After I turned 30, I wanted sex like crazy. I was so horny all the time. Luckily my husband’s sexual appetite was an equal to mine and so my pussy was quite satisfied.

I remembered when my son first started high school, and now he is already a sophomore and I just turned 41. My husband was 5 years older than me, and ever since he passed 40 his sexual ability started deteriorating. He relied much on oral sex to satisfy me in bed, but he did manage to fuck me once one week. And during other times, I would depend heavily on my dildo for sexual pleasure.

But then my husband suddenly had this business trip from his company to go to Sydney for a month to help the company’s office in Sydney to do a management restructure. I very much doubt that I could live without my husband’s tongue and dick for a month.

Although I am a horny woman and enjoyed sex a lot, but ever since I married my husband, I have not slept with anyone else. I do admit that I have slept with numerous guys prior to my relationship with my husband, but over the years in my marriage I have managed to depend upon only one dick for my sexual needs. But then again, my husband had never leave town for more a week. That one month business trip has to be the first and longest trip.

I have proud myself on my fidelity with my husband, though there were times when I was out with my husband and I did fantasize about fucking some of those sexy men that I encountered in restaurants, shopping malls, and at parties, but no harm done in just fantasizing.

But to be honest, I had a few guys hit on me at work trying to seduce me into starting an affair with them. However I have only flirted with them for fun, but never really submit myself to start an affair. I knew damn straight that I was a married woman. I cared about my son and my husband too much to even think about doing anything that would hurt them, especially my son, although I had masturbated many times thinking about those guys.

On the day that my husband had to leave for Sydney, I drove him to the airport and I was sad to see him leave. But I did fuck him long and hard the night before, draining him dry, hoping that it would last me a month.

Some of those guys at my office started hitting on me more often after they found out from my girlfriends in the office that my husband was away on business trip and for one month. I did keep my flirting with them to keep me entertained, but this time my pussy was really aching for their dicks. My principles on fidelity suddenly weaken by my sex drive. I felt like such a slut.

At night, I would fuck my pussy with my dildo, and I would play with myself for about half an hour before being able to go to sleep, and I did that for 2 nights. My pussy was killing me. Luckily, I did keep myself occupied at home tending to my son most of the time.

I have been very close to my son. And other than the guy to guy talk that he would whether do with his dad, we were very talkative around each other. However, I have neglected to realize that my son have already grown into a young man and starting to have sexual needs, because I had always seen him as my little boy.

On the third night of my husband’s trip, after dinner and finished with the dishes, I sat down on the couch in the living room next to my son when he was watching this movie on our cable TV. I usually liked the movies that he watch so I did get myself comfortable on the couch and joined in on the movie.

That movie had just about a little too much sex scenes in it. Although they were softcore scenes, but they were very steamy, my pussy was getting wet just by watching. I couldn’t take the movie much longer because my body was starting to heat up, so I left my son in the living room and went to my room.

I took off my pants and panties, and then jumped into my bed. I took out my dildo from my night stand drawer. I fucked my pussy with the dildo as I enjoyed the sex scenes from that movie that were still fresh in my head. That same actress in the movie got fucked by her man twice. God that girl was lucky, I thought to myself as I fucked my pussy faster with my dildo.

After getting much attention from my dildo, I pulled it out and started swallowing my wet dildo in my mouth tasting my own pussy juice. But then I noticed my door was slightly opened, and I did recall closing the door behind me, though I didn’t lock it.

I did want to get up and close the door, but I was too lazy to get up, thinking that it was just slightly opened and my son was in the living room watching the movie. And so I ignored it, and I shoved my dildo back into my wet pussy and started pulling it in and out. I moaned loudly forgetting that my door was opened and that my son was just outside in the living room.

The more I fucked my pussy, the more emptiness I felt. I was horny for a man. Although my husband can’t perform as frequent as before, he did have a sexually talented tongue and mouth. With him on his trip, I can’t even get a tongue to satisfy my pussy. A strange thought crossed my mind, and I thought that if I could lick my own pussy like a dog I would eat my pussy all night.

My opened door soon got me annoyed and I finally got out of my bed to close it. But when I got to my door I was devastated to catch my son with his pulled down pants jerking on his dick. However, the first thing that came to my mind was not yelling at my son, but instead as I stared at his bared bottom I was thinking that when my son got that big dick. I was feeling like a total horny slut for thinking that way. But I forced some senses back in me and pulled him in my room.

“What the hell do you think you were doing? And were you watching me the whole time?” I yelled.

He didn’t say anything but kept his eyes at my lower body. Then of course I realized that my bottom was naked and that he was staring at my hairy pussy.

“When did you become such a pervert? Now turn around, and get your dick back in your pants!” I screamed.

He was turning around slowly, and then I rushed to the chair to get my panties and pants. After I got my panties on I caught my son facing me and staring at me again, but I didn’t waste time to say anything and I quickly got my pants back on.

“How could you spy on your mother? I’m your mother, and you should never spy on me.” I yelled again.

But then it was all clear to me now that all this time in the past months that I couldn’t figure out why my door would be opened when I knew I closed it. I even had my husband look at the door a few times, thought that it needed fixing and turned out fine.

“Come over here and sit on the bed, we need to talk, young man.” I said in a motherly tone.

We sat down on my bed, and my son was looking a bit ashamed. But he should be, since after all, he was spying on his own mother. But then it was a little understandable. Though I was already 41, my body was still with tight skin, and not to mention my tight big breasts and ass, not sagging down like many women in my age. My office had a lot of those young college sluts, but most of the guys wanted me instead, because I was much hottest and desirable than those bimbos.

“When did you start spying on me? And I need the truth from you.” I asked.

“Since last year, but I’m really sorry, mom. Please don’t tell dad.” He answered.

“How did this happen? Who gave you the idea of spying on your mother, and that it was ok?” I asked.

“Well, my friends and I got curious about sex after learning about it through our health class, and sometimes one of my friends will get one of those porn movies from his dad’s closet and we would watch it together. One time he even got us spying on his mother changing clothes in her room. And of course they have seen you before, mom, and they all thought that you were hot and how they want to see you naked and stuff. And then one night when I walked by your room, I heard you screaming from inside, so I checked the door and it wasn’t locked and I opened the door slowly, I saw dad’s head in your pussy. From that night on, I would check in your room every night hoping to see something. I’m really sorry, mom.” He explained.

“You watched your dad and I having sex?” I said.

I noticed my son rubbing on his raised pants, and I was wondering if he was playing with his dick over his pants, so I asked, “What are you doing with your hand on your pants?”

“My dick is kinda hurting right now. I was trying to ejaculate when you caught me. And then I got scared, so it started hurting since.” He answered.

I realized that I interrupted his ejaculation. I did read about it in my sex reading before that if a man got interrupted during his ejaculation process that it could cause erectile dysfunction over time. And what my son said worried me a little. He was too young to start building up this problem.

I didn’t know what I was going to do at first, but then I thought the best way would be helping my son release and his dick wouldn’t hurt anymore.

“Take off your pants, son.” I ordered.

“What did you said, mom?” He asked.

“You heard me, now take off your pants. You just need to jerk it out and your dick will not hurt anymore. You need to let that pressure out.” I explained.

My son obeyed and started pulling down his pants. His hard dick just shot up as he lowered his pants granting its freedom. My throat was feeling a bit dry as I felt all the moist building up in my pussy while I stared at his hard dick.

“Now just jerk on it until you ejaculate.” I ordered.

He grabbed onto his hard dick and wrapped his fingers around it, and then started jerking it with his hand running up and down. It was whether torturing watching him since I felt that he was such an amateur.

“You’ll never get the job done like that, now move your hand, I’ll show you.” I said.

I got my hand on his dick and wrapped my fingers around it. I ran my hand up and down, jerking on his hard dick. Soon I realized that I was giving my son a handjob, but I continued. My son was moaning from my handjob, but he couldn’t ejaculate.

“Mom, it just hurts and I can’t shoot it out.” He said.

I was thinking that I must have scared him a lot when I caught him outside my door jerking off to build up this much pressure preventing him from shooting. I continued working my hand on his dick, while he moaned and with me looking at his hard dick, just got me so horny and hot.

I got the idea that pleasure would help him release pressure, but I was already giving him my best handjob, what else was I suppose to do. All of a sudden a very slutty and immoral idea struck my head, I was practically thinking with my pussy.

I stopped moving my hand on his dick and turned my body toward the night stand. And from inside the drawer, I took out a condom. I knew my son was in pain with the pressure in his dick, but my pussy also had its pressure built up.

I ripped out the condom from the packaging and putted it over his hard dick, and then I carefully rolled it down.

“A condom would help me, mom?” He said curiously.

My son had no idea what I had in mind.

“Take off your shirt and lie down on my bed.” I ordered.

He did just that while his curious eyes watched me as I got up and started to take off my pants. He didn’t know how to react, but he got up on the bed and lie on his back with his hard condom dick pointing up. He had his head turned facing me and kept his eyes on me while I pulled down my panties.

I was determined to ejaculate my son. But since my handjob didn’t do the trick, I had no choice. I can’t just let my son’s dick kept hurting all night. I was a mother to her son’s rescue, or so I tried convincing myself to look at it that way.

I climbed on my bed and got on top of him, resting my legs on the side of his hips. After I was in position, I grabbed onto his hard dick and slowly guided to the entrance of my pussy, and then I lowered my pussy down on his dick swallowing it inch by inch until it disappeared inside me as my pussy lips and clit touched his balls, and my son just watched helplessly and moaning loudly with me as his dick disappeared in front of his eyes.

It was too late for any regrets or guilt. I was horny as hell and I seized the only available dick in my disposal, my own son’s. I fucked my own son. It was the most shameful and immoral thing that I have ever done in my life, even when I was wild and slutty before meeting my husband. But my son’s swollen hard dick filled my hungry wet pussy’s emptiness tightly.

I realized what I did, but there was no turning back. I started grinding on top of him, riding his hard dick like a slutty rodeo girl.

“Are we having sex, mom?” He asked between his moans.

“Just concentrate on ejaculating,” I replied.

I was kinda ashamed to answer my son that we were having sex, but I was sure that he knew well what we were doing. We were looking into each other’s eyes while I had my hands pressed on his chest as I rode his dick.

I was getting so hot that I wanted to take my shirt off, but I didn’t, knowing well that I didn’t want to expose my whole naked body to my son. So I just kept fucking him.

“Are you ready to ejaculate yet?” I asked, starting to breathe heavier.

“Yes…mom, I think… Oh, I did…it…” He said loosely while catching his breath.

Damn that was fast, I didn’t even cum yet, I thought to myself. I stopped moving my hips and got off of his dick. It was not as swollen, but still hard. I pulled his condom off and some of his cum fell on his dick. I was still very horny and the smell of his cum really got my hormones jumping. I was so sexually frustrated I didn’t care to come to my senses that he was my son.

But a part of me did try to fight my sex urges and prevent me from jumping my son’s bones. While I was struggling on whether or not to fuck my son again, my son suddenly asked, “Can we do it again, mom?”

My son said the words that I was struggling not to say to him. My pussy was aching for his dick. But I putted out my last effort for resistance and answered, “Isn’t it enough to have sex with your mother once already?”

“Well, mom, to tell you the truth, I have been really horny over the past months. I masturbate like at least twice a day, and I couldn’t get enough. Dad is going to be gone for a whole month, and I can see that you have sex needs, too. Since we did have sex for the first time already, can I have sex with you, maybe until dad comes back. My teacher did say that sex is the most natural thing between a man and a woman.” He explained.

“Sex is natural when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife, not between a mother and son like us. And what if your dad finds out, he’ll kill both of me. Not to mention that incest is illegal. I could get into a lot of trouble.” I said.

“I won’t tell anyone. People will not know. Besides, we both have sex needs, and it’s just sex. It’s not like we are going to have a baby together, mom.” He replied.

Although I had the idea of fucking my son during this month, but I couldn’t convince myself, however, his words were very convincing to me. It just might work. It is a mother’s duty to help my son with his needs. And if I just gave him my pussy, we both get sex relief. I was really working my mind to go through with it.

“Ok, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you have sex with me during this month when you needed sex, or I needed sex. But you have to promise to keep this between us. Now I’m still your mother, so you will have to respect me as your mother even when we are having sex. If I say stop, you have to stop.” I said firmly.

“Yes, I promise, mom. Now can we please do it again, and maybe I can fuck you on top.” He said.

That was the first time I heard my son say fuck in front of me. It’s like I wasn’t talking to my son anymore, but my lover.

“What do you know about fucking a woman? Isn’t this your first time? I could tell you have no experience.” I said cleverly.

“That reminds me. So am I not a virgin anymore?” He asked curiously.

“You’re definitely not a virgin anymore.” I answered.

I came to realized that I took the virginity of my own son.

“So I guess you can show me how to fuck a woman, mom?” He asked.

My son was looking very eager to fuck me again. And since my pussy was still unsatisfied and I did fuck him once already, there wasn’t any reason to fight my sexual urges anymore. I reached the night stand drawer and got out another condom. I ripped out the condom and placed on the head, and then rolled it down his dick. It was still hard like a rock.

“Now get up and let me lie down on the bed. I’ll let you be on top like you wanted.” I said.

I finally lie down on my bed and was looking forward to get fucked by my son. But then he asked, “Aren’t you going to take off that shirt, mom?

“You horny little boy, you want to see your mom naked?” I said smiling.

I took off my shirt and tossed aside. I didn’t have a bra on so my breasts were naked exposed to my son. I lie back down on my bed and said, “There, you happy now.”

He slowly climbed over my body and he guided his hard dick in front of my pussy, but hesitated to put it in. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait for him, so I moved down on the bed bringing my pussy closer and get the head of his dick in.

“Just push it in, son, and then just pull it in and out of my pussy, but don’t take it all the way out, just leave an inch inside of me when you pull out and then push it in again.” I instructed

He did just that, and finally he was fucking me. I moaned loudly as my son filled my hollow pussy with his meat and started pulling in and out. My son’s hard dick rubbed tightly against the surface of the inside of my pussy where a woman is most sensitive, and it was giving me such great pleasure.

But just when I was building up for my climax, he said, “I think I’m going to blow.”

“Not so fast, son, try to hold it a little longer.” I cried.

He was breathing heavily and then all of a sudden he just collapsed on top of me, and I felt his dick just stopped. He rested on top of me for a while, and I pampered him in my arms. Having him in my arms brought back memories from when he was a boy. But then of course back when he was a kid he was only in my arms because he got punished by his dad or just wanted a hug, instead of just after fucking his mother. Oh god, how my little boy had grown, I thought while cuddling to my son. Although he didn’t make me cum, but I enjoyed my son’s company in my arms, he was my youngest lover ever.

“Ok, you should go back to your room now. And you better last longer when you fuck me tomorrow night.” I said.

“I’m sure I’ll get better at it, mom. So we can do it every night after dinner?” He said.

“Yes, you horny little boy, but only until your dad comes back from his trip, you should go back to your room now.” I answered.

He got out of my bed and got dressed. When he walked to the door, he turned around and kept his eyes on me while I got dressed.

“Alright now, haven’t you had enough of watching me getting dress? You have been spying on me for the past months.” I said while getting dressed.

“I know, mom, but I didn’t have too many chances watching you up close. My friends are right. You are hot, mom.” He said, and then left my room with a smile.

I went to bed afterward, but I had a hard time sleeping, since I wasn’t completely satisfied sexually and I was still fucking horny. But reliving the moment in my head of my son fucking me was quite delicious.

The next night during dinner, my son was practically swallowing down his dinner, couldn’t wait to fuck me again. After we finished dinner, I didn’t even bother with the dishes that I just left them in the sink to soak. We got to my room, but I made him wait and I putted on a porn movie on my television and we watched together. I was hoping that he would learn a few things from the porn stars.

He was striking on his stiff dick while we watched the movie. Half way through the movie my body was heating up already and I couldn’t wait to fuck my son. I turned off the movie and we both got naked fairly quick. I got a condom on his dick and I went lying down on my bed. He got on top of me and after he got his hard dick in place he was fucking me.

I guided his head down to my breasts with my hand, and he knew what to do and started sucking on them. But he was still inexperience in multi-tasking, and I had to push down on his hips every so often to get him to fuck my pussy while he sucked my breasts because he was too into sucking and forgot the fucking. But he was doing well for an amateur lover.

However, his slow fucking wasn’t too pleasing for me, so I flipped us over and got on top of him instead. I decided to do the fucking myself. As I rode his hard dick I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. At first, I had to squeeze on his hands for him to squeeze on me, but he picked it up, so I got my hands free and got one hand on my pussy to stimulate more pleasure for me while enjoying my son’s hard dick.

“I’m cumming, mom!” He cried.

“It’s still too early. You better keep your dick nice and hard after you cum, because I’m going to keep fucking until I cum. You wanted to fuck your mom then you better be able to handle my pussy.” I said, breathing heavily.

I was so horny I kept riding his dick. I knew he cum because I felt his dick was getting a little softer but was still hard enough to fuck, so I just kept bashing my pussy on and off against his balls keeping his hot dick inside me.

I leaned forward and got my breasts over his face.

“Suck on my breasts, son.” I ordered.

He did just that. And I knew it would arouse him because I could feel that his dick was getting stronger and harder again. Thank goodness, my son was young and strong. I kept my hips going up and down fucking his dick while I kept my chest close to his sucking lips. I loved the way he sucked my breasts and hard nipples. Within minutes, I was finally reaching my orgasm.

“I’m going to cum now, son, just keep sucking on my breasts like the way you are doing right now and don’t let it stop. I’m cum…ming… Ahhh….yes…yes…” I screamed.

I cum, and I never felt this satisfied in weeks. I then got my hands on my son’s arms and pulled him to sit up while I was still on top of him with his hard dick still in my pussy. He was just staring into my eyes and didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I pressed my lips on his, and we kissed for a while. I have always loved a nice long kiss with my lover after a nice round of sex, and since my son was going to be my lover for the next three weeks I treated him no differently.

I finally broke the seal on our lips. I leaned backward slowly and moved my body downward on the bed and slowly detaching my pussy from my son’s hard dick. I love the sight of my son’s hard dick slowly reappearing as it’s escaping away from my pussy.

His condom was wet and slimy covered in my pussy juice, and I had to take it out and taste it. So I did just that and I got the condom in the air and I just got my tongue licking on his condom, tasting on my own pussy juice with the condom still nice and full of my son’s cum juice inside. He was just sitting there under me watching me lick his condom.

When I was done enjoying my own pussy juice on his condom, I tied a knot on the condom. I then reached over to the night stand and grabbed a couple of Kleenex. I putted the tied condom and wrapped it in the Kleenex, and then I tossed in my trash can.

I reached for a couple more of the Kleenex from the night stand, and I got out of his dick and sat straight on the side of my bed and spread my legs apart to clean my wet pussy.

“You want me to help you with that, mom?” He suddenly asked.

“That’s fine, I got it.” I answered.

But then he got off my bed, went in front of me and stood on his knees. He was staring right at my pussy. I knew exactly what he had in mind.

“If you want to eat your mom’s pussy, you’ll have to eat it until I cum again.” I said.

“I’ll do my best, mom, just tell me what to do.” He answered.

“Well then, let me go in the bathroom and trim it a little, my pussy hair is getting a little thick.” I said.

“No, I like it just the way it is, now just let me taste your pussy, mom.” He said.

My son had such little patience. So I was thinking, “If he wanted his mother’s hairy pussy, then I’ll just give it to him”. I spread my legs wider apart to better expose my pussy and easier for him to move in between my legs.

I signaled him to move in closer in between my legs and he moved in. When he got his mouth over my pussy, he was hesitant to move closer, so I got my hands on his head and pressed his head getting his mouth on my pussy. It felt so good with his hot lips on it.

“Try to use your tongue to lick between my pussy lips, I like it like that. And suck on my pussy lips.” I said while letting out a few moans.

He listened and did just the way I asked. I leaned back with my hands for support on my bed while keeping my legs spread for my son. As he was eating my pussy, I gently pulled my legs up and placed them on his shoulders, and then crossed my feet. I trapped my son between the gaps of my legs. But he wasn’t distracted by what I did and he concentrated on eating my pussy.

“How’s your mommy’s pussy juice, son, sweet?” I asked with a very slutty voice.

“I love it. It’s so sweet. And I love the smell of your pussy, mom.” He said, and then got back to eating my pussy.

“Well I hope you mean it, because mommy’s going to cum soon.” I said in between my loud moans.

“Oh shit, ah… here it comes, son, I’m cumming again.” I screamed.

I cum again, and for a short moment I lie on my back on my bed gasping for air while my son was still eating my pussy. My body was heating up again and I wanted his dick so badly.

“You can stop eating my pussy now, and stand up straight so I can see your dick.” I ordered.

I got my legs off of his shoulders and he got up from the floor and was standing straight in front of me. I sat back up and examined his dick. It was nice and hard. I was so horny I couldn’t wait to fuck him again.

“I need you to fuck your mom again. And you don’t even have to fuck me until I cum, I just want your dick inside me real bad.” I said with a craving voice.

“Yeah, sure mom,” he replied.

With that said I got up and reached to my night stand drawer again and I got another condom out. I ripped it out and got in on my son’s hard dick, rolling it down on it. When that was done, I climbed in the center of my bed standing on my knees and hands.

“Now I want you to fuck me from behind. I’m sure you have seen doggy style in the porn movies. So get up here and fuck me, I’m really horny right now.” I demanded.

My son climbed into bed and got behind me on his knees. I didn’t know what he was waiting for, but he had his dick on my pussy lips already and he didn’t push it in. I was starving for his dick in me and I just couldn’t wait. I moved my body back against him, pressuring on the head of his hard dick, and then he finally shoved it inside me.

“Oh god, I need it that.” I cried as his dick entered me.

Although I loved his hard dick inside me, but my inexperienced son was still new to fucking, and so I had to move my hips back and forth on his dick to get more pleasure and excitement. But luckily he learned quickly and started to pick up the pace, fucking me a little faster and harder, bashing his balls against my pussy lips and clit. However, he was getting a little too excited.

“I’m cumming, mom. I can’t hold it.” He said, breathing heavily.

“If you have to cum, just cum, don’t force yourself to hold it,” I said.

So he cum, and then I moved out of his dick. Although I didn’t cum for a third time, I was still satisfied for the night. It was getting a little late and I had work early in the morning, so we got dressed quickly. I did ask him to get back to his room, but he begged to sleep with me. After he begged twice, I agreed. I was thinking, “If I got horny again during the middle of the night, I can at least jump his bones since he was sleeping next to me”. So he slept in my bed with me for the first time again since he was 10. But this time, I didn’t have him sleep with me and his dad because he was scared of thunder. I let him sleep with me because he became my lover.

On the next 2 nights, I had my terrible period pain so I wasn’t in the mood for fucking. But my son was very attentive to me after I told him about it, and he just cuddled to me in my bed for those 2 nights when we go to sleep, plus serving me water and snack when I craved for them in the middle of the night. He was such a sweet boy.

So by the third night after my medicine kicked in, my sex cravings were back, and I wanted to return my son a favor for caring for me. We fucked like crazy after dinner, and I was definitely fucking his brains out when I was on top of him taking charge. But his dick was really improving, cumming later and later, and getting me to cum sooner.

We fucked almost every night and he slept in my bed the whole time when my husband was on his trip. There was even one night when my husband called wanting to hear my voice, and I was on the phone with him in my bed with my son eating my pussy. My son’s tongue drove me crazy and I was holding on so hard trying not to scream out pleasure for my husband to hear. It was so naughty and exciting at the same time, I cum three times that night, including the first one that he did while I was on the phone with his dad.

When the last day finally came, I even fucked him in the morning before I went to work. And we were fucking like crazy that last night, putting our best effort to drain each other dry. When the time I had to pick up my husband from the airport, I was thinking about my son the whole time.

I know I said that my affair with my son will only last until my husband comes back. But it was harder than it sounds. My son and I were trying to go back to normal after his dad was back for the first day. We even avoided seeing each other around the house except for dinner time. My pussy was crying the whole time. I was so horny I was really crying.

On the second night, I was supposed to go with my husband to a party, but I decided not to go and so my husband went alone. I subconsciously wanted to be alone with my son. After my husband left, my son started up a movie, and I tried to go back to my room, but he asked me to join him. I thought, “If I want to go back to normal with my son, I can’t keep avoiding him in the house”, and so I joined him on the couch.

Not 15 minutes through the movie, I was already naked standing on my knees and hands on the couch being fucked by my naked son from behind, fucking me doggy style. I couldn’t remember who made a move first, but we were really picking up the pace to finish and clean up before my husband comes home from the party, so we were fucking fast and hard, hoping to reach satisfaction in god speed. A mother and son should never have tried their first sex together, or they can never go back to the way things were.

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