Sex in the workplace.....eventually.
It was with mixed emotions that Bryce entered the very familiar elevator that cold June morning. He had been with the company for fifteen years, slowly working his way up through the ranks into the upper management levels until, finally, the break he had been waiting for, his boss died. He knew it sounded callous to put it so bluntly but it was a fact of life, everyone knew that he was the best person for the position but that the only way he would get the promotion is if Old Man Jenkins were to retire or die, he died first.

Same people in the elevator as every other morning, each greeting familiar faces. It could have been an ordinary day in every way up until now. Here was the level that he always got off at, but not today. Everyone in the elevator shuffled out until it was only he left in the little cubicle. He reached out and pressed twelve, the level he was going to be working on in future, the top floor of the building and the top floor of his career. At forty Bryce hadn't done too badly for himself, he was fit, well trimmed, smart in his tailored suits and now at the top of the food chain, well, almost. He was yet to meet his new boss as his was not the only promotion within the company recently. His superior was from out of town, an import from an affiliated company and, from what he had heard, and an absolute ball breaker. Bryce was aware that you didn't climb the corporate ladder by being nice and he was expecting this new executive member to be somewhat of a challenge. All he knew about the guy is that his name was Watson.

The elevator doors whispered open and Bryce stepped out with a sigh into his new career. There was cheerful Sally, the receptionist, "Good Morning Mr. McCleary." she smiled as he strode in mock confidence past her desk.

"Good Day Sally, how are you this morning?" he smiled back, not expecting a reply.

Bryce knew exactly where he was going, he had been there thousands of times before during his long career but it had been to go and see the Boss, now he was the Boss. Many more familiar faces smiled their welcome, all knew that Bryce had waited a long time for this moment, he was popular with most and they were glad that he had received his long awaited promotion. Last office at the end of the corridor, thick carpets dulled his heavy footsteps as he slowed slightly, the rich aroma of polished solid oak finishing had always been his favorite part of a visit to the twelfth floor. Portraits of past company Presidents and CEO's lined the narrow passage at either side, and Bryce was proud, proud to at last be a part of this very old company in its old building. He was no longer dreading meeting the new boss.

He entered his office from the side door, not wanting to face his secretary just yet. It was just as Old Man Jenkins had left it, minus a few personal items. The huge oak desk and deep, black leather chair facing the window with its view out over the city and in the distance the sea. Bryce was about to step over to the window when the inter-leading door between his and his secretary's office burst open and before him stood a stunning woman. Bryce was so taken by surprise that before he could say a word she reached out her hand and said:

"Jenny Watson, you must be Bryce McCleary, pleased to meet you"

Her hand was soft and warm in his, he stammered through the introduction trying to get over the surprise. So Watson was a woman, unbelievable. Bryce was not the chauvinistic type, he had no problem with a female superior, it had just taken him by surprise and he found himself staring.

Jenny had always been a head turner, long, straight, black hair down to the cleft of her firm ass, legs that seem to go on for ever and breasts that have made more than one man turn for a second look. Jenny's eyes were as blue as the bluest oceans, eyes you could get lost in. Yet to Jenny these things were irrelevant, although they had come in handy in the past. She knew that she looked good in a short skirt and preferred to wear them, especially when wearing a suit. It made her irresistible to any man. Everywhere she went she radiated sexuality. On more than one occasion a strange man had whispered his desire for her. Jenny had not always granted their wishes but the men lucky enough to get her between the covers had had the best time of their lives with this vixen.

Jenny felt that today wouldn't be any different and looking at Bryce she knew that she would like to get him between the covers. He was Adonis personified. Strong, athletic, gorgeous and in a powerful position. These are huge turn ons for her and today was no different.

"I wonder if he'll let me seduce him," she pondered.

Shocked by her thoughts she walked over to his desk. Jenny had heard things about Bryce that she wanted to find out for herself. Ladies lucky enough to have bedded him only spoke well of him; some went as far as to say; no lover they've ever had came close.

"Well, I'll like to find out for myself." she thought.

As Bryce spoke to her, his deep husky voice was sending shivers through her whole body.

"Man has the voice of an angel."

Jenny was looking at Bryce and couldn't understand what effect he was having on her and the fact that he wasn't even aware of it was even more tantalizing.

"What the hell is wrong with me, I'm not like this. Pull yourself together girl, this is your colleague!"

Looking at him, Jenny hoped that he could not guess her inner thoughts.

Jenny got the pleasantries out of the way and got right down to business.

They were discussing sales figures in his division over the past quarter and Bryce was answering her in autopilot, all the while taking in every feature of this beautiful woman sitting across from him. He put her at about thirty; long slim legs disappeared under a formal suit skirt. The outline of her hips said that she was in good shape and her trim waist told him that she possibly worked out in the gym.

Jenny was squirming in her seat as she spoke to him, perhaps a habit or maybe she felt uneasy in his presence. She certainly didn't strike him as a woman that would be easily intimidated by a man, in fact, quite the opposite. She seemed confident and self-assured but she looked uneasy sitting across from him now.

It was then that Bryce noticed that Jenny's suit jacket had opened to allow him a view of her white blouse underneath. To his amazement, as he watched, two of the blouse buttons had come undone, exposing Jenny's ample breasts for Bryce to admire. Bryce was not sure how to react, he was a bit embarrassed at first, he had only just met the woman and he was not sure how she would react to a stranger looking down her blouse. Jenny looked up at Bryce and noticed the direction of his stare; looking down herself she saw what was causing the distraction.

Jenny looked back at Bryce and he blushed slightly, should he look away or would that only make her more embarrassed. Her white lacey bra was clearly visible but for some reason her left breast was partially out of place and Bryce had a clear view of her protruding nipple. Perfectly formed dark pink in color and encircled by an equally beautiful dark areola. Bryce was mesmerized, Jenny had beautiful breasts and in the first ten minutes of them meeting he had seen one of them. He looked up into Jenny's incredible blue eyes and saw no look of embarrassment, as he held her gaze she lifted her hand and shifted the offending globe back into its correct position and buttoned her blouse. Without the slightest hint of embarrassment Jenny continued her questioning for a few minutes longer before excusing herself and standing up from her perch against the desk, walked to the door. Bryce watched as her ass moved beneath the smooth fabric of her short skirt, no panty lines. She was either wearing a g-string or no panties at all. Hmm, nothing turned Bryce on more than knowing that a woman was pantieless under her skirt.

As she left she spun around, her long black hair forming a long arc around her shoulders,

" Possibly see you for lunch then Mr. McCleary?" she asked with a glint in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Possibly, Ms Watson" Bryan smiled back, not wanting to let on how much the flash of her boob had affected his normally stable composure, and she was gone, closing the door and leaving only her scent to bring back the memory of that soft pale breast with the dark tan lines and the just as dark nipple.

The rest of Bryce's morning went by without event. He was kept busy with calls and e-mails of congratulations. He packed all of his personal belongings, which had been sent from downstairs, into his desk and laid out his collection of model cars. He found his mind constantly wondering back to the meeting with his new boss. Everything about her intrigued him, her long black hair and deep blue eyes were fascinating but what amazed him the most was her lack of embarrassment at him getting an eyeful of her boob. Bryce knew that it was against company policy to pursue any office relationship, he knew that should he even attempt to establish any sort of personal contact with Jenny that she would be obliged to take it further in accordance with company rules.

"There must be something there," pondered Bryce. Jenny had acted as if it were an every day occurrence for her to flash her breasts to her subordinates; maybe she had also felt the electrifying magnetism, which he had felt. Bryce shook it off, he had known the woman for ten minutes and he was fantasizing about her, not only that, she was the boss. Jennie leant against the door as she closed it behind her.

"What the hell was that?"

She had never in her life been this forward with a man and what she did was against the company regulations. She flashed a smile at Sally and went on her way. During the course of the day she kept thinking of Bryce and wondered if there was anything there. Should she pursue this or let it be? She had a feeling she wanted Bryce. She could feel it all over her body. She locked her office door and sat down on her chair. She placed her hand on her breast and began playing with the little culprit that had tried to make an escape. It felt good. Her nipple became hard as she caressed it, round and round the tip until swollen.

A devilish smile crept over Jenny's lips and she walked over to the copier standing in her office. Reaching up under her short skirt she removed her g-string, she lifted the top cover of the machine. A quick look behind her found what she was looking for; the chair was exactly the right height to use as a step. Stepping up onto the chair Jenny sat on the copier and made a copy of her ass. The light was warm on her naked skin as it passed beneath her, the heat like a secret hand caressing her exposed ass as she sat on the cold glass. Spreading her thighs slightly Jenny made copies of her clean shaven pussy and she was sure that her puckered little anus would come out quite clearly when she reached back and deliberately spread her cheeks, she felt her lips part slightly as the light once again passed beneath her exposed rear. Jenny smiled as she pressed the copy button one last time, she could feel her aroused slit release a small amount of slippery warm fluid and she was quite positive that it would be visible in the copy.

Setting the machine to e-mail, Jenny punched in Bryce's inter office IP address and, after a moments hesitation, pressed send.

It took a great deal of self control to stop herself from running to Bryce's office and sitting there watching him while he opened his e-mail. Jenny literally could not wait to see his reaction. She had made the first move and the anticipation was killing her. Fifteen minutes passed, nothing. Bryce would not know who's pussy was so nicely framed on his PC but two and two were easily added when he read the senders IP address. Jenny could wait no longer and she hurriedly walked to Bryce's office and peeked through the side door to see if he was there. Jenny heard him in the bathroom adjoining the office. She couldn't help smiling, feeling like a cat who had just stolen some cream. She so wanted to see the expression on his face when he looked at those copies. Jenny listened at the door and heard him come out of the bathroom; she listened as she heard a ruffling of papers and the sound of his keyboard keys. She could hear the quickening of his breath and she imagined him looking at her most intimate place, the same place that was presently sending shockwaves down her thighs as small contractions caused more slippery juices to be released from between her swollen outer lips.

Jenny walked away and grinned. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and felt herself being turned around. It was Bryce, and the knowing look in his eyes told her he knew it was her who had sent the e-mail.

"Got your E." his deep base voice reverberated in her chest. "Hope you didn't send it to me by mistake."

Again their closeness allowed her to feel his words. She blushed and he smiled a naughty smile.

"Fuck he is sexy! I'd do him now if he'd only ask." She smiled back at him, trying very hard not to reveal to him the turmoil that he was causing in her head and between her legs.

Jenny turned and walked in the direction of her office without answering Bryce. She could feel the heavy fall of his feet as he followed her. She was embarrassed; she didn't want him to find out this quickly. No, that wasn't true, she knew exactly what she was doing and she could not help herself.

As she entered her office she turned around to face him, in doing so she immediately noticed the bulge in his pants. She couldn't help staring, it was huge, and it wasn't there five minutes ago. Was he really interested? She looked up into his face and saw him staring at her breasts again. She looked at him puzzled, what should she do next? Should she make the first move or wait for him? She walked over to him and coyingly asked if he liked what he saw, he only nodded his head but she could see that his breathing was fast and shallow. She breathed in his musky scent.

Jenny turned around and sauntered back to her desk, watching the look in Bryce's eyes. She sat in her leather chair and kicked back from the desk. Suddenly she heard footsteps that had stopped in front of her door. Bryce quickly sat down and pretended to talk figures. Clever man she thought. It was one of the sales managers and he was looking for Bryce. As Bryce got up Jenny winked at him and placed her hand on her breast and squeezed it. She saw him swallow hard and smile, the thick bulge of his erect cock clearly visible. She was enjoying this, teasing the poor man, giving him something worthwhile to think about.

"See you for lunch then Mr McCleary"

"Most definitely, Ms Watson" was his husky reply.

At first it was with utter amazement that Bryce stared at the screen of his PC. The first attachment opened and he found himself looking at a colour copy of a perfectly round pair of ass cheeks, the thighs closed tightly, fumbling with the mouse Bryce managed to open the second attachment, this time the thighs were parted and this presented a smooth shaven pussy, the deep cleft between the lips closed, hiding their secret treasure. The next attachment was much more erotic. The ass cheeks had been parted to reveal the soft pink puckered ring of her anus, the pussy lips too had parted to reveal the thin wings of her inner pussy lips and a deep pink opening into forbidden depths. Tell tale traces of shiny wetness covered the length of the open groove, a sure sign that the owner of this perfect pussy was highly aroused. Peeping seductively from beneath the velvet fond of its hood was the swollen tip of her erect clit, teasing. Bryce's cock was now uncomfortably hard, his pants restraining any further upward movement of the now thick rod it was throbbing uncontrollably. One look at the senders address told Bryce exactly what he wanted to know, she had made the first move and now the gloves were off.

Time to retaliate, as he opened his door Bryce saw Jenny turn to walk away. He reached up to stop her, so soft; her hair brushed the back of his hand. Jenny turned to him and she could see in his face that he had seen the pictures. She turned again towards her office and he followed. Once inside she turned and her eyes dropped to the front of his pants where his erection was very obvious, she approached him and asked him in a whisper if he had enjoyed what he had seen, all he could do was nod his head. Maybe it was his imagination but he was sure he could smell her aroused pussy. Jenny turned back to her desk and sat down in her chair, kicking away from the desk she lifted her thigh slowly when suddenly here were footsteps near the door. Bryce sat down and pretended to be having a conversation with Jenny until one of his junior sales clerks excused himself for the interruption but would Bryce mind helping out with a problem. The clerk left and Bryce stood, preparing to leave, trying to devise a way to hide the outline of his hardon, Jenny winked at him and again asked him about lunch, then placed one of her hands on a breast, squeezed gently. Bryce had to get out of there, he turned and fled.

Jennie watched as Bryce fled her office, and shook her head, laughing. She was enjoying this game she was playing with Bryce, but she was getting bored. Jenny was horny and Bryce was not taking the bait. She looked at her watch and saw there was about half an hour before lunch. She went into the adjoining bathroom and made sure that Bryce would not resist her.

At precisely one o'clock Jenny walked into Bryce's office. She could see the look in his eyes and knew, just like herself, he also wanted this. Jenny walked over to him, swaying her hips as she walked. Her, now braless, breasts moving up and down against her blouse as she moved. Stopping at his desk she leaned forward, making sure that he could see into her blouse, deliberately exposing her breasts to him.

"Well Mr Cleary, ready for lunch?" she asked as she stood up, turned around and looked over her shoulder.

She noticed that Bryce was looking at her, running his eyes over her figure, he looked up at her and in his husky voice

"I'm ready Ms Watson". They walked together out of the office towards the lifts, close proximity allowing them to smell the presence of the other. They got into the elevator and no one followed. They were alone.

Jenny looked at Bryce and he looked at her, neither saying a word, the sexual tension so thick it could be cut with a knife. Suddenly it went dark and the elevator stopped between floors. They were stuck. Bryce managed to contact one of the maintenance guys on his cell phone and was told that the blackout had affected the whole city and that because the building was so old there was no way of getting them out until the electricity supply had been restored. He was also told that because one of the substations was faulty, they would be stuck there for a minimum of an hour. Bryce explained the situation to Jenny and she just smiled.

Both Bryce and Jenny were well aware of the consequences should they be caught having any sort of office relationship. These possible repercussions seemed to make the attraction that they felt for each other more alluring, the "forbidden fruit syndrome". Bryce stood with his back against he wall of the elevator; he was determined to keep the situation under control.

Jenny stood with her back against the opposite wall, her jacket covered all but the very front of her blouse and from where he stood Bryce could not see more than the buttons of her white garment. He knew, however, that beneath the thin white material was a pair of firm, pale, matching globes. Pert and round with matching pointed nipples, stiff and erect from the friction of her blouse. Bryce knew that the fine little bumps that encircled each tip would be standing out proudly, framing the swollen pink buds. He tried to keep his mind off of the fact that he knew that she was standing there in front of him with nothing her skirt covering the smooth split mound of her womanhood. The hood of her erect clitoris visible between the narrow gap in her outer lips where they nestled between her closed thighs. Bryce tried to keep his mind from imagining that a little deeper between those fleshy outer lips lay the soft wings of her inner pussy, folded protectively to close her secret opening where the heat of her passion was brewing, slowly bubbling to the surface in a slippery trickle of warm lust.

Jenny said nothing, she watched him intently. Bryce knew that she could see the outline of his ever-growing erection in the front of his pants. How he wished he could release his length for her to satisfy herself on, to have her way and leave him in a collapsed heap on the floor of the elevator, the tell tales signs of their passion a messy puddle between his legs. Bryce knew better than to lust after the boss but what do you do when the boss is lusting after you? Jenny was beginning to look uneasy; as he watched her she began to squirm slightly, as if she had ants in her clothes. Her breathing was becoming fast and shallow, her eyes became hooded and as he watched Jenny lifted her one hand under her jacket and cupped on of her full breasts, she sighed.

Bryce thought it maybe the time to voice what they both knew to be true;

"Jenny, we can't. You know what will happen if someone realizes what is happening, they will fire the both of us"

"Shut up and watch, see how long you can resist this. I am willing to take the risk if you are" She purred.

With that, Jenny removed her jacket. Bryce could see the colour and shape of her beautiful nipples clearly through the thin blouse. Jenny stepped towards Bryce, moving her hands up to once again cup her breasts, accentuating the probing tips of her nipples as they pressed against the white fabric. She stepped to within a foot of where Bryce stood, he could smell her, almost taste her, hear her every breath. Jenny began to unbutton her blouse, slowly, seductively, allowing Bryce to see the deep cleft between her protruding mounds. More buttons, until her blouse is completely open in front. Crossing her hands, Jenny placed her palms under her blouse where it still teasingly hiding her from Bryce's hungry view and taking a breast in each hand, gently squeezed, she gasped.

"Open me" she instructed Bryce.

With trembling hands Bryce reached out and took hold of the two folds of Jenny's blouse, slowly he moving them aside to reveal Jenny's hands as they gently massaged her swollen tits.

Bryce looked up directly into those burning blue eyes and with a smile Jenny dropped her hands. They were perfect, fully erect, begging for his warm mouth to take them one at a time and suck them gently, causing fingers of fire to shoot downwards into her pussy, caressing her clitoris. Bryce did not move, he only stared as her heavy breathing brought the beautiful sight closer with each breath, so close that Bryce could feel the warmth radiating from her tender skin.

Again Bryce looked up into her eyes, she pleaded with him to touch her, take her firmness in each hand and caress her to orgasm, but he did nothing. Torn between what he longed to do and what he knew he should not do. The look in Jenny's eyes changed slightly and Bryce saw a slight movement of her one hand, then he felt it. Jenny had reached out and placed her open palm over the thick outline of Bryce's huge erection. He gasped at her touch, her warm hand closed around the bulge of his shaft and she gently squeezed. Bryce put his head back against the wall of the elevator and the air hissed through his teeth as she rubed along the full length of his cock to where the head lay captive, swollen and throbbing. With practiced fingers Jenny gently pinched his shaft at the point where the thick flange of the head begins. Bryce felt the first release of sticky liquid from his tip, a warning that an explosion was pending. Now it was Jenny's turn to hiss as she felt his engorged cock twitch beneath her teasing fingers. She leant forward, pressing her naked chest against Bryce's broad, hard one, her head tilting forward onto his shoulder. Bryce could feel her shudder as she firmly stroked his rod through his pants. The heats of her hard nipples burn through Bryce's shirt as the rubbery firmness of her breasts presses them against him.

Then, suddenly the lights in the elevator come on, motors hum and the floor begins to move. Spurred into quick movement Jenny buttoned her blouse and donned her jacket again but nothing can hide the arousal in her face. Her pupils were dilated, her lips, quivering and her breathing, erratic. Bryce had never in his life been more attracted to a woman than he was at that moment to Jenny, she was wild with sexual arousal, like a horse in a burning stable she's highly agitated, eyes wide, nostrils flared. Bryce was sure he could literally smell her arousal. The doors whispered open and Jenny exited quickly with one sideways glance at him and a flick of that jet-black hair, she is gone. In that moment Bryce had made the decision that Jenny was going to be his, he was going to make love to her in every conceivable way, no matter what the risks. Only, it was going to be on his terms.

Jennie felt Bryce's warmth against her bare chest, she breathed in his smell and for a moment she felt herself being lost in this man. Suddenly the lights came back on and the lift moved, she quickly got dressed and as the doors opened it was her turn to flee.

She glanced at Bryce and fled. Jenny couldn't get to her car fast enough. Down in the underground garage stood her car. She had saved a long time to afford this baby. She didn't care about your everyday sports model, she wanted to be noticed when she drove hers. Standing under a light as if the light was made for it, stood her Mustang, blood red like the blood running in her veins. Chrome trimmed. Her car was an extension of her sexuality. Every piece of customizing she had chosen with great care, from the covers on the seats to the mags on the wheels. Sexuality personified.

Jenny felt she had to get out of there and with the engine purring she was gone. She was going to her hotel room where she could feel safe to try and decipher the feelings racking through her body. She was driving like a demon and had failed to notice that Bryce was following her. She ran up to her room opened the door and collapsed on the bed.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" she couldn't understand why she was throwing herself at a man she barely knew. Yet she knew she wanted him, she had to explore every inch of his body, run her hands over him. Jenny had felt him and she wanted more, she wanted him inside of her, to taste him. Getting up she stripped. She had to have a cold shower or she would not be able to go back to the office. Opening the taps, the cold water sprayed over her. She ran her hands over her body and imagined it to be Bryce's hands. Her hands went down to her pussy and ran her fingers over her clit, she could feel that it was still erect and loved the feeling of her teasing fingers. There was a knock at her door. With a sigh she got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her body and went to answer the door. Jenny opened the door and looked straight up at Bryce, straight into those deep hazel eyes. Jenny froze with her hand still on doorknob; taking her hand of the doorknob Bryce closed the door behind him. She stared up at him, her legs weak, total shock at this surprise intrusion. Bryce came up to her and took her in his arms.

Suddenly his mouth was on hers, open, his warm tongue probing. Jenny closed her eyes and succumbed to the dizzy emotion that suddenly overwhelmed her; she opened her lips to his and his tongue found hers in a warm, wet frenzy. Jenny wrapped her arms around his broad frame and held the back of his head, running her fingers through his thick hair. As she lifted her arms Jenny felt the towel that was hiding her nakedness fall to the floor and she pressed her exposed body hard against Bryce. Her tits were on fire as she ground them against the smooth fabric of his shirt. Standing on her tiptoes to reach up to him Jenny could feel her hips jammed against his thighs and her smooth mound pressed tightly against his swollen member where it stood out in front of his pants.

Jenny was lost in the sensation of the kiss, her world spun as his musky mouth seduced hers, their tongues entwined, breathing hard. Then he stopped kissing her, stepped back, looked at her nakedness from her toes to her head then stooped to pick up the towel and hand it to her. "See you back at the office" he turned and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Once Bryce had made the decision to make Jenny his, his plan fell into place very quickly. Firstly, he had to catch up with her and make it obvious to her what his intentions were. Jenny was moving at a hell of a pace, by the time Bryce got down to the covered parking she was already in her Mustang, reversing out of her parking. Bryce sprinted to his car and took off after her. It took all he and his car had to keep her in sight. Eventually Jenny pulled into the lot of the hotel and disappeared inside. Bryce parked and followed her in. He was just in time to see her close the door of her room on the ground floor. Now that he was here Bryce was unsure of what to do, he hesitated. Conflicting decisions went through his mind as he fought with himself over what to do, he walked up to the door and knocked," too late now" he thought.

Jenny came to the door with a towel wrapped around her, a look of complete surprise on her face. Bryce didn't hesitate; stepping forward he took her hand from the door and closed it behind him. He again stepped forward and took her in his arms, Bryce put his mouth on hers and he felt her melt against him, her lips parting as he searched for and found her burning tongue. Jenny lifted her arms and Bryce felt her towel drop, her nakedness pressed against him. He could clearly feel the shape of her firm breasts against his chest, he wanted her so badly. Bryce wished he could take her right there, lay her open and drive himself into her forever.

However...... that was not part of his plan. Jenny was beginning to react extremely aroused, her mouth moving on his, her hands restless in his hair and on his back, her hips thrust hard against him. Bryce could feel Jenny's mound as it pressed against his raging cock, all he had to do was lie her on the bed and she was his. Bryce broke the kiss and stepped back. God, she was magnificent. He looked at her naked body on display for him to see, the slim legs with the smooth slit at the apex, her clit standing proudly out from between her lips. The smooth belly topped by her perfect breasts with their very aroused nipples. Bryce looked Jenny in the eye as he picked up the fallen towel, handed it to her, told her he would see her at the office and left.

She looked as he turned away in utter disbelief. She stood there naked and he did nothing. Why had he come to her hotel room? She went back to the bathroom and had her shower.

She sat at the edge of the bed, her mind in turmoil. Did she do something wrong? Was he not turned on by what he saw? Yet he had come to her room. He wanted something. But what? She paced up and down, trying to figure out what he wanted. She knew he wanted her, she saw it in his eyes, but something was keeping him back. Then she smiled. He was playing her game now. She quickly got dressed, making sure she was irresistible. She got in her car and drove all the way back to the office.

Jenny got into the elevator. Up to the top floor she went. Stepping out of the elevator she walked over to Bryce's office. Stepping into his office, Jenny found it empty. Shrugging her shoulders she left and closed the door. Jenny went to her office and it was business as usual. Jenny kept herself busy until her secretary bid her farewell and left. She looked out of the window and watched the sun set. Standing up, Jenny walked over to the window. She did not hear her office door open, close or being locked and was unaware that Bryce was standing watching her at the window, the rays of the sun falling on her silhouette. She looked like a Greek goddess standing like that.

Jenny smelled him first. It didn't register that he may be in the room and she was startled when she felt hands on her shoulders. She began to turn but Bryce held her firmly. "At last" Jenny thought to herself as she realized what was about to happen. Leaning back against Bryce's sturdy frame, Jenny laid her head on his shoulder and breathed his scent in deeply. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to this man.

At first Bryce did nothing but stand and hold Jenny, watching the sunset over her shoulder, savoring the moment of closeness. For Jenny the moment was electric, the fine hairs on her arms stood up in anticipation and the goose bumps were in their millions up her spine. Jenny could hear Bryce breathing close to her ear and felt her hair ruffled by each breath. The pounding in her ears was the sound of her own heartbeat as her arousal increased. Bryce must have sensed her heightened sensitivity because he moved his hands slowly from her shoulders down on to her upper arms, gently he moved his hands from her blouse to the bare skin of her arms, Jenny shuddered. The initial shock of his warm palms on her skin was invigorating, she sighed as his hands continued moving down her arms, slowly, soothing. Bryce reached down and covered her hands in his; he squeezed her carefully, feeling along her fingers, into her palms. It was soooo relaxing, Jenny was melting, and the warmth of Bryce's touch on her smooth skin was incredible

Bryce's hands moved again, from her hands he moved to her hips where he explored higher into her waist and up, her ribs, tickling slightly but all the while the heat from his hands radiating through her clothing. His palms now flat over her belly, upward under the swell of her breasts. Bryce turned his palms and cupped a breast in each hand, lifting and holding them firmly. So warm the heat of his hands, the strength of his grip, his fingers searching for and finding the stiffly swollen nubs of her nipples. Gently Bryce traced the outline of Jenny's areolas where they stood out from the smooth surface of her breasts. The friction of Bryce's fingers was causing waves of pleasure to travel downward through Jenny's belly to between her thighs and deeper to where the heat of her arousal was slowly melting Jenny's insides and warm liquid was beginning to seep out from between her neatly folded inner lips as they protected her secret opening.

Bryce began to undo Jenny's blouse buttons, starting at the top, it seemed that he was making sure that he made maximum contact with her breasts as he continued torturing her with the smooth friction against her sensitive nipples. One by one the buttons were released and more of her naked flesh was exposed. The front of the blouse still hid Jenny's nipples but the swell of her breasts parted the fabric to reveal the soft pale curves in the valley between, rising up to a promise of darker peaks above. Bryce undid the last button and her blouse fell open, held together only by the sharp protrusion of her nipples. Bryce spread his fingers and started at the waistband of her skirt he touched her ultra sensitive skin with the barest of touches from his fingertips. Moving slowly upward, under her blouse, his fingers traced spidery tingles up her belly. Jenny's inner muscles contracted and she moaned as she felt her pussy release a fresh flow of heat out from between her lips and begin to form a wet slippery patch between her thighs.

Jenny gasped as Bryce's warm touch came in contact with the lower curve of her breast, her breathing was fast and shallow and her breasts rose and fell in time to each breath. His hands flowed over her skin like molten heat, conforming to her every contour, taking her shape. Another second and Bryce closed his huge palms over her naked breasts and Jenny inhaled a long, deep breath as he folded around her, her probing nipples between his thick fingers. A shock wave descended from where Bryce's hands cradled her breasts, through her chest, down her torso and ended in a splash of sensation between her tightly closed thighs. Jenny was shaking, almost as if she was cold, but it was arousal that was causing the reaction. She had never before experienced anything like this. Bryce began to gently massage her breasts, pressing them into his palms. He took her enflamed nipples and slowly rolled them between his fingers, Jenny was very near the edge, she could feel the warning signs. She had never before cum without clitoral stimulation before but now she could feel herself at the point of no return as she fought to press her thighs tighter together hoping for the friction she craved against her engorged clit, but it was futile. Her slippery lubricating juices were oozing from between her lips, making any kind of friction impossible; her pussy was so wet that she could feel the wetness at her clit.

It was at that moment that Bryce gently pulled on Jenny's nipples as he rolled them. Jenny bit her lip, reached back with her hands and grabbed Bryce's ass and pulled him close against her. She gave a long grunt as her world fell apart and she exploded into orgasm. She lost all sense of her surroundings except for his voice, deep, vibrating through his chest into her back, like a base drum, he was encouraging her to keep cumming, not to stop. She couldn't anyway, wave after wave of ecstasy hit her, making her pussy cramp tight, forcing more and more of her warm moist juices to flow from her.

It seemed like ages before Jenny began to relax, her breathing slowed and she stopped panting. Bryce held her tight against him while her orgasm subsided and it was a long time before Jenny opened her eyes and looked up at him.

Jenny was turning out to be everything that Bryce had hoped she would be, sensual, erotic and responsive. It seemed she couldn't get enough of his hands on her body. At first Bryce had been nervous about what sort of reaction she was going to have to him sneaking into her office. After placing the Champagne and flowers on Jenny's desk he was in two minds what to do, it proved to be the right choice to approach her quietly. Jenny had reacted in a way that was so erotic that it seemed as if his cock was going to burst at any second. Pressed between the firm cheeks of her ass, every move Jenny made was torture to Bryce. The woman was on fire, every touch caused a response. Her breasts so sensitive that when he had begun teasing her nipples she had erupted in orgasm. It had taken a while for her to relax but eventually Jenny had looked up at him, turned her head slightly and reached up to pull his mouth down on hers.

He could taste her arousal as her lips parted and her tongue sought his, her kiss was pleading for him not to stop. Not breaking the kiss Bryce turned Jenny, for a moment he felt the heat of her breasts against him, the grating of her nipples through his shirt. Bryce broke the kiss, his hands behind Jenny, caressing her back and again he trailed just the tips if his fingers along the defined muscles on either side of her spine, she placed her hands behind his head and played with his hair looking him in the eye.

Bryce trailed his fingers downward, feeling the tiny goosebumps on her smooth skin all the way down to the top of her skirt. Bryce searched for and found the small zip on the side of Jenny's skirt, took hold of it and tantalizingly pulled it open. Jenny smiled at him and he took hold of her skirt on each side and pushed down, freeing the garment from the curve of her hips and allowing it to crumple to the floor around her ankles. Again his fingertips began tracing the features of her back, up between her shoulders where his palms came to rest.

Bryce bent his head forward and Jenny let out a whispered moan as he closed his hot mouth around her left nipple. Gently pinching the rubbery tip with his lips, he felt her press her breast forward as if to try to force her nipple deeper into his mouth. Bryce opened his mouth and enclosed the entire areola. He pressed his tongue against her and he felt her stiffen in his arms, he slowly circled her nipple with his tongue, feeling it pucker tightly under the warm friction. Jenny was no longer playing with his hair, she had taken two fistfuls and was holding his mouth firmly in position over her burning breast, all the while whimpering, her eyes tightly shut.

Bryce could feel her tension building again but did not want her to cum again just yet. He released his hold on her breast and moving slightly took her other nipple in his mouth. Again a gasp out of Jenny as her sensitive tip got became accustomed to the oral assault. Bryce again felt the tightening of the warm flesh in his mouth as her areola puckered tight, this time he sucked her into his mouth, gently at first but Jenny pressed his head firmly into her breast and he took it as a signal that she wanted more. Her entire nipple changed shape as he sucked her into his mouth hard. It seemed to grow in size and he could feel the puffy swelling filling his mouth, he bit down gently. Jenny let out a stifled yell and froze, Bryce could sense the orgasm racking through her as he continued to gently nibble on her engorged nipple, never releasing his suctioned grip until he felt her begin to relax as her orgasm faded. Bryce gently kissed her heavily swollen nipple as he released Jenny to stand upright again. Jenny's face was flushed, her hair in disarray and her eyes hooded as if in a trance. "Thank you Bryce, that was great," she mumbled before she lay against him, her head on his chest. Bryce held her while she calmed down, her breasts pressed against his abs.

His cock was killing him, every bit of movement that Jenny made caused uncomfortable friction against his throbbing shaft and it was at this point that Jenny seemed to become aware of it.

Stepping back from him, Jenny kicked her skirt aside and Bryce could see that she was wearing a pair of sexy red French knickers and she was till wearing her stilettos.

Jenny then knelt on the carpet in front of Bryce, she looked up at him and with an evil grin began to undo his leather belt, all the time looking him straight in the eye. Jenny then undid his pants and opened his zip; a gentle tug and his pants were around his ankles. Jenny looked down between his legs at his bulging undies; it was his turn to moan when she unexpectedly closed her warm fist around his erect shaft, feeling the shape of his swollen head through the fabric with her fingertips. Jenny skillfully rotated her fingers around the sensitive ridge, causing Bryce's cock to twitch and throb in her hand. With her other hand Jenny cupped Bryce's heavy balls, feeling the spongy resistance under her fingers, it felt amazing.

With one swift movement Jenny released her hold on Bryce's manhood, took hold of his undies and pulled them down to join his pants around his ankles. In front of her Bryce's fully erect dick sprang free and she wasted no time in exploring it. Bryce had a very thick shaft and an even thicker head; sheathed in his foreskin it looked huge.

Jenny took his cock in her hand and gently drew Bryce's foreskin back to expose the smooth, dark bulb. She caressed his length from where it protruded from his pubic bush to the very tip where the tiny eye watched her every move. The sensation was beginning to have an effect on Bryce, he could feel his balls tightening as she closed her hand around him again and drew his foreskin back and forth over his mushroom head.

Again Jenny took his balls in her hand and slipped her fingers deeper, massaging his shaft where it passed between his legs. Bryce was having difficult breathing evenly. The friction of Jenny's hand along his shaft and the pressure of her fingers under his balls was becoming too much. Bryce closed his eyes and savored the sensations that were running through his rock hard cock, he felt Jenny draw his foreskin back to expose his head and then he felt a wet, warm heat engulf the end of his cock. Jenny had taken him into her mouth, just the tip at first, running her tongue around and under the head. Slowly she took him deeper, stroking his shaft with her hand and beginning to trust him in and out of her warm mouth. Bryce felt her lips pass the ridge and close around the shaft as Jenny inserted more and more of him into her mouth with each stroke.

Bryce felt his ass tighten as her stroking became more insistent, Jenny began to suck gently as his cock slipped between her lips, her fingers between his legs probed deeper massaging the very base of his hardon, causing intense pleasure. His balls still cupped in her hand Jenny squeezed ever so gently, coaxing out the sudden rush of warm sticky semen that she knew was on the way. Bryce felt the tip of his dick press against the back of Jenny's throat and he could feel that he was close to shooting his load. "Careful Jen, I'm gonna cum" Bryce whispered through clenched teeth. Jenny's only reaction to the warning was to increase the pressure of her fingers between his legs and to suck a bit harder on his cock as she continued thrusting it in and out of her mouth. Bryce felt the familiar feeling of his cock swelling as he approached the final stage before orgasm. Jenny's hand pumped his shaft and she trust his cock all the way into her mouth and held him, running her rough tongue along the underside of his dick as it pulsed in her throat. Jenny thrust her fingers deeper between Bryce's legs and he felt her fingertips touch the puckered ring of his anus; she circled him, pressing gently, drawing out his orgasm.

Jenny felt the first explosive jet of Bryce's orgasm start where her fingers were teasing his asshole. She felt him clench and the thick hard length of his cock between his legs moved as she felt the first shot pass under her fingers, a millisecond later she felt the shaft in her other hand expand as his load shot past. Jenny felt the thick stream of salty semen burst into her mouth and she felt her inner pussy respond. His sperm was hot and tasted great, without slowing her stroking on his shaft or the friction of her tongue under his knob, Jenny swallowed just before the second, even bigger squirt of hot semen erupted from inside his balls. Jenny could feel the contractions at the base of Bryce's cock where her fingers continued to tease his ass. His balls had tightened and he stood with his hips thrust forward, grunting quietly.

Spurt after thick spurt of cum shot from Bryce's cock as she held him tight in her mouth, she knew she was giving him intense pleasure and she wanted to make it last as long as possible. Bryce's orgasm faded and his ejaculations became weaker until they stopped completely. Jenny held him in her mouth as his shaft twitched and slowly began to soften. Carefully she cleaned him off and released him from her mouth. Jenny folded his foreskin closed over his head and let it hang before lifting his legs one at a time to free his clothing, she then pushed them aside to join her skirt.

Bryce lifted Jenny to her feet, wrapped his arms around her, drawing her against his she felt his deep voice deep in her breasts " Thanks Jen, I really needed that, you've been teasing the hell out of me all day". Jenny smiled up at him, she like it when he called her "Jen" "And what do you think you've been doing to me?" she quipped.

Only then did Jenny notice the Champagne and flowers, she reached up and kissed him, thanking him for being so thoughtful. Letting go of each other the two of them moved to the desk where Bryce proceeded to open the champagne. Jenny walked around the desk and Bryce watched her cheeky ass move where it peeped out from he knickers, "She's gorgeous" he thought to himself.

Jenny sat down in her leather chair and put her feet up on the desk, Bryce looked around for something to pour the champagne into, found nothing and passed Jenny the bottle. Jenny took a long swig from the bottle but lowered it a little too quickly and it fizzed, a thick, white stream of the cool bubbly liquid cascaded over the rim of the bottle, over her hand and down the bottle before splashing into the valley between her breasts and running down, filling her navel before soaking her knickers from the waistband over her mound and down between her thighs. Jenny squeeled as the coolness dribbled between the lips of her pussy, she stood as quickly as she could but it was too late, she had a wetter pussy. "Oh, well, you will just have to clean me up" she looked at Bryce mischievously, waiting for his reaction.

Bryce stepped around the table and took the bottle from Jenny, he carefully took a mouthful of the bubbly sweet liquid, careful not to make the same mistake Jenny had. Placing the bottle on the table behind him Bryce leant forward and put his warm mouth between Jenny's breasts, he tasted champagne mingled with her scent and he followed the trail south. The firm mounds on either side of his face pressed against his cheeks and Jenny giggled as he battled to keep his tongue at the base of the valley. Soon, however the valley flattened out onto a plateau, smooth and firm and wet with spilled champagne. Bryce found her deep navel and sucked noisily to ensure that all traces of wetness were thoroughly removed, Jenny Squealed with laughter and tried to back away but Bryce held her firmly.

A little lower Bryce felt her knickers waistband under his lips and Jenny stopped giggling. Bryce hooked his fingers under the band on each of Jenny's hips and drew downwards. As the waistband traveled downwards so Bryce's mouth followed, lapping up the taste of sweet wetness. There it was, the musky smell of a woman's arousal, Bryce breathed in her aroma as his tongue found the spongy firmness of her mound, he traced his tongue from one side to the other feeling the shallow rift where her mound joined her thigh. Jenny's mound pouted forward, perfectly smooth with tiny little dark spots where she shaved.

It was no surprise when Bryce's tongue encountered a deep ridge in the otherwise smooth mound. Bryce had at last reached Jenny's slit. Without hesitation he pressed the tip of his tongue into the crevice searching for and finding the soft, pink hood of Jenny's clitoris. Pressing deeper, pushing Jenny's outer lips aside Bryce felt the thick, hard welt of her clitoris hidden beneath the sheath and he explored it with his tongue.

Bryce pulled Jenny's knickers to the floor and without removing his tongue from its position over her clit he helped her step out of them, placing his hand inside her knees he parted her thighs slightly and Jenny obliged by standing with her feet apart, allowing Bryce easier access to her burning clit.

Bryce now probed deeper; he could taste her wetness, warm and slippery. Jenny's clit was hard and swollen and as Bryce parted her lips with his tongue so it stood out further until he could trace the full length of thick stub, from its base at the apex of her slit to the swollen pink tip where it peeped out from under its hood. Initially any contact with his tongue on the tip of her clit made Jenny jump slightly, with slow, gentle manipulation her sensitivity diminished and was replaced by an urgent need for full contact with his rough tongue. Bryce was enjoying this, Jenny was becoming more and more aroused and he could feel that she was becoming unstable on her feet. Pausing for a moment in his lapping of her clit he, turned Jenny and placed her naked ass against the desk. With the weight off her feet Bryce placed Jenny's legs on either side of him and kneeled in front of her. With her thighs spread Bryce had a clear view of her exposed pussy, from her clit, down between her closed outer lips to where the cheeks of her ass were visible on the desk.

Bryce leant forward, placing his open mouth squarely over Jenny's clitoris, driving his tongue between her lips and licking upwards under her clit shaft. The result was instantaneous. Jenny bucked her hips forward, thrusting her clit outward, making it more accessible to his probing tongue. Bryce moved the point of his tongue up and over the tip of Jenny's clit along the swollen shaft and back down again, Jenny matched his rhythm by thrusting her hips back and forth, pressing her erect clitoris hard against Bryce's tormenting tongue. Bryce tasted her juices as they flowed hotly from within her and he could tell that she was about to cum again, he rubbed her clit at a furious pace, knowing that it was driving Jenny wild. Jenny was whimpering and her thrusts were becoming more and more urgent.

Bryce suddenly stopped, stood Jenny up, turned her around and bent her forward over the desk, spreading her legs wide. The view was fantastic, Jenny's slim legs topped by her curvy ass split by a deep rift below which Jenny's puffy pussy lips glistened with her own hot juices. Jenny played along by supporting herself on her elbows, arching her back and sticking her ass out at Bryce. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks, parting them, exposing both her openings to him. Jenny could feel that her outer pussy lips had parted; her fine inner lips too were open, revealing the secret entrance to her inner pussy. Jenny almost fainted when she felt Bryce's mouth cover her open pussy and his probing tongue shoot forward between her slippery inner lips and deep into her exposed entrance. She felt his rotate his tongue inside her then withdraw to run it along her slit again to tease the tip of her enflamed clit. Inside her again, sucking gently, his hands spreading her further, hot breath on her sensitive anus. Bryce repeated his oral penetration of her and he knew that she was very close to cumming. He stopped, she moaned. Bryce stood up, helped her upright and turned her again, she sat on the desk and he gently pushed her back until she was flat on her back. Lifting her thighs high and wide, Bryce positioned Jenny's ass on the edge of the desk with her open pussy in line with his fully erect cock.

Bryce stepped forward and placed the length of his rod in the groove of Jenny's parted outer lips, the underside of his knob pressed against her protruding clit. Bryce moved his hips slightly, grinding his hardness deeper between her wet lips, his balls firmly lodged against Jenny's tight, warm, anus. Jenny was whimpering again, she badly needed to cum, reaching down she took hold of Bryce's rod and as he moved back she retracted his foreskin and guided the thick head deeper between her lips until she felt it pressed against the tight ring of her pussy entrance. Looking into his eyes she pleased "Please Bryce, I need you inside me now."

With a short movement forward, Bryce pressed his cock passed the tight entrance and Jenny felt the "pop" as the head stretched her open and penetrated her, her opening gripping his shaft tightly as it slipped further up into her. Jenny closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Bryce's hard length gliding effortlessly into her sodden pussy. She felt the end of his shaft pushing up into her, her inner walls giving way to the giant intrusion until she felt he tip of his rod firmly positioned at the mouth of her uterus and his balls pressed warmly between her ass cheeks. Bryce paused there, allowing Jenny a little time to become accustomed to the intrusion. Slowly Bryce withdrew from deep inside Jenny, his shaft now slick with her slippery lubricant. Jenny felt the ridge of his head once again encounter the tight ring of her pussy; again Bryce hesitated for a moment before once again slipping back up into Jenny.

Slowly increasing in tempo, Bryce began rhythmically thrusting his cock in and out of Jenny. Her arousal was complete; she had lifted her thighs as high as possible to allow Bryce's full length to penetrate her over and over. Bryce bent forward and again took one of Jenny's swollen nipples in his mouth; sucking hard he took her entire areola in. Again the result was instantaneous. Jenny gasped and grabbed Bryce's head, her pussy clamped around his cock so tightly that he had to make extra effort to drive it in and out of the tight opening. Jenny's inside quivered, she could feel the warm wetness running from her pussy down the crack of her ass where Bryce's balls were sliding in and out between her cheeks, teasing her anus. Jenny's nipple filled Bryce's mouth, his tongue feeling the rippled circle around the swollen tip. Bryce was close, he could feel his cock twitching and growing thicker, the head expanding inside Jenny, she could feel the tip of his rod probing her uterus, something she had never experienced before, his thrusting became more urgent as he felt her consciously tighten her inner walls around his rod, milking him, forcing him to spray her soft insides with his thick, hot seed.

Then it was time. Bryce bit down gently on Jenny's nipple, his hand found her other breast and he gently squeezed. Jenny bucked her hips and let out a strangled scream as she felt a bolt of pure pleasure course through her breasts down into her pussy and contract around Bryce's thick shaft as he released his first high velocity jet of semen deep inside her. Jenny felt the warmth of his ejaculation as he continued to send stream after stream of sticky white sperm shooting against her inner walls. So great was the amount of semen that Bryce came into her that there seemed to be no more space inside her and with each thrust forward, thick white cum oozed past Jenny's entrance and ran down her ass. It seemed that Bryce would never stop cumming, Jenny's pussy held onto him so tightly that each time his cock moved inside her it caused another spasm and another shot of semen would race up into her.

It was a while before either of them could move, Bryce's cock still deeply embedded inside Jenny. His now oversensitive head twitched every time Jenny moved. Bryce could not understand it but he was still rock hard and slowly as the two of them laid together so Bryce could feel every movement Jenny made. Her inner pussy relaxed, releasing him slightly but when he tried to retract she clamped down on him again.

"Please stay inside me," Jenny asked. He looked up at her and gently kissed her lips, her mouth opened and her tongue found his. At first the kiss was gentle but Bryce found Jenny becoming aroused again as he played with her wet tongue. Before either of them had time to fully recover they were again fully aroused. Bryce felt Jenny's pussy chewing on the length of his cock, a mixture of his semen and her sweet juices mingled to create a super slick runway for Bryce to plunge his raging cock into again.

Gone was the hypersensitivity around his knob, Bryce moved his rod slightly inside Jenny and she responded by gripping him fiercely with her pussy. Jenny sat up and told Bryce to move away, regretfully he pulled his cock from within Jenny's juicy insides and stepped back. She stood up and told Bryce to lie on the desk, he obeyed and she followed by stepping up and placing her feet on either side of Bryce's hips. Jenny squatted down on Bryce; reaching down between her thighs she took his ridged pole in her hand once again and pushed his soft foreskin back to fully expose the head. Positioning herself, Jenny placed the tip of his cock as her entrance once again and in one movement sat her pussy down on his full length, impaling herself.

Because of her positioning it seemed to Jenny as if he had penetrated her even deeper than before. Jenny felt his thickness slide easily up into her but this time she felt his tip stretch open the mouth of her uterus and enter her. Jenny didn't move, it felt as if her whole pussy had come alive inside and was massaging Bryce's erection where it stood stiffly inside her. Bryce felt his cock enter her and slide quickly the full length up inside her, but then he felt something else, it felt as if he has just entered a second pussy and Jenny went wild. She didn't lift off of him for fear of retracting the head from its firmly planted position. Jenny rocked her ass back and forth, stimulating her pussy against Bryce's swollen rod and at the same time forcing his balls against her slippery anus. Bryce reached up and cupped Jenny's breasts, rubbing the swollen tips with the pads of his thumbs. Jenny growled deeply and rode his cock hard, she was conscious only of her burning need to cum again. She could not force Bryce's cock any deeper into her, she had taken ever inch he had. Now she needed one of his explosive ejaculations to happen. Again Bryce felt the swelling up of his cock as he neared orgasm, in response Jenny clamped down on him and milked the semen from inside him.

Jenny stopped rocking and held Bryce at the deepest point of his penetration. This time she was not prepared for the result of Bryce cumming so deeply inside her. The initial burst of semen inside her caught her completely off guard. Jenny's super sensitive pussy felt each movement and sensation of Bryce's ejaculation and she let out one long groan as the hot stream of thick sperm erupted into her. Bryce clenched his eyes closed as he unloaded deep inside her pussy. Jenny's orgasm caused her to stop breathing, her inner muscle spasmed tightly and she could feel her slippery anus opening and closing tightly as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her. Jenny reached down between her legs and felt her engorged clit standing out from her parted lips, placing her fingertip in the thick ridge of the shaft Jenny franticly rubbed her clit, heightening the already maddening sensations occurring just beneath her fingers.

They could both feel the hot slippery sensation of their mixed juiced escaping from inside Jenny and pooling under Bryce's balls. Jenny eventually collapsed on Bryce's chest, spent. Bryce gave her a long while to recover and he started to feel his cock softening and withdrawing from within her, eventually popping free from her in a flood of warm semen and pussy juice. Jenny looked up at Bryce, smiled, sat up and grabbed the bottle of champagne. She tilted her head back and took a long swig, when she came down the champagne frothed over her hand and down her breasts. Jenny giggled "Now you'll have to clean me up again Mr. Mc Cleary"

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