a young boy , a drunk lady , a dark place what else thay need
Hi everybody!!!!!!!
Its a unexpected event as far as i am concerned.I want to share it so what can be better than Xnxx .So it goes!!
I was coming back from delhi(india) to chandigarh(india). So i fetch up a bus at the delhi bus terminal. As i sat in the bus my friends call come up and i started talking to him about how my stay was there in delhi. In the mean time the bus was filling up. A sardarni(women of sikh religion often filled up in the chest and butts & have beautiful faces) sat next to me and gave me a little push. I felt that the bus might be filled up & was praying that some more pushes should come up. And continued talking to my friend.

After some time i fellt a hand on my legs. I felt that it may be that she has put it just like that.(U know it is a believed that if man has put hand on women he is sexually harrasing her but converse is taken as a accident or some other reason)I still continued talking to my friend. Till this time the lights were very dim and it was partially no light in the bus. Just then i finished my talk her hand was on my leg. Her hand acquired motion and come to my inner thighs. I turned my face towards her. She will be of about 32 in age and her top was heavy so as to say about 35'' & a very pretty face.

She was not seeing towards me so i turned my face towards the window which is on the other side. Again her hand show some movement and reached to my dick. I was wearing a jeans with jacket on top, but i can still her movements on the top of my penis. I immediately got an errection. I saw her face and saw a smile I think she was smiling that she has got a positive signal.
I am having a 7'' long penis she must have got the idea of it.

Now she started playing with my dick. It started with her pressing it (from above the pants). Then she touched it to the full length. She start moving her hand over it, it felt like never before as her touch was very tender. She holded the front part of my dick and tickled over it. Till now i haven't started anything as if we both start doing this somebody may get notice of it. But this one time i took my hand to her inner thighs and kept it there. She was wearing stretchable nylon pants. I placed my hand now over her love spot(above clothes). It was quite hot there. She continued and i stoped as, if both of us move somebody will spot us.

Now she put whole of her hand on my dick and start moving backward and forward ;man it felt like ......... can't describe it to you. She must have done this for about 15min. When i moved a step forward. I opened her pant button and chain (believe it was very difficult doing it so slowly that nobody took notice of it). I was going to move inside her pant just then the conductor came and asked for ticked. I till now haven't taken the ticket so i said one to chandigarh and he was staring at me. I was worried if he has seen us. If i had moved my hand out of the shawl (a kind of wollen cloth often wrap around the body; it do not have any stiches) I was sure to be caught. Just then the lady took out her purse and paid for two of us. So anybody who has seen this must have thought that we are mom & son so all the suspicion in the air was lost & we were much free now.

As he passed two or three seats the ladies hand comes to my dick and this time she opened my pant.(till now she has taken me in her shawl) Her hand comes in and held my dick. From the barrier of my undergarment i can still fell sotfness of her hand. She started a differet kind of motion goes in front and then opens the cap of my dick(i am still a virgin) and then closes it with a hardness near the neck of my dick. It felt so nice that i forgot that i can enjoy her body also. Then again i started moving inside her pants & undergarments(i do not have the patience) and touched her pussy she was hairy. I always want to really touch a hairy pussy. It feels so natural and soft like that. She moved a little as i touched. She give me some space by parting her legs . I now reached her clit and passed my hand over its length. It was hot and wet. I pressed her outer lips and started massaging them. She was enjoying that i can see that on her face she was biting her lips to control voice going out.

I let my finger go in her clit and my god !!! it was so smooth and warmmmmm. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy, with other finger scraching on its hairy outside. It continued for 10min before i slid in three fingers and started the same she was now in highly excited position and her grip on my thing was very strong till then then she slided her hand inside and did something i least expected to. she gives me a jerk in such a way that i have to get up a little, in the mean time she put my pants and undergarments down to knees. (and nobody could see as i was in shawl) Now she took my dick and started moving it . She occasionally take her hand down to my balls and caresses it. It was too ooooo good and in one to two minute I cuuuuuuuuum.

It was my first experince to be masturbated by a girl( or say women). I was now roaming around her top. She was wearing a T-shirt. I moved my had to her stomach and started moving my fingers lightly over the side and front of her belly. Everytime i goes down the length of her belly ,she contract her stomach as a indicator to the excitement. I moved further up to the top of her boobs. I placed a hand on them. myyyyyy goodness it was a feeling i never have a excitement filled up my dick and it was again rock hard.

I slide my hand in her bra and touched her breast . Then in one go I freeeeeeed them from the clothes above them. I slowly moved my hand over them and pricked at the nipple. In a second her nipple were errect. I wanted to taste them, to feel them so I see here and there. There was nobody who was awake sitting near us. So i took a chance and put my mouth inside the shawl to her breast. I firstly brought my nose to her armpits feeling her fragnence then touching my nose all the way I moved from arms to her breast. the sking was soft and stretched. I bite her at the nipple she moved back. then i wet her nipple and blow air on them she was again errect. again i bite them each time a bit more hashly then the last. At this movement my hand busy working at her love triangle and she was moving in pleasure and in few movements she came & a little voice came out of her mouth. I had to sit back on my seat as the fear was that we may be caught. but to my surprise nobody was awake.

At this movement I was playing with her nipple she reached for my chest( I had a medium type chest with nipple a little comming out so they lfeel nice to touch & they are very sensitive too). She put her hand on my nipples and pressed them I felt a flush of pain and pleasure. She got it that i had a very sensitive nipple so she continued pressing it hard and at the same time with her other hand was caressing my dick. this was tooo much and in some bare moments I cumm this time harder then last.

I was still movind my hand and pinching over her nipple and was trying to carry forward; The conductor told that chandigarh(india) is going to come in a fist of second she took her T-shirt down and removed my hand. I also put my jeans on. This time in the whole journey she talked to me saying" It was nice!! "

I got a heavy smell of liquor from her mouth.I said" it was my first time & i never experienced anything like that.Can i meet you anytime again. "

She said" she like it this way only. No long and emotional relationship as they can hamper her married life"

With these words she parted with her son and husband.

Tell me if U like the story ;Also tell me if U do not liked it. It was my first story so I need suggestions.

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FMdTXy A unique note..!


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bhan chod vo koi aids ki mariz ho ge


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it takes 5 hrs to travel and you just did this


2005-09-16 16:07:07
good story, continue my dear indian man, but as she has left u unsatisfied take to the resovle that u r never goin to let a mature pussy unplugged, even if u get the slightest chance on earth. That's
gonna provide much candor to ur next posted stories.

Wishing u always all the best,


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