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There's more than one path to discovery and there's more than one way to love. Some harder than others... But not less exciting.
Hey guys. As you asked, there's the second part of the story. Thank you very much for your support and all your comments at part 1. I really wish you enjoy reading it and please, let me some comments here too!
Special thanks to my friend Arizona1664 for helping me with the english stuff :kiss:
Happy new year!

Part II

After all, different or not, I was turning into a person who could enjoy herself. Maybe I just needed something to shake me, to wake me up, to make me feel alive by putting me at risk. I would do anything to continue feeling that way, anything. I just hoped to remain in one piece for long enough to figure out who I was, before I could no longer say I was somebody.

I woke up feeling different. I'm used to being really agitated in the morning, as I grew up having a military father giving orders, checking schedules and making me hurry up with everything, every single day. So even now, months after he was transferred to another state, I'm still used to waking up stretching up like a cat and just jumping off the bed every day soon as I’m awake... But not today.

Today I just opened my eyes and tried to reconstruct the earlier night. And a sudden smile came up on my face.

I was trying to understand how the most screwed night of my entire life had turned up to be the most exciting night ever. The stinky and scary bar, the gang fight, a man shooting at us with a machine-gun! Then Owen, his gang, the way they all looked at me like I was the most delicious meal on the planet, my first time... In short, it all scared me like hell, but today... I’d never felt so alive.

Sighing loudly, I slid down my hand over my chest, my belly, until I reached the soft skin folding between my legs. I caressed myself and instantly felt utterly sensitive. My inner lips were sore, so were my insides. I could feel a little discomfort, but it wasn't hurting that bad and I thought of it as a small price to pay for the incredible feeling I had last night. I felt like doing everything again if Owen wanted to.


So it wasn't the drug after all. Just thinking about him brought me feelings that I've never felt before, like this intense desire to see him again.

I stood up and opened my closet's door and glared at myself in the full length mirror. Then I took off my cosy white cotton pyjamas and looked at myself, my soft, perky and generous breasts, then my toned legs, my long, golden hair... I couldn't say I was ugly, because I wasn't. But I was trying to figure what could have made a handsome, gigantic and older man like Owen want me like he did last night.

I was small framed, had this childish look, with this blonde fringe falling over my eyebrows. And these soft cheeks... I'm more a doll than a sexy woman.

If he just wanted to play around and have a one night stand with me, I would have hated it, but would have understood. But he took my car on purpose, I knew that! How did this happen?

But I couldn't stay lost in thoughts, I had to go to school, so I took a shower really fast, got dressed, grabbed some toast and prepared myself to a long walk. My school was almost half mile away from my house and I had no car.

Soon as I left home I thought of it as a really good idea. I needed some time to think and, with such nice weather, taking some fresh air would be just fine. But I heard a familiar horn sounding just across the street. It was my car.

My shoulders stiffened and my heart raced like I was about to die. I walked up there and opened the passenger door.

"Morning, sweet cheeks." Owen said soon as I got in the car and closed the door. So he noticed my cheeks. They were probably damn red right now.

"Good morning, Owen." I answered trying to look at him, but I couldn't. I was completely stiff, frozen, my heart beating like a crazy drummer. My fingers clenched the hem of my skirt.

Just five awkward seconds passed until he acted.

"Don't be like this, come here." He said holding softly my chin with his fingertips, turning my face to him and kissing me softly. Then he held the back of my neck with his other hand and kissed more fiercely. I felt his tongue probing between my lips and I let it in, so he could explore the depths of my mouth. It was magical. I was softening, relaxing, until he stopped just holding me still and looking right into my eyes. "Smelling that nice, I ain't gonna let you go to school."

I smiled. I wasn't getting crazy after all, he really liked me! That big bad-ass gang member liked me!
Just hearing my own thoughts I figured that something was really wrong with me.
How the hell did this happen? I was cheering the fact that an outlaw was in love with me... And I was loving him back... If my parents just imagine something like that, they would kill me.

"I have to go. I can't skip classes or some monitor will warn my dad instantly" I said and I wasn't lying.

"Hmm... What about this afternoon?" He asked while stroking my cheeks. How could he be so delicate and so rough at the same time?

“This afternoon is fine, but...” I tried to finish the sentence, I tried to say I was still sore from yesterday, but I couldn't. I stood still looking down to my lap, thinking of a way to say that in the proper way.

“What’s wrong? Just tell me.” He said, his hand on my left thigh, like he did yesterday while we were heading to the parking lot. He started caressing me. It made me remember how free and happy I felt after telling him all my misadventures, like I had no reason to hide anything anymore...

"I-I'm still a little sore from yesterday." I said trembling, my face was so hot that I felt I could melt with shame.

"So that's the problem? You don't have to worry, Sammy. Just tell me where is your school." He said starting the car.

He just acted like it was nothing. And I trusted him. Soon I just let it go and pointed the path to my school and we started chatting for the first time - in my head that stoned conversation didn't count.

I made really interesting discoveries. Owen was 36 years old, twenty older than me... And used to be a stunt actor in action movies before moving here and joining the gang, refusing strongly to tell me what his livelihood was these days. When he asked about my parents I lied. I couldn't say I was daughter of a major and a judge. I was afraid he could get scared and it all would be over just like that. So I told him my parents had won a prize at the lottery when they were young. Soon after telling I was already feeling stupid.

He drove really fast, so the road to school seemed to have shortened and, before I realized, I was already there.

"Do you mind if I keep your car and pick you up here after school?" He asked.

"Not at all" I answered, looking at him expectantly and he responded, bending to kiss me. Luckily, my car - a white 2011 VW Beetle - had darkened windows, because if any student saw it, I would be lost. When my parents moved out they let me stay with one condition: Staying at that school. They and the principal were long term friends and every movement there was closely observed, so if someone had seen Owen and me here, my parents would know in no time.

But everything went just fine, except for my lack of focus in the classes. I could only think about the afternoon I was supposed to have with him.

When I left school I searched apprehensively for my car, the faster I got out of there the safer for me.
I ran through the parking lot and when I found it I got in the car as fast as I could.

"What's the hurry?" Owen asked.
"Just hurry and leave, please." I asked. Big mistake. He left screeching tires, calling all the attention I tried to avoid.
"Oh my God..." I muttered.
"What now?" He asked, looking worried.
"I just didn’t want to attract any attention..." I answered.
"Oh... Well, sorry. When someone asks me to hurry..." He said in an apologetic way. Seconds later we both burst into laughter.

The trip home was completely silent. I was tense enough to keep my mouth shut and he seemed focused on something else, but every single stop at the traffic he looked at me, always staring at my legs first, then up to my face. He was horny, it was easy to notice. The road back home seemed three times longer than it was to get to school.

When we arrived my heart was racing again. He stopped the car in front of the house and entered. I started showing him round the house, which was weird... Showing my parents’ house to a "total stranger"... But he said he wanted to know just my room.

So we went upstairs and I showed him my room, white and all cute, like my mother and I - when I was 10 - wanted it to be. Even without lots of cuddly toys and dolls it still had that soft and cosy sensation it had when I was a kid. I Never thought I would be bringing someone here and, now that I had, I was kinda embarrassed. He lay down on my bed and just signalled me to do the same. I breathed deeply and laid with him.

"That's a beautiful room you have here." He said holding my waist.
"Stop that..." I said, my face burning.
"No, I really mean it. You fit here completely." He said.
That pissed me off. Of course if fits me, look at me! I thought.
"But I'd bet that your bare skin would fit even better." Owen said looking at me the same way he did yesterday, when he was undressing my top, seeing me for the first time. I just kept quiet looking at him, knowing that my face was probably red as a tomato. "Why don't you strip for me?" He asked.
"God, no, I can't do that..." I said brushing a lock of hair from my eyes and looking down.
"You don't have to be shy with me. As a matter of fact, you're gorgeous, you don't have to be ashamed in front of anybody." I looked at him and he continued. "C'mon, I'm not asking you to dance or anything, just get up and slowly take them off, would you? I'll reward you for that..." And he slipped his hand beneath my skirt, caressing my left thigh then slowly groping my tiny ass...

I stood up, he grinned maliciously. The worst part of being influenced by someone is knowing that person is influencing you, and not being able to resist, even knowing.

While my eyes were fixed on the ground, I was taking my time and undressing slowly for him, first I took off my top, then my skirt, dropping them on the fluffy white carpet. Then I struggled like hell to take my bra off.

"C'mon, just take it off." He tried to help, but I started trembling. The drug did it's job last night, but now... I wanted, really wanted, to be that uninhibited girl who could put out a show for her boyfriend, but I wasn't. I was the screwed up girl who couldn't get over the way she had been raised. I just wrapped myself in my own arms and felt my eyes tearing.

He stood up almost instantly and held me tight, lifting me up and crossing my legs in his back. He kissed me tenderly and unfolded my arms over my chest, making me wrap them around his neck. "Sorry if I forced you." He said.

"It's not your fault. You shouldn't have to go through this. I have friends that have already done strip-teases to their boyfriends. It is just that I..." The tip of his finger in my mouth stopped me.

"You don't have to be like them. To tell you the truth, I love the way you are, all sensitive, like everything is too much for you." He said snapping kisses on my neck.

"Yeah, but I don't like being me. I always hated being daddy's girl. I don't want things to be like that anymore!" I said angrily. He laughed.

"I can help you with that if you let me." He said, and I felt my bra loosing up and he tossed it away.

I inhaled noisily. "Just please don't rip off this panties, they're thicker than yesterday's ones and you'll hurt me if you do."

"Are you tempting me?" He asked, sticking a finger in the side edge of my panties.

"No! I really mean it!" I whimpered alarmed.

He laughed and practically threw me on the bed, took off his jacket and his shirt, exposing that huge tribal tattoo covering his right arm and a part of his chest, then lay over me. He straddled me, held my wrists up above my head and started playing with my boobs. I was moaning while he kept licking and sucking my nipples.

"They look so tasty that I can't just lick, I have to bite too." Then he started nibbling them, stretching the tip of my nipples a little before letting them go. I groaned helpless, a mix of sensations invading me. Again he was doing something that was hurting me a little, something that made me want to react, curl myself like a ball to avoid his mouth, but it was good. Goddamn good.

“A-Augh! D-Don’t... Augh!” I moaned harder and harder while he was nibbling, biting, sucking hard on my tits, like they were his to eat. Every single action made me squirm more, tightening my legs around him, until he let go of my arms and started using his hands too, twisting and pinching my sensitive pink nipples while my hands were holding his forearms tight, but not fighting against him. I was getting hotter and hotter, and I couldn't even imagine I could be teased so hard just by my breasts. Three minutes and I was gasping. My tits were getting so sensitive with his rough hands and his lips and teeth abusing me that I could feel tears in my eyes. So when my voice started sounding like I was about to cry, he stopped.

And his next move left me completely astonished.

He bent back, sitting in the edge of the bed and unzipped his jeans. I saw his enormous dick throbbing in his hand. So I sat too and just stared at him. Yesterday I couldn't see it.

"Come here." He said, taking me by the hand and making me kneel in the carpet, just in front of him, then he put my hands on his cock. It was warm and I couldn't close my fingers around it. "What do you think?" He asked.
"It's big..." I said, moving my hand up and down slowly and feeling my face burn.
"What about using your mouth?" Owen asked grinning.
"I don't think it will fit in my mouth..." I answered and moved my lips closer.
"C'mon, give it a try!" He encouraged.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly slid it in, feeling it on my tongue. He moaned and I tried to swallow it a little deeper, my jaw hurting, then I started doing the same things all my friends told me and the same thing I saw in a video or two they showed me, sliding it in and out. He held my head, one of his hands stroking my fringe. But in no time I figured I was completely out of tempo, maybe because I was too nervous.

Then I pulled away...

"What was it?" He asked. "You were doing so fine!"
"No I wasn't..." I said still looking down.
"You're being too hard on yourself." He said caressing my breasts again and making me tremble, they were covered in red bite marks.
"I just wanted to make you feel as good as you make me feel..." I said in a depressed tone.
"I can help you, but I'm not used to such a delicate girl, as you might have noticed." He said, almost apologetic.
"Just do it, please!" I said opening my mouth for him to enter, my face burning red again.

He put his dick in my mouth then stood up and moved in and out slowly but fiercely, instantly reaching deeper than I was able to do. He moaned a little, holding my head against it, always holding it longer inside my mouth. I was holding tougher I could, my eyes shut tight while I tried to bear the pain in my jaw and his strokes against my throat.

He noticed I was having a bad time trying to breath and stopped for a while, looking at me with his shaft hard in front of me, just waiting for a sign to get back to action... And I just opened my mouth for him again. I didn't want to disappoint him.

He instantly entered as far as he could inside my mouth again. A little further and I would have to fight not to throw up. But his rhythm was increasing, he started groaning loudly, his grip on my head becoming tighter and he wasn't being careful with me anymore. He wasn't just fucking my mouth, he was reaching my throat. I squirmed as much as I could and it made no difference. He was thrusting himself in and out of my throat, I could hear my own guttural noises while my throat clenched, squeezing his penis and I was suffocating. I thought I was going to die before he realized I wasn't able to breathe between his thrusts. But he suddenly pulled out. Holding my head tight, he spilled a huge amount of his semen in my face while I was gasping for air. He kept gushing until all my face and a huge portion of my hair were completely covered in cum.

"Ooohhh... Damn, that was good." He said, completely satisfied with himself.

I stayed there, kneeling on the carpet coughing and crying, until he grabbed me by my shoulders, laying me in my back. "Your turn." He said.

With a simple movement he slipped my panties off and spread my legs as much as could, then I felt his tongue entering me again. He positioned his hands in my knees, forcing my legs open and practically devoured my pussy, nibbling my labia and my clit. I tried to resist but with my legs spread like that even attempting to reach his head with my hands was hurtful, so I grabbed on to a pillow, holding it tight, and just let the contractions and spasms continue... Soon I was groaning loud, staring at the same white ceiling I did when my mother used to sing for me to sleep, when I was just a baby.

My groans muffled by the pillow only became louder when I felt one of his hands letting go of one of my knees, and one of his fingers started forcing against the tiny and virgin entrance of my ass.

"Oh G-God, not there Owen! Please, please, please, not there!" I cried desperately.
"Calm down, just relax... You want to be with me or not?" He asked, his fingers still working fast on my clit.
"N-No... Yes, you know I-I want... D-Don't..." I felt him forcing a little more and its tip slightly entering me at the same time I felt that big orgasm pulsating inside me. "Aaaaaaaaaauuuuggghhhh!"

When he lay over me I held my pillow tighter and started trembling even more. He knew I was completely scared of him when he slowly wiped my dirty hair out of my face and said:
"Sammy, if you're going to keep seeing me, that's the way it's gonna be. I'm gonna make you feel terrible, I'll always gonna make you feel it in the more intensely way possible, for me and for you. But I'm not a monster, so I'll let you choose. If you say that you can't stand it, that it is not what you want, I'll go away and you'll never hear of me again. But if you say you can, if you say that that's what you want..."

He pulled the pillow out of my hand and threw it away, then held me tight and entered his dick all the way inside my pussy with a single thrust. I screamed, feeling myself being torn by his enormous hot member pushing against the walls of my sore and tight slit.

I gasped, looked at him with tears in my eyes and said:

"I... I want you Owen."

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