I got pregnant by my high school boyfriend when I was 15. And after finishing high school, I had to work full time to support my son, because I come from a low income family and my parents were unable to help under their already unstable financials. Being a single mother is not easy especially when I’m not a college grad and working for years as a cocktail waitress in a bar in a hotel restaurant to support me and my son.

My mom’s friend got me a job as a waitress in the hotel restaurant where I worked as a cocktail waitress for years now. I started as just a waitress in the restaurant since I was underage to be serving in the bar area. But after I turned 21, I switched to become one of the cocktail waitresses because that’s where the big tips were.

The job paid well with great tips and in less than 2 years my income grew handsomely. I was able to move out from my parents’ place and into a small one bedroom apartment close to the hotel. My son was turning 8 years old at the time.

I got a big size bed in the bedroom and my son slept with me for a few years. But when he started high school, I found a need to have us sleep in separate beds so I could help my son get a little detach from me. I managed to get two small single beds at each side of the wall and still have a small aisle in between the beds.

As a cocktail waitress, my outfit is a bit sexy, showing much skin and legs. As a little boy, my son was curious and loved to watch me change into my short skirt and putting on my pantyhose. And he also liked to help me clip my bra. I didn’t find it strange nor was I embarrassed because I knew it was normal for a little boy always trying to be helpful around his mother.

I was comfortable changing my clothes or be naked in front of him since we do sleep in the same room and he was just a boy. But after he started high school, I started to see a change in his behavior when he was around me. For the first time, I found myself embarrassed and blushed in front of my son when he watched me naked and changing in my clothes. His long stares were making me very uncomfortable. Those stares were no longer an innocent boy just curious of a woman’s body, but I saw lust in his eyes. And I was positive about that when I caught my son a few times having a hard on in his pants while watching me change, especially when I put my leg up on the bed rolling up my pantyhose.

And so since he wasn’t a little boy anymore, I started making him wait outside the room while I change my clothes. I used to sleep with only my bra and panties on, but I brought some silk pajamas and started a habit to sleep in them with my bra and panties underneath instead. I had accepted the fact that my son was turning into a man.

Like most women, I too masturbate a lot, and I would even say more than most women, since I haven’t been fucked ever since my son was born. With my great fit body and looks, I do shine as a cocktail waitress, even though I’m 31 already. Throughout the years I’ve had many guys and coworkers asking me out for dates, but I can feel that they’re only trying to get me in their bed, so I never accepted them. I put my heart and soul into my son. My son changed my life and he changed my life again one night.

Before I knew what happened, according to my son, I was unconsciously rubbing on pussy with my pajama pants pull down halfway with my panties revealing my bush and pussy, and my bed sheet opened. When I was awake, he was already eating my pussy on my bed. We sleep with a night light on so I saw his head in my pussy clearly and he was naked.

“What are you doing, Justin?” I asked out of shock. But he continued eating my pussy without answering.

“Ahhh…shit, stop Justin, you can’t do that. Shit…Ahhh…my god…” I screamed in between moans, but also tried to push his head away.

He was persistent in keeping his mouth on my pussy and finally got his tongue inside me. His tongue in my pussy was giving my body chills all over and my body shivered reluctantly. I felt my pussy juice gushing out my body.

“Oh…stop, I’m going to cum. Please stop…Ahhh shit…” I screamed again in between moans.

My body twitched like a worm on the bed from the stimulation of my pussy from my son’s tongue and lips. I soon lost the will to push his head away and removed my hands from his head, and instead, grabbed tightly on the two sides of my pillow and moaned out loudly to the stimulating pleasure. And not long after, my pussy burst.

“Oh shit…I’m cumming…shit…” I cried, breathing heavily.

I had never felt my body so weak. I couldn’t even feel my legs. My son got out from my pussy and started pulling down my pants with my panties. I wanted to pull my pants back up but I was still too weak to even move my arms from my pillow. And soon, he got my pants and panties out of my legs, and then he tossed them on the floor.

He moved closer in between my legs and got his hand on his very hard dick. I tried to move up on the bed, but he quickly grabbed onto my legs and pulled me back down toward him. He tried to guide his dick when I used my last strength to move my arms and covered up my pussy from him with my hands.

“No Justin. Please don’t do this. This is wrong. I’m your mother. We can’t do this. Let’s just go back to sleep. Please, I beg you, don’t do this. Don’t do this to mommy.” I begged.

“But mom, my dick is so hard. And it is hard for you, mom. I love you and I want you. I can’t wait any longer.” He answered.

I got one hand tightly covered my pussy and I slapped him with the other.

“How could you say such a thing? I’m your mother. Are you insane?” I yelled.

With that said, he got crazy and quickly he removed my hand from my pussy and started to move his body closer moving his dick into position. I tried to fight him off but within a minute he succeeded in pushing his hard dick into my pussy.

“Oh…god…Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” I screamed loudly having my son’s dick inside me.

He put my legs over his shoulders and began pumping my pussy. The timeless void of my pussy being filled by my son’s hot flesh was so intensely enjoyable and long awaited. He pumped my pussy in a rhythm of slow and deep to fast and hard. I pretended to hate it but my body shivered and twitched with joy, unable to cover my true feeling.

“Shit…this is wrong, please stop Ahhh…stop…Ahhh… I beg you. We can’t do this.” I screamed yet again but between louder moans.

It felt like a dream and I soon found myself submitting into the long awaiting pleasure. I no longer beg for my son to stop but just grabbed onto the sides of my pillow tightly again and moaned out sounds of pleasure which filled the room in an instant.

He brought his chest down close to my breasts and he tried to kiss my lips. But I turned my head to the side and his lips landed on my cheek. And then he moved his lips down to my neck and started sucking on it gently. I have not had my neck suck by another man since my old high school boyfriend, Justin’s father, tried to give me a hickie. It brought back memories of me and my boyfriend making love again.

And without my approval, like it had a mind of its own, my head turned facing my son again. While staring into his eyes, I found my son having great resemblance to his father. And when he tried to kiss me again, I accepted his lips and we kissed, not as innocent mother and son, but lovers, as though I was making love to my boyfriend again.

But in the heated passion, I suddenly was brought back to reality by a whether important fact that I realized. My son had no condom on and I was not on birth control.

“Justin, please stop. I can’t let you cum. You could get mommy pregnant.” I said.

He didn’t listen to me so I said “Honey, I just wanted you to put on a condom. I promise I’ll let you put it back inside me again.”

He finally stopped and pulled out. “Do you have a condom, mom?” He asked.

“Yes, I have some in my purse.” I answered.

I was already weak from my son, and I could only lie on my bed with my legs apart. He got down from my bed and went to the chair where I put my purse, and then he got out a condom.

“Why do you have condoms in your purse mom?” He asked curiously.

“My girlfriends at the bar gave them to me because they wanted to get me laid and thought they would come in handy in my purse.” I answered with a weak voice.

He walked up to the side of my bed, handed me the condom and said, “Can you help me put it on mom? I have never used one before.”

I would have never imagined something like this would happen to me. My own son asking me to put a condom on him so that he can fuck me, it was so wrong, but yet very tempting, especially he made my pussy itch for more of him in me.

I made effort to sit up straight on the bed and turned my body to him. I took the condom from him and ripped it out from the packaging. I asked him to bring his dick closer to me and he moved closer. For the first time, I was looking at my son’s harden dick, and the size was amazing for a high school boy like him. “That huge thing was inside me, no wonder he was driving me crazy,” so I thought.

I gently rolled the condom down his hard dick. And when I was done, he asked softly, “Could you take off your pajama blouse mom? I really want to see you under this light.”

“What more damage can that do now since I fucked my own son already? And I’m a bit hot too.” I thought.

I unbuttoned my blouse and slowly opening up to reveal my bra, and then I removed the blouse from my body and tossed to my pants on the floor. And without my son asking, I removed my bra as well.

“Wow, you’re a gorgeous woman, mom.” He commented and I smiled.

He sat down on the bed close to me. He brought his head close to my breasts and with his lips he started sucking on my nipples. His warm lips on my breasts felt so good. And I got my arms wrapped around him to caress my son while he sucked my breasts giving me great pleasure.

Soon, he got his hands on my shoulders and gently tried to lay me down on the bed. While I lie on my back naked he gently spread my legs apart. He jerked his hard dick a few times and then moved in closer in between my legs. When he got into position, he pushed his meat inside my wet pussy.

“Ahhh…shit…” I moaned. His dick felt bigger and harder than the first time. I wrapped my arms around my son tightly.

I bended my legs and brought my knees back closer to me while my son pumped me. When I got my legs wrapped around his waist, our lips sealed together and I found myself becoming one with my son with our warm bodies attached to each other as we mated.

The smacking sound of his balls bashing on my pussy lips became louder and he started pumping a bit out of rhythm, so I knew he wasn’t going to last.

“Oh shit, mom, it’s coming out.” He cried while breathing heavily.

“Just don’t stop, keeping fucking me. Kiss me now.” I demanded.

Our lips sealed again with moans coming out from my breathe through my nose, and soon I felt like I was going to blow too.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming too. Oh shit…Ahhhh…” I cried, breathing heavily.

His pumps were more intense and more out of rhythm until his hips finally stopped moving and we both came. I had not been fucked for years and now suddenly I had two orgasms in one night. It was amazing.

He kept his dick inside my pussy and rested his head on my chest while I pampered him in my arms like he was still my little boy.

“I’m sorry mom. I know you’re mad that I did this to you. But I really love you mom.” He said softly while in my arms.

“It’s OK. It happened already. It’s not your fault. I understand you’re young and you have needs. You’re still my son. But we can’t let this happen again. I’m still your mother and it is still wrong for us to do this. And we can’t let anybody know about what happened.” I said, and then gave him a kiss on the head.

We were cuddling in each other’s arms until I fell asleep. Next morning I woke up and found myself naked with my naked son sleeping next to me, so I knew it wasn’t a dream. I really did fuck my son.

It was Saturday so I didn’t wake my son. I got out of bed and took a hot shower, and then change my clothes for work. The whole time I was at work I was reliving the moment of what happened last night in my head. I was ashamed at myself for what happened but at the same time I found myself thinking about my son.

When I got off work, I rushed back home. My son welcomed me home by opening the door for me. He seemed normal and everything seemed normal, until he grabbed onto my hand and walked me to the bedroom.

Next thing I knew my son took a condom out of my purse and rolled it on, my shirt, bra, my skirt and heels were all on the floor, and I was on his bed standing on my knees and hands with only my sexy pantyhose and panties on being fucked doggy by my naked son from behind.

“Ahhhh…you’re such a good boy Justin. Shit…fuck me…fuck…fuck mommy…” I screamed.

He was laying kisses all over my back while he pumped me nice and hard.

“I dream of fucking you in your pantyhose mom. You look gorgeous in them.” He said.

“Ahhh…shit you feel so good inside me. Ahhh…” I screamed again.

“We can’t let this happen again, oh…shit…Ahhh…shit…don’t stop, just like that. YES! Ahhh…” I cried.

“Shit…I’m cumming.” I screamed.

I cum and my son last a minute or two after me then he cum too. We were cuddling each other in bed again and it was wonderful having my son in my arms while being in his arms.

“We really can’t let this happen again. This is just so wrong. Let this be our last time.” I said firmly to my son while he was in my arms. But he didn’t answer.

Since then I can’t stop myself from rushing back home after work and making love to my son like each time was our last time. The sex was amazing. Getting fucked by your own son was better than being with any man. The intimate, the trust, and the exciting pleasure of knowing we are mother and son.


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Very hot. I like the part about the pantyhose and panties turning him on.

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He did what most sons want to do, fuck their mom.

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