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Daz continues in his lust for cock

The following day Daz met up with Scott at school, both boys chatted away as normal neither of them mentioned anything about the previous days events, but over the next few months about twice a month they would sneak away from school, and go to their hiding place in the woods where they would recreate that exciting first afternoon, Daz would often suggest that they dog school and go down the park, their code words for boy on boy fun, Scott did not always want to play but when he did he gave as good as he got, although the boys stuck to kissing and wanking, once or twice rubbing their cocks off each others, it was pretty basic experimental stuff.

Then suddenly without warning, Scott’s family moved away from the area, and they never saw each other again, leaving Daz with a lust for cock that would not be satisfied for over two years, Their was absolutely nothing camp or gay about Gaz, he was 6 foot tall with dark hair, with a powerful sturdy build, as teenage boys do he would request his mates suck his cock, or threaten to bend them over and ride them, but it was all taken in a joking manner as Gaz watched out for any signs that his mates might be interested in taking him up on the offer, none did, so he was left with this constant urge for cock to play with, but had to satisfy himself with only his own 6 inch uncut hard meat and a very deive imagination, if fantasies could be relayed in thought from one person to another then a good few of his mates would have woke up in the morning with cum stained boxers and cocks sucked clean.

Daz’s secret stayed deep inside him, yea he dated a few girls but never got much luck in the sex department, the odd grope at a tit or an ass, once even getting his finger inside a girls panties, although he wanted nothing more than to meet a decent girl that he could settle into a relationship with and have normal sex with, he always had this deep lying desire for cock.

When Daz was 17 he got a job in a local factory as a store room boy, Daz enjoyed the job, it brought him some independence, money in his pocket, and more importantly a whole new crowd of guys to wank over at night, being the boy in the factory, he became the target of sexual innuendo, a few of the woman being suggestive to him, enquiring how big his cock was , asking if he was a stay’er or a cummer , the would pinch his ass or threaten to take him home and show him a good time while the old man was working night shift, even a few of the older men would wind him up saying he had a nice meaty shagable arse, or that he had a decent package tucked inside his jeans, but it was all just work place humour designed more to embarrass Daz than excite him.

One of the other guys at the factory was around the same age as Gaz, and from the very first moment that Gaz met him he had desires on his body, around the same size as Gaz , Adam was slim with mid length dirty fair hair, a cute firm ass ,and a warm friendly smile, from the very first moment Daz set eyes on Adam, he knew that he would be spilling load after load of his creamy squeeby into yesterdays socks as he brought his Daz and Adam fantasies to a conclusion at night.

Being close in age, and both followers of the Mighty Glasgow Celtic Football Club, the boys hit it off almost instantly becoming firm work friends, as they got to know each other more, they joked around using quite a bit of gay innuendo, with Adam even promising Daz a blow job if the Celtic where ever to beat the Huns ( Their Clubs rival foot ball team Glasgow Rangers) 7-1 like they did at Scotland’s National Stadium back in 1957, yea it was a long shot but it was at least a possible Gobble from such handsome lips, they would quite often be gay suggestive to each other offering blow jobs, or quick wanks to each other but in a half hearted, half hopeful joking manner, the boys liked the same music, including Gary’Og, Charlie and the bhoys, Connor Kelly, Amadans, and the Wolfetones, as their preferred mach day listening, to get them fired up in the title race, the more Daz got to know Adam, the more he got the feeling that the gay innuendo that they passed between each other could be more a possibility than a joke, they would pretend to grope each other up, their hands lingering over each others cock or ass area for a second or two more than normal, sometimes Daz would catch Adam looking at him sometimes in a way that gave him an instant hardon, often sending him rushing to the factory toilets block for some quick relief, there was just something about Adam that gave Daz hope that maybe just maybe he might get the chance to once again get to touch another guys cock.

As the days turned into weeks the boys got bolder in their suggestions to each other, it was not all one sided, Adam was often the one who initiated things, he would rub himself up against Daz as he bent over to pick up a box pretending he was riding him, once Daz could have swore he could feel the hardness of Adam’s cock pushing against him through his joggies and another time when they were fucking around Adam grabbed Daz and planted a kiss straight on his lips, it was nothing more than a quick peck that lasted a millisecond but it was enough to fuel Daz’s lust for Adam even more, it was as if both of them wanted each other but neither had the balls to make the first move.

Outside of work the boys did not see each other they lived in opposite sides of the city, but they would often text each other outside of work hours, they would comment on each others facebook status and when the weekend came and they both had a few beers the texts and private messages became even more homo suggestive, so much so that some nights Daz could batter out two even three wanks as he fantasised about getting down and dirty with Adam.

As the festive season approached their co-workers were arranging a Christmas night out, the venue and date had been decided. This would be the boys first opportunity to get together socially outside of work and the first opportunity to be in each others company when alcohol was involved, Daz saw this as the perfect opportunity to take their friendship up a gear and suggested that as the Christmas night out would be held close to where Daz lived that Adam should stay the night at his house rather than trying to make his way across the city late at night and no doubt drunk, Adam agreed to the Idea immediately so it was agreed that’s what would happen.

Daz lived with his parents and only had a small room with a single bed, his plan was to convince Adam that they should share the bed on the night of the Christmas party, but he kept that little detail to himself, he did not mention what the sleeping arrangements would be and prayed that Adam would not bring up the subject incase the Idea of sharing a bed with Daz would put him off the Idea.

Both boys where looking forward to the night out and at least on Daz’s part, the night in afterwards, as the date came closer Daz imagined all sorts of scenarios, he prayed that things would not screw up at the last minute, that Adam would decide not to go to the night out or change his mind about staying over at Daz’s, Daz even found himself holding back with his usual gay innuendo towards Adam just incase he would begin to worry that it was all getting a bit too serious and would pull out of the sleep over,
But he had no need to worry unknown to him Adam was just as excited about the sleepover as Daz was.

The day of the Christmas party arrived, Daz had butterflies in his stomach as he tided his room, even changing his own bed sheets a first for Daz, the hours slowly passed until it was time to go to the venue, as it was close to his home Daz was one of the first few members of staff to turn up and over the next hour the hall began to fill up but there was still no sign of Adam, Daz was on his 3rd pint of Lager when he saw Adam coming through the door, his heart skipped a beat as he saw the object of his desires coming towards his table, looking even sexier than usual , he was wearing a grey Armani polo shirt, what looked like a new pair of loose fitting G-Star jeans and shiny new Nike Air trainers, and was sporting a shorter haircut, Daz just wanted to run towards him grab him and suck the face off him there and then in front of everyone, but there was no way he could even get up from the table to greet his friend, well not without everyone noticing the hardon that would be clearly visible in his tight fitting jeans.

The night well on it’s way both boys where having a great time, the music was ok a bit older than they would pick personally, but with the drink flowing, and the company of their fellow workers they where in great spirits, both boys being dragged to the dance floor on several occasions by older female workers from the factory the one ho would wind them up during the working day were even cruder with a few drinks in them, but the boys knew it was all just good humour, the night ended and it was time for Daz to get Adam all to himself, even though he had drunk more than he had intended to, as he walked towards his home arms around each others shoulders, telling each other what great guys they were and how much one loved the other as drunken boys do Daz had a fully grown hardon hidden under his boxers and jeans.

Daz had informed his parents that he would be bringing Adam home to stay the night using the excuse that it would cost him about £20 in a taxi to get home that late at night, it was nearly 2am when they got through the door into Daz’s home, the rest of the family in bed the boys made their way to Daz’s room as quietly as they could although no doubt his Mum at least heard that her boy was home safe, when they got inside the room Daz immediately sat down on the bed, Adam sat on the swivel seat next to Daz’s computer and they talked loudly although briefly about the great night they had, it was now crunch time, Daz now had to make the suggestion that Adam shared his single bed, Daz had a plan B, a sleeping bag tucked under his bed incase Adam declined the offer but he need not have worried, Adam went along with the plan without any fuss, Daz kicked off his shoes, then as he pulled his shirt over his head he saw that Adam was in the process of getting undressed to, soon both boys where down to their boxer shorts, Adam wearing fresh new white Diesel boxer briefs with a light blue waistband and hugging a heavy package the shape of his cock clearly visible although certainly not fully erect, Daz in his white Calvin’s had a fully grown bonner in his crouched trying not to make it visible as he slid under the duvet back against the wall as Adam got in beside him, switching off the bedside lamp as he did so.

While Daz lay on his side facing outwards to make room for Adam to lay on his back, both boys lay silent for a few minutes, Just the heat from Adam’s body so close to his had Daz almost Cumming, Daz broke the silence,

Daz -“You comfortable mate?”

Adam-“Yea sound bud”

There was silence for a few more seconds, then Adam turned on his side also facing out of the bed, his ass facing Daz, it was now or never for Daz, he had been building up to this moment for weeks, he had went over and over in his head a million times what he was going to say and do, when this time came,

Daz - “What not even a good night kiss then”

Adam was silent for a second or two then

“I was hoping for that good night blow job you promised me”

Daz just went for it he slid his arm around onto Adams chest moving forward to the spooning position his rock solid boxer covered cock pushing hard against Adam’s ass, his hand slid down and there it was every bit as hard as he was, Daz kissed the back of Adams head and whispered in his ear;

“Can I give you a wank”

Adam never answered he just pushed down his boxers exposing the heat of his fully hard 6.5 inches of hard cut meat, Daz wrapped his fingers around Adams cock and began gently massaging it, while at the same time pushing down and kicking off his own boxers, lust just took over, Adam turned towards Daz their lips met their bodies clashed as Adam pulled his body on top of Daz’s, it was just pure passion as their legs wrapped around each others, their balls and cocks grinding off each others and their lips met then their tongues probed each others mouths, Both boy’s aware that others where sleeping near by, kept the noise to the minimum, but they whispered loving comments to each other, telling each other how much they had longed for this to happen, they kissed deep and hard, they held each other tightly their pre cum creating a lube between their cocks as they slid against each others the lust oozing from each of their bodies, they both wanted and needed each other so much, now was their time, this is what all these weeks of innuendo had been leading too, and now the time was here, they did not want to waste a second of it,

As Adam’s mouth moved down from Daz’s lips first kissing his neck then down further he kissed and licked at Daz’s nipples briefly before moving on down to the 6.5 inches of hard uncut meat he had been longing to taste ever since the moment they first met, as soon as Daz felt the warmth of Adams mouth around his throbbing cock he pushed the duvet off the bed and whispered

“Turn around, I want to suck you as well”

In the 69 position the boys slurped ,kissed, licked, and sucked deep on each others cocks and balls, their fingers probed and caressed each others tight virgin holes, Yes it was going to be a Brilliant Christmas and a very Happy New Year for both these boys.

Merry Christmas Daz I hope all your dreams cum true.
Teddy xx


Hi folks thanks for reading this story, I hope it reaches the parts it was intended for and at least gets you hard, I know my spelling and grammar are not great, I should have spent more time learning than lusting over my class mates at school, but hey I am sure if you persevere you will get the drift of my stories. If you have enjoyed the story please vote for it, and if you have time leave a comment, it is the comments and the knowledge that others are reading my stories that keep me writing. My photos are on my forum profile, I can be contacted at I also have a blog with my stories at
Thanks again for reading Teddy.

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2011-12-26 20:41:57
great story and boy it gave me a massive hard on!! i agree with the Daz and Adam stories but you should have one where Scott gets involved as well. LOVE IT write more 8===>

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2011-12-23 22:57:02
i completely agree more adam and daz

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2011-12-23 14:29:38
I agree. There should be a series with Daz and Adam.

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2011-12-23 11:28:35
Good story there Teddy. Are you planning on creating a series of Daz and Adam?--There should be at leat another two chapters worth of material to go at --[BTW I wish I had the chance of having a go at you :) - You sound like a real horny guy]

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gave me a raging hardon

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