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Hey readers! I'm going to be on a sexual hiatus for probably the next week since the holidays are coming up - and I have family that I can't get away from... Therefore, I'm going to attempt to use this time to get as many of the past stories out of the way so that I can start posting things only a couple of days after it happens (which means my memory/the writing quality will hopefully improve). I very happy that you guys are actually enjoying my writing so far, and I'm sure it'll improve as I keep this up!

Another thing I wanted to mention - I kind of want to get to know some of you readers out there! If any of you boys are 18, are going through a similar experience, and want someone to talk to about life, love, sex, and more - feel free to drop a comment on my blog! I'd be more than happy to listen because I know firsthand what all of you guys are going through! Also, trading stories sounds like it would be fun (even though most of my stories are being made public anyway)!

If you feel interested in the idea, just comment on there! Thanks again for reading!

And with that, we move on to guy #4.

I decided to skulk around Adam4Adam a little bit more soon after my last escapade, and stumbled upon a pretty interesting looking guy! To be honest, I don't remember who contacted who, but we somehow managed to start talking.

He was white, a few inches taller than me, reddish/blondish hair, and he came with an adorably sweet personality! What more could I ask for?

The thing that enticed me the most about this guy was his offer of a sleepover. To be completely honest, there is NOTHING I love more than cuddling with someone. I grew weak at the knees at the mere thought of actually having a warm body to hold for the night, and practically gushed with euphoria as I excitedly told him I'd be on my way as soon as I figured out where he was.

He said he had a place in Harlem - something that made me initially nervous. Considering the fact that I'm pretty new to New York, I had never entered Harlem before. I had all of these negative preconceptions about the area based on past stories I've heard, and I was seriously wondering what the hell I was getting into as I boarded the subway.

On my way to the subway, my phone vibrated - and told me I got a text message from this guy. It read along the lines of "Are you not coming?" Gah! It kind of annoyed me that he was impatient, but I decided to not think too much of it to not kill any mood.

The walk there was a little scary to be honest. It was pretty late at night. Feel free to call me a sissy, but I seriously did NOT want to mess with some of the hulking people I saw. Or maybe it was their gigantic jackets that made them look somewhat menacing? Who knows?

Eventually, I found his apartment. As soon as I stepped through that door, I was admittedly astounded by the design of his place! I felt SO lucky to only deal with guys who have a sense of class and know how to decorate thus far in my adventures. We sat down on the couch and talked for a little while about who we were, what races/families we came from (he was a cute mix of Italian and Puerto Rican), and food. Although some can't really do smalltalk well (I'll go over this soon), this guy really knew how to entertain someone!

Our conversation slowly drifted to thoughts about horror movies, which you guys should know I LOVE (based on the last guy). He decided to put on Paranormal Activity (which I had never seen, but enjoyed quite a bit!) on for the both of us as we snuggled together on the couch.

Our focus was fixed upon the movie... at least for 3/4 of it. Eventually, the non-scary dramatic scenes started to get longer, and we quickly focused our attention on each other. I could feel his warm breath flowing down the nape of my neck, so I decided to turn my head around for him. Our lips met with a gentle touch, which slowly turned into a full makeout session. However, each time the movie would switch to a nighttime scene, we'd stop and once again focus on the movie until the scary parts passed.

Once the movie was over, he took my hand and led me over to his bedroom. We were both so horny by this point, our clothes immediately disappeared over the side of the bed. I started by slowly kissing down his body. I went down to his cute little nipples and gently sucked each one for a little while before moving on and taking his massive dick in my mouth. I tried to go down as far as I could, but I couldn't help but get the feeling that I wasn't going too far down on him. However, I compromise, and I gently lick up and down his shaft, and lightly kiss the very tip of his head a few times.

Eventually, he decides to return the favor, and we swap positions. I couldn't help but moan as he expertly maneuvered his tongue all over my dick. I closed my eyes and let him do his work while thanking God that he didn't use his teeth like the bukkake guy. Unfortunately, he didn't stay down for very long, as he came back up for another kiss.

Then it was time for us to fuck. He laid down, and we got into a cowgirl position (I realized I typically resorted to this position before fucking because it's so much easier). After fishing around for the nearest magnum, he eventually pulled out that - and a bottle of lube. Once both were successfully put on, I lowered myself down onto him. This time though, I felt like I went down a bit easier compared tot he last 3 guys. I still had to wait for the burning sensation to pass, but I quickly recovered and started going down the whole length of his cock.

I have to say that this was the most gentle fuck I'd received thus far. And God was it fantastic! He gently and tenderly drove into me from the start, letting my ass get used to the sensation of his huge cock. I slowly bounced up and down, letting him penetrate deeper and deeper inside of me. My moans grew louder and louder as he kept plowing into me. My hands gripped the sheets as I attempted to push into him even more.

We fucked for what turned out to be 2 to 3 hours straight. We flipped over once so he could slam into me doggystyle, but eventually went right back to missionary. He pushed my thighs high up into the air, and made them stay there for most of the entire fuck. Every so often we would pause and cool off a little - allowing my aching thighs a little bit of rest.

At one point, he picked up the speed ever so slightly, and in response, I moaned that I was going to cum. I felt about 5 shots shoot up just up to the center of my chest. It was the first time I had ever cum while being fucked, and I have to say I prefer that over any other way of cumming! I could feel my ass tighten around his larger cock as he pushed into me even more - increasing the ecstacy.

As soon as I had finished, he pulled out and started jerking off. He came right over my stomach, where most of the cum was collected, and mixed his own with mine.

Once that was over, we toweled off and trailed to sleep without talking much more from the exhaustion. Of course, my time with him didn't end here - as the next morning was an animal in itself!

At around 12:00pm, I woke up in his bed. I squinted from the light flowing through the window and looked around - recalling the events of the night before.

I turned to my right, and I noticed him turned away from me on his own side of the bed fast asleep. I scooched in a little bit closer to him, and placed my hands on his warm body.

I felt him start to stir, so I waited a while with my arms draped over the side of his arm. Eventually, he moved, took a look at me and started putting his hand on my arm. I thought that I was just going to get up from the bed and leave, but instead, he motioned my hand towards his dick. I rubbed it up and down a bit, wondering if there would really be any reaction at all. Luckily, I could feel him get harder.

I started to gently kiss and suck on his nipples again, eliciting a small moan. He even ended up completely turning around, with his ass facing me. Suddenly, urges started rushing through my head. Urges that I had actually never felt before with a guy.

I actually wanted to top him! I was so astounded with myself. I had always wanted to be a bottom - nothing more, nothing less. For some reason, the want to stick myself in him dominate my mind for a bit, as I started dry humping him. I started getting more and more cocky as I moved faster and faster, so I flipped him over and continued to hump away. Eventually, my cock was rock hard, and able to actually go inside. Condom or not, I couldn't care, it was this bizarre lust to give fucking a try.

I slowly started to move inside him, and I remember feeling my cock move a good couple of inches into him. He moaned quite a bit every time I pushed in. His ass felt so tight, so warm, and so perfect! I seriously wanted to keep going with this!

And then he breathed out "I can't do this."

Like a slap to the face, I was knocked out of my frenzied top mode. I quietly said "Okay" and pulled out immediately. I laid there next to him for a couple of minutes without saying a word. I didn't feel scared, or nervous for having gone too far, as he didn't say anything angrily.

What happened next was a complete blur. Someway, somehow, he managed to get me riled up again, and we I was once again in a bottom state of mind. We switched the positions we had earlier as I was face down on the bed. I could feel him humping away at my ass, slowly prying into me without a condom on. A little bit concerned, I asked if he had a condom to use, since I wanted to play it safe.

He put on this ridiculously dinky condom. It wasn't a magnum, so it didn't really fit. It covered about 3/5 of his dick, and made the tip look red and kinda gross from the lack of blood flow. My hormones were driving me nuts, and it seemed like things would just awkwardly end at this point, so I did the unimaginable. I ripped off the condom for him, laid back down, and just said "Go for it."

We went back into the missionary position just like a few hours ago, and fucked like animals for a good 45 minutes. Then, it back to the cowgirl position. As I started bouncing up and down on his cock, riding it faster and faster, I couldn't help but notice the window. And the how it was open. And that there was a sidewalk out there.

I asked "Hey, can people see us from out there?" He replied "Yeah they can."

I was pretty surprised with myself when I smiled and responded "That's pretty hot!" as I continued to ride him.

We went back to missionary for what seemed like the millionth time. My thighs were screaming for relief as well, but I seriously didn't care as all I wanted was for this guy to fuck me more and more, even though we had just done this mere hours ago. He picked up the pace, making me want to cum so badly! Before I shot, I looked him in the eye and asked him to be sure to pull out before cumming. He silently noted the request, and fucked me until I blasted a couple ropes of cum right back onto my stomach. Like he promised, he pulled out, and came over my stomach as well.

We talked for a bit afterwards, and he noted that he was surprised we did it twice in the span of a few hours. According to him, that doesn't typically happen.

He then announced that he had morning breath, and he bought me a Wisp toothbrush in case I had it too. It was pretty charming to see someone put at least a little bit of thought about a sleepover like this!

I couldn't get over how adorable the rest of the morning was! We wrestled around in bed, told jokes, laughed about stupid stuff, and discussed each other's plans for later that day. He asked me to go play the piano in his living room for a little bit, but I didn't have a lot of the music I know memorized, so my renditions of my repertoire were less than satisfactory.

Eventually, after some more wrestling and cute little "morning after" things, I left his apartment. He didn't seem very keen on the idea of kissing me goodbye, which made me a little disappointed (it would have topped off the experience for me) - but I dealt with it anyway.

Fortunately for me, my roommate wasn't home as soon as I had gotten back to my dorm, so I didn't have to explain the escapade of the previous night to him. Even better, he never really asked any questions beyond "Where were you?" Of course, I just answered "A friend's house in Harlem. We watched a movie."

Enjoyed it? Let me know in the comments section!
Do I need to improve on something? Kindly comment about it!

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Am female but i do love gay men and even gay stories, keep it up cus i love your stories.

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Is that ralely all there is to it because that'd be flabbergasting.

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Great stories. Please keep them coming.

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Hmmm, that was so hot dude, I would just say that it could with being a bit more deive in the sexy bits; but a very good read anyway.

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