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This is the story of how I lost my girlfriend in this strange kidnapping.
My parents are gone for the week and my girlfriend and I are in my room making out with no intentions of sex.After a few minutes we hear a car pull up out front."Run Jessica," I told her,"before my parents see you"."Theres not enough time,I'll hide under your bed."I run downstairs to greet them and find burglars.I run upstairs and tell Jessica.We waited until we didn't hear anything and then Jessica sneezed.It was a blur of hands and a sack.When we woke up a few seconds later I panicked and kicked around.Big mistake.They started punching, kicking us, and throwing us around the room until we were unconcious.When we woke up we were naked in the back of a van I would bet a lot of money on the fact that it was black.One of the thugs had a video camera hooked up to a computer.He told us they were gonna make us have sex.We were 11 and I didnt know what sex was so Jessica leaned over and told me.Jessica had bowling ball sized boobs and a pussy so pink I cant even describe it.I had a dick about as thick around as a fist and 10 inches.They were recording this and we had no choice.They said we either do it or die literally.Jessica told me it was okay just to do what she said.The second I said okay she grabbed my head and started french kissing me.That was making me hard and once I got hard she started rubbing her pussy on the side of my dick.She pulled back and said to put it it her pussy.I tried and she ended up having to help me.She told me to slam it in.When I did I could feel blood flow out with every thrust.I almost exploded when I saw her expression which was a mix of pleasure and pain.Before I came she told me to stick it in her ass which she also guided me to.After that they grabbed her, tied her up, and they started fucking her in every hole.Once they were done She said she would suck me off and to stick my stick in her mouth.I got carried away and throat fucked her, which she hit me almost out of own skin for later.We never even knew they were recording this.She kept screaming and screaming every time they raped her.I kept thinking she was gonna die.At one point I had to ask her if she was okay.The next rape was even worse.The man recording gave the camera to another thug and took his pants off and his dick looked like a log.(and he was black.)He walked over to her and made her give him a blowjob.He had to force his dick in and her lips were bleeding.He shoved his dick all the way in and almost suffocted her.Later we started making out again.Thats when one of them whistled like for a dog.A girl about our age was pushed in from the back seat.Her skin was covered in scars from beatings.She was chained up and they whispered something to her.She ran over to Jessica and started french kissing her while fingering Jessica.The thugs pulled a whip on them and made them scream bloody mercy.Once they were both bleeding good they stopped and made the girl suck me and then she sat on my dick and made me cum up her pussy while they whipped me.That hurt so bad I didnt get any pleasure from it.After that the van started moving and the girl almost turned to stone.She then turned towards the thugs and begged them not to do whatever they were going to do.I didn't catch it all.we then stopped after 5 to 10 minutes.They drugged her, put a beer bottle all the way in her ass and chucked her on the side of the road.I took the time to look at Jessica.She was bleeding from every hole and had cuts all over her.She also had a coat of cum all over her pussy ass and face.At this point she had been forced to give me tit jobs blowjobs anal and pussy and I couldnt cum anymore without pain.We then made another stop and they came back with a small horse.They made her get on the ground so the horse could fuck her.The horse did this several times and they even made her suck the horses dick.Then mine and the horses at the same time.Then the worst part of all for her came.They made the horse ass fuck her.(FYI Arse is another way to say ass)She screamed her head off and all they did was laugh.The next time we had the chance we decided we would go straight to the cops when we got the chance.But we knew that they could keep us and take us to another state by the time my parents were home.We also knew we didnt have any chance to escape.So we just had to go with it.Later they also had the horse ass fuck me and boy did it hurt.I would be raped while Jessica was raped and it went on and on.After hours of us having sex and them raping her and me they turned the camera off.We were spent and could barely move so they drugged us and took us to a back road 2 or 3 miles from my house and chucked us in a ditch.We were so spent, we layed there naked all day asleep in the rain.That night we went to my house and I let her borrow some of my clothes.We then went straight to the police.They actually had the nerve to ask Jessica for details.She slapped him in the face yelling"YOU PERV!" We had sex for the rest of the week.When our parents found out we were separated and never saw each other again.

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2016-08-25 18:45:45
It's a bunch of crap I mean ten inch dick bowling ball boobs? HELL NO!!!

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2013-12-30 12:01:47
they were 11, and a 10 inch dick , moreover, bowling ball size boobs? bahhh

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2012-05-31 19:39:44
Hilarious! This has all the splendor of a Tom Arnold film. Keep writing, but learn to use paragraphs.


2012-05-11 16:50:49
That was terrible, it had nothing in it that was good. Keep your day job buddy

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2012-04-15 04:28:35
good story i like it not bad at all

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