a mother who uses sex as a reward to his son to encourage him to study harder in school
It was mid-term time again for my high school son. I made up a few test papers for my son as practice to prepare for the real test. I was grading my son’s practice test when he got behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He put his hands on my breasts and started squeezing them through my blouse.

“I thought I told you never to do that again. Now let me just finish grading your test.” I said.

He didn’t stop, but continued feeling on my breasts. I just concentrated on his test. When I was almost done grading his paper, I felt my son slowly pushing me toward the edge of his desk and backing me in from behind. His hard dick in his pants was closely resting in between my butt cheeks while he was closing in on me. And finally he got me stuck in between the edge of his desk and him.

Although I was still keeping my eyes on his paper, I said “I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not happening. We fucked last night already, and I don’t feel like it tonight. So stop what you’re doing right now.”

“But I’m really horny tonight, I really need it. Can we just do a quick one?” He begged.

“You were horny last night, and you were horny the night before. When are you not horny? I told you that we can’t fuck when your father is in the house. We can’t risk letting him find out that I’ve been fucking you all this time. Besides, I was going to fuck your father tonight. Your father and I haven’t had a good night of fucking for a while now because of you.” I said with a firm voice.

“But we fuck many times when dad was in the house, and he never caught us yet. Just last night, we were fucking in my bed while dad was watching TV in the living room.” He replied.

“That’s because you force me to fuck every time. And I didn’t want you to fuck around with other girls. That is why I let you fuck me from the first place. You do remember your promise when I first let you fuck me, don’t you? That, if I let you fuck me every week, you will not fuck any girls until you’re in college, and from then on I did let you fuck me every week. But I don’t want your father to find out. And I do want to make love to your father as often, too.” I explained, while I was still finishing up on his paper.

“I didn’t fuck with any girls. And you can always fuck dad later after we fuck right now. Please mom, I’m really horny.” He said with a begging voice.

“I don’t think so. After we fucked, you always make my pussy so wet and smelly with your cum. And then I get so scare to let your father touch me afterward. You know I always take a shower before I fuck you, and so if I take a shower again every time, your father might get curious. So just go into the kitchen and drink some cold water, and let me finish with your paper.” I said firmly.

“Fine, but can I please just put it inside you to feel it in your pussy, mom? I’m not going to fuck you, just feel it inside you.” He said.

He removed his arms from me. I didn’t quite catch what he said since I caught some of the questions that he got wrong were suppose to be easy ones, and I got upset by that. But while I was doing that, I felt my skirt lifting up and soon my panties were slowly leaving my pussy down to my heels.

“Ahhh…” I moaned.

My son shoved his hard dick inside my pussy. It felt so good that I dropped my pen and the papers on the desk from my hands. I got my hands down on the table for support when he started pumping on my pussy.

“Ahhh…shit…I thought I heard you say you just wanted to feel it inside me. You lying bastard. Ahhh…shit…” I yelled.

“Keep it down mom or else dad will hear you.” He said.

“Ahhh…you better get those grades…Ahhh…that your father wants to see or you’ll never touch me again. Ahhh…and you better not let me find out that you have been fucking any other girls behind my back, I’ll never forgive you.” I said in between moans and screams.

He grabbed my hands from the desk and pulled my arms back. He kept me from falling forward while he pumped hard on my pussy.

“Ahh…shit…pull out of me son, and let me take off my clothes first. Shit…I don’t want to get them wet.” I said, and again in between my moans and screams.

He stopped pumping on me and let go of my hands. I quickly fall forward placing my hands on the table for support while I gasped for air. I felt his hard dick slowly pulling out from my pussy, that feeling made my pussy very itchy, but wanting for more.

When I finally catch my breath, I stood up and turned around facing my son. His pants were already on the floor and he was putting on effort to removing his shirt. I started to unbutton my blouse. And when I was almost done, my son quickly helped me pull down my skirt to the floor like he couldn’t wait any longer. I tossed my blouse on the desk and walked out of my skirt from the floor. I didn’t have a bra on, so my son was already attacking my breasts with his gaze.

He pulled the chair farther out and sat down.

“Sit your pussy down on me, mom. I want to make love to you while kissing on your breasts.” He demanded.

My son’s hard dick was pointing right up the ceiling and given me an urge to want to sit on it right away. He made me can’t wait to have his dick inside me again. So I quickly walked over his lap and slowly sat my pussy down on his hard pointy dick. But my son was more impatient than me. He lifted his hips up pushing his dick inside me faster than I was expecting that made me lost the center of my gravity thus my whole body dropped on his lap and my pussy swallowed his dick in an instant. My body shivered with pleasure and sexual excitement.

“Ahhh…shit…” I moaned.

I rode my son’s dick mercilessly like I was trying to drain him dry in one night. A rhythm soon began between us. His hips lifted, meeting my hips each time I bring them down on his dick, getting his hard dick nice and deep into my pussy as our hips met, forging a sexy pounding sound at each impact. My arms were wrapped around his neck with my body close to his and my breasts gently resting on his warm lips as he ravished the nipples and the tender skin of my breasts.

Our bodies heat up together as we were one, and I started riding my son faster, grinding his young hard dick to its limit.

“Oh god, you’re killing me, mom. I love the way you ride me, mom.” He cried, breathing heavily.

“I’m giving you a taste of what you will not get if you fail those midterms. If only you put in as much effort as you put into fucking your mother, you’ll definitely get those grades your father wants to see.” I said in a loosely voice while pounding my hips hard on top of him, breathing heavily with my son.

“If this is my last chance to fuck you mom, then I guess we better fuck our brains out right now, otherwise you might miss my dick too much, mom.” He said wittily.

My son wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up as he tried to stand up while my wet pussy was still attached to his hard dick. I rested my body closely against his with my arms wrapped firmly around his neck to keep me from falling. With some effort he finally stood up straight with me still attached to him like I was part of his body.

“What are you trying to do now, fuck my brains out, you horny little devil?” I said with smile while our eyes aligned.

He didn’t answer me, but just kissed me on my lips, so I kissed him back, and our warm lips mated. After a short moment, our lips pulled apart as I felt my lips’ reluctant sorrow. Soon after, he got me to his bed and gently lay me down on my back, but surprising enough he managed to still keep his hard dick inside me as we both get down on the bed, and he got in the position being on top of me.

After a short stare between our eyes he started moving his hips back and forth, slowly grinding his hard dick softly in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his hips, pressing on his hips each time as he brought them forward. My arms were softly wrapped around my son’s neck and our eyes never pulled apart as our love instruments play their rhythm.

As our bodies heat up even more I had a strong urge to kiss my son, so I brought my lips forward to his as our eyes still closely locked, and our lips mated with heated passion as my son started to pump my pussy from a gentle pace to a faster beat.

I felt my pussy eager to gush out its love juice to proof its gratitude for the pleasure my son was bringing to me. Our lips were still passionately sealed as our love instruments continued their love making.

Our lips broke its union and I screamed, “Shitttt…oh shittt…!”

My orgasm was blowing my mind. And in a shivering voice, I said “Oh fuck, don’t stop, keeping it coming.”

“Mom, I think I’m going to blow, too!” He cried.

“Oh shit!” He cried again.

My son came not long after my orgasm, and his hard pumping finally stopped. His dick was drowning inside my pussy in the pool of the concoction of our love juice. His hot chest rested closely to mine, and my breasts, warming up to his body heat, as we both gasped for air.

“I hope your father doesn’t get suspicious of what we are doing in your room for so long, and with all this noise.” I said.

“Don’t worry mom. If dad didn’t find out we were fucking this long, he’s not going to get suspicious now.” He answered.

“I hope so, now let me get up, I have to get dress now, I need to finish correcting your test. And then I need to show you the questions that you got wrong.” I said softly.

“Can I just be inside you a little longer?” He asked.

“No, I’m still your mother, and since now that we finished fucking, I can get back to tutoring you.” I answered firmly.

He pulled his dick out of my pussy and reluctantly got off of me. We quickly got out of bed and picked up our clothes to put back on. I finally finished with his paper and explained to him the questions that he got wrong.

“Mom, if I get five A’s this time on my report card, can you buy me something?” He asked.

“I’m sure your father will get you something if you get those A’s.” I answered.

“But this time I wanted you to get me something.” He replied.

“Fine, if you do get at least five A’s this time, then I’ll get you what you want. So what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Reminder the catalog that I showed you last time and I said, that I would love to see you in that see-thru silk robe? I’ll love it if you can buy that and wear it to show me.” He answered with a smile.

“You horny little devil you. So that means you want your mother as your present? Always taking advantage of me ever since you were little, but I guess I could do that. I kinda like that robe to wear in front of your father anyways. So fine, if you get those grades, I’ll get that robe you like.” I said with a witty voice.

“You promise?” He asked.

“Yes, I promise.” I answered.

We kissed for one last time and then I left his room. After a little over a week, my son happily showed me his report card, and he got five A’s and a B. So as promised, I went out and brought that sexy see-thru robe.

During dinner my husband asked my son for his report card and he gladly showed it to him.

“Wow, your grades improved, son. I’m proud of you. So what do you want me to get you this time? A new video game console or do you have other things in mind?” My husband asked.

“Well dad, this time mom already brought the present I wanted so you don’t have to get me anything.” My son said.

“Is that right honey?” My husband asked me.

“Yes. You always got him something, so I just thought I should get him something this time.” I replied.

“I guess all this time you put in to tutor him didn’t go to waste.” My husband said.

“Yeah, mom really blown my mind, she’s the best tutor I can ask for.” My son said in a witty voice.

And then my son and I were staring at each other knowing what he meant, and we smiled.

“I’m finish with my dinner now. Can I see my present now, mom?” My son asked.

“Now? I still need to clean the table and do the dishes.” I answered.

“Oh, just go give him his present, the boy deserves a little time out. I’ll clean the table and finish the dishes.” My husband replied.

So I asked him to wait in his room. I went back to my room and got out of my clothes. I put on that sexy see-thru robe to wrap around my naked body. My breasts and pussy were clearly showing through the material. I then walked to my son’s room. As I opened the door and walked in, he was sitting on the side of his bed watching me as I entered.

His eyes were wide opened and his mouth was almost drooling over the sight of me standing in front of him wear nothing but a see-thru robe. Men are visual creatures and my sexy robe definitely do the trick. My son got up from his bed and walked toward me. He lifted me up off the floor and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

While my eyes were looking into his eyes, I said wittily “Let’s try to keep it down this time, your father is just in the kitchen. But since your midterm is over now, I won’t be afraid to fuck your brains out this time.” We kissed as he walked to his bed.

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