My dad cheated on my mom with her younger sister, Kyra, and my mom found out, so she divorced my dad. I was only 13 years old. I lived with my mom for about 2 years until her new boyfriend moved in with her, and I didn’t like the guy so I then chose to live with my dad.

My aunt moved in with my dad not long after his divorce with my mom. She was determined to become my stepmother, but I was 15 years old and did not need a new mother, especially not the one who broke up my family.

I had little respect for her around the house, considering what she did to my family. But she was definitely a site for sore eyes. She puts very little effort in covering herself completely when she’s around the house, tight T-shirt, hot pants, and one time she even walked into the kitchen wearing only a night robe with one breast hanging out.

Unlike my mother, my aunt was very well in shape. She is a yoga instructor at the local community center, so I guess that explains her good shape. Every time I see her in her tight yoga workout outfit my dick jumps, that tight outfit covered perfectly tight around her curvy body revealing her large rounded breasts and tight ass that hide underneath. I can understand why my dad would fall for her.

My friends and I were already sexually active, and we watched a lot of porn movies together after school. I was very horny all the time. I imagined my aunt’s naked body numerous times and masturbated to that image of her in my head every night. I would also masturbate to the orgasmic sound of my aunt from my dad fucking her brains out in their room, which was not far from my room, and the idea of fucking her came to my head each time I hear them fucking.

My dad always picked me up after school during his break time, but then after he accepted a position in a different company he can no longer do that. However, he still didn’t want me to take the bus, so he got my aunt to pick me up after school everyday instead.

After my friends had seen my aunt, they all told me that my aunt was a super hot sexy babe and wished to fuck her. My friends kept telling me that I was so lucky to live with such a hot woman. I can’t believe my aunt even got my friends wanting to fuck her. That made my dick aching for my aunt even more.

I didn’t have a girlfriend to have sex with like my friends and my sexual tension was really building up. But then one day when I was surfing the internet for porn, I saw this advertisement for this sex toy for guys, called “Fleshlight”, a foam material sex toy that is a replica of a woman’s pussy in a shape of a flashlight. I quickly gathered all my savings and brought one online.

That sex toy was a genius invention. I was addicted to it, using it every night on my hard dick. Although, I didn’t know what a real woman’s pussy felt like, but I thought if it really felt that good then it is truly heaven.

One day after school, my aunt picked me up as usual and while she was driving I would usually take a couple of peeks up her skirt if she was wearing one, and that day she was wearing one, one very short skirt. Although it wasn’t her first time wearing a really short skirt when she picked me up, but this time I noticed she had no panties on. Her bushy pussy nakedly exposed to my devouring eyes. So instead of taking peeks, I couldn’t help myself but to take short stares up her skirt where her pussy was beautifully exposed. But soon my aunt caught my staring eyes.

“I know you’re looking at my bare bottom, but I’m sorry I forgot to put my panties in my gym bag when I left the house in a hurry this morning. I don’t wear panties when I’m in my tights teaching yoga. But I didn’t want to pick you up with my tights on. I took a chance and hope that no one would see that I don’t have my panties on, but I guess you caught me.” She said.

I don’t know why she said those things to me, but she didn’t tell me to stop even though she caught me staring at her bushy pussy. For the duration of the ride home my aunt concentrated on the road when my hungry eyes feasted on her naked pussy. My short stares became longer with each time that I turned my head back to her. My hard dick in my pants was equally hungry as my eyes.

When we got home, I rushed back to my room because I couldn’t wait to use my fleshlight on my hard dick. I even collected some of the hair from the bathroom and glue it around the entrance of the fleshlight to make it look more like my aunt’s hairy pussy.

While I was using my customized hairy fleshlight, I was having such pleasure that I was careless what went on outside my room, but I was also careless enough to have left my door unlocked. Right when I was having so much fun with my fleshlight the most embarrassing moment happened. My aunt walked into my room when I was on my bed holding the fleshlight with my hard dick inside of it.

She wasn’t embarrassed at all. And she even walked up to my bed and grabbed on to my fleshlight when my dick was still inside. She pulled the fleshlight out of my dick and held it in her hands with a curious look on her face. I was trying to cover my dick with my shirt that was barely hanging on the side of my bed while she was trying to figure out what my fleshlight was.

But then she suddenly pulled away my shirt that was covering my dick revealing my naked dick pointing up the ceiling. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t try to cover my dick again.

“What, you stared at my pussy for so long in the car and now I can’t even look at your dick. It’s only fair, right?” She said.

After a short stare, she grabbed onto my hard dick gently with her hand wrapped around it at the base and she used the fleshlight on my dick with her other hand, then started moving the fleshlight up and down on my hard dick. I was totally shocked but enjoyed the way she used the fleshlight on me. God, that was good, I thought.

I didn’t last long before I cum inside the fleshlight. I felt like I pumped out a whole gallon of my juice. I felt weak. But then, my aunt pulled out the fleshlight from my dick and started walking out my room with it.

“Where are you going with that?” I asked.

“A little boy like you shouldn’t be playing with sex toys. I’ll keep it for you until he get old enough for it. And don’t say anything to your dad about this.” She answered.

She was trying to be my mother, I thought. But I was too weak to even get up and fight for it, so she left my room with my fleshlight and a gallon of my juice still in it. She could make a whole army with all my sperms in that gallon of my juice, a silly thought that came to my head at the moment. But I smiled in silence on my bed reliving the moment of my sexy aunt giving me a hand job with the fleshlight.

A week then passed since what happened, and my dick was really crying for the past nights without my fleshlight’s company. Without the fleshlight I had to masturbate twice as hard to get satisfaction and that got me even hornier. I felt like my hard dick could punch through the wall.

But then one day after my aunt picked me up from school and we got home, she came into my room and said she wanted to talk to me.

“The reason why I took your fleshlight with your cum was because I wanted to use your cum to get me pregnant with a turkey baster. It didn’t work because I couldn’t get enough of your cum in my pussy. I was thinking for a while and that I needed more of your cum. But since I have to use a turkey baster with your cum up my pussy, I was thinking of using your dick directly.” She said.

I was in such a shock that I couldn’t process my thoughts on what she said.

“What are you saying?” I asked in confusion.

“I am asking you to fuck me so that I can get pregnant.” She answered.

“Are you crazy? Although you are not my mother, but you’re my aunt, my mother’s sister, and you must know that we’re blood related. What are you even thinking about?” I said in a shocking tone.

“I really wanted to marry your dad, but I know he will not marry me unless I get pregnant. I tried so hard with your dad but I just couldn’t get pregnant by him. I love your dad and I wanted to be his wife, and not just a living together girlfriend.” She said.

Although it was like a dream come true that I can fuck her, but I didn’t want to be a part of her scheme on my dad.

“Whatever sick plan you have I don’t want to be a part of, now leave me alone and I can still not tell dad about this.” I said firmly.

She started taking her clothes off in front of me and tossed them on the floor, leaving only her bra and panties on. I was thinking if she was going to rape me or something.

“Either you fuck me right now, and every afternoon until I get pregnant, or I’ll tell your dad that you raped me in your room, you choose.” She said angrily.

“Are you blackmailing me? You’re going to fame me just because I refuse to fuck you. Are you crazy?” I said.

“I don’t know what the problem is. You know how many guys hit on me every day just to try and get me in their bed? Even your friends wanted to fuck the shit out of me. I remembered the way you looked at my pussy in the car that time I didn’t wear my panties under my skirt. And I have seen you stare at me when I was in my undies walking around the house. I am giving you what you want, and I just want you to give me what I want in return. Your dad will never know. I promise that once I get pregnant and your dad marries me, I will let you fuck me every week. I let you use me for sex, and I get to be your dad’s wife. There’s nothing to lose for you. Besides, it’s not like the baby is not going to be your dad’s, it will still be his grandchild that he will love as his own. The baby will still carry his blood” She explained.

Although her offer sounded very tempting but I still hesitated. My aunt knew that I was still indecisive about the whole thing. She then pulled down her panties exposing her hairy pussy before my eyes. She grabbed on to my hand and sticks my fingers up her pussy. She moaned as my fingers entered her.

Her pussy felt so warm and sticky. I had my fingers in my fleshlight before, but it never felt like this, so warm, so lively. She started to move my fingers up and down on her pussy with her hand, and she moaned while I watched her finger fuck her pussy with my fingers. My dick in my pants was as hard as a rock.

“Just tell me you want to fuck me right now, because I really want your dick in me.” She said with a sexy voice.

I knew I couldn’t hold it. I had to fuck her. It was my dream coming true.

“I don’t know anything about how to fuck a woman.” I said.

She then stopped my fingers in her pussy.

“Oh, you’re still a virgin? But don’t you worry, I can teach you, just let me do all the work.” She answered.

She pulled my fingers out of her pussy and my fingers were covered in her sticky pussy juice. She moved her mouth closer to my wet fingers and swallowed them in her mouth. She was sucking off her own pussy juice off of my fingers. Seeing her doing that made me feel so hot and my hard dick was pounding in my pants.

She took my silence as consent to her plan. She sat me down on my bed and asked me to take off my clothes. As I was doing that, she was undoing her bra. When I finally got naked she lie me down on my back. My naked hard dick was pointing up the ceiling.

She climbed on top of me resting each of her leg next to the side of my hips and then sat her pussy down slowly on my hard pointy dick. She moaned loudly as her pussy lowered until her pussy completely swallowed my dick inside. I couldn’t do anything but to watch my aunt’s hairy pussy devour my manhood under her mercy. But it was my first time being inside a real woman’s pussy and it felt so so good. I felt like I could never go back to settle for my fleshlight again.

“Oh shit, you’re quite large for a boy your age.” She said.

I have seen the size of dicks that the porn stars possess and my dick couldn’t really compare to them, but my dick was bigger than all of my friends.

After minutes on my aunt’s hard riding, I blew my load inside her pussy. Though it wasn’t a long fuck, but I was very satisfied. My aunt quickly got out of me and went back to her room to lie down in bed so she can keep my sperm inside her longer, or so she told me.

She came back to my room an hour later.

“Tomorrow after we get home from school, I will have to fuck you again. I checked that the temperature for the next few days is pretty good and the doctor says that it will be a good climate for us to fuck and make a baby.” She said with a smile.

For the next few days, she fucked me riding on top, and my satisfaction deceased over those days, since she was more concern on making me cum. She didn’t care for her orgasm when she’s with me. She just used me as a baby maker. And to not make dad suspect anything she would try her best to fuck my dad the same night we fucked in the afternoon, and she would turn to dad for love making and making her reach orgasm. My dad was her lover, not me.

More days passed and I started to become more immune and began cumming later and later, so she had to fuck me longer in order to get me to cum. For the past days that we were fucking she wouldn’t let me suck on her breasts while she fucked me, but she finally let me squeeze and suck on her breasts just so it would give me more pleasure and cum sooner. But she still wouldn’t let me fuck her on top.

So one afternoon when we were fucking, while she was riding hard on my dick, I suddenly flipped us over and got her under me. She objected and wanted me to switch back the position, but I ignored her and got her firmly down on the bed beneath me, and then I started pumping her pussy with my hard dick.

I pumped her pussy rapidly, with each stroke fast and hard, until she can’t resist any longer and gave in. I was finally fucking her on top. While I fucked her, I leaned forward to meet her delicious breasts with my mouth and caressed them with my lips and tongue. Her moaning filled my room and her arms wrapped tightly around my waist to assist in my strokes on her pussy.

I finally reached my peak and cum inside her, but I knew she didn’t reach orgasm. I collapsed on top of her and gently rested my head on top of her chest enjoying her womanly warmth after my love making. For a short moment she didn’t say anything. But then she pushed me off of her and got out of my bed.

“Please don’t ever fuck me like that again, I don’t like it. I told you before that I will do all the work. I just wanted to get pregnant. I’m not looking for a second lover. So you just let me be on top and get the job done.” She said firmly, and then left my room with her clothes in her hands.

During the next couple of afternoons, she managed to get me hard by giving me blowjobs, but to object on her neglecting my feelings I just lay on my back and let her fuck me on top like her fuck toy and she had to work twice as hard to get to cum.

Almost a month had passed and still no sign of pregnancy. She soon realized that if I participated in the fucking it would be easier for her to get pregnant; after all, it is a two people job. Her attitude started to change towards me fucking her.

“Wait, get on top of me, I want you to fuck me. I’m a little tired today so I thought you can do some of the work.” She said.

“Are you sure? I thought you don’t like me to fuck you?” I asked

“Just get on top of me and fuck me!” She demanded.

I got on top of her and quickly shoved my hard dick inside her pussy. She moaned as I entered her. But while I was fucking her, she seemed that she was holding back her enjoyment and tried to avoid eye contact with me. Was she feeling guilty for asking me to fuck her? I wondered.

I didn’t want just a fuck toy. I wanted to make love with her. I tried to get her aroused by sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts in circular motion with my hands while I pumped her hairy pussy. All my effort was without reward, she kept his head facing the side of my bed still avoiding eye contact.

I had to put in my final effort to get her to make love with me, so I used what I have learned from the porn stars in the movies. I pulled out of her and I moved my head down her body to bury my head in between her legs, for my mouth to suck on her pussy. She caught me and tried to get up and push me away, but I held her down on the bed with my hands pushing down on her breasts. She moaned loudly as I suck hard on her pussy lips.

“What are you doing? I didn’t say you can eat my pussy. Shittt… Ahh…” She said with a cracked voice.

I ignored her and continued munching the inside of her pussy and sucking on her pussy lips. Her pussy juice tasted so sweet. And I will never forget her pussy’s delicious scent. She continued to complain but her voice slowly and softly fading away as I felt her effort to get up and push me away from her pussy started to diminish.

I soon felt her hands pressing down on my head to get my mouth closer to her pussy as I sucked her juice out. And then not long later she was left without words but sounds of pleasure from her mouth. As she moaned louder, I would suck her pussy harder, swallowing her pussy lips in my mouth.

“Get up here now and start fucking me, I can’t take it anymore.” She demanded.

“I don’t think you’re ready. I don’t just want to fuck you. I want to make love to you.” I replied.

“Then make love to me, I’m dying for your dick. I need it now. Make love to me, please!” She demanded again like a hungry horny cougar.

I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and moved my body back on top of her. And when our eyes met, she was finally sharing an eye contact with me, staring into my eyes as I slowly guided my hard dick close to her pussy.

“What are you waiting for little boy? Give it to me. I’m dying for you to make love to me. Isn’t this what you want?” She said.

With that said she brought her mouth close to me and kissed me on my lips. It was the first time that she kissed me in bed. I was so happy. I couldn’t wait to make love to my aunt. I quickly pushed my hard dick inside her pussy as our lips unite passionately. As I thrust harder against her pussy her lips broke away from our lips’ union and she filled the room with her continuous moaning and screaming of pleasure.

“Fuck me honey, you feel so good inside me. Ahhh… Ahh…” She screamed.

Her loving words of encouragement gave my manhood a strange boost and gave me strength to pound her faster and harder. I was proud that I was giving her such pleasure that she can’t stop screaming. She tried to hide her moans and screams by keeping her lips on mine, and we kissed again with deep passion as our eyes aligned.

“Shit, I’m cumming!” I cried.

“Don’t cum yet, I want to cum first.” She yelled.

All those afternoons when she fucked me she only cared for me to cum, this time she actually wanted me to wait.

She suddenly flipped us over while I was still inside her, and she got on top of me. Her unexpected response helped postpone my cumming, and she slowly started to grind on my dick. She moved her hands to print on my hands, and our hands and fingers connected. She pulled our connected hands backward lifting me up toward her body.

“Do what your daddy does, suck on my breasts while we make love. I want you to make love to me. ” She demanded.

Her gorgeous body in front of my eyes really drove me insane. As she rode up and down on my hard dick inside her pussy, I quickly suck on one of her breasts and caress the other with my hand softly massaging on it in a circular motion, and then switch. Her arms were wrapped around my shoulders like a mother caressing her child. We were truly making love to each other.

Her humps started to slow down but became harder with her pussy lips and clit bashing against my balls each time they met. I was guessing that she must be cumming soon, and I was not far behind.

“Shit, baby, I’m cumming. I’m really cumming. Ahh… Oh shit…” She screamed.

Her pounding stopped and I cum not long after, we were, both, drained, my dick in particular. Instead of like before that she would quickly climbed off my dick and leave my room, she placed her hands gently on both sides of my face and gave me a deep kiss, while our love instruments were still connected to each other, we were one.

She then pushed me down on the bed and she rested her head on my chest with our bodies close together and our arms wrapped around each other, like real lovers caressing to each other after intense love making.

While I was resting with her company, many thoughts went through my head.

Out of the blue, I said “It’s too bad that I have to be your baby’s brother and not the baby’s father.”

“If I do get pregnant, I promise I’ll have your dad name the baby after you. I’m sorry things happened like that. But you have to know that I love your dad and I want to be his wife. You’re still young. And after you graduated from high school, maybe in college you will find a girl that you like and get marry and have kids with her someday. Besides, you’ll always have your first child with me, and I did promise that if you get me pregnant I’ll continue to let you fuck me once a week. I just can’t be your lover.” She explained, and then she kissed me on my forehead.

We were silent for awhile cherishing the moment of being in each other’s arms. Minutes later, she gave me another kiss and left my room with her clothes.

After that afternoon of our first time of love making we made love to each other during the next few weekday afternoons. We would have long foreplays before getting into fucking and we tried different positions, even tried my favorite position, doggy style. She really enjoyed that way I ate her pussy before we made love.

But our loving days did not last long when she finally got pregnant. She was not absolutely certain that I was the one who got her pregnant because she did fuck my dad a few times a week as well. But since my dad couldn’t get her pregnant for this long, she was positive that I was the father of her baby.

My aunt’s wish came true when my dad asked her to marry him, but of course my dad never had a doubt that the baby wasn’t his. They wanted to get marry before people can see that she was pregnant. We didn’t get a chance to make love ever since she got pregnant and married my dad. But she will soon give birth to our baby, and I hope then we can once again make love, and to celebrate our love child together in bed. And of course, my dad can never know about this, and he never will know, his wife, my aunt, is my lover.

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