This is my first time writing and it is going to have many mispellations and punctuation story but other than that this story might be good if you want more just comment please no disrespective comments im not that great of a writer but if you want chapter 2 I can give you chapter 2 it will be longer as well. So comment and let me know.

Jessica had been dreaming out fucking her big brother the night before she had never had dreams like this before but when she saw his boner the night before after she walked in on him in the bathroom everything had changed she wanted his cock and she wanted it bad. “Jess” her brother called wanting to know if she wanted to go swimming. She couldn’t believe it she was going to see his 6 pack abs she was so happy she called “sure”. She got into the tightest bikini she had and went out to the pool they swam a while splashing and ducking eachother he had gotten a boner during it all and she saw it again. There parents were gone on a buisness trip and wouldn’t be back for a week. She got out of the pool and asked if he wanted some food and wine. She made some steak and brought the steak and the wine out. He had a boner when he got out of the pool and she said to him “ want me to do something about that 9 incher of yours”. He couldn’t believe it he had fantasised about her before and neever would have guessed that she would be saying this to him so never to refuse an offer like this he said yeah. She began rubbing at his mound in his pants and she said “ want to fuck me in the pool” he said “ hell yeah” she began to undress reavealing her perfect rouonded boobs with perk little nipples and her clean shaven pussy she so ever longed of having her brothers dick in. They got into the pool and he started to caress her perfect little tits and sucking at her nipples. He loved this he couldn’t believe this was happening he begant to rub at her tight clean shaven pussy she let out an “oo” in surprise she loved this her vagina started to tingle with eagerness and couldn’t wait to have his cock inside her. She said “ stick it in” and he began to pound her tight pussy it felt so good around his shaft and her vagina was so warm and cozy he loved his dick being in her. She let out a moan and was fingering herself while his cock was getting pounded into her she was going to cum. But as she began to shake with orgasmy goodness he began to cum inside her his hot juices flowing in only made her orgasm she yelled “ Im gonna squirt im gonna squirt” she squirted all over him he loved his new found sex passion with his littl sister and lover her vagina and her everything. He has had sex with many other girls before but she put him over the top and made him so horny. He couldn’t believe what happened after they ate and went to bed he would dream about her when he went to sleep.

They woke up the next morning and she saw his morning wood and said “ I can fix that” as she began sucking his cock her soft lips going over his shaft like she was sucking a popsicle. She was not only sucking it but her toungue was dancing freely around his dick he loved having her toungue dance around his dick he began to spurt into her mouth and his hot juices oozed down her throat. “ thanks for breakfast” she said as she was swallowing his cum she loved the taste of his cum she had given other guys blow jobs and ate their cum but his was excellent and nothing like any other guy shes had before. She went down and began to make bacon and eggs they ate completely nude and he couldnt stop staring at her beautiful tits. She asked him if he wanted pancakes andd he said "sure" this was all just so she could get the whip cream out and tease him with it. She couldnt wait until she had his cock in her again. She made the pankakes and had the whipcream out she gave him a seductive smile and began to squirt the whipcream all over her perky tits. He couldnt beleive this was happening still and couldnt beleive what happened yesterday it was like her was in a dream and he loved it. He walked around the table and began to lick off the whip cream it tasted so good having her juices from her orgasm the night before and the whip cream in his mouth. She put the whip cream on her vagina and he began to eat her out. He was twirling his toungue on her pussy and she was moaing loudly she started to shake and right before she squirted again he grabbed a glass and he got some of her juices in the cup she asked him " why are you collecting it in that glass" he said youll see and began to lap at it like a dog would it tasted so good to him then he poured some of it on his dick and she got so horny after seeing that she then wrapped her legs around him and put his dick straight into her ass. It hurt he at first but then it started to feel good. He had never done anal before but he started to like it. He starrted to feel his juices coming. He said " im gonna cum all over you again sis" and he pulled out and began to shoot his juices all over his sisters face.

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