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My wife was wearing a rather small bikini and I loved it.
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What A Small Bikini

For our twentieth wedding anniversary I decided to take the whole family on a Caribbean Cruse. That included my beautiful wife and myself, my mother and my mother-in-law, and our two daughters.

Both of our fathers had passed away leaving our mothers alone. They take such good care of our daughters that I felt they deserved a reward too.

Our daughters are Hannah aged sixteen and Beatrice aged fourteen. Both girls are quite well developed. They take after their mother and grandmother in the big breast department. On the other hand they both take after my mother in the athletic body department.

I booked three rooms planning on each girl bunking in with one of their grandmothers, leaving my wife and myself alone.

Somewhere along the line the two grandmothers wanted to bunk together. They were concerned about getting lucky and they didn’t want to corrupt the girls. The girls on the other hand were thinking the very same thing. I guess we all had sex on our minds in one way or another.

After passing the outer limit, Hannah could drink legally. That meant that she could get booze for her sister too. I allowed them each a glass of wine.

We all put on our swimsuits and headed out to the pool area. That was a big mistake. My five women were not at all impressed with their own suits after seeing what the competition was wearing.

So we headed straight to the bikini shop. Now I was comfortable in my swim trunks but my wife tried very hard to get me into a tight pair of Speedos. After some very explicit sexual promises I gave in.

I watched them go from rack to rack in five different directions. I watched them hold some up, shake their heads, and then put them back. Somehow they all made their way to the far corner where the hangers were bigger than the bikinis that were displayed on them. Basically they were two Band-Aids and a pair of shoelaces. The price tag was outrageous for what you were getting. As I looked around I figured out that the less material it was made out of the more expensive the bikini was.

They each picked out three bikinis to try on. They packed themselves into one big changing room and then they didn’t come out. Finally my wife opened the door and invited me in. It seems that they were not quite ready to put that much skin on display. So as a last resort and the one paying for them, I got invited in.

I looked at my almost naked wife and said, “What a small bikini.”

She actually blushed.

It was Hannah my oldest daughter that said, “How do I look Daddy? I really like this one but I feel so naked in it. Can I get it? Please.”

All I asked was, “Will you really wear it?”

Hannah took in a deep breath and said, “Yes, but you haven’t seen it all yet.”

Then Hannah turned around to show me the back view. She was actually naked except for a few very thin strings that resembled fishing line running across her back, her waist, and down her butt crack. I had to smile, she looked magnificent naked from behind.

I said, “If you bend over and hold your ankles for a full minute, you can have it along with the other two that you picked out.”

When Hannah bent over her butt cheeks separated and I could see her dark asshole and her fuzzy pussy. I reached out and pulled a few tiny hairs. She giggled and said, “Daddy could you shave me down there?”

When I answered yes, I got four more requests to do them too…even my own mother.

Before we left the changing room I got a really good look at the rest of the girls, including them holding onto their ankles. I was so glad that I had a lining in my old swim trunks that attempted to conceal my erection. I was sure that they had all noticed even my fourteen-year-old daughter.

They each got three bikinis and I could hardly believe that all fifteen of their new bikinis put together couldn’t make my new swimsuit…and that was pretty small itself.

At our row of rooms Hannah asked her mother if she could go in first to get her pussy shaved. My wife told her that she could go first but that she would have to wait a few minutes. My wife then took me into our room, pushed me up against the door, and sucked my cock with everyone just three feet behind me. It was very quick but it was very nice.

A moment later she opened the door and let Hannah in. As I closed the door behind her I saw my mother scoop up a small dab of cum from my wife’s chin with her finger and stick it in her mouth.

Hannah removed her skimpy top then her skimpy bottom. When I asked her why she had removed her top she said, “Grandma told me that if a girl is willing to spread her naked pussy for a guy that she should show him her tits too.”

I asked, “Did she say anything else?”

Hannah blushed and said, “No, but your mother did. She told me that if I got you hard again that it should be me that fixes it, not my mother.”

There was a pause and then she asked, “What did Mom do? It didn’t take very long.”

It was my turn to blush. I had always tried to be honest with my girls so I replied, “She gave me a blowjob and I was too excited to really appreciate it.”

Hannah thought about that statement for a minute and then asked, “Does Mom enjoy it as much as you do?”

I replied, “Yes! She enjoys making me happy as much as I enjoy making her happy.”

By then I had lifted her up onto the counter in the bathroom and had a pair of scissors out to cut away the longer hairs. She had trimmed her pussy before and tried to shave the edges. I placed her pubic hairs on a piece of toilet paper and then applied the shaving cream to her pussy. I managed to slip a finger into her crack and touch her clit a few times. She liked it. When I was done shaving her pussy I washed her off and then I kissed her clit holding her lips open with my fingers.

Hannah asked, “Is that what you do to Mom when she sucks your cock?”

I asked, “What do you know about sucking cocks?”

Hannah giggled and said, “I’ve sucked Jimmy’s a few times but he never kissed my pussy.”

I laughed and said, “Then stop sucking his cock until he does.”

To push my point home I leaned in and started eating my sixteen-year-old daughter’s freshly shaved pussy. It was very nice because she had been secreting her womanly fluids ever since the bikini shop. She was hot to trot and ready to go. So I gave her an orgasm that really rocked her world.

Without a word she jumped down off the counter and down onto her knees. She pulled my trunks down to my feet and started sucking my rock hard cock. She was pretty good at it too. Even though my wife had just given me one I sure enjoyed the second one. I gave her just as much cum to swallow as I had her mother.

Hannah went out and sent Beatrice in. She said that everyone was in the grandma’s room waiting for their turn. Beatrice said that she and Hannah wanted to get to the pool so the others let her go next.

She too removed her top. Her breasts were smaller than her sister’s breasts but she was still a full B-cup. Her pussy had less hair but I still cut as much off as I could and put it on another piece of toilet paper. I had put Hanna’s name, date, and time on her pile to identify it later. I was going to keep it all.

I enjoyed eating her pussy just as much as she did. She sucked on the head of my cock for a minute to thank me. It was her first attempt at a blowjob. I didn’t cum but I told her that I had really enjoyed it. She promised to do better the next time.

She sent in my wife’s mother. She got naked, I shaved her pussy bald, and then I ate her out. She could not remember the last time that a man had done that for her. Instead of a blowjob she let me fuck her. What a woman!

My mother was next. I was more hesitant than she was about it. At her request I removed her skimpy bikini. It was as exciting as opening a Christmas present. I trimmed her hair, saving it. I shaved her pubic mound to find a tattoo underneath. It read: Property of Bill. My father’s name was Bill, not William. I smiled and Mom said, “He wanted to mark his territory, so I got it.”

I then held one pussy lip tightly as I ran the razor down the outside. I held the other lip and then I held both lips open with one hand as I ran the razor over the top of her clit. She wanted me to run the razor around her asshole to, like my father used to.

When I was done I ate her pussy to an orgasm. Then she insisted that I put my cock inside her pussy, like my father used too. I told her that I had cum three times all ready. She said that it didn’t matter, she just needed it inside her. I took her to my bed and slipped it in as we faced one another.

Mom said, “I have wanted you to do this for a very long time. Do you know that both of your daughters were disappointed that you didn’t fuck them? They are both virgins and they both want you to be their first. They also are having a contest to see which one can get the most boys to fuck them. So my dear son, you have to take their virginities tonight. Is that clear?”

I told her that I would as I was filling my mother with cum. When my mother left, my wife came in. All she needed was a quick shave and to get out to the pool. I told her what my mother had said about our daughters and she just smiled.

She said, “I know all about it. The girls have a bet going with their grandmothers to see who can fuck the most boys. I’m the judge. You didn’t exactly help them out. You fucked both of our mothers but you didn’t fuck our daughters. That gave those old ladies the advantage.”

With a freshly shaved pussy my wife put her new bikini back on and said, “You stay right here. I’ll send the girls right in. Do them both at the same time but slip it into Hannah first. After all she is the oldest.”

In a matter of minutes I had my two naked daughters on my bed with their knees up and their feet spread. I was kneeling at Hannah’s butt and placed the head of my cock just into her pussy lips when I asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Hannah and Beatrice both said, “Yes” so I gently but steadily inserted my cock into my daughter. I rested it in there at its full depth for a minute then I pulled it out and slipped it fully into Beatrice.

Hannah said, “Okay, you put it in me so I’m no longer a virgin, so you can cum in Beatrice if you want too. I don’t mind.”

I asked, “Is that okay with you?”

Beatrice smiled and said, “Oh yes, I’d like that.”

Hannah said, “Now we are tied with the grandmas, one each.”

After filling Beatrice I needed a rest. An hour later my wife woke me up with a kiss. I asked what I had missed and she laughed. She told me that the contest was a tie. I told her that I all ready knew that. She laughed again and said that the score was tied at three each. Three! It seems that our contest was off to a very quick start. Our daughters had found two groups of Boy Scouts on their way to a week of camping and our mothers had found a big tour group of widowers from New York City.

Let the games begin.

The End
What A Small Bikini


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Yes...let the games begin

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