Who are Jen and Heather's next hook ups? Will Jess find hapiness with a new boyfriend?
Chapter 13

“Hi, Jon!” Jess cheerfully greets her roommate’s tutor on campus. “Hello, Jessica. How are you?” Jon responds. “I’m just great! How are things going with Jen?” “Oh, you mean the tutoring,” Jon catches himself after briefly hesitating. “I’m kind of worried about that. I’m helping Jennifer prepare for her finals, and she just doesn’t seem to get this one important theory,” he goes on, the frustration evident in his voice. “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. She was asking me to explain it to her, too. It’s so simple, I don’t know why she doesn’t seem to get it,” Jess replies, commiserating with her fellow scholar. “And Kovalchek’s Corollary to the theory, I don’t know how I’m even going to begin trying to introduce her to that,” Jon groans in dismay. “Yeah, the Corollary is absolutely fascinating. Kovalchek is a total genius,” Jess agrees enthusiastically. “Have you read the latest article in the Society’s Journal about the Corollary?” Jon asks her. “No, I haven’t,” Jess replies. “Well, I’ll have to loan you my copy. It’s definitely worth reading. But now, I’ve got to get to class. Nice talking to you Jessica.” “You too, Jon.” He’s so smart, Jess thinks to herself as she walks back to her dorm. And he’s such a nice guy, too. Not only that, he’s actually pretty cute, she muses to herself, her face breaking into a cheerful grin, as she enjoys the crisp, exhilarating autumn air.

“Yeah, suck it! Suck it!” Heather can feel the hand of her 16 year old stud on the back of her head as more of his rigid tool disappears into her mouth. He’s pretty damn hung for such a young guy, she enthuses to herself, as she savors the taste of her young stud’s manhood. I could get in trouble for sneaking an underage guy in here, but I really don’t fucking care. “Yeah, suck it, bitch! Suck it!” the stud exhorts Heather between groans of pleasure. She can feel her love juices start to flow freely. He’s talking dirty to me! I love it! The young stud lets out a deep moan as Heather’s lips kiss the base of his stiffened tool, now fully engulfed by her man hungry mouth. “You are so fucking good!” the stud moans.

Heather gets to her feet and begins to strip, as the young stud, his erect love pole pointing at the ceiling, does likewise. As the two naked bodies move towards the bed, the young stud grabs one of Heather’s ass cheeks with a firm grip. He’s going to pound me hard, she thinks to herself with lustful anticipation, as she gets into bed and assumes the position. She giggles as she looks at the fully erect stud, completely stripped except for his backwards ball cap. Her giggling turns to soft moaning as the young stud begins to tongue her womanhood, first her labia, and then her clit. “Your pussy is so fucking sweet,” he says, and she can tell from his expert oral technique that he has already tasted a lot of pussy in his young life.

The time for penetration has now arrived. “Did you bring any condoms?” she asks. “No,” he replies, as the tip of his unsheathed love spear pushes past her nether lips into the warm, wet, welcoming pussy. “Good,” Heather replies, her voice suffused with lust, as she feels the rock hard man flesh sliding deeper and deeper into her. The rigid tool begins to piston the beautiful slut’s pussy as the young stud’s pelvic thrusts achieve a steady rhythm. Looking up at her stud, Heather asks “Don’t you ever take that thing off?” referring to the ball cap, and letting out a little gasp as the stud’s pelvis slams into hers full force, penis burying itself in pussy to the root. “Only in the shower,” the young stud replies breathlessly, as his hips thrust back in rapid motion, before thrusting forward again with brutal momentum. Heather lets out a loud moan as a powerful orgasm washes over her body. In ecstasy, she feels herself being slammed time and time again into the mattress as the young stud tools her with a carnal vengeance. “Yes! Yes!” Heather screams. “You are so fucking good, baby!” “Fuck! Oh, fuck!” the stud groans as his balls spasm, and his tool spurts, releasing a massive load of white love paste deep into Heather’s sperm craving pussy. His load emptied into his beautiful partner, the young stud pulls out, and Heather, in a lustful frenzy, bathed in the stud’s sweat, lifts herself off the pillow. Putting her mouth to the stud’s shoulder, she draws the stud’s flesh into her mouth and suctions it, producing a massive hickey as a reward for the ecstasy he has given her.

The carnal intensity goes completely off the charts as the young stud, maintaining his erection, announces, “Come on, bitch. I wanna give it to you doggy style!” Now almost out of her mind with lust, Heather gets on all fours, and can feel the stud’s still rock hard tool sliding into her already sperm filled pussy from behind. I can’t fucking believe this! Heather thrills. He’s a total fucking animal! Her beautifully rounded ass cheeks ripple and undulate as the young stud slams full force into her, again and again. “Oh god! Yes! Oh god!” Heather screams at the top of her lungs. The stud’s thrusting builds itself up to a fever pitch, until finally his straining balls explode, surrendering every last drop of their teenage genetic product. “Holy fuck!” the stud moans, experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life, even as his straining tool propels yet more sperm into his ravishing blonde partner. The cycle of life does not end, however, even after these heroic carnal efforts. As soon as the pair of young balls have been drained, and the last orgasmic spasm dies away, the two miniature sperm factories, encased in the protective pouch dangling between the stud’s legs, begin to go to work once more, producing hundreds of new, fresh, thrashing swimmers every second. Before long, the young stud will once again feel his man tool stiffen with desire, eager to bury itself once again in its natural sheathing of female flesh. Four more times tonight, the young stud’s tool will spurt into the beautiful blonde slut’s pussy. Four more times, the thick white love offering of the human male will be deposited in the love temple of the human female, as the ultimate sacrifice to Venus. The stud is young, but he does his night’s work well.

Chapter 14

“No fucking way, Heather!” It’s Jen’s turn now to stare in disbelief at her friend over lunch at the Pizza Palace. “He is so fucking good,” Heather gushes. “I must have had like 20 orgasms that night! And he’s so young, too!” “Damn right he’s young, you cradle robbing little slut,” Jen replies. “I heard everything! I thought you were fucking Dom, you loud little slut!” “I don’t care who heard me,” Heather responds, her eyes rolling in ecstasy at the memory of her night of unrestrained passion. “And believe me, he’s no innocent little virgin!” “So, how many guys do you have on the string now, anyway?” Jen asks. “Let’s see,” Heather starts counting on her fingers. “There’s my man back home, there’s Dom, there’s that guy in my class, what’s his name? Ted or Tom or something like that, and now there’s my little hottie, Aaron,” she ticks them off one by one. “You know who’s getting to be a little slut?” Jen now asks eagerly. “I don’t know, who?” replies a puzzled Heather. “Jess,” answers a tickled Jen. “Remember that night she was gone all night long and didn’t show up until the next morning?” “Yeah, so what about it?” replies a dismissive Heather. “Little Miss goody good was probably out toasting marshmallows with her Girl Scout troop.” “Don’t be so sure,” persists Jen. “I thought she was with Bob that night, but he told me that she wasn’t. And I’ve seen her on campus with two other guys. She hasn’t been after Bob for sex for a couple of weeks now,” Jen continues, giving her friend a significant look. “Forget it, Jen. Miss Jessica will always be a good little girl,” Heather closes the conversation with a derisive smirk.

Jess listens with pleasure to Doug’s groaning as she holds her head down for a prolonged deep throat of his rigid tool. The naked stud is lying on the edge of the bed, and an equally naked Jess is on her knees beside the bed sensually fellating him. She slowly moves her mouth back up the shaft, until she reaches the tip of the stud’s love pole, and begins to swirl it with the tip of her tongue, even as the slit begins to ooze precum. “Oh, god!” the stud moans, and Jess’ love juices begin to flow freely with the realization of the pleasure that her new found oral skills are bringing to her stud. She tantalizes the slit with her tongue, catching up the oily precum and then swirling it around the bulbous head of the stud’s manhood. Slowly, she slides her mouth down the shaft once again, as the stud lets out another low groan of ecstasy. Jess can feel the wetness deep inside her womanhood growing as she contemplates the ecstasy that she will soon share with the stud, for tonight she is determined to fuck him. She has absolutely no qualms about fucking yet another stud. She is now a free woman. Neither Bob nor Eric are really her boyfriends, and Mike is now just a bad memory.

Her lips are now once again kissing the tip of the stud’s throbbing tool as she reaches for her purse. The condom is quickly out of its package and in one hand while the other hand firmly grasps the base of the petrified phallus. With a single deft motion of Jess’ lovely hand, the prophylactic is rolled down to encase the stud’s love wand. The stud stands up to allow Jess to climb onto the narrow dorm bed, so soon to accommodate two horizontally stacked human bodies. With a giggle, Jess picks up the stud’s blue briefs, which are lying on the bed, and tosses them on the floor. Jess eagerly jumps into the bed, her body in a state of full arousal, with hardened, erect nipples and saturated pussy. Now on her back, legs spread, she casts lustful eyes upon her stud, his yearning, straining tool now sheathed in the latex armor of lust. The stud is soon in bed with her, in a kneeling position between the open, luscious thighs. Jess locks eyes with her stud, and can feel the hardened man pole parting her hungry pussy lips. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!” she moans passionately as her ravenous mouth of love swallows more and more of the rigid man flesh that it hungers for. The stud is now in position on top of her and slowly begins to thrust his hips. Jess looks up into the stud’s face, her hands reaching up to caress his well developed biceps. Yes, I’m making love to him, because I do love him, she thinks to herself, moaning with pleasure as the pelvic thrusts start coming harder and faster. I love him, just like I love Bob and Eric, she assures herself. “Oh yeah, baby! Fuck me harder!” Jess moans, prompting the stud to redouble his efforts. She takes sensual delight at the sight of her own beautiful feet, poised in the air and pointing at the ceiling, allowing the stud to achieve maximum penetration. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh, baby!” she moans loudly as the stud’s almost vengeful pounding propels her into orgasm. Jess gasps as the stud’s relentless thrusting reaches a sweat soaked climax. The stud heaves a deep groan as his balls empty and the thick white mass of his love goo is propelled at high velocity upwards through his tool and out the slit, splattering the latex walls that strain to contain it. Hearing her stud groan, Jess joyfully realizes that her man has achieved orgasm, a realization which triggers a sympathetic orgasm of her own. As the stud’s tool continues to spurt again and again, and as the condom fills with more and more of his love fluid, the two sweat soaked bodies achieve orgasm together, the stud groaning, his beautiful lover moaning, “Oh my god!” in mutual ecstasy at the temporary satisfaction of their carnal hunger. Soon, the sperm heavy condom is in the wastebasket next to the stud’s bed. There is a brief respite before the partners answer love’s call again, and before Jess leaves at dawn the next morning, four more condoms containing samples of the stud’s DNA will join the first.

“Jennifer, finals week is going to be here before you know it, and you really MUST know this material,” Jon declares emphatically to his beautiful but wayward pupil as they pore over their study materials in Jen’s dorm room. Before Jen can respond, there’s a soft knocking at the door. “Come in!” Jen calls out, the door swings open, and the smiling figure of Lisa appears in the doorway. “Oh hi, Lis!” Jen cheerfully greets her. “Hey, keep Jon company while I check on my laundry,” she says almost breathlessly, jumping up from her chair and flying out of the room before a puzzled Jon has a chance to say a word. Before disappearing through the door and shutting it tightly behind her, Jen throws Lisa a lascivious wink.

“How’s it going, Jon?” Lisa greets the befuddled nerd cheerfully. “Not very well,” Jon replies. “Jennifer isn’t even close to being ready for finals, and here she is running off to do laundry when she should be studying. I just don’t understand her at all.” “Relax, Jon!” soothingly replies Lisa. “You’re so stressed out!” “And why shouldn’t I be?” counters the flustered nerd. “She just doesn’t seem to realize…” the nerd’s voice falters as Lisa plants herself directly in front of him. “You need something to take your mind off all of this,” she coos softly, looking him straight in the eyes, and putting a hand on his belt. “What are you doing?” the nerd asks rhetorically, knowing full well what she has in mind as she undoes his belt and unzips his jeans. Lisa flashes him a naughty smile and drops to her knees, pulling down the nerd’s jeans. “Let’s see what you’ve got in here,” she says, the anticipation audible in her voice, as she pulls down the tight white briefs. Out pops the nerd’s semi-erect tool, steadily hardening before Lisa’s eyes. “Wow,” she exclaims, grasping the nerd’s love staff and beginning to stroke it. “Jen told me you were packing, and she’s right!” “What are you doing?” the nerd can only repeat helplessly, his tool now petrified into a full, rock hard erection. “Relax,” replies Lisa. “I’m going to make you feel a lot better!”

The nerd can feel the metal ball at the tip of Lisa’s tongue swirling around the head of his tool, sending an unfamiliar erotic tremor throughout his body. He tries to focus his mind on the theorem he had been trying to teach Jen, and does not groan or cry out. When you adjust for all the variables, he begins to ponder, then suddenly a shudder runs through his entire body as Lisa slowly slides her pierced tongue down the entire length of his shaft, forcing a deep groan out of him. The little slut giggles. “You like that?” she queries the nerd, who can only groan appreciatively in response. Lisa pulls one of the nerd’s balls into her mouth, sucks it lightly and lovingly, releases it and then repeats the process with the other love nut. Now placing a hand under the nerd’s scrotal pouch to massage his balls, she moves her mouth back up to the rigid love pole and resumes fellating it, slowly and sensually. “That feels so good,” the nerd groans with pleasure as he feels the ring at the tip of the well practiced tongue delivering sweet torment to his stiffened tool. Lisa continues to massage the nerd’s balls, even as she slides her mouth further down his shaft, determined to deep throat her well hung virgin. The nerd begins to feel the ache of ecstasy in his tool as the kneeling slut brings it closer and closer to ultimate release with her skilled, relentless oral assault. Lisa’s lips reach the base of the nerd’s tool, and she holds her head in place for a long moment, using her penis hungry tongue to give the nerd’s petrified love snake the ultimate French kiss. She pushes upward with her hand on the nerd’s balls to ensure maximum penetration of her throat by the inflamed love staff and can feel her nerd’s entire body shudder as he lets out a visceral groan of carnal pleasure. Pulling her head off the nerd’s tool, she looks up lustfully into his eyes and announces, “I’m going to make you cum. I want you to cum,” and thrusts her head back down on the tool. Now rapidly bobbing her head up and down on the groaning nerd’s tool while steadily massaging his balls, Lisa soon achieves her objective. The nerd groans even more deeply as he can feel the first contractions in his balls. Lisa looks up at his face and gasps lustfully, “Cum for me,” thrusting her head back down on the tool for several final sucks that push the nerd over the edge. Letting out something between a yell and a groan, the nerd feels his balls spasm as they are drained of their thick, white genetic load. Lisa squeezes the nerd’s balls and pulls her head back, watching the hot, pressurized white jet of love liquid arcing high into the air. I want to swallow every last drop of him, she thinks with determination, as she swiftly bobs her head, mouth wide open, into position to catch the nerd’s flying load. She feels the molten sperm splash on her tongue, and her mouth begins to fill with the love fluid as the gasping nerd’s tool spurts again and again. When the tormented tool has ceased its spitting, Lisa looks up at the nerd, closes her mouth, and swallows, dispatching the nerd’s sperm to her waiting belly. The nerd lets out another deep groan as she uses one hand to milk his still erect tool of its remaining love nectar, the precious white fluid spilling into the outstretched palm of her other hand. Lisa then licks the additional sperm from her hand, and it joins the rest of the white goo on the way down to her belly. “I, I…” the dazed nerd begins to stammer, with Lisa now standing in front of him, but she places a finger on his lips, silencing him. “Your sperm tastes so good, sweetie! Don’t be so shy about letting girls know what you’re packing. You’ll have a lot of them get on their knees for you!” As she walks out the door, she turns, and giggles. “I’ll go tell Jen that you’re ready to get back to studying!”

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