Joined by accident.
Mike’s cock was about to burst, his hand was wrapped tightly around his throbbing shaft as he pumped his meaty pole up and down. A quick look up to see that Monique was still watching him closely, her own hand beating frantically between her legs.

It all started an hour earlier during a long trans-Atlantic flight. Everyone on the plane was asleep; Mike hadn’t seen the stewardess for ages and he was bored. The in flight movies were crap and Mike was feeling frustrated. He had not seen his girlfriend for weeks, his job took him all over the world and for a twenty five year old not to have regular sex was a hell of a thing. Just thinking about his girlfriend Monique caused his cock to stir.

Next to him was a good looking woman of about twenty or so. They had talked a bit, exchanging decencies as one would when stuck together for any length of time. Mike had eyed her tits when she wasn’t looking. Small and petite, her nipples hard under her silk blouse. She had changed clothes earlier to a loose fitting cotton “T” shirt and a pair of shorts; she said it would be more comfortable to sleep. Her legs looked great in the shorts and Mike could clearly see she was not wearing a bra under her shirt. Business class seats were fairly large and comfortable to sleep in and it had not taken her long to drift off to sleep after she had covered her legs with a blanket.

Mike sat watching Monique breath, her chest rising and falling rhythmically causing her pert titties to press against her shirt, the friction stiffening them. Perhaps it was the air-conditioning that was making her nipples stand out or maybe they were just always hard. No matter the reason, Mike was enjoying watching her firm globes and he felt his dick swelling, were her nipples dark or light? Did she have large areolas or small ones? Mike’s imagination was now causing some discomfort between his legs. He could feel his average sized rod filling the confined space of his pants, he felt the need to haul out his shaft and relieve the boredom.

Looking around, Mike checked to make sure there would be no audience. He covered himself with his blanket and slipped his hands under the cover to slide his zipper down and loosen the button on his pants. He felt immediate relief as his pants opened and his cock had room to expand. Mike briefly rubbed the front of his briefs, feeling the hard resistance of his swollen glans and the thick shaft of his uncircumcised rod. It felt good, the friction against his cock and Mike felt his dick jerk and swell further as he again looked over at Monique’s tits. Her blanket had fallen away slightly to expose the top of her thighs, her one hand was tucked tightly between her legs, pressed into the narrow space between her thighs.

Mike pulled his briefs away to free his now fully erect knob. He took his rod between his fingers and pulled downwards, retracting his foreskin from the shiny, thick helmet at the top. Running a finger tip over the tip Mike could feel the sticky pre-cum leaking from his balls. Reaching down with his other hand he cupped his balls and lifted them, freeing them from between his legs. He massaged the soft sack for a moment, enjoying the sensation of the firm twin spheres inside. Mike’s cock twitched and he began to stroke his shaft, feeling the thick ridge at the top as his hand passed over the thick head. More pre-cum at the tip and a quick swirl to spread the slippery fluid. Looking over at Monique again he noticed that her hand had moved slightly, she was now cupping her pussy in her palm. This excited Mike even further, imagining what her firm pussy lips would feel like in his hand. She was breathing faster now for some reason, not the slow steady rhythm which she had been earlier. Looking up at her face Mike was certain he saw her pinch her eyes closed suddenly. He stopped stroking his cock, what if she was awake? How embarrassing if she were to catch him having a wank in the seat right next to her, staring at her tits and imagining her tight little cunt? She didn’t stir and Mike could no longer resist the urge to feel the friction on his rampant shaft.

Mike looked down at Monique’s crotch again and he was certain he saw movement between her legs. He watched closely and sure enough her hand was moving ever so slightly on her pussy, her fingers pressed deeply between her legs. Mike could imagine her massaging the crease of her pussy just there where the lips closed over her tight opening. It was just his imagination but it was making his hand move more rapidly over his erection. Mike was aware that it was obvious that he was wanking under the blanket. The bulge in front of him was moving up and down and anyone could see what was happening. He turned slightly towards Monique in case one of the other passengers should wake and see him.

The sensation in Mike’s cock was ascending to a point where he knew he would cum soon. He looked down again at Monique’s hand, this time he was certain he saw movement again. Mike watched as Monique parted her legs slightly and ran her fingers along the crease of her cunt, pressing the seam of her shorts into the fold between her lips. Mike could now clearly make out the shape of her pussy, her pouting lips hugging the thin seam deeply between them. Mike looked up straight into Monique’s eyes; she smiled at him and whispered,

“I’ve been watching you playing with yourself and you have turned me on big time. Please don’t stop, I want to watch you cum.”

She moved her free hand and lifted her shirt, exposing her pert tits to him, her nipples were on fire, standing fully erect the small dark areolas thick and swollen around them.

Mike couldn’t believe it. He felt a sudden rush of excitement as he stroked his cock with renewed vigour.

“Look down at my pussy, I’ll show you how I play with myself as well. I am so wet, I hope no-one sees us, I want to put my finger into my pussy.”

With that she slipped her fingers under the side of her shorts and moved them aside at the same time she spread her legs further. Mike could see her mound, hairless and smooth, her stiff clitoris standing out from between the top folds of her lips. Reaching down with her other hand Monique placed her fingers on either side of her clit and parted her outer lips, pulling upward slightly and causing her clit to stand out, the pink hood retracted away from the swollen shaft. Mike had never seen a clitoris this size, It was long and thick, as thick as his little finger and about half as long.
“You like my clit?” she whispered. “It’s nice and big and sometimes I like to wank it like a cock, it even has a head like a cock. Would you like to suck my clit?”

Mike was now very close to cumming and Monique could see it, she reached down and pushed a finger between her lips, finding her waiting opening and pushing inward she penetrated her vagina, feeling the tight opening cling to her probing finger as it slipped into her. She moaned softly.

“Tell me just before you cum, I want to feel you shoot your load” she said as she stared down at Mike’s pumping blanket.

Mike moved his blanket aside and Monique saw his hand sliding up and down his thick shaft. Mike paused for a second, holding his foreskin back for Monique to get a good look at his throbbing knob, thick, clear pre-cum glistening on the swollen head.

“Wow’ she said “Nice cock, I love to feel thick cocks like that inside my pussy”

Her hand was moving at an increased pace, she fingered herself deeply, inserting her digit as far up inside as she could reach. Monique had splayed her thighs wide, making access to her aching cunt easy. Her one hand still held her lips apart while the other finger fucked her wet entrance hard. As Mike watched she shifted her one hand and took her engorged clit between two fingers and began to masturbate it in the same manner as he was jerking his shaft. Her strokes were shot and fast and Mike could see the fat tip poke out from between her fingers with each stroke.

“You had better hurry up and cum, this makes me blow off very quickly” she panted as she wanked herself furiously.

That was enough for Mike. “I’m cumming” he groaned as he felt his cock swell in his hand.

Monique reached over and placed her hand over the head of his cock, gently holding it and at the same time she teased the underside of his knob with her thumb.
Mike felt the first raging torrent of semen shoot along his shaft and burst out of the tip into Monique’s hand. She continued rubbing his helmet as splurge after splurge of thick white semen erupted from his balls. After the initial few bursts of sperm Monique removed her wet, sticky hand from his cock as Mike continued cumming. She took her hand and placed her semen covered palm between her legs, sighing as she felt the heat of his ejaculation against her enraged pussy. Monique pushed her mound forward into her hand, he fingers, sticky with his cum, drove into her open hole. Stretching the tight entrance and pushing her into ecstasy. She rode the waves of pleasure as her wet pussy sucked the semen from her fingers. Mike’s cock slowly stopped twitching and the flood of sperm stopped pumping from the end of his cock. They both lay there recuperating, considering what they had just done.

Mike looked around nervously and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw no-one was awake. He looked over at Monique and watched as she slowly massaged her pussy.

“How about a second round, I’m wet and ready. This time you put that gorgeous cock inside me”

Mike smiled, he wasn’t bored any more.

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Dude...maybe you should read your own stories before you trash legitimate points...
''Just thinking about his girlfriend Monique caused his cock to stir''
followed shortly afterwards by
''Mike sat watching Monique breath....''


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Dude, learn to read before you trash other peoples efforts. Idiot.

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