A mother and ehr two daughters reach out to each other as they try to find a way to connect and love each other in new ways.
My name is Celia, I am a hot bi girl, honey blonde hair and light blue eyes. My friends say I have a very pretty face, but I think my chin is too long and narrow. It’s my mother’s chin, though her chin is even longer. While I don’t like how it looks I don’t sweat it either. I didn’t get my boobs from mom, I am a full two bra sizes bigger than her, and have the biggest tities of any girl in my senior class. I have to say I love to flaunt my boobs and ever since mom let me buy my own underwear I chose sexy lace and silky thongs and hot looking bras that pushed up my tities and gave me plenty of cleavage. Of course I always wore low cut and V cut tops to make sure that my tanned boobies were visible to anyone to check me out. I have long sensitive nipples too and even through a bra they poked up saying ‘hey look at us’.

I think my best features are my legs and ass. My lower body resembles my mom’s who is still very hot my mom’s, I talked to her about my changing body all the time, and she had no reservations about sharing her observations. I don’t know if she realized how hot I got when she talked about my body, but I was always brining up the conversation, even at the supper table when I knew it would embarrass my 16 year old sister Jenna.

It was Friday night and mom had made a pot roast, and had been into the wine quite a bit, in fact the bottle was nearly empty. I knew she was worried about the cost of Christmas and paying the bills in January. She never complained about her load as a single mom, and was always there for her girls. She was always honest with us and both of us felt we could ask her anything.

“Mom,” I said playing with my kernel corn, “Why are my boobs so sore at the end of the day, I mean some nights it feels like my nipples are going to fall right off.”

My sister Jenna looked at me and rolled her eyes her cheeks flushing with red. I leaned forward and cupped my tities over my tight sweater, “Is it growing pains, I mean it’s like these puppies grow bigger every week.” I looked down at my hands fondling my own boobs then noticed Jenna also looked directly at my tities. With my fingers I trapped my nipples and giving them a little tug my mouth opening with a sigh as I did. Jenna noticed my nipples jump.

“Celia , look at you, you’re eighteen and you have the boobs of a porn star. Hell I guess the good tits miss a generation; you have tities like your grandma, big firm and nipples to spare. Look at me and Jenna, our boobs never hurt, do they baby?”

I guessed it was the wine talking, but I got tingly all over, with the dirty way she was talking about my body.

“Mom! “ I Jenna said face growing red.

“That’s alright sweetie, we all can’t be as lucky as your sister, she will never lack companionship with a rack like that. Men go crazy over firm young tities,” then she added with a sexy grin on her face, “And some women love young tities too.”

“That’s disgusting mom,” said Jenna who continued to look directly at my boobs and stiff nipples.

“No it’s not baby, that’s just the way of the world. Your sister here is going to do alright,” and to my surprise mom reached over and gave my right boob a quick squeeze.

“But mom,” I said faking a worried look, “I was in the school gym at volleyball practice and I as I walked by in my team shorts and these two six girls said, ‘Look at the big ass on her, those shorts look like they are painted on.’ Mom I need you to tell the truth, is my butt too big for a girl my age?”

Mom smiled, “Stand up baby, turn around and let Jenna and I have a good look at your bum.”

Mom’s comments on my body had never been as hot as this time. I could feel my heart begin to pound in my chest. I was wearing my tightest pair of stretch jeans that fit my ass like a glove. I never wore a thong with these jeans because I didn’t like the lines they made. Without a word I got up and slowly turned around, and leaned forward nearly pushing my ass in my mom’s face.

My mom leaned forward too, I thought I could feel her breath on my ass then I felt her hand cup the bottom of one of my butt cheeks, “My, my… baby you could stand up a bottle of coke on this bubble butt of yours and never spill a drop.”

Her hand became more firm, then she gave my ass a good squeeze and said, “Not too big, not to small, it’s just right, your ass is just right,” mom laughed then slipped her hand to the inside my thigh. “Isn’t that what Papa Bear said to Goldilocks, before he had his way with her?” I let out a gasp as I felt my mother’s hand slip forward over my crotch grinding two fingers up and down my cunt, the pinching my clit between her finger and thumb over the thin fabric.

“No baby, never let anybody tell you this money maker is too big,” suddenly she pulled her fingers out between my legs. I made an audible moan, and Jenna looked at me with concern.

I was sure Jenna saw the whole thing, but I didn’t care. I had never been so excited in my life. My mother had always been a loving mom to the two of us, but with having to work two jobs including a shift three nights a week that ended at midnight, she was always tired and often drunk on wine. The truth of the matter was that she was often unable to offer emotional support to the two of us.

I felt my tummy flip and my pussy tingle to have my mother give me this kind of attention, the attention she might give a lover if she had one.

Jenna could see Mom was drunk and that always made her angry and felling lost and alone. I told Jenna to go up to her room and watch a movie, and I would help mom with clean up and the dishes.

“I can’t stand being around her when she’s like this. Don’t let her talk to you like that Celia. I saw how she touched you, did she hurt you, and are you okay?” she asked under her breath.

I hugged my sister, tightly, I was so excited, that feeling my boobs press against her soft tities sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. I whispered close to her ear “I’m fine, don’t worry my beauty, I will get mom to bed and then we can talk in your room.” I pulled away and noticed two tears rolling from her eyes; I leaned forward and slowly licked each tear off her soft cheeks.

“Don’t worry Jenna, try to think about Christmas, everything will be fine. I promise. I squeezed her hands and she turned and ran up stairs and into her room, loudly closing the door behind her.

‘What the hell is eating her?” mom asked, “Can’t I have a little fun with my girls. Hey Celia it’s all in fun, right?” She got up to get another glass of wine and slapped me hard on the ass.

I stacked the plates and brought them over to the counter. I loved the attention mom was giving my body and I wanted more of it. I didn’t have any idea of how far I would push things but I really didn’t give a fuck.

Mom stood at the counter and poured another glass of wine and was only inches away I could almost feel the heat of her body. As I bent over to put plates in the dishwasher I firmly pressed my young ass against mom’s outer thigh. My heart was in my mouth, as I pressed harder against her with my firm ass. I was thinking of how hot it felt when mom fondled my pussy only moments before. I pretended to be sorting out dishes in the washer. Mom didn’t move but I heard her exhale. She was obviously looking at my ass that was pressed into her leg. I heard her take a long drink of wine as if she were draining the whole glass at once.

At that instant I felt her sway on her feet as if leaning into me. “Baby, I need to do some more shopping tomorrow, I want to buy some things for Jenna. Would you help me pick them out?”

I cleared my throat but didn’t move a muscle, “Yeah mom that would be great.”

“You know she really looks up to you, and wishes she could be like you in every way, you know your sister worships you don’t you, she would do anything for you, you know that, right?” Mom was slurring her words and swaying on her feel.

“Yeah mom I get that, I love being her big sister.” I said grasping the door of the dishwasher for balance, as mom shifted her body and was now pressing the front of her thigh directly on my crotch. I shifted my feet giving mom more access to put pressure on my pussy.

“So I was thinking I would get her some nice, hot sexy things, a push up bra like the ones you wear to make her tities stand out and a pair of skin tight jeans and a satin thong to make my little lady feel all sexy and grown up. Do you think she would like that baby?”

“Oh god yes mommy, she would love it, I will I’ll help you pick them out.” My breathing was heavy; I felt my cunt flood with juices. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Then with a forceful thrust mom slammed her thigh into the crotch of my jeans and began grinding against my pussy.

I groaned as mom grabbed at my hips and pressed her thigh up and down on my cunt mound. Suddenly she slipped, lost her balance and fell onto my back. With some difficulty I was able to get her to stand up then steady herself against the counter.

Mom reached for the wine bottle and took a swig emptying it. “Okay mom it’s time for bed, no more wine, you need to get some sleep.”

As I put my mom’s arm around my mother and guided her to her main floor bedroom, noticed my pussy was dripping from the workout it had received form mom’s grinding leg.

Mom just continued to talk about all the Christmas shopping she had to do and how hot Jenna would look in a sexy bra and thong set. I had to admit the idea sounded very hot to me.

Inside her bedroom I sat mom on the bed and she flopped back. I lifted her legs onto the bed and got her to shift her bum so she was laying on her back her eyelids flittering between consciousness and sleep. How many times had I seen my mother like this, I couldn’t count, but this time it was different, This time I wanted to fuck her badly but she was about to pass out.

“Kiss me baby, kiss mommy good night.” Her eyes were already closed as I leaned over and kissed mom lightly on the lips.

With a sudden surge of energy she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her , pressing her lips hard against mine. Mom flicked her tongue over my teeth then plunged it deep into my mouth. I could taste the red wine on her tongue. Her wild tongue was flicking against mine, urging me to push my tongue into her waiting mouth. I shot my tongue into mom’s mouth and mom moaned as I wrestled with her tongue. Mom began sucking on mine, moving her lips up and down on it as if it was a tiny cock. It was my turn to groan.

Then just as suddenly as the kiss started, it was over as mom fell back to the mattress, “Oh baby you are so beautiful, so fucking hot, mommy loves you so much, mommy wants you so bad, so fucking bad,,,” Mom’s voice trailed off and she was out like a light. In a few seconds she was snoring like Momma Bear hibernating.

I thought of what had just happened, how hot and how sad it made me feel. Then I thought of my young sister, how upset she had been. Instead of thinking of myself, and how much I needed to get off, I would go and talk to her, let her know that everything was going to be okay.

I looked in her room but Jenna wasn’t there, and then I heard the shower running down the hall, there was that twinge in my pussy again. I took off all my clothes right there in the hallway, my panties were absolutely soaked. I slipped into the bathroom without a sound. It was steamy but I could see Jenna through the crack in the curtain. She had no reason to be self- conscious of her body, my pussy dripped looking at her perky tities with puffy nipples that pointed out and up. Her ass was so narrow and firm I thought of how good it would feel against my face as my tongue darted into her butt hole.

I took the leap, “Shareses! I’m not going to let you hog all the hot water!” I said brightly stepping into the shower.

“Celia, oh…okay, it would be nice if you washed my back,” Jenna said shyly bringing her forearms to her chest to cover her lovely tities.

“No problemo, kido. No need to hide those puppies on my account Jenna, anyway I think your tities are very hot,” I lathered up my hands and placed them on her shoulders.

“Uh, you do?” she said almost in a sigh.

Well as mom likes to say, “Does a slut swallow?”

I felt Jenna’s muscles stiffen at the mention of mom’s name.

I leaned close to her ear, “Hey sorry about what happened at supper tonight, you shouldn’t get upset when mom talks about me like that. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, in fact I kind of like it.”

“You do! Celia she talks about you as if you were some kind of slut; it’s not right,” said Jenna firmly her shoulder muscles taut. I let my fingers dance over her skin softly massaging her shoulders. Jenna signs and drops her arms to her sides.

“In a way mom is showing that she loves me by talking to me like that, I mean loving me in the best way she can.” I said softly at her ear now moving my hands down her back in a slow circular motion.

“Oh, I never thought of it that way, “ sighed Jenna as she leaned some of her weight against my hands.

“In a way it turns me on when she talks like that, I mean my pussy gets all damp and tingly. “ I said my voice rising in her ear.

“No way,” said Jenna softly, feeling the effects of my hands as I let my thumbs move up and down the runnel of her back bone.

“Jenna mom came on to me after you left. I leaned over to put dishes in the dishwasher and she rammed her leg between mine, and started grinding on my pussy…it was…it was amazingly hot, my pussy got so wet,” I said taking my sister’s earlobe between my lips and sucking hard as my hands gently caressed her firm butt.

“Ohhhh, god Celia what are you doing to me…” she made an attempt to move forward and I swiftly slipped and arm around her waist and held her in place.

“And when I took mom to bed she kissed me Jenna, not a peck on the cheek but a French kiss, with her tongue deep in my mouth and then her sucking on my tongue, and she said how hot she thought I was and how much she wanted to fuck me,” I whispered with my lips right on her small ear, then I slipped my tongue tip in hear ear and she trembled.

“Oh god, Celia this is wrong, you and mom, and us, you are my sister, I love you, so much but this...” her breathing was heavy as I slipped my hand down to her thighs caressing one then the other her skin so firm and soft at the same time.

“Mom also said that you worship me, that you would do anything for me, and that you loved me that much. That you loved me this much…” I trailed off as my hand moved between her legs cupping her pussy mound.

“Oh, oh Celia, I do love you, and I want you so bad, touch me sis, oh fuck I’ve wanted you to do this for so long.” Jenna was breathless as I parted her tight pussy lips and found a how wet slickness inside. I let my middle finger ride up and down her slit circling the entrance to her little cunt then up to flick over her pert little clit. After two or three circuits she was trembling in my arms.

“Oh Jenna baby, let’s get dried off and go to your bed, okay.” Jenna just nodded.

I dried her off slowly taking extra time with her sweet tities, lean in to take them in my mouth and swirl my tongue over them, and take little love bites that would sent shivers through Jenna’s hot body.

I took her by the hand and lead her to her bed, I noticed that Jenna’s eye’s were always looking into mine, wanting my assurance, that this wasn’t a dream that it was right and good to show our love for each other in this way. I smiled at her and we kissed, I let my tongue trace her soft lips and then slipping inside feeing her tongue move against mine as she moaned.

As we stood by the bed I caressed her face with the back of my fingers, and looked into her eyes, “You know how much you mean to me sis, I would never do anything to harm you, isn’t that right.”

“Yes, of course I know that.” She said leaning into me, I loved feeling her small boobs nudging into mine.

I look her hand and placed it on my flat tummy and moved it in a circle then down between my legs pressing her fingers into my slit. I inhaled with the sudden pleasure. “See what you do to me Jenna, see how wet you have made me? No girl in the world can make me feel the way you have, you, my hot, beautiful sister.”

Jenna’s eyes filled with tears and she looked up at me and said, “I love you so much, Celia.”

I kissed her again, not the way mom kissed me but oh so gently with our soft lips caressing and pulling at one another, my tongue flashing in and out of her mouth, feeling their sweetness and the two of us tongue touching outside of our mouths, Jenna moaning as I finally plunged my tongue into her warm wet mouth.

Jenna moaned as my tongue explored mouth and she surprised me by forcefully pushing her tongue into my mouth and flicking it back and forth over the tip of my tongue. It was my turn to moan as I instinctively grabbed her tight ass in both hands and pressed her body to mine. Jenna melted into my body as we continued to kiss, Jenna hesitantly moved her hands over my boobs, and if felt so good I had to moan. I broke our kiss, “Would you like to kiss and suck them sis?”

Jenna bit her bottom lip and nodded. I took her lovely face in my hands an guided her onto my stiff nipple, she stuck out her tongue, flicking it over the nipple then pressing down on the top of the sensitive nip. She sucked it into her mouth and continued to flick it and circle it with her tongue. I groaned and pressed my pussy into her hip, and began to grind it there. Jenna had lost all her inhibitions as she moved to the other breast flicking it and sucking the nip while rolling the wet nipple between her fingers. My pussy was so wet it was dripping juices over her hip and down her thigh. She began to squeeze my big tities harder and I encouraged her to squeeze them together and play her tongue back and forth between the nipples. She giggled but did it and flashed her tongue over the squashed tities setting my pussy on fire as she took little love bits on my nipples as I had done to her.

Her mouth felt so good but I had to have my little sister’s pussy. I lifted her head and kissed her, looking into her eyes so that she could see that I wanted her that needed her. “Oh Jenna, babe get up on the bed on all fours and stick that hot little ass in the air for me. She giggled again and turned completely around and wiggled her little ass at me.

“So you like my butt huh sis, what do you want to do with it, taste my tight little hole?” said Jenna climbing onto the bed and getting into position.

“Oh I love your ass, Jenna, when I saw you in the shower, your wet ass made me so hot. I knew I wanted my tongue inside.”

Jenna, wiggled her ass again, “That sound so fucking hot Celia, lick it, put you hot tongue inside.”

I slapped her ass lightly just to feel the firmness of it and Jenna squealed, I parted her sweet ass cheeks and let a large gob of saliva slip from my mouth which landed at the top and began running down her pink ass crack. I followed the spit with my tongue feeling the freshness of her flesh and the tight wrinkled bum hole.

“Oh, oh Celia,” Jenna sighed as curled my tongue at the middle and pressed it inside her hot young ass hole. It was tight but I was amazed at how relaxed Jenna was at feeling my tongue enter her back door, she lightly pushed her ass back against my tongue and soon I was tongue fucking her sweet ass . Hher breathing got heavier and I slipped a hand down my body and jammed two fingers in my sopping pussy.

Jenna loved my tongue in her bum hole as she threw her head back and pushed her ass firmly into my face. The feeling of her soft ass cheeks bumping against my face was exquisite as I let my tongue slide out so that I could rim her sensitive hole and flash the tip of the tongue back inside my sister’s ass.

“Oh fuck Celia, I had no idea it could be so good…fuck me sis, fuck me with your fingers , I want to cum for you, I want to be yours now!”

I moaned sending vibrations from my tongue deep into her ass. I let my fingers play over her mound not wanting to rush things. Finally I squeezed her cunt lips together and pulled the flesh hard over her clit and began grinding down hard. Jenna’s thighs trembled as she let out a groan. Her juices were leaked form her lips and over my fingers, and when I parted her lips again the slickness lead my fingers directly to her teen clit. It jumped when two fingers flashed over it, back and forth then up and down. Jenna rotated he hips to increase the contact on her clit so I pinched it between two fingers and she squealed with delight. I had to remember that my little sister had never made love to anyone before, and suddenly I fell all emotional and so totally in love with her.

I began moving my tongue inside her ass to distract her from what I was about to do, as I let just one finger circle her clit then slowly to the entrance to her sweet pussy.

“Oh yes, do me sis, fuck me with it your finger, tease me, play with me, make me yours, make me cum only when you want to me cum. I love this Celia, you making love to me!”

I groaned and slowly eased my middle finger a few inches into Jenna’s cunt; she threw her head back and hisses. I wanted her to enjoy every second of this so I took it slow and easy. I twisted my finger into her tight hole as I eased it in slowly. Suddenly Jenna was motionless breathing heavy; it felt like her whole body was poised, waiting for my finger to move deeper. I moved it out to the entrance and circled the wetness there.

Jenna groaned but I knew she loved it. I let my finger rub the band of flesh between her ass and cunt and that got a long moan out of her, I took my tongue out of her ass and spit on the wrinkled hole then circled the hole with the ball of my finger.

I knew Jenna must have been contemplating if I was going to put the finger into her as she turned her head to look back at me, as she did I slipped the middle finger of my other hand in all the way to the knuckle.

“Oh fuck you bitch,” Jenna groaned, “So fucking good sis, fuck me please.”

Slowly I began pumping my finger in and out of her cunt after a dozen slow firm thrusts the finger was all the way in. she was relaxed and moaning, making little squeals of pleasure as well. She loved it, but when she began to push back on my finger, I slapped her ass, “Did I say you could ride my finger, you hot little bitch?”

Jenna groaned and said, “No my big beautiful sister.” I loved the reverent tone in her voice.

Now that my finger was feeling so good inside her, I added my thumb grinding over her hot little clit with each stroke, this sent shivers through Jenna’s body and I could see her chest heaving with excitement.

I smiled to myself as I spit on her ass hole again, I knew I had her right where I wanted her, I let my tongue spread the spit over her ass hole and I began to press my tongue into the tight hole, and then at the last second, I curled my middle finger and jabbed it into Jenna’s warm butt hole up to the first joint.

She let out a high pitched squeal and without thinking pushed her sweet ass back against it. I slapped each ass cheek hard, “I’m fucking you, and I will decide when you cum, you hear me sis!?”

Jenna lifted her and moaned her response, “Anything, anything you say Celia.”

I could feel her tight cunt grab at my finger, setting off little tremors deeper inside, her I knew it would be only a moment more before my hot little sister would cum hard. Her breath was ragged, she was climbing the ladder, I wasn’t sure I was going to let her cum or not, then she rammed her hot little ass on my finger, “You hot little ungrateful bitch!” I said feigning my anger, and pulling my fingers from her holes, as she groaned with disappointment.

“Celia, oh fuck I was so close, ooooh fuck!” then she buried her face in a pillow, clutching at the sheet with her hands.

“What did I say Jenna, I was the one fucking you and I would get you off when and only when I say so, do you hear me!” I said, secretly knowing that she was loving every minute of this.

“Yes, I understand, just get me off just make me cum…oh fuck I need to cum,” Jenna cried desperately.

“Roll over on your back and spread your legs, I want to see your pussy, I want to taste you cunt sis.”

Jenna obediently and spread her legs wide, I moaned seeing how wet puffy and pink her young cunt was. I spanked her pussy lips three times, “That’s for being a bitch and not letting me fuck you!”

“Ouch, that fucking hurts,” said Jenna but from the hot look in her I was sure she enjoyed it.

“I flattened her outer lips with my fingers, “Oh fuck sis, you have such a pretty pussy, do you want me to eat you, and suck on your hot little clit?”

“Oh fuck yes, Celia eat out my cunt, make my clit jump on that hot tongue of yours, oh please make me cum!”

Jenna was arching her pussy toward my face, and I gave it another slap, “Did I tell you to grind your cunt on my face Jenna? Now get your ass back down on the bed!” Jenna groaned and compiled.

I slipped a pillow under my sisters ass and settled between her legs, and moved my left hand to my cunt to tweak my clit and finger fuck myself. I was so fucking hot, but I needed to keep it together for Jenna, to give her the most amazing climax of her young life.

Jenna was propped on her elbows watching intently as my tongue kissed then made a wet trail within an inch of her cunt, only to start on the other thigh and work my way up. I kisses each soft spot where her legs and her mound met, tracing the line up and down, with the smell of her pussy making me shove two fingers deep into my cunt.

“I looked up into her desperate eyes and as she nodded, a silent plea, I pointed my tongue and pushed it deep into her wet tight cunt. The sensation of taste and wetness were overwhelming as I took her juices on my tongue and sucked them into my mouth. My sister groaned but didn’t grind against me, I loved that she was playing out little game. I let my tongue open her pussy wider and still the juices flowed. I removed my tongue from her pussy and let it run along her delicate puffy lips then suddenly grasping them lightly in my teeth and pulling on them .

Jenna seemed to be grasping for air, and I knew she was again ascending to a wonderful climax, I knew it would only take a few flashes of my tongue over her throbbing clit and she would explode before my eyes.

I had my fingers working my g-spot deep inside my own cunt and I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to go over the edge.

I pulled my face from her pussy, and now Jenna’s eyes were wild, “Oh, oh…oooooh,” she groaned her face turned to the ceiling.

I quickly straddle her sopping cunt with mine and I pulled her head up and kissed her hard. “I’m going to fuck your little cunt so hard sis, so fucking hard.”

I shifted my hips lower and let my hot cunt grind into the wet folds of Jenna’s hot pussy. Her whole body jerked with the sensation. In seconds my ass and hips were grinding and my pussy was slapping on her s with such a rapid motion that Jenna seemed to be in shock. Her eyes open wider, and she grabbed at my legs holding her ass and cunt higher so each time I fucked forward with my cunt her cunt took the full impact, I felt Jenna’s whole body grow tense beneath me.

“Oh kiss me, kiss me,” Jenna cried.

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her roughly pushing my tongue into her mouth and at that instant I felt a flood of my sister’s girl cum explode from her convulsing cunt as she screamed into my mouth with sheer pleasure.

The force and heat of her cum sent juices squirting over my trembling clit and I groaned and came with equal force squirting a rush of juices over Jenna’s cunt and thighs soaking the bed,. We gasped loudly and clutched at each other as another wave of cum exploded in unison form our cunts, Jenna slumped against me as if she had passed out her body jerking and thrashing against mine.

I kissed her cheeks where I found the salt of her tears, the release had pulled tears from my eyes as well , we were moaning and crying and hanging in on to each other with dear life.

After a long time our breathing returned to normal and I guided my loving and beautiful sister to my bed where we slept the sleep of angels.

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