasts, and the image sent a gush of juices into my pussy. This was going to be fun.

“Well you’re about to find out what someone who knows what they’re doing can do.” With that, I opened my jaw as far as I could and engulfed Kevin’s cock. He gave out a moan half of surprise, half of pleasure, and a drop of cum oozed out of his head onto the back of my tongue. It tasted delicious. I eased his cock into my mouth further, guiding it with my right hand while cupping his balls with the other. I slid his shaft down my throat until his sack was on my chin. His head was halfway down my relaxed throat and I moved my right hand from the base of his rod to his tight young ass.

“Oh god, I had no idea you could take it all.” I shot a knowing look with my eyes upward and began to suck, easing his thick cock in and out of my lips. I started slowly at first with technique I’d honed many times before this, sucking out salty-sweet cream on the out and pushing his dick down my smooth throat on the in. I playfully massaged his testicles with my left hand, and Kevin moaned and sighed at my command, his hips softly swaying into me and out of me in rythm.

Apparently tired of the view from above the action, Kevin moved his hands down to my back and deftly undid the clasp on my bra. I temporarily untangled my hands to shake it off and my perky tits hung free in the air. He moved his hands back onto my head and into my long blond hair. I could tell the sight of my round, shapely tits bouncing along with my action was pushing him over the edge, so I prepared for blast-off.

“Mrs. Shurgur, Ohhh, I’m coming,” he said. Jets of ejaculate cascaded out of his cock and into my waiting and sucking mouth. His jizz tasted as good as any I’d ever had, and I slid his dick slowly down my throat as he continued to come into my hungry stomach. I sucked out all the load he had to offer. Then withdrew him from me.

“You’re right, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt.” I played with my breasts, pushing them together around his still erect cock, and watching the way it reacted.

“Don’t speak so soon,” I replied. “You still haven’t fucked my pussy yet.” I could see his eyes light up as he realized there was more to come. I stood up and enveloped him in a kiss, my tongue entwining with his. I turned and sat up on the high desk. His eager hands went to the clasp on my pants without breaking the kiss. He ably undid the button and zipper and pulled off the tight jeans with moderate difficulty.

As I hadn’t worn underwear that day, he had a perfect few of my waxed pink pussy and eyed it hungrily. I wrapped my long legs around his waste and guided his cock into my sopping wet cave. He slid in easily with a long groan. I had never felt this filled before, and a small “oh god” escaped my lips as I gazed at the ceiling. He began to thrust earnestly and I threw my arms around his neck to enjoy the ride in ecstasy.

It felt like no time passed until I came. “Oh Kevin oh KEVIN!” I shrieked as waves of pleasure cascaded through me and I lost control of my muscles. My juicy hole throbbed deeply as I was his massive cock filled every corner of me. Kevin still hadn’t cum so he pulled out of me rolled me over. I was in no mood to contest as he pushed my back down onto the desk and entered me violently. I emitted small gasps of pleasure with each of his deep thrusts into me. He spanked my ass with his strong hands and I was plunged into a second orgasm, stronger than the last.

With me letting out high pitched screams, my tits bouncing wildly in front of me, and his hands around my firm ass, the erotic joy was too much for him.

“Oh god I’m coming, here it comes.” Kevin grunted loudly and his cock exploded into my pussy with torrents of baby-batter. I smiled as my womb was being filled with his sweet sperm.

“Oh YES. Give me your seed! Put a baby in me!” I cried. if Kevin had any reservations about getting me pregnant he didn’t show them and kept his cock in. He pushed his head up against my cervix and fired hot jets of cum into my pussy, in seemingly unending spurts. I could feel the extra flow out of my hole and run down my crotch. Finally, Kevin’s jelly stopped pulsing into me and he backed out, panting heavily. I flipped my back onto the desk to lie there and enjoy the afterglow as Kevin put his drained cock away and left, long ago late for his next class.

That magical afternoon did put a baby in me, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl nine months later with my husband never knowing what had gone on to conceive this gift. Throughout my pregnancy I would sneak sly glances at Kevin in class, tipping him off that the baby was his. He never met my gaze for too long though, or made an effort to repeat our tryst. Oh well, I still remember being fucked like a whore and smile every time I look at our baby girl.

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2015-11-11 20:16:58
Wel i do love d story bt nt read to mak her pregenant at all

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2014-11-09 09:42:10
I got a taste of being a nasty slut!!! Now I love flirting with all my BF Buddy's !!! He said if I get them hard I better suck them..... I just sucked three at bar tonight !! any girl gets that love of a slut,,,,,,, will do it again.!!!

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2014-08-26 04:43:55
I wish my teacher would ask me to do that! 😍😜

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2013-10-24 19:59:43
44fLMb Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Thanks Again.

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2013-08-31 20:11:40
And then he tells her "my darling sweet wife, I had decided Not to have kids, so last year I got Snipped, a Vasecomy."

I knew of a case where that happened and didn't she feel foolish..


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