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Strange things happen on State Street
Paul was having misgivings about the girl he had picked up in the bar
on Chicago's state street. At the moment his trousers and shorts were
around his ankles, his dress shirt was pulled up and he was reclining in
the girls couch. But something wasn't quite right. He was beginning
to suspect that the she whose mouth was engulfing his cock was really a
he. Paul was in the bag thought, and after all 'lips are lips.'

What ever the gender Paul was getting the blow-job of his life, she was
sucking his nuts, alternately with deep throating him. The drink she
had given him was beginning to have its effect also. 'Male or female,
I'll go back to the McCormick Place hotel with empty nuts.' So he
relaxed and let nature take its course.

She took her time, almost 20 minutes to bring him to climax. When he
finally shot off, he bucked his hips high in the air; he thought the top
of his head was going to fly loose. She stuck right with him and
gobbled him down.

In the afterglow she continued to lick and suck his groin till finally
his breathing returned to normal.

"My, my little man you did have a load to drop didn't you. Been here
in Chi Town to long by yourself?"

"Yeah, it's been a long convention."

"Well," said the girl, "take off your clothes and stretch out on the
couch and I will give you a full body massage."

"Oh I better be going." Said Paul; now that his balls were empty it
seemed like the time to get back to the hotel, just in case his wife had
called for any reason checking up on him.

"Don't be a spoil sport, you can't cum and run. Now take off your
clothes like a good boy, and stretch out face down." She commanded.

'Oh what the heck.' Thought Paul, he did as he was told. Removing his
clothes and stretching out. As soon as he was down she started to work
on his neck and shoulders, knots he didn't know existed loosened.
Working down his back till her hands engulfed his ass checks, she began to
knead and spread them.

"Well sweetie you needed my mouth, now I need your ass." She whispered
to him.

"What?" Said Paul as he tried to get up. He found his body wasn't

"Be quiet little man, I am just going to fuck you. You've taken it up
the ass before haven't you?" Said the girl as she held him down.

"NOOOO." Shouted Paul as he struggled to roll over and get up. Her
hands held him fast as she started to work her cock into his rectum.

"Don't worry, you won't remember anything in the morning. That was
rohypnol the date rape drug, in the scotch I fed you. Now be a nice
fellow, relax and I will show you what fucking is all about." With that she
fully penetrated Paul's round brown, and he screamed then grunted. He
tried to get up but this only succeeded in driving the cock further up
his ass.

She rode him high and tight, cuming twice before she finally withdrew.
Paul was unable to move, the combination of the drug and alcohol had
rendered him semi comatose.

Getting up the girl with the cock moved to Paul's head and placed her
flaccid member on his lips. "Come on now, blow me, clean me up, go
ahead, you won't remember any of this in the morning."

That seemed fair, so Paul sucked the proffered cock.

Paul awoke the next morning in an ally off State Street, far from
McCormick Place. The Chicago police escorted him to the hotel, threatening
him that if he showed up in their town again in this condition he would
be a guest of Cooke County.

For the life of him, Paul could not remember what happened, but his ass
was sore and he had a funny taste in his mouth.


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2013-05-30 23:40:41
i want a tranny cock in my ass

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2012-02-27 22:11:13
More info on the tranny. I love trannies.


2009-10-21 19:05:02
i like too eat my own shit 9/10


2007-03-30 00:49:09
I loved the story but it was too short. Why can't something like that happen to me.


2005-05-17 09:04:27
o thats what happened

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