A naughty son successfully seduced his horny mother into sex
When I watch porn with my husband, we always see these young sexy porn stars with shaved pussies. My husband loves to watch those shaven pussies and has even asked me a few times to shave my pussy. I have never shaved my pussy ever. And I like it just the way it is, hairy and natural. But my husband complains from time to time that my bush annoyed him when he eats my pussy.

I am just a simple working wife who wants to have my husband go down on my hairy pussy a few times in a month, and I don’t think that is too much to ask of him. My husband used to be very attentive to my needs in bed, and really cared how he can make love to me to make me feel good. But since we had our son, our sex life really went downhill.

Most of my girlfriends have kids, and their sex life with their husband is great from the stories that they told me. So I just don’t get how my sex life with my husband is different from theirs. My husband and I still have regular sex, but he prefers the old bang-bang, and goes to sleep. And when he does go down on my pussy after I annoyingly beg, he would just give me a couple of pity licks with his tongue and then start banging me.

I know many women don’t need oral sex in their sex life, but I am a woman who has a pussy that aches for sucking and licking from my husband to get me wet before enjoying his hard dick going inside of me. So I thought if I want to get what I want, I need to give my husband what he wants, a shaved pussy.

I don’t have work on Thursday and Friday, so I picked one Thursday to shave my pussy. But of course, we can never do what we wanted like we planned, because something always comes up. My housewife girlfriends wanted to go tea and then shopping, and almost my whole afternoon went down the drain with those ladies.

My son is a junior in high school and usually afterschool he hangs out at school for awhile before coming home. After my girlfriends release me, I was finally home. My son isn’t home yet, so I thought it would be a good time to shave my pussy before something comes up again. I knew I wanted to take a shower right after I shaved my pussy, so I got naked in the bathroom in front of the mirror with the electric clippers.

I was staring at the mirror for quite a while and I haven’t started to shave yet. I mean, I have a great body. 34D big rounded breasts, curvy body, and a nice looking hairy pussy, I can’t help myself but to admire my whole sexy body in front of the mirror. I start to play with myself and finger-fuck my pussy.

Just when I am so heating up from my masturbation, the bathroom door suddenly opens and my son was standing right there staring at me. I was like, oh my god. I mean, I had a few men who saw my naked body before my husband, but never a younger guy, and certainly not my own son. I know my son had seen me naked before, but he was only a 5 years old boy then. My son is now a grown 16 year old young man.

I didn’t know how to react and I stood there naked for a while with my son still staring at my naked body. I got to notice that he had a hard on in his pants. God, my son is having a hard on from his own mother. And when I got my senses back, I quickly grab my bath towel and cover myself with it. My son then apologizes and quickly exits the bathroom and closing the door.

I am so embarrass and my mood of shaving my pussy is all gone. I got dress as quickly as possible and left the bathroom. I prepared lunch and we ate in the dining room without saying a word. I guess he was too embarrassed and I am too ashamed.

However, having my son caught me in the bathroom playing with my pussy while I was completely naked turns me on in a ridiculous sinful way. I needed so bad for my husband’s tongue on my pussy and his hard dick in it afterward. But later that night, my husband didn’t even touch me. I masturbate myself to sleep. I was thinking about that embarrassing moment with my son the whole night. And I thought to myself, will my son be masturbating to the image of my naked body in his room right now?

On the next day, I have lots of errands to take care of and I was all over the city. When I was home, I notice my son’s bike was there, so I knew my son was home already. I want to get out of my clothes because I was really hot and sweaty.

I was in my room getting out of my clothes. I usually don’t shut my door all the way, so anyone could peek in. It was an old habit, and I just could change that. But I thought my son was the only one in the house, no house guests or friends around.

There I was taking off my sweaty clothes. I was left with only my purple bra and matching panties on and I suddenly hear a low noise outside my door. I got to the door as quickly as possible and outside my door I found my son spying into my door, so I pull him into my room and closed the door.

He was staring at me while I stood in front of him with only my bra and panties on. Since my panties were sweaty wet, he could definitely see my hairy pussy through my panties. And I was very certain his eyes were on my pussy already.

“What were you doing outside my door, you little pervert?” I asked.

“You have a nice body mom, so I thought I admire you from afar.” He replied.

I had no idea what he was trying to do, but he kept complimenting my body. Then I decided to scare this little boy out of my room, which was a bad idea that I found out later.

“Listen, you little pervert, what do you think you’re going to get talking to me like that.” I said firmly.

His eyes were all over my panties and didn’t care for what I said to him. I then pull down my panties and said “is this what you want, you little pervert?”

With that said I threw my panties at his face and he caught it as it falls down from his face. I was now standing in front of him with only my bra and bared my bottom. I thought he would apologize to me and beg his mom for forgiveness, but I was wrong.

He took my panties to his nose and sniffed on my dirty sweaty panties.

“I love the way your pussy smells when it’s wet, mom.” He said.

I was shocked. Then I caught him staring at my pussy again with this horny look on his face. I quickly try to cover my bare bottom with my hands.

“Enough! Now get out of my room.” I demanded while covering my bare bottom with my hands.

But then he tossed my panties on the floor and ran up to me. He pushed me down on my bed and got his head down on my pussy and started munching on my dirty pussy. Damn, his tongue was really deep in my pussy licking out my pussy juice, pee, and sweat.

I sat up on the bed and tried to push his head away from my pussy, but he got me back down on the bed as he continued working his tongue on my pussy. I really tried to resist, but his tongue felt so good on me. My whole body started shivering with pleasure. I knew I shouldn’t have but I started to enjoy it.

“Oh…shit…you little pervert, damn…you got me good…” I screamed with pleasure.

“Keep it down mom!” He said.

“Why you stop? I didn’t tell you to stop. Now finish what you started.” I ordered.

With that said his tongue was quickly back inside my pussy. Damn my little pervert son was good. I was feeling a little guilty at first but his tongue really drove me crazy and I lost all my thoughts and just gave in to the pleasure. But then my cell phone in my purse rang. I reached for my purse on the bedside cabinet not far from where I was being tongued.

“Stop, son! Let me answer the phone first.” I ordered.

He stopped, and so I put up the line. It was my husband telling me that he will be home to pick me up in about an hour. He said he wanted to take the whole family out for dinner tonight instead of eating at home. And just when I started to feel scared and guilty, my son started munching on my pussy again.

I took a deep breath trying to control myself from moaning from the excitement that my son is giving me, and then I said “Ok honey, I’ll be ready when you get here. I have to go take a shower now, talk to you later.” I can hear my voice shaking, but my husband just said bye and hung up.

“Ahh…shit…you’re killing me little boy.” I moaned out.

But after letting my son worked on my pussy for another few minutes, I said “Stop, I had enough now. And I gave you what you wanted. Now please go, I don’t want your dad catching us together like this.”

He stopped, moved out from my pussy, and got up from the floor.

“That’s not what I wanted, but I thought I let you get a little taste of what I can do for you. I have something in my pants that will make you scream for more.” He said proudly.

I can’t believe my son is emphasizing on his manhood. He got me curious, because I had never been with a younger guy before, let alone a 16 year old boy who is my own son.

“To me, you are just a little boy. You don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before.” I said.

He quickly pulled down his pants. And there it was a huge hard dick pointing right at me. From all the dicks that I’ve had, my husband’s dick was the biggest one I had, but this little boy’s got an even bigger one. I was speechless.

“Would you like to test drive and see how you like your son, mom?” He asked.

“You wouldn’t last five minutes with me, little boy. I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll be crying.” I replied.

I was ashamed at myself for saying those things to my son but he just knew how to let me on. He got my pussy wet already in our conversation. I haven’t had sex with my husband for a week, and I was planning to fuck his brains out after dinner. My body was really heating up. I told myself to be strong and that I will be fucking tonight so I don’t need him. But after staring at his huge dick for a short minute, I just couldn’t resist anymore. He got me so horny with his tongue and now seeing his hard dick really got my pussy aching for him.

Damn, I didn’t know what’s wrong with me, but I was so ready to fuck my son, my own flesh and blood. I went to the cabinet to get a condom, and then I tossed to him.

“Ok, little boy, let see what you got.” I said.

He quickly ripped out the condom and rolled it down his hard dick, and started to take off his clothes. While he was doing that, I took down my bra and lie on my back on my bed with my legs spreading apart waiting for him. He climbed on top of me and started to guide his dick into my pussy. My pussy was already so wet, but he still had a hard time pushing it all in. And when I try to resist for the last time trying to stop this incest sin from happening, it was too late. My son’s hard dick is already halfway inside my hairy pussy.

“Oh shit, you have a big dick, little boy. It’s hurting me.” I said.

He slowly pushed his dick inch by inch into me, and my pussy was really in pain that I dug tightly with my nails into his back and shoulders.

“Damn, I don’t think it could go all the way in, pull it back out.” I said.

He didn’t listen to me. He moved his hands on my shoulders and quickly forced his hips forward. And in two pushes, his huge dick was finally all inside of my pussy. Once he got it all in his hard dick worked like a charm pumping in and out of me. And for all I know, I was fucking my own son.

“Oh you feel so good little boy. I can’t believe I’m letting my own son fuck my pussy. Am I your first older woman, son?” I said.

“No, I had some practice with my old friends’ mothers in their neighborhood.” He replied.

I couldn’t believe that I was not his first but just one of the older women that he had. That kind of kill the mood for me, but as he started pumping faster the pleasure quickly got me back in the mood and I started enjoying his hard young dick. He was not only my first little boy, but also my first young dick in my life.

“Ahh…I don’t want to stop, but your dad is coming home soon, so please stop and we’ll pretend this never happened.” I said.

“I am far from finish yet mom. I still didn’t fuck you doggy.” He replied while continued fucking me.

My son’s young hard dick was making me feel so good it made me forgot what I was going to say.

“If you promise to let me fuck you again, then I’ll let you go tonight.” He said.

I hesitated after hearing what he said. Although I was having such a pleasurable time, I didn’t want to fuck him again and cheat on my husband with my own son for a second time. But I worried about not being able to prepare in time before my husband gets here, so I reluctantly agreed.

He then got off of me, dressed himself, and left my room. My pussy was very sore from that boy’s dick, but I had to get up. I had to take a shower even there might not be enough time I don’t want to smell like a little boy’s dick just fucked me.

When I finished taking a shower and getting dressed, I got out of my room to meet my husband in the living room. He was already waiting for me for 15 minutes. I was scared when I saw my son talking to his dad. That little pervert just fucked the shit out of me in my bed not too long ago and now he is talking to his dad, I was definitely freaking out.

But then my husband told me they were talking about the new video game that my son and him were playing last week, so that gave me a relief. I was thinking how those cheaters live like this.

During dinner I couldn’t hear a thing that my husband is saying to me but instead I was recalling the memory of the pleasure from my son’s dick in my mind. I almost wet my panties just thinking about it.

After dinner, I did fuck my husband, but it just didn’t feel as good as my son’s dick. God, am I crazy slut? I can’t get my mind away from my son. I kept telling myself that he is my son and that I can’t fuck him again. But the more I tell myself the more my pussy ache for his dick, and I had to finger my pussy to sleep. What mother would fuck her own son? Damn I feel like a son-fucking mother.

On the next two days, my son makes his move on me trying to have sex with me again, but I hold him back. But I wasn’t feeling too good for doing that, because my pussy was fucking itching for his dick. And my husband didn’t make it easier on me. He refuses to make love to me because he was tired. And to think I was going to shave my pussy for him.

I was feeling way underappreciated by my husband. So I thought if he doesn’t appreciate me, I’ll make him sorry. Since it happened already, I’ll fuck our son again. At least he appreciated my hairy pussy. But then again, what was I really thinking? I can’t fuck my son again, or so I thought.

But one afternoon on Thursday, I waited at home for my son to come back. My son finally came home and he saw the sex look on my face. He knew exactly what I wanted. So I lead him to my room.

There I was, pretend to resist him so that I can pay some respect to my conscience. He didn’t say a word back but just pulled down his pants in front of me. Damn, was that young dick of his bigger than the last time I saw it?

“I know you need it mom. I’m just here to give you what you have been waiting for. You promised that I can fuck again and now’s the right time, right?” He said.

I didn’t answer him, but I’m sure he knew my answer already. I went to the cabinet to get a condom, but there he was, he ran up right behind me. I wasn’t even fast enough to turn around he was already putting his weight on my back getting me leaning down and my hands on top of the cabinet for support.

I was about to tell him to put on the condom when I felt his hand pulling down my panties. Next thing I felt was his huge dick pushing into my pussy.

“Wait, you need to use a condom, little boy. Pull it out of me and let me put a condom on you.” I said.

“Don’t you want to feel my dick without the rubber? I can fuck you much better without it.” He said.

His words were very tempting and I couldn’t say a word. He took my silence as my consent and started to pump in and out of my pussy fucking me doggy while I stood behind the cabinet with my hands on the top for support. My son’s dick was so big I can feel every inch of him in my pussy.

“Oh… son, you feel so good. Damn you, I’ve been waiting for a while. Ahh…” I yelled.

“Mom, your hairy pussy turns me on so much. The other ladies I fucked, they had their pussies shaved, and I don’t like it. Your pussy is so natural.” He said.

I couldn’t believe my own son would get turn on by my hairy pussy. But I loved the way my son is doing justice for my hairy pussy.

After fucking for a few minutes, he lifted me up off the floor while he kept his dick inside me and walked close to my bed putting me down on my all fours on the bed with him yet still inside me and started to continue fucking me doggy while he stood on his knees on my bed.

I was very much enjoying my son’s dick, but his dick being inside me without a condom on worried me.

“I think I had enough of your bare dick. Pull out of me and put that condom on.” I demanded.

He ignored me and kept pumping harder on me. I had my hands grabbed tight on the bed sheet from the excitement and pleasure so I couldn’t resist him. I quickly reached my orgasm. Then he finally pulled out and shot his load on me. Thank goodness that he knew when to pull out. We fucked for only less than half an hour, but it felt like we had been fucking for hours. He got dressed and left my room. But my pussy was so sore and my body was so weak, I just fell asleep with his load on me.

After that afternoon delight I haven’t seen touch my son for more than a week or so. And I have been forcing my husband to fuck me every night during that week to get my mind away from my son, because my conscience was killing me. Not only that I cheated on my husband, but I cheated on him with our son. I wasn’t ready to forgive myself, and I definitely don’t know how to face my son.

Although my guilt is killing me, but soon I found myself sneaking into my son’s room at night to fuck him again while my husband is asleep, and it happened pretty often after the first night started. My husband doesn’t know anything about my incest relationship with our son yet, but my guilt is adding up inside my mind. But every time my son compliments my hairy pussy while he makes love to me on his bed, my guilt dissolves in the pleasure of my son’s hard dick and sweet tongue, especially when he slurps my hairy pussy for quite a long time before he fucks me every time, something that my husband could never do.

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