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My sister was getting good at saying, “Mom said so.”
Fbailey story number 662

Mom Said So

Hannah said, “You have to help me with the dishes, Mom said so.”

Reluctantly I stopped what I was doing and went inside. After we finished the dishes Mom said, “Why thank you for helping your sister with the dishes. That was sweet of you. I thought you were busy.”

I replied, “I was but she said that you said that I was supposed to help her.”

Mom smiled, looked at Hannah and asked, “You really said that?”

Hannah lowered her head and softly said, “Yes! I’m sorry.”

Mom asked me, “Has she been pulling that a lot lately?”

I replied, “Yes! A lot.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “Spank her.”

I looked at Hannah, her head flew up, and she glared at Mom with daggers in her eyes.

Hannah said, “He wouldn’t dare!”

Mom laughed and said, “I bet he can. He has a couple of inches on you and maybe twenty pounds. Tell you what I’ll do…if you can get out of this house then you won’t get spanked. However, if he catches you, drags you up to your bedroom, and strips you naked…then he gets to spank your bare ass until his hand hurts.”

Hannah took off like a shot. She slipped past Mom on her way to the front door. I had been blocking the rear door. Mom stepped aside and let me through. I chased her through the dinning room, through the living room, and down the hallway. Just as she was trying to open the front door I was on her. She was kicking and biting but I held onto her.

I reached between her legs and grabbed one of her wrists, I pulled on it hard, and found that she was bending over as I lifted her arm and her crotch up into the air. I reached my other arm past her shoulder, next to her neck, and grabbed the furthest boob. In that position she couldn’t do much except try to bite me without much success.

I moved her along the hallway and up the stairs very slowly. She was not helping any. At the top of the stairs Mom was behind us laughing hysterically.

I got her into her bedroom and onto her bed face down, where I sat on her. I was sitting just below her butt facing her head.

I pulled off her shoes first because she was trying to kick me. I pulled her shirt out of her blue jeans, pushed it up to her neck, and then unhooked her bra. She was crying, she was screaming bloody murder, and she was shouting…rape. Nothing did her any good.

I pushed her blouse right up and over her head trapping both of her arms in it. Then I flipped her over. I held her arms while I unfastened her blue jeans. It was difficult to pull them down, while holding her arms, while she was thrashing about. Mom just looked at us and smiled at me.

I got her jeans to her knees and then went after her panties. I had to laugh…my sister had shaved her pussy bare and she had written something on her pussy mound in a black permanent marker. It said, “Property of my brother.”

Mom laughed and said, “Cute! That settles it then…after you finish spanking her…fuck her.”

She continued to squirm under me but it got easier to slip her jeans down her legs and off, then her panties.

I flipped her over again and sat on her bare ass. I pulled her head and arms out of her top and bra making her completely nude.

I just slipped down her legs further until I was on her calves. With her bare ass exposed I started to spank my sister. I used both hands instead of just one to spank her. Mom didn’t say anything about me cheating. I didn’t even bother to count. No limit had been set. I smacked her round cheeks turning them bright red. Her crying lessened, her thrashing lessened, and her movements became different. She was anticipating the next hit and going after it. She wanted me to spank her, she was enjoying it, and she had just wanted me to work for it. I swear that she had an orgasm.

My hands had finally gone numb from spanking my naked sister. She had become sedated and was quite calm.

I got up and removed my clothes until I too was naked. I didn’t even care that Mom was still in the room. I left Hannah right on her belly as she had been, I parted her ass cheeks and saw both of her holes. I positioned my cock at her asshole and contemplated pushing it in, however I pushed the head of my cock down lower and pushed it in there. I’m not even sure that Hannah felt it but it wasn’t about her anyway. I slipped in as far as I could then I pulled out an inch and shoved it back in.

Mom slipped one hand up under her own skirt and the other one into her blouse. Mom was masturbating while I was raping my sister. Rape probably was not the correct word. After all I was fucking my pussy in a way…”Property of my brother.”

I lost track of time, I heard Mom orgasm, I heard Hannah orgasm, and then I heard them orgasm together as I started to fill my sister’s pussy with cum.

Hannah was the first to recover. She said, “Can you get off my ass now?”

I had no idea that I was still pressing all of my weight onto my cock to bury it as deeply into her pussy as I could get it. I pulled it out and rolled off to one side.

Hannah said, “Thank you. Thank you for spanking me and thank you for fucking me. I really missed that. You see Dad used to spank me and then fuck me until Mom caught him. Then she threw him out.”

Mom added, “Yeah, but she missed it so badly that we cooked up this scheme to get you to fuck her.”

I said, “Why didn’t you just ask me?”

Hannah answered, “Because this way you were really mad at me and you spanked me good.” She laughed and added, “I might not be able to sit down for a week though.”

That was just the beginning. I was just thirteen at the time and I lost my virginity in my sixteen-year-old sister. I continued to spank and screw her through high school, through college, and into her marriage. I could give her something that her husband couldn’t…a really good spanking.

Mom let me spank her occasionally and of course I got to fuck her afterwards. She found a guy that liked to spank her and she spent a lot of time with him. However, I was her son and that had a special meaning for her.

The End
Mom Said So
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