Yet another Story that I was inspired to write.
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“But MOM we have to go it’s not fair if we don’t go”

“Jason you need a responsible adult supervising you boys when your out camping”

“Oh well Freddie’s dad had to go out of town and no one can fill in and me and the guys were really looking forward to this, I mean how am I supposed to earn my merit badges if I never get a chance to go out and do them in the wilderness.”

“Well if you can find a suitable adult I’ll consider it”

“Okay mom, how about you?”

“Me I don’t know anything about camping”

“That’s okay you’ll just supervise us remember”

Joanne frowned “okay fine I’ll do it but there better not be any surprise bugs or spiders or snakes or anything or we are coming right back I If have to drag you back kicking and screaming.”

Joanne was for all intents and purposes a milf and the boys in the scout troop drooled and fantasized about her quite often when she came to pick up Jason from scout meetings. Jason’s father Robert was out of town on business more often than not and so it was up to Joanne to care for her son.

“Okay mom thanks you’re the best.” Jason hugged his mother and went to get on the phone and called all his scouting friends.

It was Friday and the SUV was packed full of young boys and Joanne and camping gear. They drove to where they were supposed to hike in, and four hours later and lots of complaining from Joanne they finally made it to the campsite. It was near dark. There were six Boys including Jason, Freddie, Jack, Mark, Jay, and Tuan. The boys set up camp and built a fire while Joanne rubbed her sore feet.

Mark walked up and said “Let me do that for you Mrs. Thorn.” And he knelt down and started rubbing Joanne’s feet.

“That feels wonderful Mark thank you”

The boys managed to cook a reasonable dinner of hot dogs and beans on the fire and after supper. “Mrs. Thorn” Tuan asked.

“Yes Tuan?”

“I got these brownies special for you, to thank you for taking us on this trip”

“How thoughtful of you Tuan.” As she took the proffered brownie and took a big bite out of it hungrily a few seconds later it was gone and she took a proffered glass of Orange Juice from another of the boys, Jay.

“Woo I’m tired” Joanne said, “I’m going to turn in” the other boys nodded and went to their tents, talking amongst themselves. Joanne lay next to her son each in their own sleeping bag. She closed her eyes.

She woke sometime later it was still dark outside and a few of the boys were still talking low in their tents. She was hot she realized and horny too, she tittered quietly as she pulled off her shirt. That wasn’t enough she slipped her shorts off. She then pulled off her bra and panties that was better but her body seemed to have sort of a buzz to it she needed to touch to feel. She looked over at her son. She dare not go outside in her state. She slowly unzipped the sleeping bag and opened it up her son lying on his back wearing just a pair of boxer shorts. She let her hand lightly touch his bare chest. She touched his nipples lightly her mouth watered as her hand wandered. She leaned forward and licked is nipple. It tasted so nice she pressed her lips around it and sucked gently that was better.

“Mom… what are you doing” Jason said groggily. Just as Joanne’s hand touched the erect prick sticking through the hole of Jason’s boxers.

“Mmm you’re just having a dirty dream Jason,” she whispered.

“Oh okay” he said and dozed back off. What a beautiful cock she thought as her hands slipped over the shaft she stroked it lightly. She needed to feel it, to feel close to Jason. To have it inside her, no her thoughts told her that was wrong. She could still suck it she thought, no the voice inside her head reminded her. She licked her lips and lowered her face to where Jason’s sparse pubic patch and inhaled deeply. It made her even hungrier for the wonderful wand in her hand. She kissed the tip, her tongue darting out and tasting it, it tasted wonderful, it felt like a ripe plum between her lips and she savored it on her tongue rolling it between her lips. “Oh my god mom what are you doing?” Jason whispered.

“Can’t Mommy suck your cock baby, shhh, just lay back and let Mommy do her magic,” She whispered back. Sucking Jason’s cock was wonderful the salty taste of his brimming balls was already in her mouth and she knew before too long it would overflow in her mouth. She moaned softly at the thought and that was all it took to set her son shooting his hot cream into her mouth. She slurped and sucked getting every last drop. Got it tasted good, it felt so good to be so naughty. She expected Jason’s cock to deflate but young men have stamina and his cock was still rock hard and Joanne had a strong yearning between her thighs that she might have been able to ignore for a little while if she didn’t have a hard cock in her hand. She straddled her son and slipped his cock into her pulsing wet sex.

“Oh god” Jason cried.

“Hey are you all right in there?” the tent flap opened a second later and a light shined on Joanne’s back. “Would you look at that our boy Jason is a mother fucker?” Tuan said. Too enthralled in having her pussy filled to care Joanne just kept pumping as the boys pulled the sleeping bag out into the open. Tuan and Freddy were the first two to strip down and put their cock on Joanne’s eye level. So many wonderful cocks, Joanne thought as she reached out to suck Tuan’s meaty black cock and started stroking Freddy’s brown one. Mark and Jay and Jack appeared a few moments later and they took out their cocks and started stroking. Joanne was slamming her hips into her son’s pounding her hot pussy down on his cock again and again. Jason reached up and grabbed his mother’s tits as his back arched “Oh god mom I’m cumming” she rode him hard and fast as his meat pumped its hot juice into her tight fertile pussy.

She got on her hands and knees and slurped at Freddy’s cock. She didn’t even look back to see who’s cock was penetrating her pussy. She just moaned and sucked harder she could feel her son’s lips against her breasts. She felt the hot goo flooding her mouth and her pussy. She felt alone for the brief moments when the cocks would switch. But then there was more of that wonderful pounding.

Joanne woke sore and feeling full. She looked around the boys were all lying around the now smoldering fire. Naked, why were the boys naked she asked herself. Why did it feel like she had a stick in her ass? She moved and the hard cock in her ass popped out. She looked like the first prize winner in a bukakke contest she had rivers of dried cum in her hair on her breasts and down her back… and now that she was standing fresh cum running down her legs out of her ass. She didn’t do that very often. What the fuck happened she asked her self. She opened the cooler and took out a Starbucks Mocha Frapachinno.

The boys stirred and they showed her the video tape that they had made last night. They told her that she was now their permanent Troop leader.

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2014-08-14 03:23:37
really looking for a second part, started out I thought were another part would continue


2012-05-30 00:02:41
Its great as a start, it just isn't enough.

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2012-05-12 21:43:27
Can you add to this? It has good potential.

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2012-01-10 18:30:35
Went on lots of campouts with the scouts but never with a female. Would have stayed in and made it all the way to eagle scout if this had happened to me. I hope the boys all qualified for their procreation merit badges and fornication skill awards.


2011-12-23 15:23:14
I RECKON THAT BROWNIE HAD POT IN IT! BUT, I believe the hot-mama was already ready for a taste of boy-cock! She got it good and hard.

Kinda short; but good read!

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