Ever since my son became my lover, he sees himself as more of my man instead of my son. But he is still just a high school boy, so often enough there are times I have to stand him up as a mother, and one time I got him mad at me when I got into my role as his mother.

It is difficult already being a single son raising my son, but being over 40 really built up a lot of sexual frustration for me. I’ve dated other men before and had a sexual relationship with a few of them, but I have never dreamt of getting my own son to be my steady lover. It’s a long story on how that mess happened, but one thing is for sure is that we can’t go back the way we were. And not to mention my aching pussy won’t give up my son’s lovable manhood.

But since that day he got mad at me, my son has not make love to me for two days and its killing me. I’ve gotten so used to having his dick every night and having him in my arms in my bed while we sleep. And I could never forget the great spontaneous sex we had. Although my motherly ego is strong, my starving pussy is stronger. So I have decided to give up my motherly pride and seduce my son into “fuck and make up”.

Luckily on the third day of our silent war was my day off. I wanted to seduce him when he comes back from school, so I prepared to wear something sexy. But then I thought, what better clothes to wear to seduce my son than his mother wearing nothing but an apron and high heels, serving him lunch in the kitchen.

So I made it into plan, took a nice bath and then put on one of the perfume that my son liked all over my trigger points of my body. And then to cover my naked body, I putted on a deep-V low cut apron, giving out a great view of my cleavage in the front, and just long enough to cover my pussy. Plus, he will see my entire naked backside when I turn in front of him. I was sure my son’s dick will jump to have me.

I got to the kitchen to prepare his favorite lunch for him. Soon I heard him at the door. I quickly got to the fridge and took out a can of whip cream. I lift up my apron and spray cream over my pussy lips and hair. I let my apron down to cover up my pussy again.

He was walking by the kitchen so I asked him to sit down and have his lunch. As he walks into the kitchen, he noticed right away that I was naked underneath my apron. He didn’t say a word, just walked toward the table and sat down, but his shock expression on his face was so cute. I act like everything was normal and brought his lunch onto the table.

As I lay down his plate on the table, I bend down a little more than usual just so he can see my cleavage better. His eyes were on my breasts the whole time. He always like to sit at the chair facing the kitchen, so I knew he would see everything I want him to see when I turn around and walk back into the kitchen.

“I hope you’re not still mad at your mom. I know my tone that day came down a little strong, but you know that’s only because I care about you so much.” I said softly.

I knew he didn’t hear a word I said, since he was too busy checking me out from top to bottom.

“Oh, do you like my new heels? I brought them last week and thought I try them on.” I said wittily.

He didn’t answer me, but I can tell that he was definitely staring at my naked long legs. I didn’t want to spoil the sexual tension that I am building up so I slowly turned around in front of him to show him my naked backside as I walk slowly back into the kitchen.

I was sure his dick is jumping up and down with the view of my backside.

“Are you cold mom?” He asked, with a shivering voice finally breaking his silence.

As I was making coffee and tea, I answered “No honey, I am a bit hot. I don’t know why I’ve been feeling quite hot for the past 2 days already.”

I slowly walk toward the table with a platter with a pot of coffee and tea on top. And then as I put down the coffee and tea pots on the table, I cleverly asked “Coffee, tea, or your mother’s pussy?”

“Did you say your pussy, mom?” He asked.

“Yes. Would you like coffee, tea, or your mother’s pussy?” I asked again with a smile.

I got right in front of him and then I lifted up my apron revealing to him my naked whip cream covered pussy.

“You got some cream on your pussy, mom.” He said, with a surprise look on his face.

His face was right in front of my pussy, so I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed his face right on my pussy.

“Be a good boy and help mommy clean that up.” I said.

He finally sticks out his warm tongue and started licking off the cream on my pussy lips. I lifted up my left leg and rested on the side of son’s chair so he can better eat my pussy. While he was putting effort into licking off the cream and munching on my pussy, I took one of my hands from his head to grab onto one of his hands and placed it on my breast. My well trained son knew what I wanted and started squeezing my breast while my hand was still on top on his. My body was getting so hot I felt like I could melt the cream on my pussy.

And in no time, my son cleaned all the cream and started working his tongue into my pussy.

“God damn, you’re such a good boy.” I screamed with pleasure.

I kept moaning and moaning. My pussy was practically dripping out love juice for my son’s mouth to sip on. Two days without sex for me was definitely a torture. My pussy never felt this good and alive.

“You starved your mother for two days. I need you inside me right now.” I demanded.

I got my leg down from the chair and I started to help him get his shirt off. My son didn’t waste any time either. He got up and started unbuckling his belt, and then taking off his pants. I was almost tempted to just rip out the buttons and pull his shirt out of him. My pussy was calling for my son’s dick and I can’t wait to have it deep inside me.

Finally my son was naked with his clothes all over the floor. His young dick was nice and hard. I wasted no time and got my hand on it, jerking it a few times to make it stronger.

“You look real sexy in that apron mom.” He said.

“I’m glad you like it. I did it for you.” I said.

I got him to sit back down on the chair. I took one of my breasts out of the apron and got it close to my son’s mouth. He just started sucking on my nipple and caressing my breast with his warm lips as I continue jerking on his hard dick.

My nipples were rock hard and my pussy is as ready as his hard dick. I pulled my breast out of his mouth and got him to stand up again. I got to the end of the table and placed my hands on the table to bended over.

“Make love to me, honey. Your mother needs you right now.” I demanded.

He quickly got behind me. And within seconds of getting into position, he shoved his hard dick into my hot aching pussy.

“Ahhh…I love it. I need it. Give it to me, son.” I screamed.

He started pumping hard on my pussy. My two days drought was over, as my pussy was getting as wet as the Niagara Falls. My eyes were rolling back from the pleasure that I am having.

“Ahhh…god I needed it. Fuck my brains out. Ahhh…fuck me, make love to mommy. Just don’t let it stop.” I screamed again.

My screams were all over the kitchen as we both started to breath heavier. I began squeezing my son’s dick by tightening my pussy. My son loved my pussy grip when we make love. And so he answered back by pumping harder and faster to get me to loosen.

The pleasure was building up so great that I lost my will power to continue my grip on his hard dick. I lost to my son again, unable to control my pussy’s grip I gave into the excitement and joy from my son’s dick.

As his breathing became heavier, I knew that he is ready to blow. And then not long after, he burst inside me. His warm cum filled my pussy, and his pumping stopped. I turned my head toward him and he moved in his lips to kiss me. We always give each other a nice kiss after we made love.

He pulled out of me and his cum started dripping out from my pussy down to the floor. I got to the chair and sat down while I was still gasping for air. My son got in front of me and ripped out my apron from my body. He kneeled down and started cleaning my pussy with it. He was so sweet.

“I love you so much son, so don’t you ever stop making love to me, not even for one day. You are my son and my only lover.” I said softly.

I looked him in the eyes and he moved his lips in to kiss me. I pulled my lips forward to meet his lips, and we kissed passionately again. After he cleaned up my pussy, he moved even closer to me and then rested his head on my legs. I started running my hand up and down on his head like when he was still my little boy. A mother caressing her son after he made passionate love to her is the ultimate level of love between a mother and son.

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