Enjoy this Holiday offering of the love share by two siblings
It was the 22nd of December, just 2 days to go before we could open our presents from each other and 3 days before Santa arrives. I know, “I’m too old to still believe in Santa Claus but since that’s when we get all of our secret presents from the mysterious giver, it might just as well be Santa.

My name is Cory and I’m 12 years old. There are four of us in my family; my Mom and Dad and my sister Sherry and me. She is older than me by 6 1/2 years and she goes to the Community College on the other side of town. She’s living in an apartment with her friends but she comes home almost every weekend. I think she’s real pretty and she’s nice to me, but really doesn’t spend much time with me. I’m just her little brother.

On this particular day, she was dropped of at our house by her boy friend, who goes to the College with her, and she came skipping up the front steps and burst into the front door with the biggest smile on her face.

“Hey Cory, how’s my little brother?” she asked all excited about something.

“Hi Sis,” I said in greeting. “I’m fine. Are you ready for Christmas?”

“Gosh no, I haven’t done any shopping yet and almost out of time. Plus Dave asked me to go skiing with him tomorrow” she said enthusiastically.

“Oh that’s nice,” I said out of some unknown obligation to my older sister.

“What’s there to eat, I’m starving,” she added, heading for the kitchen.

She went in with me following her and I stood back and watched as she rifled through the refrigerator. She was looking for something, anything to fill that hole in her stomach until Mom and Dad got home and we ate dinner. As she bent over to look at the bottom shelf for food, the skirt she was wearing came up on her rear end and I could see her panties as they made their appearance under her rising skirt. I just stood there with my mouth open, like a deer caught in the head lights, until she stood up once again.

“My gosh,” I thought to myself. “I just saw my sister’s panties!” I don’t know if she knew what she had done or not but as she pulled a plate with yesterday’s dinner on it out to nuke in the micro, she acted like she had no idea what I had just seen. I tried looking the other way so she wouldn’t notice my expression but she did and stopped to look at me.

“What? Is this yours or something? I’m so hungry Cory do you mind if I eat it before dinner?” she asked not waiting for a reply to even know if it belonged to me.

I recovered enough to answer, “Oh yeah, go ahead Sis.”

She sat down at the counter and when she swung her legs up on the stool, she flashed me again and I almost choked. I hurriedly left the kitchen for my room as she asked, “How soon will Mom and Dad be home from the office?”

“I don’t know,” I replied while walking towards my room. I closed the door behind me and plopped down on my bed. My brain was racing, trying to sort out what it had seen a few seconds ago. “Wow, my sister’s panties! I saw her butt and then her crotch! My gosh, how did I get so lucky?”

I stayed in my room the rest of the afternoon, not daring to venture out where I might be seen by Sherry. I didn’t know what I would do if I saw her just right then. I would probably be so red faced that she would know something was up so I just stayed in my room and relived the scene over and over in my mind.

Finally, about the time Mom and Dad usually came home, I left my room to go and watch a little TV but I stopped off in the kitchen to grab a glass of milk. There she was again, standing at the sink rinsing a plate off before setting it in the dishwasher. She had changed out of her skirt and blouse and was now wearing an old pair of sweats, top and bottom. My heart sank a little and I wondered why but as she turned to place her plate in the dishwasher, she bent at the waist and the top of her sweat shirt fell down in front, exposing her entire breast area to my eyes. She wasn’t wear a bra and I could see all the way down to her tie tops of her sweat pants. My mouth flew open with shock and I was standing there gawking at the sight when she looked up at me and saw my expression. She knew instantly what I had seen so she just smiled, rose up and pulled her front back down into place and walked out of the room.

I stood there for a second, trying to clear my brain, but all I could see were her two perfectly shaped titties swaying there before my eyes and I almost fainted. “I’d just had a triple header; I saw her butt, her crotch and now her tits in one afternoon. I can die now in total peace,” I thought.

About that time my parents got home and my Mom started dinner for the family. After we cleaned up from our meal, Sherry said that she was going out for the evening and would be back around 10 or so. School was out for me because of the holidays so I could stay up as long as I wanted to. Mom and Dad turned in as normal around 9:30 so it was just me until Sherry got home with her boyfriend.

I had met Dave before and he was okay as far as I was concerned but neither of my parents thought very much of him. They came in and sat down on the sofa and I took that to mean that they wanted to be alone so I told them “Good night” and went to my room upstairs. I slipped on my PJs and then had a thought. Maybe if I was real quiet, I could sneak to the head of the stairs and see what they were doing down on the sofa.

I put my plan into action as I slowly crept out of my room and down the hall to the staircase. My parent’s room was on the first floor so I didn’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on me so as I knelt down at the head of the stairs, I looked at them on the sofa and gasped at what they were doing.

Sherry was almost lying down on her back and Dave had his hand up her sweat shirt. Her eyes were shut and her head was back on the cushion of the sofa. She was breathing very loudly as he was running his hand around and around on her titties. My eyes got so big as I watched them make out like that and then after a little bit, he moved his hand down to her bottoms and to the draw strings as he was trying to put his hand down the front of her pants. She stopped his hand there as she opened her eyes and whispered to him, “Oh Dave not here, my folks could come out any moment. We’ll have time for this when we go skiing alright?”

Dave was a little upset as he removed his other hand from under her shirt. He said something about “Letting him get all turned on and then putting the stops on it,” and getting up and leaving my sister sitting there on the sofa. As he left the house, Sherry looked hurt and concerned as she stood up and headed for the stairs. I was still kneeling there at the top of the stairs and as I moved, she looked up and saw me running back to my room.

I jumped into bed and crawled under the covers in the darkness of my room and I laid there waiting but not making a sound. I waited and waited and then there was the inevitable low knock on my door. I didn’t say a word but I was sure she could hear my heart beating it was so loud. Another low knock came to the door and then it began to open just a little bit. Sherry stuck her head around the door and whispered, “Cory, can I come in a second?”

I didn’t answer at first but remained silent. “I know you’re not asleep Cory, I saw you at the head of the stairs. Please can I come in, we need to talk about what you saw down there,” she said in a steady voice.

“I didn’t see anything,” I lied.

“Cory, yes you did. You saw everything didn’t you?” she calmly asked.

“Well not everything. I was only there for a couple of minutes,” I confessed.

“Can I come in and sit and talk to you for a little bit?” she asked walking in to my room not waiting for a reply.

She came over to my bed and sat down next to me. I could see her silhouette against the hall light and I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her long hair cascaded down over her shoulders and acted like a filter as the light behind it defused into a glowing haze. Her facial features were smooth and appealingly perfect to my eye anyway and her trim full body blended into the darkness of the room. She stroked my face gently as she sighed a big sigh before she began to speak.

“Oh Cory” she said as if she didn’t know what to say. “”what you saw Dave and I doing down there on the sofa was something that you will understand when you get older,” she finally started.

“I know what you were doing. Dave was feeling your titties and you were enjoying it a lot,” I interrupted her infantile explanation for what went on. I got suddenly pissed off being treated like an infant so I expressed it loud and clear to my sister.

“Oh so you know all about touching girls breasts then,” she countered.

“Busted,” I instantly thought. “I didn’t say that,” I told her instead, “all I said was that I know what you were doing that’s all.”

She thought for a moment trying to figure out what she was going to do now. “I saw you peer down my top this afternoon,” she said, changing the subject. “Was that the first time you’ve seen girl’s breasts?”

It was a good thing we were sitting in the dark because I am sure that I turned as deep color of red hearing her question. “I don’t know,” I lied again.

“Do you want to see them up close?” she suddenly asked.

My eyes must have popped out of my head hearing that question come out of her mouth. “What did she just ask me? Do I want to see them up close? “HELL YES I DO!” I thought but I hesitated to say so. She didn’t wait for an answer to her question but reached down with both of her hands and grabbing the bottom of her shirt, pulled it up and over her head.

I saw for the first time ever in my life the most beautiful sight in the whole world, the silhouette of her titties backlit against the light coming in from the hallway. To my inexperienced eyes, they were the perfect shape, just like I had always imagined titties should look like. They were full and round with little nipple things sticking out from them that for some reason made my wiener start to twitch a little. So you can imagine what it felt like when she asked me if I wanted to touch them.

My mouth dropped open as she took my hand in hers and moved it up to touch one of her globes and reaching its destination, I almost melted away. The first touch was indescribable it was so exciting. The softness yet firmness of her forbidden area sent chills down my spine as I rubbed her fleshy mass and when she moved my hand over her nipple area and I could feel the tightness of it under my hand, I almost wet my pants.

She raised her chin just a little and sighed as I moved my own hand out from under hers and started exploring by myself. I rubbed around first one and then the other until she was breathing heavily out of her mouth and then I kind of pinched her right on her nipple. She shied away suddenly and moved her hand up and stopped the greatest moment in my life saying, “Whoa Little brother, I think that I need to go on into my room now,” and got up out of the bed to leave.

She slipped her shirt back over her head and started for the door when she stopped, turned around and said in a low voice, “I did that so you would tell anyone what you saw tonight you know.”

“Yeah,” I told her that I did. “But Sherry, I wouldn’t have told the folks anyway, it’s none of their business is it? But thanks for the thought though. You know, even though you just think of me as just your kid brother, I respect you and what you think, so if you want to show me something anytime, I’ll be ready.”

She smiled at me and then she turned to the door and walked to the light of the hallway, disappearing towards her room. My mind exploded as I relived what just happened and I only wished that it had not stopped.

Dave and Sherry left for their skiing trip early the next morning before I woke up. My parents had left for the office so I was stuck at home, alone on the 23rd of December. “What am I going to do?” I thought. “Watch TV I guess.”

After about five hours of watching old reruns, cartoons and a little bit of a football game, I got so bored that I went back up into my room and took a nap. Now when I take a mid-afternoon nap, I can’t ever sleep the following night so I was really upset at myself when I awoke an hour and a half latter. I got up and drug downstairs just in time to hear my sister and Dave arguing at the breakfast table.

I was out of sight from the kitchen but I heard Sherry say, “No Dave, not here and not now! I told you that my brothers upstairs napping and I don’t want to take the chance of him waking up and finding us.”

“Oh come on! So what if he does wake up? He’s old enough to understand,” argued Dave. “Sherry, you’re really starting to piss me off. Now are we going to do it or am I leaving?”

“Well, I’m not going to do it with you right this second but I’m not asking you to leave either. Dave, why are you being such a butt anyway?” Sherry asked. “It seems like lately, all you want to do is fuck. There’s no romance, no cuddling and no tender talk. It just lye down and fuck. Is that all I am to you these days, just a good piece of ass?”

“Well, I don’t know, it’s been so long since I’ve had any that I couldn’t say if you’re that good of a piece of ass anymore,” he yelled.

“Oh, go to hell Dave!” she yelled back and stomped out of the kitchen right to where I was standing. The look on her face was horror as she stopped and then ran up the stairs. I ducked into the down stairs bathroom and waited for things to calm down. I heard the back door slam shut so I hesitantly opened the door and stuck my head out to see if the coast was clear. Seeing and hearing no one, I eased myself back up to my room and quietly closed the door. I waited breathlessly wondering what to do,

I waited for about 15 minutes or so and then I heard a tapping at my door. I said, “Come in,” and the door opened and Sherry stuck her head around the corner and asked, “Can I come in.”

I indicated that it would be alright so she came in and sat down on the edge of my bed. She looked like she had been crying as she sat there not saying a word and hanging her head. She sat there motionless for the longest time and then she asked in a low voice, “Did you hear everything?”

I thought for a second and then answered, “I don’t know, I heard enough though.”

“Then you heard all about us doing it and all,” she said still not moving her head up from starring at her lap.

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing. I don’t know why but she continued to explain by saying, “We’ve been doing it for over four months now, almost every day or night. I really do think that I love him but he’s becoming such a demanding shit, oh I’m sorry,” she asked, covering her mouth from swearing.

I shrugged my shoulders so she continued. “It seems lately that that’s all he wants to do, you know do it. You understand what I mean when I say “do it” don’t you?”

Now I’m not the smartest kid in my class and I’m really not sure what all “doing it” entails, but I’ll be darned if I’ll admit that to my older sister, so I said, “Yeah.” I’ve had health class last year and this year. They seem to think that we all needed it again. I guess it has something to do with most kids starting to change in their bodies. I know that my small little wiener has become a much bigger cock that has grown a mustache this last year, but to embarrass the heck out of all of us by forcing us to sit through that sex class again was too much. So when she asked me if I knew what it meant to “do it” well I guess I didn’t lie when I said “Yeah”.

She thought for another minute and then asked me, “Did you enjoy touching my breasts last night?”

The blood must have rushed to my face when I heard her question because my cheeks became really hot and flustered. I didn’t know what to say in response so again I said nothing.

“I really did,” she continued to embarrass me. “Your touch was so soft and gentle. It showed me the respect and love that I haven’t felt in a long time.” She stopped and though for another minute then she asked, “Do you want to touch them again?”

I was panicked knowing what to say but I had to say something this time, I just had to. I looked into her eyes and saw a sincere loving look that made me want to shout out loud, “GOD YES I WANT TO TOUCH THEM!” but I instead mumbled “Yeah,” and looked down at her taking off her sweater.

As she pulled it free from her hair, she tossed it down on the floor next to where she was sitting and stole a glance at my expression. What she saw was my lips parting, my eyes growing big with expectations and my chest pounding. She slowly reached around behind her and routinely unsnapped her bra and removed it from her shoulders. As she released it to fall away, my expression turned to wonderment and I saw for the first time in the light of day, the two titties that I touched the night before.

I call them “titties” but that seems too crass and callous of a term when in actually they were beautiful, flesh and blood breasts. But at that particular moment, I didn’t care what I called them, all I wanted to do was touch them again just like last night except this time, I could see them in the light of day. I slowly reached my hand out and she watched it come towards her precious globes and when I made contact, she inhaled sharply and closed her eyes.

She sighed a little as I ran my hand all around on them, one at a time. I took great care to pinch her right on the nipple as I watched it harden before my very eyes. Then she did something unbelievable. She moved her hand down to my thigh and placed it just below my crotch by a few inches. I froze as I looked into her eyes and waited for her to look back into mine. But as she did, a gentle smile came over her expression and she moved her hand up to my hardened cock.

My eyes must have bulged out of my head as I could feel her hand gripping my cock. It felt so unbelievable that I muttered something like, “Oh my gosh Sherry” and closed my eyes. I was in heaven having my hard little cock touched like that and I forgot the fact that I was massaging my sister’s full bare breasts with my hands. But as I continued to squeeze down on her ripe little nipples, her pace was increasing dramatically with her hand and I was about ready for my first non self-administered orgasm.

It felt amazing from start to finish and finish it did. I let out a squirt into my pants that soaked my trousers immediately. She had to know that I was shooting because of the gooey residue seeping out of my pants. She was breathing heavily out of her open mouth as she slowly stopped stroking my deflating cock. She reached over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said, “You had better go get cleaned up before Mom and Dad get home. I’d better go down and start dinner.”

She got up and redid her bra and then put on her sweater once again. As she walked out of my room she turned and said, “That was really nice, Cory.”

All I could say was “Yeah!” as she left to room for the kitchen down stairs. All I could think about was “Did she do that to keep me quiet or did she do that because she wanted to.”

After dinner that evening, we all stayed up and had family time in preparation for Christmas Eve. We played and sang, joked and frolicked like any other family. We went to bed late that night and as I laid there in my bed, I hoped and listened for that tapping at my door. I waited and hoped and finally fell asleep not hearing a sound come from my door. I was disappointed to say the least.

Everyone was around the following day as Mom and Dad took the day off and Sherry only talked to Dave on the phone. It was a long call that got very heated at times. But when it had ended, Sherry went to her room and had a good cry. My heart felt for her as I could only watch and listen.

Christmas Eve is the time that our family exchanges our gift to each other. Christmas Day is the time we all get our presents from Santa. It is a tradition that started back when I was a baby and has carried forward to today. I know it sounds kind of funny but we still enjoy playing the part.

That evening, after we had our chili, another tradition on Christmas Eve, we sat around and exchanged gifts. I got my sister a CD and a tee shirt that had a bunny on it and it said, “Christmas Bunny”. I waited for a long time but I didn’t see anything for me from Sherry. At around 11: o’clock we finished up with our gift exchange and Sherry came over to me and whispered in my ear, “Cory, I’m so sorry. With everything that happened between Dave and me and all of the frustration I’ve been through, well, I never got around to shopping for a present for you. Can you ever forgive me?” she looked on with a devastating look in her eyes.

“Sure, it’s okay,” I said to her. I was really hurt by the fact that it was I that she didn’t find time to buy a present for. Mom and Dad each got something but she didn’t have time to shop for me. But I put on a brave face and when it was time to go up to bed, she walked with me up the stairs and apologized again for her mistake.

I got ready for bed and was just about to turn off the light when I heard a tap at my door. My heart began to race as I softly answered, “Come in.”

She peeked around the corner of the doorway and looked in giving me a big smile. Then she came on in to the room wearing the Christmas Bunny tee shirt I had given her earlier this evening. She came in and spread her arms to show it off and said, “What do you think? I love it Cory. Thank you so much.”

She walked over to my bed with me lying there under the covers and said, “I want to give you a present. I want to give you something no one else can ever give you again.” She slowly put her hands down on the hem of the tee shirt and pulled it up over her head. As it made its way up over her body, it became apparent that she had nothing on under her shirt. I gasped out loud at the sight of her naked body as it cleared her head and then she pulled back the covers and crawled in next to me.

Placing her mouth next to my ear she softly told me, “I want to be your first one. I want to be the one who takes your virginity. I want you to make love with you tonight.”

I tried to speak but no words would come out. I tried again but her hand stole my breath as it went down to the waist band of my PJs and started to pull them down. I only had on my bottoms and I wasn’t wearing any underwear so as she pulled them down over my hard cock, it sprang out into the light of day as I gasped my embarrassment.

She cuddled up to my hip and draped a leg over my crotch. I could feel her bare leg rubbing on my bare cock and the sensation was unbelievable. Then I felt her curling pubic hair as she ground her pussy into my hip. I let out a groan as she whispered into my ear, “Take your hand down and put it on my pussy, Cory.”

I followed her instructions and placed my hand directly on her hairy crotch. I was shaking I was so nervous but Sherry told me to relax and enjoy this moment. I started to rub my hand around on her pussy and felt some moisture coming from down there. I pressed my finger in between her two lips, trying to find the source of the moisture and when I hit this slick spot, my fingers got all gooey with fluids. She was panting as she said, “Roll over on top of me, Cory and lye down between my legs.”

She had spread out her two limbs and was inviting me to lye down in between them as she raised her knees up. So I settled in down there as she rubbed my cock back and forth. My face was right above her breast area so I did something very strange for me, I bent my head down and licked at one of them. She groaned aloud and then said, “Oh that’s right Cory, take my breast into your mouth and suck on it.” I did want I was told and was sucking on her nipple just as she guided my cock down to where I had found her moisture.

My mind was going wild with excitement. I was going to loss my virginity to my beautiful, wonderful sister and it was going to happen right now. I held my breath as she guided it in between her lips and stopped right at her opening. She whispered into my ear again, “Are you ready for this?”

Without waiting for my reply, she pushed it in to her opening with her hand and then, releasing her grip on it, she pressed her hips up and it started its long journey. It felt a little tight at first as it started in but soon it was sliding in on its own and when I pressed my tummy up against hers and I could go no further, she quit pressing up with her hips and started pulling it out. Now it was in once again and then out, over and over and I was starting to get the natural urge to pump my hips into hers. I was fucking my sister I realized and I was loving every minute of it.

Then the strangest sensation came over me. It started down in my loins and it built and built until I thought I was going to loss my mind. I was pumping my hips into hers as fast as I could and feeling this urge to pump even faster. But when I could not pump any longer, I felt like I exploded down at my cock and I shot a whole lot of my juices out of the end of my cock and into her pussy. It felt unbelievable as it came out. There was such as sense of need in my urge that when it finally started to shoot, I felt a great release of my emotions.

I was loosing my mind in my release and my world was spinning. I cried out as I strained to release it all out of my cock. It twitched and jerked and I lost all coordination and then it was over. I felt my urge start to go away and my once rock hard cock started to loss its desire. I realized that I had quit breathing some time back and as I gasped for my breath, I noticed that Sherry was panting also into my ear. I lay there on top of her, between her raised knees, that were shaking a little from her own experience and I finally relaxed into an unconscious, dreamy slumber as did she.

I awoke to her cooing up at me and saying, “Merry Christmas, Cory. I loved the way you made me feel tonight and I hope that you enjoyed your present.”

“Oh Sherry,” I could barely exclaim, “It was the most wonderful Christmas present in the whole world.”

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