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Teenage boy discovers he likes cock

Daz was always a horny little fucker, he discovered that playing with his dick felt brilliant when he was around 11 years old, not yet able to cum he did not even know he was wanking , he just knew that when his cock was hard and he played around with it, it sent fantastic feelings through his young body. By the time he was 12 and going to secondary school he ha began growing hair around his balls and even better now when he played with his hard little cock for long enough he could make it spit some creamy liquid that sent waves of pleasure through his body, Of course Daz kept his dick playing a secret you did not discuss your private parts with anyone, but he often wondered if any of his mates ever done it.

When Daz was 14, he was in a mates house during the summer holidays from school, they were fucking about as guys do , talking about sex, who they wanted to fuck etc, Daz being Daz, any talk of sex gave him a hardon, scared that his mate would see his tented trackies , he started dummy fighting with him, the two boys rolled about on the bed for a few minutes but instead of making his hardon go away he realised he was getting harder, his mate was sat on top of his cock area holding his arms down, Daz was pinned but he noticed that his mate also now had an obvious hardon showing in his own trackies, Daz was buzzing he wondered if his buddy ever played with his hard dick, his mates ass rubbing over his hard dick was causing him to leak pre cum, he realised just how horny someone else rubbing against his dick made him and he began to wonder how good it would feel if they were both naked. The sound of the front door opening brought an end to their wrestling game.

That night as Daz lay in his bed his hard young cock in his hand, He was not thinking of Kelly McKenzie or Tracy O’Neil, he was thinking of his mate Scott the guy he had been wrestling with earlier in the day, He was not thinking of playing football or Xbox ,Daz was dreaming about playing with his his mates cock and balls, he was dreaming of getting naked with him and rubbing their young cocks against one another’s, he wondered what his cock would feel like he even began to wonder what it would taste like, then that feeling came, his whole body juddered and shoke, as his creamy boy spunk shot from his throbbing young dick, with an intensity that he had never ever experienced before.

After that night almost every time Daz had a wank he had to think about wanking or sucking another guy off to get completion. Although Daz was getting a bit freaked out by these Gay thoughts, he was a normal straight guy, one of the Bhoys, not some queer hawk perving on his mates, but no matter how hard he tried not to think about his mates and other guys in that way ,when he was alone in bed that night jiggling his pickle, that feeling just never came until he thought about cock and more often than not it was Scott,s cock he thought about.

His next opportunity to be alone with Scott came about 6 weeks after the wrestling hardons, by now School had started back and this day they had decided to take the day off unofficially, they wandered about the local area and ended up in the local park, their usual conversation of Football, Xbox games, and who posted what on face book ran dry and the conversation turned to porn web sites and the best they had saw, and now that sex was introduced to the conversation, as it always did Daz’s cock jumped to attention, as often as he could without making it obvious Daz had checked out Scott’s package on the sly, he knew how it lay and the general bulk of it, then when he got to bed at night in his head he could make that package grow, but he wanted more than that he wanted to see his cock in the flesh even soft would do, as it happened Scott needed a piss and as there where other people in the park the only safe place to take a leak was in the woods behind the skateboarders half pipe, Scott announced he was going for a piss and Daz followed him this could be his opportunity to see what Scott had under his boxers for the first time.

The boys walked the 50 or 60 feet from the bench to just inside the wooded area that ran between the park and the railway line, as soon as they where out of site of the other people in the park Scott got out his cock and started pissing a fast stream of piss, Daz got his own cock out and began reliving himself while stealing a swatch at his fantasy lovers cock, thankfully Scott was not the shy type, the boys stood side by side pissing from what he could see it looked as if Scott was at least semi if not hard like Daz, could see that Scott had what looked about 5 inches of uncut meat, he had pulled the foreskin back just enough to expose his purple bell end so the piss flowed rather than splattered, Daz took the chance,
“ Piss fight “
he turned side on exposing his fully hard 5.5 inch cock with a steamy flow of piss, Scott joined in their piss flow crossing each others both boys now had full erections, the piss flow never lasted long but both boys just stood there hard cocks in hand, Daz began stroking his hoping that Scott would join in and he was not disappointed, both boys stood face on stroking their young meat checking out each others method of stroking,

Daz had never been so turned on in his life and his inner demons took over, he just reached out, he needed to touch it he wanted to feel Scott’s cock more than anything in the world, Scott never flinched he just moved his hand and let Daz take control, Daz was both excited and amazed, at long last he had got his hand around his mates cock, and although it was rock hard the softness of the skin covering it was soft and flexible the foreskin glided over the head and back with ease, Daz reached out and took Scott’s hand trying to guide it too his own cock, but Scott pulled back;
“Not here someone might come in, lets go further in”

The boys walked another 20 – 25 feet further into the woods, they found a clump of trees that would keep them hidden from any passing dog walkers or anyone else for that matter, it was almost instant as if it was the most natural thing in the world, both boys went for it at the exact same time their lips crashed and they began kissing each other wildly their hands groping at each others hard cocks hidden once again under their school trousers and boxers, lust just took over Daz slipped his hand down the waistband of his friends trousers, he found Scott’s pre cum leaking cock gripping it he once again began to wank him as best he could in the tight confines of his boxers and trousers, both boys wanted more almost without breaking from their kiss, they undid each others zips and worked each others cocks out pulling and pushing on each others meat, Daz was in heaven, although both boys where well experienced in wanking their own cocks it was a little awkward wanking each others in this position, Daz needed to cum he took control of his own cock and began wanking himself, Scott done the same thing and less than a minute later both boys almost at the same time let out a groan and their young boy cum splattered the leaves on the trees surrounding them.
Almost as soon as they had came, the zipped back up and walked out of the woods back into the park, as if nothing had just happened, they did not talk about what they had done, for the next hour or so until it was time to head home, the just walked about, Daz for one was certainly embarrassed about what they had done but he also felt not only relief but also an inner satisfaction, he did not want to be a poof but he was also very happy inside that he had managed not only to get to see Scott’s cock but he had got to touch it and even more they had kissed, it was all very confusing for him and no doubt Scott felt the same, But now that he had done it, that would be the end of it, he had satisfied his curiosity, he had wanked and kissed another guy, it was only experimenting he had read about it on the net, lots of guys do it, when they are teenagers then go on to be perfectly straight, it was a one off never to be repeated and I am sure at that moment he believed it, but that night as he lay in bed his fingers wrapped around his hard cock, he knew that what had happened between him and Scott earlier that day was not the end of his fantasy it was only the beginning, he knew already he wanted more, he needed to try it at least one more time and he prayed that Scott felt the same.

Part 2 to Follow

Hi folks thanks for reading this story, I hope it reaches the parts it was intended for and at least gets you hard, I know my spelling and grammar are not great, I should have spent more time learning than lusting over my class mates at school, but hey I am sure if you persevere you will get the drift of my stories. If you have enjoyed the story please vote for it, and if you have time leave a comment, it is the comments and the knowledge that others are reading my stories that keep me writing. My photos are on my forum profile, I can be contacted at I also have a blog with my stories at
Thanks again for reading Teddy.

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2012-02-12 01:25:08
nO76MC Thanks a lot! An extremely interesting comment!!...

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2011-12-25 07:08:55
Who are you? How do you do that, This story is from inside my life! Brilliant I want more
Tommy, 19, London

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2011-12-23 05:04:15
Great! I can totally imagine myself and a friend in this! But yeah, the spelling and grammar... but that's not the most important thing in my book! Keep the horny stuff up :)

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