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A Biker Life For Prospect Punk
This story will be continued if good ratings are given, it is written by a new author and all criticism and suggestions are welcome. Thanks, OuttLaw 

Punk was standing there watching the bikes like he was instructed with his best friends and fellow prospects, Bulldog and Tank, who happened to be twins. All three of them were 16 and just got their bikes, they had gone bike shopping together and decided to get matching, 2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street-Bobs. They were all painted black denim, had ape hangers, loud pipes and beefed up engines. They all started prospecting together for the Reapers MC Washington Chapter which Punks dad, older brothers and grandfather were patch-holders (A full pledged member of the club who has the center patch of the clubs 3 piece patch design which most outlaw motorcycle clubs use. Being a beginning prospect Punk only had the bottom rocker which stated which chapter or territory they were from)  they all were about 6' - 6' 4" tall and 160 - 190 pounds, athletic and built to fight. When a couple of civilians ( People not affiliated with a motorcycle club.) came and started talking crap to Tank who for one was one you should never talk shit to. Tank threw a punch and knocked one of them out cold while Punk and Bulldog did the same. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful and the chapter president ( Punks dad ) told the prospects to take a step inside, when they did what they were told they were given chicken costumes and told to sing the chicken song in front of everyone. The club was filled with some familiar faces such as Natalie who was a  beautiful blond who was 5" 9' with blue eyes and firm medium c-cup sized tits and her friends were there. She looked at punk and smiled knowing what he and the twins were about to do. Punk, Bulldog, and Tank started to sing and dance the chicken song all while keeping a straight face, which was easier said then done. 
     When they finished they were instructed to take off the chicken costumes and gear up to leave, as they did Punk said to Natalie " Did you like our show?" "Yes it was very, interesting." she said smiling back at him. As they mounted their bikes and left punk and the twins decided when church was over they would head over to a party they had been invited to earlier. The group of bikes stopped at a gas station when the president decided to end church. The three filled up their tanks and rode to the party, Punk was leading the group of prospects and decided to have a little bit of fun. He motioned over to his right were tank was that they were gonna take off when they hit the main stretch of the high way, he did the same to Bulldog who was in the back- middle. When they entered the highway Punk hit the power band making the bike lurch forward screaming down the road to the next exit. The pack had done good staying together hitting speed of 100+ and still riding formation. When they pulled up to the party Natalie and her friends came put to greet them teasing them about there routine they had put on just hours before. As they entered the house Natalie pulled punk away into one of the upstairs bedrooms and started stripping, "I hope this is okay Punk, I just really need this, really need you." she was totally naked when she looked at punk expecting him to be done already. He took off his boots an his pants then hung his cut on a chair, and jumped on the bed. He was 10" hard and Natalie was as horny as ever. She got right to work sucking his dick, starting with the tip and working her way down till she was deep throating him. "let me eat you out." Punk said, she swing her hips around with out taking the dick out her mouth. Punk started kissing her pussy just out side her lips, then stuck his tongue in all the way, she started to moan as he continued to eat her out "I'm....g'g'going.. to... CCUUMM" she screamed squirting it all out in Punks mouth. Punk flipped her over and stuck the tip of his dick in her, feeling like she might be able to take the whole thing Natalie pushed her hips down on him feeling the whole 10" in her, she came almost immediately moaning and screaming. Punk felt her tighten up and came to, he filled her up and was able to see his cum dripping out her pussy. "That was great." He said, "Are you kidding me? It was awesome!" she said smiling from ear to ear. 
         Punk and Natalie hopped in the shower, washing each other 
Throughly. When they got done they went down stairs were Jason was, he was Natalie's boyfriend. When he saw punk and Natalie he charge at Punk. Punk swung at him breaking his jaw and knocking him out. Punk looked around and didn't see Tank or Bulldog so he decided to wait till they got done.       He sat on the couch and tried to watch Tv and a short while later Tank and Bulldog came down each with a brunette. Punk asked them if it was time and they both said "Yes let's go get something to eat." so they mounted their Harley's and were on their way.     

Chapter 2? Another chapter will be added if there are good ratings.

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2015-02-22 13:44:21
Nope........not even close. It's sad when little boys like this author write about shit they know nothing about. Stick to something you know instead.

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2011-12-27 05:57:36
I liked it alot thanks

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2011-12-27 05:57:23
I liked it alot thanks

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2011-12-22 20:03:01
Terrible. Bikers are all fags too.

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