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Chapter 27 finds me having fun with Gina, John and a black man.
In my last chapter, John caught me having sex with Adam. He was more hurt than he was mad; however, I got a red butt for being a bad girl. I not only enjoyed the spanking he had given me but also I loved it when he made me suck his cock as he did. John also told me I was to become his little slut to use as he saw fit. John also had me dye my hair from blonde-haired woman to a light brown-haired woman just on a whim.

I was about to enter a stage in my life that I would enjoy tremendously. John was finally going to take charge of me and I am going to fucking love it. I would do anything and everything that he told me to do. John was about to get us both more actively involved with his aunt DeRonda and her swingers parties while making me his slut.

I also told you that Gina, John’s cousin had returned from Italy. I had always enjoyed myself with Gina and the sex between us was always great. However, her first night back in town after John caught me with Adam was one to remember. All through growing up having sex with my brother, my dad or anyone else I never got any type of feelings.

The feeling is hard to describe but it just makes me warm, secure and fills me with much joy. I never had those feelings with anyone other than John. That was until that night with Gina, I did not think it was possible for anyone to make me feel like that other than John. At the time I did not, dwell on it to much as I just thought it was a passing invent; I was to learn different later on.

I awoke the next morning to a completely empty bed. John I knew would have left for his morning practice. Gina was not in bed with me as well. I climbed out of bed slipping my robe on, I walked into the living room, and I saw that Gina was in the kitchen. Gina was standing there with no clothes on. I stood there without her knowing that I was checking her out.

The fall morning sun was just coming in through the kitchen window. Gina was standing in its brilliant light, her long black hair shined as it flowed off her shoulders. Gina turned sideways giving me a profile view of her body. Gina was such a lovely and beautiful girl; her breasts were perfect with puffy nipples.

Her figure was to die for this girl was in shape I thought as I left my eyes roam downward on her body. I could see the hair sticking out in front of her pussy as she turned toward the sunlight. Even her pussy hair shined in the morning light. I could not help but give my own pussy a little rub as I gazed at her. I watched her go from one counter in the kitchen to the other, then to the refrigerator.

Gina opened the door and she bent over sticking that lovely full ass of hers directly into the morning sun. I dug a finger into my pussy thinking what a lovely site that would be to awaken to each morning. I walked up behind her just as she turned toward me. I took her into my arms and I kissed her deeply.

Gina responded by kissing me back with passion unlike any I had ever felt. I swear my toes curled as we kissed in the kitchen. My robe was open so my breasts were rubbing against hers as our bodies moved as we kissed. I did not realize it but I had my eyes closed as I kissed her and it seemed like the most wonderful visions filled my head. I could feel my body filling with warmth as we kissed. Her lips had a taste all to their own as I rolled mine over hers.

I broke our kiss as I said, “God, girl your lips taste great in the morning,” before I walked to the coffee pot.

I stood there with my back to her as I poured myself a cup of coffee. I did not hear Gina saying anything so I turned back toward her. Gina was standing there with her eyes shut tight and a dreamy look on her face. I followed her arms down to find that she was rubbing the front of her black haired pussy.

Gina opened her eyes and she said, “Vi amo cosi,” which meant I would love you so.

At the time I did not know what she had said as my Italian was not that good at the time. I took a sip of coffee then asked her what she had just said. Gina just smiled at me and told me to never mind as she came over and she took the cup of coffee from my hands.

Gina led me to the kitchen table and said, “I want you for breakfast.”

Gina slipped my robe from me before she pushed me back onto the top of the kitchen table. I felt her hands rubbing on my thighs before she used them to part my thighs. Gina grabbed a hold of both my legs and she raised them into the air. Gina spread my legs wide apart almost like a turkey’s wishbone.

“Hold your legs up like that you fucking slut,” Gina said as she looked at me from between my legs as she smiled at me.

I reached up grabbing my legs and I held them apart as I watched her move back to our stove. I saw that she was removing a small saucepan from the top burner. Gina came back over and got between my up held legs.

Gina said, “I love warm maple syrup on my pancakes in the morning, but seeing how I have no pancakes,” “I will just have to do with what I have,” as she started to pour the warm liquid onto my pussy.

The maple syrup flowed over my pussy; it ran down over my pussy lips giving me a sensation like nothing I had ever felt before. It had a nice warm feeling as she poured it all over my pussy. Gina flicked her finger against my clit as she dribbled the remaining warm syrup onto it. My clit grew and throbbed at the liquid and her finger.

“AHhh that feels so lovely,” I moaned as I pumped my pussy up against her finger.

Gina removed her finger from my clit. She started to lick at the syrup running down across my pussy lips. I quivered as I felt her tongue licking at my pussy lips. Gina ran her tongue up and down my pussy lips before she sucked them into her mouth. She spat my lips from her mouth as she used her fingers to pull my pussy lips apart.

“The syrup makes your pussy even sweeter,” Gina said as she slipped her tongue up into my hole.

I could feel the warm syrup dripping from my clit. I moaned softly as she used her tongue on my opened pussy. I felt her working her tongue ever so deeper into my exposed open pussy as she licked at the depths of my pussy. Gina shoved her tongue in and out of my pussy as I started to squirm on the kitchen table. Her tongue felt almost like a cock as she snaked it in and out in many directions in my pussy. Gina would suck at the insides of my pussy every now and then causing me to shake with lust.

I could feel my pussy building up to an orgasm as she used her tongue on it. Gina slipped her tongue up my pussy and I swear she wrapped it around my clit. Gina lapped at my clit with her tongue for a few minutes driving me deeper into an orgasm. When Gina sucked my clit into her mouth, I could hold back my orgasm no longer.

“AHHHHhhhhh GINA,” I moaned out loudly as my orgasm rushed over me.

I left go of my legs that I was holding up. I grabbed the back of Gina’s head pulling her into my pussy. Gina just kept sucking at my clit as my pussy convulsed and it started to squirt its own sweet nectar. I felt her mouth leaving my clit as she used her tongue to lick at my juices squirting from my pussy. Gina lapped at my pussy as my orgasm finished; she then kissed at my pussy until I left go of her head.

As Gina stood up from between my legs, I arose from the table as I took her into my arms. I could see my juices and the maple syrup on her lips. I licked at her lips before I kissed her deeply. Gina placed her arms around me pulling me tightly into her as she kissed me back passionately. As Gina held me in her arms, I once again got that feeling that I only ever got with John.

“You better get off to school my cousin is waiting for you,” Gina said as she broke our kiss.

I had to jump into the shower again to get the sticky syrup and my juices from between my legs. I got dressed for college and then went into the living room. Gina was sitting on the sofa still naked. I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off at her mom’s house.

“If you don’t mind I think I will hang around here for a while then I will call Angelo to come get me,” Gina replied with a smile.

I told her that would be fine. I felt a little bad leaving her like that but I did have to get to school. I was just about to walk out the front door when I heard her say.

“Didn’t you forget something?” Gina asked as she got off the sofa.

I was thinking as I looked at her. She was standing there lovely as ever still very nude. I watched her as she raised her arms up slowly. It was then that I knew what she wanted. I went over to her where she took me once more into her arms. Our lips met again for a deep passionate kiss.

Gina broke our kiss as she said, “Get out of here before I keep you home from school you naughty girl,” as she walked toward the bedroom.

I almost walked toward the bedroom myself; however, I went off to college instead. I drove to school with Gina on my mind. I even ran a light on the way thank god the other car missed me. I knew I had better stop thinking of Gina and get myself to school.

At the college, I saw John and Adam both waiting for me at the entrance. I walked up to John who I wrapped my arms around as I gave him a deep long passionate kiss. John broke our kiss as he smacked his lips together giving me a funny look.

“Did you have pancakes for breakfast?” “I taste maple syrup on your lips,” John said.

I just smiled as I replied, “You could say that I guess,” as I gave him one of my evil type grins.

As I turned to Adam he said, “Janet, I am sorry I used you like I did.”

“It’s OK, Adam,” I replied.

“No, DeRonda made me see my error and I want to apologize to you,” Adam said.

I was just standing there staring at him when John reached over and he slapped at Adam’s backside as he said, “That was nice of you sport.”

“Hey damn it my ass still hurts,” Adam yelled out.

I smiled, as I knew then that DeRonda had pretty much given him the same punishment that I had gotten from John. The three of us all smiled at each other before we headed into the college. I knew then that the three of us were at least still friends.

Saturday came and we all got together to go watch John play in the homecoming game. The game was a blow out with John’s team winning something like 35 to 6. John had played another great game however; the high life of the game was Gina. As it was the first time, she ever has seen John play. We all had fun on her part because of her lack of knowledge about the game.

As always, John waited for the crowd to leave before he left the locker room. I was waiting outside the door with the car for our fast get away. However when John came out there was still a big group standing outside the locker room door.

John no sooner stepped out the door than they were on him like flies on shit. I could see the worry in his eyes as the crowd descended upon him. The crowd of people were pushing and fighting with each other just to get to him. I soon lost him in the crowd.

It was pure chaos outside the locker room. I decided to get out of the car to see if maybe I could help him away from the crowd. I started to make my way through the crowd when suddenly someone pushed me from behind. I screamed loudly as I fell roughly to the ground.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKERS,” I heard John yell above the noise of the crowd.

The next thing I saw were bodies flying left and right through the air until John was standing over me. John scooped me up from the ground, he stood there with me cradled in his arms. I looked around at the crowd; some were picking them selves up from the ground while others were just standing there with their mouths hanging open.

“Are you OK Janet?” John asked as he lowered my legs back to the ground.

“Yes, I am fine John,” I replied as I slipped my arm around his waist as I stood up.

John turned to the crowd and he yelled, “You know I am sick of all of this,” as he looked toward the crowd standing there. “I have had enough I will not play again,” John screamed at the crowd before he walked me to the car.

John placed me into the car and as he walked to the driver side of the car. He raised both his powerful arms over his head as he gave them all the middle finger. I do not think that he was telling them that they were number one with his one finger salute.

John gunned the engine and he sped from the parking lot. I looked at him seeing the anger, the hate and the disgust on his face. A look I knew all to well. I sat there for the longest time not saying anything. John stopped at a red light and he looked over at me.

“You sure you are OK, Janet?” John asked with the most serious look on his face.

I reach out my hand rubbing his arm as I replied, “Yes I am OK, and it just scared me more than anything I think.” As the light turned to green and John took off I asked, “John, you did not mean what you told that crowd did you?”

“As it stand right now Janet, I did,” “I am not going to let anyone or anything ever come between us that may cause you any harm,” John replied.

I decided not to push him about it any further as I could see that he was still upset over it. I just sat there quietly in the car as he drove. I was trying to think of some way to change the subject; I remembered that there was a college dance tonight for homecoming.

“John, are we going to the dance tonight?” I asked. I added, “If you do not want to go I understand,” as I once again pawed at his arm.

“I think we won’t be going,” John replied as he pulled into our apartment drive.

We walked inside and I told John that he should go take a nice long hot relaxing shower. I sat down on the sofa as he went to go shower. I thought to myself, once again, I had caused something to happen in his life. I f I had not been there to be pushed down he would not have yelled at the crowd as he had. I had almost broken his heart now I had ruined his career, I thought to myself. The phone rang so I answered it.

It was his aunt DeRonda; she wanted to know if John was there. I told her he was taking a shower. She asked me what was going on. I asked her what she was talking about, she told me that there were news people calling her and asking them if it was true that John was giving football up. I told her how the crowd had knocked me down.

“Are you OK my dear,” DeRonda asked me.

I told her that I was and that John had pretty much threw everyone off me to get to me. I also told her that John had told the crowd that he would not play again. DeRonda asked me what kind of mood John was in now. I told her that he was still extremely mad about the whole incident.

“It’s bad enough I almost broke his heart but now because of me he is giving up his career,” I said to her on the phone.

“His career is not your fault and what do you mean you almost broke his heart?” DeRonda replied into the phone.

I was not thinking when I explained to her about John catching me with Adam. It seems that John had made up another story about why Adam needed punished. I told DeRonda please do not be angry with John as it was my entire fault. I also told her about the hard spanking he had given me. I also told her what would happen if he ever caught me again.

There was a long pause on the phone before DeRonda said, “Janet, you will have John call me when he is done with his shower,” and she hung the phone up abruptly.

I sat there on the sofa wondering what kind of trouble I have caused for John this time. I started to cry thinking about all the different stuff I have caused. I did not even notice when John walked into the living room.

“Janet, what is wrong?” John asked as he sat down beside me.

“IT’S ME, I have made such a mess out of your life and now you are giving up your career because of me,” I cried out as tears ran down my face.

John wrapped his arm around me tightly as he replied, “You are the best thing in my life, and as to my career have I ever told you that I wanted to play football for the rest of my life.”

I had never thought about it until then but he was right I never heard him tell anyone that he wanted to play football at a professional level. I had always just thought that with him being so good at it that would be his profession. Once again, I had been thinking for him or was it that I just wanted him to play.

“Your aunt called and you are to call her,” I said.

“Great, the fucking news hounds must have been in that crowd,” John replied shaking his head.

“That’s not all,” I said as I took a deep breath. “I also told your aunt about me cheating on you as I thought she knew.”

John’s face went still as he just looked at me, then he replied, “I did not tell her because I was afraid what she would say,” as he looked down to the floor.

“I am sorry John,” “I thought she knew,” I replied.

John walked into the kitchen where he picked up the phone as he said, “I guess I have to face the music,” before he dialed his aunt.

I just sat there scared on the sofa as he talked with his aunt. It was strange as he never raised his voice or did any yelling at her. It was mostly yes or no aunt DeRonda coming from his lips. I did hear John tell her no I was just blowing off steam but that it was his decision to make. John even managed a smile on his face as he covered the end of the phone up looking my way.

“You feel like going to a party my dear?” John asked me from the kitchen.

“Only if you do,” I replied.

John told his aunt we would see her later before he hung up the phone. John came back in and sat down next to me. He told me well that went better than he thought it would. I asked John if his aunt was mad at me or at him.

“No Janet, it’s our life to live how we decide,” John said as he took me into his arms.

John kissed me deeply and with passion as we stood in our living room. It was a long drawn out kiss with plenty of tongue. I tingled from head to toe as he kissed me. My body filled with warmth and joy as our lips mingled. I broke our kiss as I lay my head into his chest.

“I love you,” I said with my head against his chest.

John squeezed me tighter as he replied, “I love you more.”

“What type of party are we going to at your aunts?” I asked John.

John looked at me and he smiled as he replied, “It’s our homecoming party,” as he gave me that evil little grin of his with a twinkle in his eye. “Now get your ass in the bedroom slut for you will wear what I tell you to wear,” John added as he gave my bottom a smack with his hand.

I smiled back at him before I ran into the bedroom. I told him I would go shower and he was to lay out what I was to wear. I came back out of the shower to find him in the living room. I walked into our bedroom and lying on our bed were my clothes for the evening.

John had laid out a white tiered short dress and a white zip bustier. There was also a pair of crotch less pantyhose and black high heels. I slipped myself into everything he had laid out. I tied my long dark hair up behind my head. I really did not like my hair this color but it was what John wanted.

I did my eyes up with make up as well as coating my luscious lips with red lipstick. I glanced into the mirror as I applied my make up. I unzipped the white bustier down a little. It showed my breasts rather well. I checked the white tiered dress in the mirror as well; it showed my legs off and my ass when I bent over. I will have some pictures of myself in this dress on my profile page in the forum.

I walked into the living room where John was standing waiting for me. I looked at him to see what he was wearing. John had on a pair of jeans, his cowboy boots and a polo shirt that showed his muscular arms and chest off rather well. In fact in looked hot dressed as he was, my pussy started to tingled just looking at him.

“So do I look good or what?” I asked as I walked toward him.

John told me to stop and turn around for him. I did as he asked. He then told me to turn around and to bend over. I did as he asked, however, he told me to bend over all the way with my hands onto the floor. I placed my hands onto the floor bent over with my ass riding high atop my long legs.

“Damn girl got my pecker throbbing already,” John said. “I do love it when you dress like a slut,” he added as he came over behind me.

John reached his hand out and he ran his fingers up through my pussy. I moaned softly as his fingers ran between my pussy lips. John dug two of his fingers up into my pussy. He ran them in and out for a while making my pussy wet. John’s fingers where starting to feel very good as he toyed with my pussy.

John pulled his fingers out as he said, “That’s enough for now,” “Lets get going my slut you have duties to perform.”

We walked out and we got into our corvette, John told me he was going to drive. We pulled from our apartment and I noticed we were not going the right way toward his aunt’s house. I asked him about it. He told me he had to go get some gas for in the car first.

I sat there wondering what he was up to because the gas gauge was at almost three quarters of a tank when we had left the stadium earlier. I was also wondering what he meant that I had duties to perform. It did not take me long to find out just what he meant.

John asked me if I remembered Phil a friend of his from back in high school. I told him I could not remember who he was. John told me that Phil had quit school his senior year to join the army. John told me that he had finished his two years and that now he had opened a new service station on the out skirts of town. John pulled the corvette up to the gas pumps.

“Here let me adjust that for you,” John said as he reached over pulling the zipper down further on my bustier.

My tits were damn near hanging from it as I watched a tall thin black man exit the door walking toward our car. John got out and he met the black man in front of our car. The two-shook hands then they embraced each other while slapping each other on their backs. It was then that I remembered who Phil was as he was one of only three black men in our high school.

John told Phil to fill it up and to catch the windshield as well. They stood out there talking as Phil bent over to get the windshield. Phil took his good old time washing and cleaning the windshield. I just sat there as he peered in checking out my tits that were hanging there for him to view. He must have enjoyed the view because he was taking his time.

Phil walked back to John and I heard him as he said, “That’s not Janet, it can’t be,” as he shook his head.

I just smiled at them both as they walked over into the service station. I remembered Phil as being one of the politest people I had ever met. I remembered that he and John used to race dirt bikes together and hang out back in high school. I sat there waiting for John to come back out.

I waited almost twenty minutes and I could see them both talking in one of the bays checking out a truck. Knowing what I do today I should have ran in there and pulled John out of that place but that will come out in a later chapter. I got tired of waiting so I walked into the service station and into the bay where they were.

“John, come on,” I yelled to him with my boobs ready to fall from my bustier.

Phil looked at me then to John as he said, “You better not keep this fine lady waiting.”

John smiled at me then at Phil as he replied, “She just in a hurry to get some strange cock that’s all.”

Phil looked at me then to John as he grabbed at the front of his pants then replied, “I got some she can have.”

John smiled at me as he asked, “Well slut you ever had black cock before?”

I just stood there for a second before I replied, “No, but I always wondered,” as I gave them both my evil grin.

I know I had told him a lie but he did not know about my adventures with that other big black cock at the glory hole then at our apartment. I could feel my pussy twitching at the thought of trying another one. I looked down at the front of Phil’s jump suit to see if I could tell what he was packing down there.

“I do believe the slut is checking you out buddy,” John said with a little laugh.

“Let me close up here and we all can retire to my office in the back,” Phil replied as he started to turn off the lights to the service station.

Phil walked John and I back into a room in the back. Phil had one hell of a laid out office back there. He had a mini bar, lights, a big TV, stereo and a big king bed that was laid out in pillows. Phil told us to make ourselves at home, as he turned some music on.

He asked us if we wanted a drink, John told him beer would do him and that a high power screwdriver for his slut. John winked at me as he told him that. John and I sat down on the bed as Phil joined us with our drinks. We all bull shitted for a while mostly about how this could not be the same Janet from high school. John and Phil both were telling me how lovely I looked.

The screwdriver he had made me must have been very high-powered one. Because I started to get very warm sitting between the two of them like I was. John leaned over and he kissed me fully on my lips. He broke our kiss and he told me to kiss Phil. I turned to Phil and we kissed long and deep. I was getting horny as I slipped my tongue into his mouth.

I felt John’s hand running up my leg under my dress. I parted my legs as I felt his hand on my thigh. John ran his fingers up through my pussy right to my clit. He toyed with my clit as I kissed Phil. My pussy was starting to get wet as he toyed with my clit. Phil broke our kiss as he slipped his hand down onto my other thigh.

“I think you got my slut wet,” John said to Phil.

My eyes went closed as I felt Phil running his long fingers down my thigh. He tickled my thigh as he worked his fingers to my pussy. My pussy lips parted as I spread my legs even more giving them both access to my hole. John was rubbing my clit as I felt Phil slipping one of his long fingers into my pussy.

“AHhh,” I moaned out as I felt him slip another finger into me.

Phil started to take his two fingers in and out of my pussy. John removed his finger from my clit. He used his hands to fish my boobs from my bustier. My tits fell out into the open. John kissed me deep and long with tongue as he played with my nipples.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter as Phil fingered it. John reached over and he took a hold of my hand. He moved my hand to the front of Phil’s jump suit. John broke our kiss as he moved his mouth to my ear.

“Rub that cock that is about to fuck you,” John whispered into my ear before using his tongue on my ear.

I moaned softly as I grabbed at Phil’s cock through his jumpsuit. My hand felt a nice hard lump of cock as I ran my hand back and forth. John was whispering in my ear stuff like, you want that big black cock slut. You want to feel his black cock deep in your pussy do you not?

“Tell me slut,” “What do you want to do?” John whispered into my ear.

I practically screamed out, “I want to suck his black cock then have him fuck me deep with it,” my pussy was twitching wildly as I said that.

“Ask him slut,” John whispered into my ear before he back away from me.

I looked into John eyes to see that they were twinkling in the light before I turned to Phil, “Can I suck your cock?” I asked as I squeezed at it with my hand.

“You can do anything you want,” Phil replied as he withdrew his fingers from my pussy.

Phil stood up in front of me as he slipped the jumpsuit down the front of his body. Phil was tall and lanky, his upper chest was build well and I saw he had a small six packs abs as he lowered his jumpsuit. I fixed my eyes onto his cock as he freed it from there. His cock sprang up dancing before me as I sat on the bed.

“Touch his cock, slut,” John said.

I reached my hand out wrapping it around his cock. Phil had a nice thick cock my fingers barely met as I wrapped them around it. I slowly started to pump my hand up and down his hard cock. His cock was around eight inches or so. It would have been longer if not for the powerful up ward bend in it. I had to curl my hand upward as I ran my fingers over the head of his cock.

“It’s a very nice cock, big and thick,” I said as I looked toward John.

John smiled at me as he replied, “Suck it slut.”

I leaned down and I took just the head of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue all over the head and licked at his pee hole using just my tongue. My tongue had no sooner touched his pee hole than pre-cum oozed from it. I used my tongue to play with his pre-cum for a while before I worked my mouth further down on his cock.

I heard John standing up and the sound of his zipper coming down as I got all of Phil’s cock into my mouth. I saw John’s cock out of the corner of my eye. I reached out with my hand taking it into my hand. I started to pump on his cock as I slowly bobbed my head up and down Phil’s cock.

I felt John running his hand on the back of my head. I felt his fingers digging into my hair that I had tied up onto the back of my head. John started to work my whole head up and down on Phil’s cock. I was putting up some resistance as he forced my head up and down his cock.

John pulled at my hair pulling my head off Phil’s cock, he looked down at me as he said, “Suck it like you mean it slut or else,” before he pushed my head and mouth back down onto Phil’s cock.

I could feel my pussy juices running down my thighs as I sat there on the edge of the bed. I went to work on Phil’s cock. I was bobbing my head fast up and down on his cock while I sucked deeply at it on my up stroke. I gripped John’s cock tighter as I pumped my hand up and down his cock. I could feel his pre-cum start to flow from his cock as well. John released his hold on my hair.

“I want to suck you both,” I cried out as he did.

I went from cock to cock sucking them both deeply into my mouth. I would bob my head five or six times on each cock. They both just stood there moaning as I sucked and licked at their cock. I felt both of their hands as they rubbed on my tits. John started to pull and pinch at my nipples, which only made me to suck harder on their cocks.

John placed his hand at the back of my head once again. He pulled my head from their cock as he looked down at me. John asked, “What does my slut want now?”
Between my moans I managed to yell out, “I want Phil to fuck me hard and deep,” “Please John I have been a good little slut,” I added giving him a pouting look.

Phil yelled, “She got you there buddy,” as he gave out a little laugh.

John climbed up onto the bed lying on his back. He told me to climb up there on my hands and knees. He told me to suck on his cock while Phil took me from behind. I jumped up onto the bed; my knees were right on the edge of the bed with my ass high in the air. I grabbed at John’s hard throbbing cock as I shoved my mouth down on it.

“FUCK her like the slut she is, Phil,” John yelled out.

I felt Phil getting behind me between my legs on the edge of the bed. I felt him lift my white dress up over my panty hosed covered ass. Phil took his hand and he rubbed between my legs. I felt him jamming a couple fingers up into my pussy from behind. I could hear the wet sounds coming from my pussy as he fingered my pussy.

“Going to have to make this entrance a little bigger,” Phil yelled out as I felt him tugging at the hole in my pantyhose.

Phil ripped the hole bigger as he said, “That’s better.”

I felt Phil as he took his cock into his hand and he ran his cock up and down my pussy from behind. Phil toyed at my pussy with his cock. I moaned onto John’s cock as I bobbed my head on it. Phil just kept teasing my pussy with his cock. I was squirmed my ass trying to get him to stick it in me.

John finally pulled my head from his cock as he said, “TELL him slut.”

“FUCK ME,” “Please stop teasing me and fuck me with that black cock,” I yelled out before I took John’s cock back into my mouth.

Phil placed his cock between my pussy lips. They opened and gripped at his cock as he shoved it up into my wet hot pussy. Phil started to fuck my pussy deep and hard from behind. I felt his hands gripping at my ass as he slammed his cock into me.

“AHHhhh Yes,” I moaned out in between sucking at John’s cock.

I was working my butt back toward Phil each time he slammed his cock deep into me. Phil soon had my pussy juices flowing from my pussy. Each time he would slam his cock into me he would force air from deep in my pussy. My pussy was leaving loud pussy farts as he fucked me hard from behind.

Phil fucked me like that for about 10 straight minutes just plowing his cock in and out of my pussy from behind. That upward curl of his cock was rubbing at the top of my pussy each time he drove his cock into me. It almost felt like it was rubbing against my asshole tunnel each time he plowed it deep into me.

“FUCK HER,” “FUCK HER HARDER,” John yelled out.

Phil did as he asked. I did not think it was possible but he did fuck me harder and deeper. I felt Phil jam his thumb up into my butt hole. It was sudden and I was not expecting it. However as his thumb entered my ass my pussy went into convulsion around his cock.

“AH SHIT FUCK I AM GOING TO CUM,” Phil yelled out.

My pussy had a strong and powerful orgasm squeezing at his cock. I felt his cock fighting back in my pussy as it swelled and throbbed. Phil slammed his cock deep as I felt his cock start to spit his load deep into my pussy. I removed my mouth from John’s cock and pulled at it with my hand.

“AHHHhh fill me full,” I screamed as my orgasm went into high gear.

My eyes went closed as I felt Phil’s cum splashing into the back wall of my pussy. My hand was going a mile a minute up and down on John’s cock. I felt his cock swell and throb in my hands. I felt his cum splashing from his cock onto my face as I milked it from his cock. I opened my eyes to see his cum shooting from his cock. I slipped my mouth down onto his cock.

“NICE SLUT NICE,” John yelled out as I milked the last few drops from his cock with my mouth.

As I licked up the mess around John’s cock, I felt Phil’s soft cock falling from my pussy. I felt his cum running out and dripping from my pussy. I looked up from John’s cock to look into his face. He was all smiles as I did.

Phil gave my ass a rather hard smack with his hand as he said, “Dam that is one hot slut you have.”

I went into the bathroom to clean up a bit. I could feel his cum running down my legs as I walked to the bathroom. I scooped some up with my fingers, which I licked off as I looked into the mirror. I was a site to see I had John’s cum all over my face and Phil’s cum running down my legs. I thought what a good slut I had been before I cleaned myself up.

I returned to the men and walked over to John I wrapped my arm around him as I said, “Thanks for letting me try my first black cock.”

“Did you enjoy it?” John asked with wonder on his face.

“OH yeah,” I replied as I blew Phil a kiss.

John told Phil we would be seeing him again. However, right now we had to get going. Phil thanked John for sharing me with him. John looked at me then to him as he told him I am sure we will be doing this again. We all hugged and then John and I left.

As we pulled from Phil’s lot, I asked John, “Did you mean it when you told him we would see him again?”

John looked to me and with a smile he replied, “I sure did.”

I smiled back at him as I ran my hand up his thigh. I ran my hand across the front of his jeans. I knew he enjoyed it as I felt his cock start to grow again as I rubbed at it through his jeans. I could also feel my pussy start to drip as I thought about more fun with John and Phil. Before I knew, we were turning down his aunt’s street. As we got closer, you could see that there were cars parked near the entrance gate. This was normal if she was having a party. However as we got closer I saw it was more than just cars.

“FUCKING NEWS WHORES,” John yelled as he stopped a ways up from his aunts. “Fucking just ignore them,” John added as he continued down the road.

John pulled up to the front gate two men opened the gate and got us in before the group of four or five reporters ran toward the car. Once the gate closed, John stopped the car and put it in park. John turned to me and he took a hold of my hand.

“Janet, I leave it up to you, do I play or just give it all up,” John said giving me a serious look.

“Play, but not for me, play only if you still enjoy it,” I replied as I ran my hand down the side of his face.

John shook his head yes and he got out of the car. He walked over to the gate as flash bulbs went off. He talked with the reporters for a few minutes before he returned to the car. He jumped back in and we drove to the front door of his aunt’s.

John parked the car and he came over and got me out as well. I looked at him as I asked, “So what did you tell them?”

“I explained to them what happened, then I told them no more interviews and that if my girlfriend ever gets hurt again I am done with football,” John replied.

John opened the front door to his aunt’s house and as we walked in Gina came running over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and she kissed me passionately on my lips. I kissed her back with the same passion. She broke our kiss as she placed her head onto my shoulder.

Gina looked at John as she said, “HI, cousin,” as she squeezed me tightly against her body. “Mama waiting for you in the study,” she added.

“Take care of Janet, will you?” John asked before he walked toward the study.

Gina replied, “Be my pleasure.”

As John slowly walked toward the study, Gina walked me into the main room. I looked around to see that the people were dressed in many different type of attire. Some were in blue jeans, others had short micro skirts on; there were more than a few couples dressed in bondage gear. As Gina walked me through the crowd people were saying hello my dear Janet, we have been looking forward to this night. Some of them I knew from other parties while others I did not know.

“Gina just what is this party?” I asked her stopping us in the middle of the room.

“It’s your homecoming party,” Gina replied with a smile on her face. “Well it is more like your inauguration into the life style,” Gina added.

“What life style?” I asked not having a clue to what was going on.

This is where I am going to stop this chapter. I would continue but it would make this chapter very long. Besides, it makes for a good cliffhanger so to speak. In this chapter I told you about getting those feelings with Gina. Where will this lead me? I also introduced you to Phil in this story he is to become a main character in my life story. He will bring a misfortune into our life later on. What could he possibly cause? Just what is this new life style I am about to enter? These questions to be answered in further chapters.

As always, please let me know that you are enjoying my story. I have also placed some pictures up on my page in the forum of myself in the white dress and bustier, somewhat I looked like then and a few in the same outfit today. Hope everyone enjoys his or her Holidays.


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