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this story is not just about sex. ENJOY!

Hi, im Lia. I should probably start by telling you what I look like. im a 5’6 brunette with hair down to the middle of my back. Im a c-cup with round and full breasts that don’t really need a bra to stay up. I am skilled in jujutsu and kung-fu and I teach jujutsu, so I stay in pretty good shape. I am 23. At least that’s my cover story to humans.

So, here I was thinking about why I was walking down this alley in the middle of the night. Stupid, stupid , stupid. I really don’t know why I chose this why to get home. And I still cant believe I did. But at least I can protect myself. You never no what kind of perv would be lurkin around at 11:00pm at night. I was on the way home from work at my dojo, and it was a pretty long night. A sudden sound dragged me out of my thoughts. I turned around just in time to see a tall dark figure dodge into the shadow. So I played dumb and kept walking like I didn’t see him. Then I listened really hard and I could just here his footsteps. Then I pretended to look in my purse and see him through my peripheral vision. It was funny because he didn’t notice me looking at him. He thought I didn’t think I knew he was there… Or did he. This time I looked full-out behind me and he made no attempt to hide himself…. and he was SMILING?! I decided I did not want to be in any situation in a place like this…. So I suddenly took off running. I took off slightly faster than a jog to conserve energy, but I heard his footsteps thumping on the pavement really fast, so I quickened my pace. Then something really weird happened. I heard his footsteps right BEHIND me. So I turned around again and he was right behind me jogging and STILL SMILING!! So I stopped running from seeing no purpose in it and he stopped too.

“Get the FUCK AWAY FROM ME.IM NOT THE ONE!” I yelled at him.

“Why the FUCK ARE YOU YELLING.” he laughed back.

I simply couldn’t believe what was happening. So I just turned around and walked away. But he grabbed my arm and tugged me back in front of him.

“Hey I was talking to you.” he laughed again.

“Get the fuck off of me!” I screamed.

“Tell me why you have such a potty-mouth.” he questioned while his free hand tapped his chin.

I tried to knee him in the stomach, but he grabbed my leg. Then he used the hand he was holding my arm with and grabbed my other leg and slammed me on the concrete. Man it hurt. When I fell he fell with me and ended up between my legs. Then he let go of my legs and raised my arms above my head. Then I felt his bulge pressing into me. It was huge. Since I was a virgin I knew it would hurt and couldn’t imagine whatever was in his pants inside me. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but he was stronger than I thought.

Then he said with that same smirk, “You know what, I think I’ll wait to deflower you.”

All my wriggling stopped. How did he know that?! His smile grew bigger.

Something wasn’t right and I knew I needed to get up and fast! I also knew that I had to take him down before I ran.

I head-butted him and he let go off my arms and I punched him in the face. That got him off of me. I stood up as he got up with a quickness I’d never seen. So I jabbed him six quick times left and right. He blocked three times. Then I kicked him in the stomach. Then I drop kicked him. And while he was on the ground I axe kicked him in the solar plexus. But he blocked that kick and tugged me on the ground again. He got back on top of me again and told me to stop fighting him if I wanted the least amount of pain he could give me. Then with the adrenaline I got from the fight I flipped us over and started punching him again. He grabbed my hands.

“So you like it on top.” he smirked.




Then he rolled me off of him and picked me up by the neck and slammed me against the wall. He lifted me up until we were eye to eye. He wasn’t choking me, he was more so holding me in place. Then he kissed me.

It was an angry but passionate kiss. He ended it by him slamming my head against the wall.

Everything went black.


I woke up naked and tied to something. I was blindfolded.

“Let me go. LET ME GO NOW!!” I yelled.

“So I see you’re awake. You have a beautiful body.” a familiar voice said.

“Let me go.”

“Well you see I can’t do that. You’re mine now.”

I heard footsteps and soon my blindfold was off. I saw that what I was laying on was a bed. For the first time I got to look at his features. He was UGLY. He was way shorter than I remembered. Must’ve been wearin platforms. And his hair was long and un kept, he had a little bit of a pot belly, and he had three kitchen lady moles on his chin, forehead, and cheek.

“Relax im over here.”

I looked to my right to see the cutest guy I’d ever seen sitting down in an elaborately decorated chair. Now that I think about it the whole room was beautiful. But it’s hard to explain because I have never seen materials like this. But the guy sitting on the chair in the beautiful room was slightly tanned with short dark brown hair and chiseled muscles and a six pack. He was at least 6’2 tall. He only had on boxers. But even if he was cute, that didn’t change the fact that when I got out of these restraints I was going to kill him. And enjoy it.

“Now lets start with who I am and who you are. Im Jake. And you are?”

He smiled. Then he walked over to me and choked me. This time it hurt.

“Listen. Your mine. You’ll stay mine. You’ll be mine. And though it doesn’t seem like it I have known you for a very long time. And I love you. And I will make you feel the same. AND I WILL BEAT THIS INTO YOU IF I HAVE TO.” his last sentence sent chills through me.

Then he kissed me again. But instead of slamming my head against the wall again he slipped 2 fingers in my hole. I gasped.

“Why are you wet? I thought you hated this.”

So he ripped the ropes off, flipped me over, and shoved me against the wall with both of us still on the bed on our knees, with him holding my arms. Then he wrapped one arm around my waste and pulled me close into him.

“I think I’ll take you now.” he whispered into my ear.

Since I didn’t know what that meant I just held my breath and waited for something to happen. Man was that stupid.
He moved my hair away from my neck. Then he bit me! It hurt. I mean it really hurt. I screamed so loud I thought I would burst my ear drums. But he just held me in place as he sucked the blood pouring from my neck. As I fought against him I started to loose myself. I guess he noticed. So he bit his fingers and placed them on the puncture marks he had left. They disappeared.
I sat there dumbfounded. Was he a vampire? Was he something else I didn’t know about?

“I know what you’re thinking. Yes im a vampire. You have an unusual taste to your blood. That means your not human.” he stated all matter-of-factly.

He let me go and I just fell. Everything that had just transpired was to much for me. Little did I know that the night was far from over. He sat down like he was thinking about something.

“You have a complex mind.”

How did he make that judgment.

“Because I can read your mind now. And yes I was serious when I said I know what you’re thinking.”

“Is there a reason your doing this to me? I have done nothing to you and yet you put me in this situation. I cant take these mind games. It’s annoying . You want something and I have it. I don’t know what it is but just take it and leave me alone.”

That smile again.

“I want you. And since you asked I will take and keep you, and your virginity.”

I ignored his comment and just spoke.

“What about leaving me alone.”

“No. ‘cause you’re mine.”

By then my temper was flaring. All this fucked up shit had happened and I had just sat back and let most of it happen. It doesn’t matter what type of situation it was I was still just sittin there. Fuck it doesn’t matter im not going through whatever he thought was going to happen.

“Im not yours. Nor will I ever be.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“No a fact.”

This time he laughed, which only did it’s job in making me madder.
“Since you feel that way I will make you call yourself mine.”

He took his boxers off only took reveal his erect 9 inch penis. And it was unbelievably thick, He smiled when he saw me stare at it.

“This is going inside you.”

Then suddenly he grabbed me by the legs. He had me so that my legs were over his shoulders. He paused as he stared my virgin pussy. That’s when I made my move. I wrapped my legs around his head and flipped us over. I punched him in the nose and broke it. After that I leaned back and elbowed him in the solar plexus. Then because I really wanted to hurt him I slammed my fist down on his dick. Wrong move. You know why, because that most definatly infuriated him. So, as a result I froze. But not willingly. My body froze. As in I could not move at all. I could tell he was the one doing it because his eyes had a full out hurricane in them. He grabbed me by the neck, and slammed me on the ground. Then my body picked itself up and he threw me into a wall. Then my body woozily made itself to it’s feet just to have him punch me in the face and be thrown back onto the bed.

“Fuck it!” he screamed.

He made my body get on it’s hands and knees before he rammed his massive cock into my virgin hole. I screamed as I felt myself being ripped apart. I was in unbearable pain. But he was merciless. I begged for him to stop but all he said was that I had my chance.

“Im sorry. Please stop. PLEASE!!!”

“You had your chance.”

All there was left for me to do was cry. I knew he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. So I laid there screaming and crying as he relentlessly drove himself into me. The almost 4 hours later he came into me. His load was huge and I couldn’t take it. So I passed out.


When I woke up I was greeted with a ,”So you ready?”

“ For what.” I whispered.

“To call yourself mine.”

He jumped on top of me and parted my legs. He laid between my legs and said, “ I didn’t know you were a spirit user. Very sexy…. Why do you look so sad ?

Considering all that he had done to me I couldn’t believe he would put me through answering that question. I decided to save myself the pain and just say that I was fine.

“ You don’t seem happy.” he pressed.

“Please stop.” I whispered.

“Stop wh--”

“Nothing’s WRONG OKAY! Please just stop.” I interrupted.

He slapped my left breast. Hard. I yelped.

“Don’t interrupt me. Not a good idea.”

“I-Im sorry.” I stuttered.

“Im sorry. That wasn’t the way I planned to take your virginity. So we’re going to do it again.”

He watched as my face sank even lower than it was. He laughed as he saw the tears rolling down my face. I hated him. I hated him so much.

“Your terrorizing me is amusing to you. Only fucked up people think like that. But the fucked up ones always die at the end of the movie.” I spit as much venom into the words as I could.

“Well guess what baby,” he laughed as he leaned on his arms for support, “this is real, and in this reality that I own I own you too. And my property won’t kill me. Because I can bring unbelievable amounts of pain to it if it tries. Got it?”

I nodded slowly. He had just made me eat my own words without really doing anything. And he knew it.

“Once again, why the glum face? Aren’t you glad that your going to be here with me? I love you and your GOING to love me. Isn’t that right?”

I sucked up my tears and replied, “There is no glum face, yes im glad that im here with you, and I…I am.

“You are what?”

I hung my head low.

“Im going… to… love you.”

“Oooh too much hesitation. Work on that. Ohh and I want you to kiss me. You’re going to participate this time.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but I thought better of it and close my mouth.

“Im waiting.”

I leaned in and kissed him. Something told me that if I didn’t commit he would hurt me. I knew that it was his voice. But I committed anyway. My tongue danced with his. It was like our tongues were sword fighting in a way. He pressed harder into me. Before I knew it I was grinding myself against him. Then he abruptly he stopped. But only to flash that handsome smile again and to lower himself with his head between my legs. I wondered how long it would take to completely figure out who I was. I wondered what he had stored in the future for me.

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