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my first story so i know its not that good but yeah.
i alwasy had Sex dreams. but up till a few days ago they've been about one person. my sister Sarah. Sarah was one year younger than me. she had Long Dark brown that sorta looked like it could be black hair. she had that kind of face that even if she was pissed at you she still looked beautiful. she had a great body. full rounded boobs atleast for her age. i think it might be a C cup. but she always wears those kind of shirts that show a good portion of her bra. she also had a nice Ass.i had occasionally stared at it when she wasnt looking.

But Anywho my dreams for the past few days started with me and her kissing. Are tounges exploring each other's mouths. all the while my hand moving to cup one of her breast. after alittle of that kissing my hands would move down to undo her shorts and thats when...*Buzz* *Buzz* *Buzz*

i wake up to the Same old alarm. it buzzed for a bit till i basicly slapped the snooze button."Same old dream again"i mutter to myself as i get out of bed. i head over to the closet to grab some clothes and get dressed. heading downstairs. i temperarally stop by my sister Sarah's room. i look through the crack in the door way. i noticed she had to have already been up. so i headed down. surely enough there she was.

First thing i saw as i sorta looked her up and down before she noticed. was that she was in some knee high socks. they covered her beautiful (almost beteween pale and tanned legs). next thing i noticed was her Ass. her shorts seemed to curve perfectly with her ass. when she turned to see who it was. i was able to see her beautiful face but not before i glanced at her boobs.

"oh Hey Jake" she said as i walked into the kitchen. me and her had always gotten along well most of the time except when it came to one of us getting something the other didn't or couldn't get."Hey"i said still alittle sleepy. i made my way over to the counter getting a bowl out of the cabnet getting some Cerial."oh want to come to the movies with me later" she asked still in her usual happy/perky tone."Uh sure"i said. she always like to spend time with me when she didn't have anything else to do.

after i finished my breakfast. the day was like a regualr saturday. me and Sarah picked up around the house. which took most of the day. so at Around 7:30 Pm she said she was going to get ready. i went up a few mins after she did. again stopping at her door. looking through the crack in the doorway.i had never really seen her naked so i was alittle supprised at what i saw. yeah i have been slightly checking her out but not enough to really notice her body. without her shirt you could really notice the way her boobs curved. and since i guessed she hadnt really started or wanted to shave down by her pussy. i saw alitlte pubic hair not covered by her black panties. as i slightly watched. my mind started to scream no you shouldnt be watching her.

i moved away from the crack in her door and headed to my room.i decided to just slip on a jacket over the clothes i had put on in the morning. then head down stairs and wait for her. when she came down stairs i couldnt help but stare at her. but i looked away before she noticed or atleast i thought she hadn't noticed. "you ready?"i asked. "yeah"she said.

we headed out the door and down the stairs. over towards my car. as we got in i noticed her looking at me in a way she hadn't before. but i shrugged it off as nothing. after we got are seatbelts on i started the car and drove through town to the movie theater. the ride there i couldnt help but glace alittle in the mirror to see how the seat belt rested on her boobs.

once we were at the movie theater. we got out of my car and headed in. "So what movie?"i asked. she looked at the movies as we were in line to get tickets. she chose a horror movie. knowing i would have to act as the Adult to get the tickets. i did and we headed into the movie. i didnt want any popcorn and Sarah didn't which i found kind of weird.

once we were in are seats we waited for the movie to start up. not even 5 mins into the movie there was already alot of blood. i glanced and saw Sarah peeking at the movie through her fingers. i could tell she was scared.

"you okay"i whispered looking at her. i saw her nervously glance at me. she didnt really say anything which i took as a sign that she was really scared.. "Sarah if it scares you that much lets go"i whispered.she didn't argue. i helped her up. she sorta leaned into me. she was alittle cold. and i guess i was warm. cause she didn't say anything to walking out basicly in my arms.

i helped her into the car and then got in myself. when she was scared like this she couldn't do anything. so i had to help her put on her seatbelt. my hands brushed against her boobs as i pulled the seatbelt to were it had to be. i ignored the hardon i was getting from both the fact that i had help my sister and that i had basicly touched her boob. i drove home. and what happened next i wouldn't have exspected....

(to be continued if people want me to)

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2013-07-30 20:14:18
this ass needs to be banned and his stories deleted, he wasted our time with an unfinished story. no background no character development no incest and no end just a total waste of time.

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2013-03-02 16:05:35
you totally wasted our time with a half finished story. half a story is worse than no story at all either delete it or finish it but don't leave it like this YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER.

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2011-12-29 21:07:17
please continue the series off to good start with the plot. need a proof reader though to catch mistakes you made.

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2011-12-27 12:44:32
part two please (some grammar mistakes but i got over it). you have a lot of room for ideas here kee it up

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2011-12-26 20:01:45
Basically a good storyline but a lot of misspelled words and capitalization at the beginning of each sentence could use some work. Keep at it though... would like to see more from you.

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