As we lay there quietly catching our breath, I heard a sound coming from the doorway. It sounded kind of familiar, almost like a buzzing sound. Then we both heard a cry of pleasure and we knew instantly what it was. Little Bit had come home, heard us in our bedroom making love and found her toys. She had been watching us and applying the vibrator to her pussy to get off. I laughed as Carol looked on in puzzlement.

“Little Bit?” I called.

“Uh huh,” came a breathless response.

“Come on in here,” I said with a chuckle. She opened the door and shuffled into the bedroom with her pants down around her ankles but she was still wearing her shirt and bra. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight and as soon as Carol figured out what was going on, she joined in on the joke.

I pushed back the covers and held out my arms to my little sister as she approached, indicating my welcoming hug to her. She shyly looked at Carol, still holding the Rocket Pocket in her hand and slid in beside me leaving her jeans in a heap on the floor.

“What are you doing?” I asked her but before she could answer, I said to her, “I thought that you were going over to a friend’s house for the evening. Didn’t you say that?”

“Yeah,” she admitted shyly. “But I started getting all excited and I began to leak down there just thinking of what you two were doing so I came home early. Don’t be mad at me please, I tried to be as quiet as I could. But you were making all this noise and I had to see what you were doing so I opened the door just a little and peeked in. Then I got this vibrator and well, it sure works good.”

We both laughed at her explanation and then Carol said, “Show me how it works. Bobby I thought you bought lots of toys, go get them all and let me see how they work. I’ve never used one before.”

Little Bit was out of the bed in an instant as she ran to the living room to gather the rest of the toys and ran back to jump once more into the bed. She held out her hand that was clutching the other two vibrators. She gleefully said, “See, there’s this one that you rub on your pussy and this one that you stick up your butt,” she shyly told my wife. “And then there this one,” holding up the Rabbit so Carol could see it. “This one really works good! You see how it looks like a real thingy, you know a cock? You stick it up your pussy hole and turn it on and it wiggles around up there and feels so good. Then, these little ear things, you put it so they touch you right there on your special place, you know down in your pussy lips and, boy it really makes you hot.” She was explaining all this with so much excitement that I had to chuckle to myself.

Carol looked on throughout her explanation with wonderment in her eyes and then she asked, “Do you want to show me how it works?”

Little Bit got this look on her face like a light bulb just went off in her mind and then she said, “Do you want me to use them on you?”

Carol looked at me and at Little Bit and then said, “Sure, why not,” and laid back down as my sister gleefully got on her knees to face my wife’s uncovered crotch. She asked Carol, “What do you want to start with, the Pocket Rocket or the Egg thing?”

“You’re the expert, what do you think?” she asked of my sister.

Little Bit chose the Pocket Rocket and you could tell that she liked being called an expert in something that she had more experience in than Carol, so when she earnestly warned Carol, “Now it will feel kind of funny when it touches you down there,” I almost choked trying not to laugh out loud.

Little Bit turned her attention to Carol’s hairy crotch and stuck out her fingers to separate her two lips. She found the clitoris and moved the vibrator closer to it and gently lowered it until it made contact. Carol jumped a little at the initial touching as she squealed out, “Oh my God,” and settled back to enjoy this new found jewel.

Little Bit started rubbing it around on her button as Carol began to moan loudly. I thought that it was time for me to enter the action so I reached for the Egg and turning it on, began to insert it up Carol’s behind. She cried out at the added stimulus as she spread her knees out wide and drew them up so that I had easier access to her rose bud. A low growl came from my wife’s mouth as I pushed it way up into her bowels.

Little Bit was smiling as she continued to work over Carol’s hot little love button with the Pocket rocket. She was bringing her higher and higher with its constant stimulating action. Poor Carol was thrashing about on the bed, gripping the sheets with her fists, crying out with emotion. Then Little Bit turned on the Rabbit and slipped it into her wet vagina, all the way into her depths. It rotated and wiggled its way in, stretching her walls out wide until it could place its ears directly upon her node.

Little Bit had turned the rocket off for now and had replaced it with the other one. Carol didn’t seem to mind one bit as she continued to build up to a gigantic release. Her hands went down to her pussy and guided my sister’s touch into her depths. But after just a few seconds, she grabbed the intruder from Little Bit’s hand and sunk it in to the hilt, raising her hips up to meet her own guiding hands and to start a powerful orgasm that almost shattered the windows.

She was wild with lust and she threw herself from side to side, crying, shouting and swearing like a Dutch uncle. “God damn it! Oh fuck my ass it feels so good! Oh God Bobby, shove it up my ass harder, oh YES!!”

Her head was being tossed around as my sister sat up and watched the explosion. She thrust her hips a foot into the air as she tried to shove in the Rabbit even further. When she could taken it no longer, she arched her back and let out with a scream above screams and came crashing down into a whimpering mass of Jell-o as she quivered into submission. As she lay there on the bed, the look on Little Bit’s face was one of shock and amazement.

She turned to look at me with horror in her eyes as she asked, “Do you think she will be alright?”

I smiled and reassured her, “Little Bit, you really made her cum this time. I’ll bet this is one orgasm that she won’t forget for a while. I think she is going to be fine, if she ever wakes up that is,” chuckling to myself. “Yeah, I think she is going to be just fine.”

Little Bit turned back her attention to my wife as she casually put her hand on Carol’s shoulder and started to sooth her. Carol jumped when she was touched and I shook my head and indicated not to touch her in this state. My sister just sat there on her knees starring at what she had done.

I walked out of the bedroom with my sister and we both sat down on the couch to talk a little. Neither of us took the time to cover ourselves and neither of us seemed to mind. I told her that I was depending on her to look after my wife and to make sure that she ate a well balanced regiment of foods and to exercise daily. Of course she didn’t drink or smoke so I wasn’t concerned about those bad habits but I wanted her to watch after Carol in my absence.

She listened intently and seemed to take it all very seriously. After a half hour or so, I scooted over to give my sister a big hug and we were greeted by Carol making her staggering entrance into the room looking like death warmed over. Her hair was a mess and she walked kind of bowlegged as she sat down on the couch with splash.

“Oh my God,” she complained, “what did you do to me Marcie? I feel like shit! My pussy is sore, my ass hole is sore and what are these marks on my tummy?”

“You can’t blame Little Bit for those,” I inserted. “Those were self-infected wounds that your finger nails gave to yourself.”
“I did? I don’t remember doing that to myself,” she said looking awfully confused.

“There’re a lot of things that you don’t remember,” I added slyly as I looked over to my sister.

She grinned back at me and then turned her attention back to Carol. “Are you alright?” she asked sincerely.

Carol looked at the concern on my sister face and smiling at her, she answered, “Yes Sweetheart, I’m going to be fine. But next time, I’m going to put you thru a little bit of hell just to show you what its like to have your head explode.”

She was joking and Little Bit knew it but the statement caused her to ask, “Next time?”

“Well yes,” she stated matter-of-factly. “You don’t think I’ll let you do that to me just one time do you? After tonight when it’s just the two of us here in this apartment, what do you think we are going to do, play Tiddlywinks or something? No little girl, I’m going to make sure we’re going to have us some real fun!”

She turned to me and winked and then came over to where my sister was sitting and put her arm around her shoulders. She got very serious and told her, “Marcie, I was just kidding, really. I wouldn’t do anything that you don’t want to do. I kind of like my sister-in-law and I hope that she likes me also. I hope that I haven’t overstepped our relationship by jumping in to your sexual discovery with Bobby but I think that I was of some help, wasn’t I?”

Little Bit smiled her agreement as she placed her head on Carol’s shoulder and then she asked, “What are we going to do after Bobby leaves?”

“Survive Marcie, just survive,” she said moving her hand to the side of Little Bit’s head.

We sat for a few minutes in silence resting our weary bodies from all of the activities of the day. I suddenly noticed that Little Bit was sitting right next to Carol completely nude from the waist down but had not bothered to remove her shirt. I saw the outline of her bra hiding under it so I slowly reached over and snapped it. Little Bit turned to me as she covered up her chest and said, “Quit!” and then grinned.

I mimicked her with my own “Quit!” and came over and started to grab her around the chest area. “Quit” I repeated deciding that I needed to tickle her on her tummy. She recoiled from my attack but found herself flat on her back with her knees drawn up tight in a defensive mode. That didn’t stop me one little bit as I got up and sat right next to her legs and started to tickle her in earnest.

Carol backed away, seeing what would happen but as soon as she saw who was winning, she joined in on my side. I began “goosing” her behind as she cried out, “OHHHH, NOW STOP THAT!” She had locked her knees together and straightened them out but in so doing, she exposed her tummy back up to Carol’s assault. She drew up her knees again and this encouraged my goosing, pinching fingers to seek out her bare rear end. She screamed a delightful scream and rolled over to hide her tummy from Carol and moved her hands down to protect her little butt.

I grabbed her by the legs and pried her over by twisting them and as she got to her back again Carol had her hands all over the front side of her. I began to put my hand down on her crotch and rub her pussy with my palm. She started to settle down a little as she got to liking where my hand was placed and then Carol began to massage her chest over her bra. All of the fight left my sister as she started to relax and allow us to explore over her entire body.

Carol had her shirt up over her chest area and was placing her hand under her bra as Little Bit closed her eyes and sighed. Her bra was slid up to expose her breasts and soon Carol was sticking one into her mouth. My sister moaned her acceptance and slowly let her knees far apart to the gentle probing of my hand. She raised her hips just a little as she scooted down into the couch. Her eyes were closed as she went dreamingly into another world of erotica.

I suggested that we move to the floor, so in unison, we rolled to the rug and settled in there for a very nice, impromptu session of love making. Carol had moved her naked body down to my sister’s lower treasures and that left her breast area for me. Little Bit was still wearing her shirt, although it was barely on over her bra that no longer covered her boobies, so they were open to my oral assault. I went down with my mouth and planted it directly on top of her breast and started to suckle it. Little Bit cooed with her approval as she cuddled her chest into my mouth.

In the mean time, my wife had placed herself directly between my sister’s knees that were raised up to the sky and was about to give her an oral stimulation of her life. I noticed that Carol was on her knees as her mouth made contact with its target. Little Bit went wild with excitement and began to thrash around with her hips. But I had my eye on my wife’s ass sticking up boldly so I slowly moved behind her and admired her glorious view.

I ran my hand up between her legs and settled in on her ripe hair lined pussy. I ran my fingers up to her clitoris and down to her vaginal opening. I rotated them around her tunnel as I inserted them just to the first knuckle. She moved her butt back into my hand and then I got directly behind her with my crotch and started rubbing my hard cock into her slit. She groaned into my sister’s pussy and slid her body down even more and, raising up her butt, invited my entrance.

As I got more and more excited seeing my girls go at it and feeling my cock start to press into my wife’s opening, I lost all control over my sensibilities and rammed my hips forward and impaled my cock up Carol’s wet vagina all the way up to the end. I had filled her up with one gigantic rough plunge and she squealed out loud at the sensation.

She was lapping at my sister’s cunt as I was rocking her forward with every plunge in with my cock. She was moaning through her oral assault to show her pleasure over my humping and then I had another idea. Withdrawing it completely, I situated it right at her rose bud and pressed forward into her anus. She froze for a moment, not knowing what I was about to do. Her sphincter clamped down hard in a protective mode as she reached around to my cock as she tried to stop my insertion.

“Oh Baby I want to feel it up your ass,” I lustfully told her. She hesitated at first but then removed her hand and opened up her opening to me. I pressed forward but had trouble passing the strong, tight muscle that regulated its opening until it loosened up a little and allowed my cock to penetrate into her colon. It felt different from her uterus; it was soft and squishy feeling. There was no muscle supporting the soft tissue of the colon like in her vagina, just the strong sphincter muscle at the opening that restricted my comings and goings. But after it got use to my penetrations, it loosened up and actually relaxed as she started to enjoy my ass fucking.

She was groaning loudly now as I rocked in and out of her rectum, all the while she was treating my sister to a wonderfully tantalizing oral assault on her well ticked little pussy opening. Carol must have thought that it was feeling real good down at her ass because she placed her own hand down at Little Bit’s crotch area and started stimulating her tight little rose bud by encircling her finger around and around it until it made its entrance.

Little Bit screamed her protest out of her wide open mouth and I could see her raise her hips up and close down her butt cheeks at my wife’s insertion. But Carol told her to relax and she placed her hips back down on the floor. As she started to relax a little, Carol continued her assault on my sister little rectum and finally enter it in to the second knuckle. I could plainly see what was going on from my vantage point and the sight only made me pump harder and harder into my wife’s rectum.

I started to feel the urge build from my loins down to my cock and I knew that I was about to shot my cum deep into her bowels. I had to make her orgasm also so in one move, I withdrew it out of her ass and slammed it home back into her waiting open cunt. She exploded with relief as she massed her mouth down on my sister’s cunt and rammed her finger up her ass.

Little bit was the first to cum as she shrieked her orgasm out in a loud descriptive growl that must have shaken the windows. She was raising her hips up the receive Carol’s stimulating gestures of love, tensing up her body and holding her breath. It was about this instant that I shot my first load into Carol’s warm waiting love canal and as I shot, I slumped forward onto her back.

“Oh God,” Carol hissed as she started to release her pent up emotions. She pushed back into my dying cock and reiterated her oral attack on my sister’s now sensitive pussy. Little Bit pushed her face aside as she curled her legs up into a ball and quivered and jerked herself down from her own stimulating experience. Carol peeked with hers and started to come down as she relaxed her knees and succumbed to my weight onto the floor.

We all three fell asleep for the longest time but it was Little Bit who awoke first and demanded that I put it in to her one more time. I didn’t get that much sleep that night and by the early light of the morning, we were all asleep in the bed, tired and sore, but sexually satisfied for now. But for me it was going to be for a long year without the companionship of either of my girls and I dreaded it more than you could possibly know. However, for my girls; my wife Carol and my sister Marcie, I think this is only the beginning of things to come.

Post Script:

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I do want to thank all of you who do appreciate my time and effort and that do vote positively. I try real hard to make my stories not only believable but erotic as hell. Please use the comments section or the PM method. I’ll look forward to reading your suggestions.


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