My son came home from school in the late afternoon and I was preparing dinner behind the kitchen counter. He drops his backpack, rushes into the kitchen and gets behind me. He wraps his arms around me under my arms and starts feeling on my breasts through my dress.

Our bodies are close together and I feel his hard on in his pants rubbing against my butt as he plays with my breasts and sniffing on my neck.

“Mom, I want it right now. Can we just do it in the kitchen?” He asked.

“That depends if you can satisfy me before your father comes home.” I answered wittily.

He has been very needy this month which in turn made me very horny and needy as well. I had been taking care of my son’s sexual needs ever since he was 15 and he is now a senior in high school. He is my steady cock when my husband doesn’t make love to me, and my son is a great lover.

My husband doesn’t make love to me as often as before and I became very needy at my age. A guy I met at a friend’s party was so persistent in getting me in his bed and start an affair with him. I was so close to losing my ground and give in to him, but my son saved me and my marriage.

I love my husband very much and all I wanted was sex to satisfy my needs. My son was the perfect solution to my sexual frustration. Needless to say that my first time with my son was shameful and I felt really bad. But as time goes and we started to feel more comfortable in having sex with each other, we learned to enjoy our sex while being consciously aware of us being mother and son. I’m horny at my age and my son is horny at his age, what better way to stay true to my husband than being with our son.

“I didn’t do so badly yesterday. I remember you cum too.” He replied.

“You’re right. You were pretty good yesterday. Ok then, I’m almost done preparing dinner. Eat my pussy while I finish making the salad, and if you can make me cum then you can do me here in the kitchen.” I answered while smiling.

He quickly gets down under my dress and pulls down my panties. When his tongue pushes its way in my pussy, a cold chill channeled through my body and I start to shiver. His tongue is so good in my pussy that I couldn’t even continue tossing my salad.

My hands stop and resting on top of the kitchen counter while I unconsciously have my tongue licking on my lips. It is such a tasteful pleasure which I think all mothers should try with their son.

He has his hands on the side of my hips and his head is deeply buried in between my legs and in my hairy pussy. His nose running through my bush tickles my senses, adding more pleasure to my already wet pussy.

I had my son eating my pussy every time before we had sex for the past year and he had definitely learned the ways that I like my pussy eaten. At times when my son was eating my pussy I even felt like his skills had exceeded his father.

Though his tongue is good but I’m not about to cum yet. But then he sticks two fingers in and out of my pussy while he sucks and licks my pussy juice out. That did wonders to my pussy and my body. I feel like I couldn’t hold it much longer.

“Honey, don’t stop, you got me!” I cried while moaning.

While he licks on my clit he has his fingers going in and out of my pussy much faster and hooking his fingers when they are inside.

“Oh shit! I’m cumming. Ahhhhh…!” I screamed.

I squirt all over his hand and on the kitchen floor. He got me to cum and now my wet pussy is my son’s to take in the kitchen. I lean forward to rest my upper body on the kitchen counter while breathing heavily. My body is feeling weak but my pussy is horny and aching for my son’s loving.

My son gets up from within my dress and starts taking off his clothes. I am still a little weak from my squirt and couldn’t move my body, but since standing doggy is one of his favorite positions I am already in position.

He gets behind me and we are both standing on the puddle of my squirt, but neither one of us cared. He lifts up my dress and pulls it backward over my body. My panties were already on the floor so my naked pussy is staring right at his naked dick.

It doesn’t take long for him to get into position behind me and I feel his hard dick closing in on my pussy.

“Oh fuck, I gave birth to a big cock!” I screamed as his hard dick enters my pussy.

He takes a few very small steps just to bring his dick all the way inside my pussy. He takes my arms from the kitchen counter and grabs on to my wrists and pulls on my arms stretching backward toward him. He starts fast motor pumping on my pussy with his balls bashing against my clit every time he moves in. He is like a fucking machine in turbo. His pumps are so fast and intense. And with my pussy tightly wrap around his hard dick, I can feel every inch going in and out of me. My screams are all over the kitchen.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I screamed.

“Oh fuck! You’re such a good boy! So good to your mother! Oh fuck… Ahhh… If only your father can fuck me like this!” My screams continued.

He lets go of my arms and I bring my arms back on the counter for support. My body jerks left and right on the counter from his intense fucking and I finally knock down the salad bowl to the floor. The floor is a mess but I didn’t care. I am just enjoying myself being fuck by my son.

“Oh shit, I just cum. You can cum now if you want. But you better pull out first. I don’t want you to get me pregnant.” I said.

The first month that my son and I fucked I made him use condoms because I definitely don’t want to be pregnant with my son’s baby. And then my son learned to pull out in time to shoot his load outside, so I let him fucked me a few times without a condom and we didn’t use condoms ever since. He fucks me much better without a rubber on and I love it. He managed to pull out every time, except one or two occasions that he almost got his baby juice inside my pussy.

“I’m not done yet mom, let’s do it on the floor.” He said.

He pulls his dick out of me and pulls me down on the floor with him. He lies on the floor on his back and his hard dick pointing straight up. It was cute and also a big turn on for me. I couldn’t wait to get that boner inside me again. I want to be naked with my son so I pull my dress up and my son helps me to get it over my head. When I got it off, I toss it away from the messy floor to a cleaner area.

I climb on top of him and then quickly align my pussy with his hard dick. After I guide the head in my pussy, I swallow his cock in an instant sitting my pussy down. My son connects his hands with my hands. I am riding on his cock as our hands and fingers unite in the air.

I then put his hands on my breasts and said “Squeeze my breasts honey, my nipples are so hard. I want you to squeeze them for me.”

He squeezes on my breasts and I love the ticklish sensation. And then he pinches on my nipples creating enormous pleasure chills that jolt my body. I want to kiss my son so badly. I lean my upper body down to his body and his warm lips welcome my lips in a kiss. Our lips sealed passionately while my hips hump up and down on his hard dick.

We are both breathing heavily and I feel the orgasmic pressure that is building in my pussy is about to blow. Not only that, but I feel my head is also going to explode as well. I have my hands pulling on my hair and then my pussy explodes on my son’s dick.

“Oh fuck! It’s coming!” I screamed.

I squirt on my son’s dick and cover my pussy juice all over his lower body. I quickly get off of my son and move to the side next to him. I have my hand on his hard dick and begin giving him a handjob because he didn’t cum yet. I’m jerking his dick with my hand squeezing up and down until finally he shoots like a fountain.

I sat on the floor next to my son breathing heavily for a while with him and then I get up to grab a big towel to clean him up. The kitchen floor is a mess, but I know the first thing we should do is to get dress first, since my husband should be coming home any minute.

I grab my dress and slip it back on, but my panties were in the puddle of my pussy juice. They are wet, but I put them on anyway, because it feels sexy to wear my wet pussy. After we both got dressed, we quickly clean up the place.

While we are wiping the floor and picking up the salad, my son and I stay close together and I give him a kiss every so often and we smile at each other. It feels great and sexy. At this time, the front door opens and my husband walk in seeing us on the kitchen floor cleaning. He asks what happened, and we both laugh without answering. My husband smiles with us when he sees us laughing. He has no clue at what we are laughing about.

My poor husband, if only he fucks me more often, things wouldn’t turn out this way. But I guess everything turns out just fine, since I can be with my husband that I love and have my sex needs taking care of. I guess incest with my son help preserved my happy marriage.

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