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Before you decide if you want to read this story I want to tell you that it is degrading to blacks and women and the "N" word and other terms that few use now are used often, as it would have been at the time this story happened. It is just fiction and intended to be fun and interesting porn. If you will be upset by what you will read in it, please do not read it.
Before you decide if you want to read this story I want to tell you that it is degrading to blacks and women and the "N" word and other terms that few use now are used often, as it would have been at the time this story happened. It is just fiction and intended to be fun and interesting porn. If you will be upset by what you will read in it, please do not read it.


My name is Toby and I grew up on a large cotton plantation in the south of Alabama in the 1840's. We owned over 100 nigger slaves. They were all given American names after Father bought them. More than three quarters of them were bucks. In our family there was my father (we always called him Father), my mother and my sister, Beth who was almost two years older than me, and there was me. Ours was one of the largest plantations in the area so my father was an important man and our family was highly respected by the other plantation owners and town people. Father treated the slaves better than those owned by some of my friends families but if one got out of line he did not hesitate to chain him (or her) to a tree and give him a good whipping or to lock him in the box for a couple of days.

We lived in a large house positioned at the top of a small hill that was the highest point on our land. It was surrounded by large cottonwood trees that helped keep it cool on the hot humid summer days. We had hundreds of acres of field crops, many animals and a large pond with fish. There were four large buildings where the slaves lived as well as several barns and other outbuildings. They were kept separated by the sexes and not allowed to live together. There was a time in the evenings after the day's work was finished that they were allowed to get together. They spent a lot of time around the evening fires singing and appearing to have a good time. Four of the oldest slaves were house slaves. One male and three females worked keeping the house clean and feeding us. Other younger females did come to the house to work with the house servants. From when she was about three, Beth usually had a slave girl around her age as a playmate and to help dress her and straighten her room. Our schooling was done at home by tutors as the plantations were so far apart that having a central school was not practical.

Before I was even old enough to know what sex was about, it was not uncommon for me to see my father with one of the young nigger girls in the house with her legs in the air and my father with his pants down around his ankles as he pushed his thing in and out of the hole between her legs or to see her on her knees in front of him with it in her mouth. Often father would have guests over to enjoy liquor, tobacco and slave girls with him. Several times I saw my mother standing back near the doorway watching, but she never said anything about it. One time Father had three guests over from other plantations and they were in the library with one very young looking 16 year old nigger slave girl. I remember that she was small with almost no tits. They were all naked and she was on her hands and knees with them around her. One was putting it to her from the back while Father was in front getting sucked. The other two were watching and waiting their turns. One night Father, and two other men, was standing around watching two girls on the floor, on top of each other, facing opposite directions with their heads between each others legs as the licked at each others crotches. After several minutes they got up and the men took their pleasure with them.

One thing I always enjoyed doing was watching the female slaves shower. They showered outdoors in the open, using a bucket raised up over a tree limb. I would stand there only a few feet from them and watch as they showered. Almost none of them paid any attention to the Massa's young white son watching them as they cleaned their bodies after a hard day's work. I found it fascinating that some of them were tall, some short. Some of them were fat and some skinny. Their skin color ran all the way from one that could pass for white except for her facial features thru several shades of brown to almost coal black. After age ten or so, they all had titties. Some were big and hung down and some were firm and stood out without sagging. They were usually the smaller and younger ones. I often stood there and watched them. A few of them would spend a lot of time washing between their legs as they watched me watch them.

Finally I reached the age where, as I watched the showers or my father and his friends with a girl in the library, I started getting erections. By now I knew that what he was doing was called fucking and cock sucking. One time I squirted in my pants as I rubbed myself while I watched my father and a friend fucking this one slave girl, one between her legs and one in her mouth at the same time. I wondered if he also fucked my mother or my sister. I had learned how babies were made and thought to myself that I was ready to fuck me a nigger girl. One evening a little brfore dark I walked down by the slaves' sleeping buildings. When I spotted the girl that had been with my father in the house the night before, I walked up to her and said, "Come with me Nigger." "Yes Massa Toby" was her only reply. I walked her around to the back of the building. "Suck me like you did my father, Girl." "Yes Sir, Massa Toby."

She was about a year older than me and tall and slim with skin the color of coco with no milk in it and tits too big for me to get in one hand. She dropped to her knees in front of me and reached out. She unbuttoned the front opening of my pants, reached in and worked my hard cock and balls out of my pants. "What's your name, Girl?" "I is Jessie, Massa Toby." "Well Jessie, I want you to put my cock all the way in your mouth and suck me till I fill your mouth with my stuff like you did with my father last night. Do you hear me, girl?" "Yes Sir, Massa Toby. I be happy to suck your fine cock and swallow you cum, just like I do fo Massa." Jessie had my prick and balls fully out of my pants and she promptly took all five inches of my erection into her mouth.

This was the first time that anyone had touched my boy parts since I was much younger and our older house slave woman had been the one to give me my baths. I remember one of the last times. She had spent an extra amount of time washing my weenie, as I called it then, and she got it hard. She smiled, gave it a squeeze and stopped. "Well young Massa Toby, it not be long fo you will want to spend some time with your father's slave girls. Be nice to them." She bend over and gave it a quick little kiss on the end, making it jump and giving me a really funny feeling. I had no idea then what she was talking about but now I understand.

Jessie's lips tightly wrapped around my shaft, sliding up and down as she sucked hard on it, felt like heaven. It felt so much better that when I played with it myself. I put my hands behind her head and started pumping myself as deep into her mouth as I could. I could feel my balls hitting her chin. I didn't last more than about a minute when I exploded in her mouth. Spurt after spurt shot into her sucking mouth. My knees almost buckled and I shut my eyes tight as I felt the first wonderful experience of dumping a load of cum into a girl. After nothing more came out, Jessie pulled back and licked her lips. "Thank you Massa Toby fo lettin this black Nigga girl suck your wonderful white cock." She got up and walked into the house. I went to bed. I was hard again just thinking about what had just happened and I played with myself till I made myself cum again.

I wanted more and the next night I found her again and told her to come with me. This time we went further away to a more quiet clearing in a wooded area behind the houses. I told her that this time I wanted to fuck her and to take all her clothes off. She promptly did as I instructed. I loved looking at her nigger body. Although I had seen it before, in the house with my father, it looked even better as I realized that it was all mine to do with as I pleased. "Now undress me, girl." After we were both naked, she lay her dress on the ground and got onto it on her back with her legs spread wide. I may have never had sex but I had seen a lot of it as my father and his friends pleasured themselves with a number of the slave girls that we owned. I knew just where to put my cock and what to do with it. I got on my knees between her legs.

Jessie looked into my eyes. "Massa Toby, can I ask a question? I don't want no baby yet. When you shoot your stuff, will you shoot it on my titties or in my mouth? Please Massa." I didn't want to be a father either, especially with a nigger girl. I didn't answer her but I thought to myself that it was not an unreasonable request. I leaned forward and told her to put it where it went. Jessie took my cock in her hand and lined it up with her pussy hole. As soon as I felt it touch, I buried myself in her with one hard fast push. We both moaned. I pistoned my prick in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could. I didn’t yet know anything about control. After about two minutes of pounding, I felt myself nearing the point of no return. Thinking of what she had asked and remembering how wonderful it had felt the night before when I had shot my stuff in her mouth, I pulled out and quickly moved up by her head. "Suck it girl. Suck it good." She enthusiastically did as I said and again I filled her mouth with my cum. "Thank you fo fuckin this nigger, Massa Toby. I hope I made you feel good." My only reply to her was, "You can go now, Jessie."

The next afternoon I was walking through the woods, going to the pond to catch some fish when I heard some noise off to my right. I went to investigate and what I found shocked but intrigued me. Sitting on a fallen tree with her dress pulled up to her waist and her knickers on the ground was my sister and with his head between her legs was Jeremiah, the blackest buck of all of father's slaves. He was maybe twenty and tall and slim. I could hear my sister. "Lick my pussy, Boy. Stick your black tongue deep into my hole. Don't you stop till you make me orgasm or I'll tell my father that you tried to rape me, and he will have you killed on the spot without asking any questions."

For several minutes Jeremiah ate her out while she wiggled and moaned. Finally she pulled his head tightly to her pussy, threw her head back and screamed in pleasure, "Yessss. Fuuuuuck Yesssss. Lick me hard. Yesssss, just like that. Ohhhhhh" She released him and rubbed his short curly hair and told him that he was a good boy. He backed away from her cunt and as he left, I could see that his face was wet and shiny, covered with my sister's juices and that there was a big tent in his loose fitting pants. He headed straight for the women's housing building. I'm sure that he was going to find a cunt to empty all that built up cum into.

Then she spotted me standing there. At first she looked shocked and scared but that look changed to a smile when she saw me smiling. She told me that she had been having some of the young bucks lick her pussy for a couple years now but that she never let any of them fuck her or she never touched their cocks, although sometimes she would have them take them out so she could look at them. She said that some of them had really big cocks. We talked for a quite a while. She told me that the only thing she ever had in her hole was the handle to her silver hairbrush and that it hurt the first time. She said that letting a black fuck her was something she would never do. She told me that one day when she was twelve, she had an older girl cleaning her room and playing dolls with her. The girl told her that she knew a way to make Beth feel really good. That was the first time Beth had ever gotten her pussy licked but far from the last. That explained why several times I had passed Beth's closed bedroom door and heard moaning coming from inside. I told her how I had just started getting sucked off by and fucking Jessie. Beth said that she had also been with Jessie and that she was one of the best at licking cunt. The dinner bell wrung and we went to the house.

I was anxious to have as much sex as possible. It was wonderful. Over the next week I had fucked and been sucked by three more of our young slave girls. Then one evening I looked into the library and there was Jessie, naked, squatting on her knees, with her lips wrapped around Father's cock and her hands were behind his ass. He held her head and fucked her face hard, fast and deep. He spotted me and waived me into the room. Without stopping what he was doing, he talked with me. "Jessie tells me that you are becoming a man and have figured out what girls are for." Father pointed down to Jessie with his hand, palm up. I understood that he was inviting me to join him in pleasuring myself with Jessie's fine body. I dropped my pants and Jessie raised her ass up. I got behind her and slid into her already soaking wet cunt. Again I lasted about two minutes. I pulled out and shot my load on her ass. I always enjoyed the look of my puddles of white cum laying on the deep brown shin of the slave girls when I shot my cum on them. The only thing I liked better was emptying myself in her sucking mouth. Father lasted about another five minutes. I wished I knew why the other men always lasted so much longer than I was able to.

After we had both finished with Jessie and she was sent away, Father and I had a long talk. Mostly he talked and I listened intently. He told me of some ways that I could last longer before loosing my cum. I especially liked what he said about if I fucked a second or third time in one night, I would last longer than I did the first time. He told me that I would probably enjoy fucking some of the older slaves sometimes because they had a lot more experience and knew some good ways to please you. He told me that a girl's shit hole was also fun to fuck, especially if she was older and her cunt was getting loose, but that I should see that she took a shit and cleaned herself well before I fucked her there. He told me about choosing a girl that had just finished her monthly bleeding if I wanted to be most sure that I would not get her pregnant but he also told me that it was not a big problem if I did get any of them pregnant as when they got to big to go out and work, he would sell them to another plantation owner who would be happy to increase his slave count by two and then he would buy another young one, that was old enough to work, at the slave auction. Finally he told me that if any of them ever told me no to anything that I told them, that I should tell him and he would see that she was properly punished.

Over the next year I grew a couple inches taller and I got more muscular. My cock also grew a couple of inches and got a lot thicker. I fucked about all of our female slaves that were under thirty, sometimes with my father and sometimes by myself but Jessie was my favorite and I got together with her frequently. Sometimes I spent time with her without even fucking her. I did cause a couple of pregnancies and my father sold the mothers when they could no longer work in the fields and he bought new replacements, that were in their early teens, at the auction. In each case he got more for the ones that he sold than he paid for the new girls.

One afternoon my sister said that she wanted to talk to me, alone. We went in the woods. "Toby, as much fucking as I have seen Father and you doing with the slaves and as much I enjoy having my pussy licked, I just gotta have sex. I want to feel it so bad. Will you please be the first to fuck me?" I told her I would be happy to be her first. She lifted her dress and showed me that she was not wearing any knickers. Then she lay on the grass. "No Beth, if we are going to do it, I want to do it right. Take all your clothes off." I helped her undress and I stripped mine off also. She lay back down and I got between her legs. "Please be careful. I have never had a cock in me before." I reached down and rubbed her pussy. It was already getting wet. Her pubic hair was light brown and so much softer than that of the black slaves. She jumped when I touched her clit. I lined my cock up to her cunt opening and pushed just the head between her pussy lips. Beth let out a load moan. "Be gentle, Toby." An inch at a time, I slowly worked myself full depth into her tight, hot hole, feeling the walls grip my shaft.

Slowly I started sliding my prick in and out of my sister's fuck hole and started squeezing and sucking her beautiful tits. Her nipples were so erect and hard. Soon she started pushing back to meet my thrusts. After a minute, she looked in my eyes, "Harder Toby. Fuck me harder now. Your cock feels so good in me." I ended up fucking her as hard and as fast as I ever did any of our slaves. I had much better control now and fucked her for about five minutes more before she had an orgasm as strong as she had ever had from getting her pussy licked or rubbing her own clit. After another several minutes I was about to cum. I told her and got ready to pull out when she said, "Toby, I just finished my bleeding so you can shoot it in me. I want to feel your seed flooding me. Please." She didn't have to ask twice. Several more hard, deep thrusts and I held myself deep in her cunt as I blasted rope after rope of my cum into my sister, causing her to cum again. "I can feel your cock pulsing inside of me and your stuff filling me up. It feels so wonderful.” We rested in each other’s arms and kissed. Then we dressed and went back to the house.

It was about a week later when I heard the sounds of sex coming from the library and went to the door to see. Father had his cock buried deep in a very willing cunt. I immediately saw that it was my sister, completely naked under him. I watched him pound her pussy and listened to her happily moaning and to her encouraging words for a couple of minutes when I saw my mother walk up to the doorway. She stood next to me, and look in. After a few seconds she turned away and I could see a tear in her eye. Mother took my hand and led me toward her bedroom. “Toby, I've had the biggest black cocks on the plantation pleasure my pussy but if your father wants to fuck our daughter, then I want you in my bed."


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