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Hello again gentle readers... For those of you who have been waiting patiently, thank you. For those of you who haven't well you just not very good at bugging me about it are you? I offer you another installment of my sister's friends for your enjoyment.

Morning came too soon I wiped the crap out of my eyes and took a shower, again… it seemed like I was spending more and more time in the shower. I took the vitamins that Carol had given me at a breakfast consisting of a bowl of cereal and milk and a glass of orange juice. After a brief bus ride to school I hurried to my first period class and sat down. No one would look for me here. “Psst Bill?” I looked around it was a girl that I didn’t know but I recognized her from the group that held me hostage in the theatre the day before.

“Oh hi”

“Did you get your homework done?”

“Yeah I did actually”
She walked over to where I was sitting “I’ll do your homework for you from now on… if you do me a favor”

“What’s that?”

“Make out with me”

“That’s all?”

“Every day”


“I’ll let you play with my sweater puppies”


“My titties silly.” She said pulling up sweater far enough to expose the most ginormous boobies I had ever seen. “You like them” I guess I kind of gurgled an answer because my brain was totally disconnected. “You do, now how about it?”

She took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the bathrooms, ducked in and then pulled me bodily into the women’s bathroom. She pulled me into a stall and locked it. I kissed her one hand rubbing the magnificent orbs of her breasts and the other squeezing the wonderful curve of her ass. I kissed her neck sucking lightly on it then tracing a slow line up the side of her neck to nibble on her ear “I don’t even know your name”

“Bindy” she gasped “my name is Bindy” she forced her legs around my thigh and was soon humping against it as my lips tasted the delicate flesh of her neck. I pulled one of her breasts free from the confines of its industrial sized holder and was confronted with a nipple the size of a cigar butt surrounded by an angry red colored areola the size of my palm. I slurped greedily on it as Bindy gasped her breathing coming in short bursts. I bit her nipple and she in turn bit my shoulder as her whole body convulsed almost toppling us to the bathroom floor. “Oh my god” she groaned after she caught her breath. She unlocked the stall and led me to the door she took a peek outside and then pushed me out into the hallway. I quickly returned to the empty classroom rubbing my sore shoulder.

Bindy walked into the classroom a few minutes later grinning and looking more than a little flushed. It was only a few moments after that when the bell rang and the classroom quickly filled. I managed to get past lunch. Hiding out when I could, and quickly getting into and out of classrooms, and I managed to avoid the theatre.

When the last bell of the day rang I sighed to myself and walked out to the parking lot where Sara was waiting. I got into her car and she of course immediately reached over to touch my shoulder and kiss me but I flinched. “What’s the matter?” she asked

“Nothing just um bruised my shoulder”

“Let me see” she said patiently. She pulled my shirt away from the oval bite marks that Bindy left on my shoulder. “What the hell is this?”

“What does it look like” I asked trying to play all innocent.

“It looks like a bite mark, where did it come from?”

“I don’t know?”

“You don’t know if someone bit you? Please Bill don’t insult me”

“Well its all your fault”

“What is my fault?”

“Ever since you told Laura that crazy story about me kissing you and making you cum… I have been hard pressed beating girls off with a stick”

“And how many girls have you kissed?” she asked her face darkening

“I don’t know…” I responded, I really hadn’t counted was it 4 or 5 or was it 8 or what was the number.

“You don’t know? Get out! I never want to see you again you two timing bastard” well that was it I guessed I made it twenty feet across the parking lot when a horn honked at me.

“Hey Bill you need a ride?” it was Amanda and her friends

“Yeah sure I guess”

“Oh no you don’t bitch” Sara screamed storming across the parking lot. I turned on my heel but then I got caught in a crowd that was forming around Sara and Amanda who were now circling each other like angry kittens… or maybe angry tigresses, they were both cute… but definitely very angry. Seconds passes as the two women circled and then Sara lunged for Amanda. Amanda caught her right in the eye and stopped her dead in her tracks. Amanda then grabbed Sara by her shirt and swung her around, the shirt tore and she fell to the ground dazed. She slowly stood as Amanda was celebrating her victory. Sara ran up and grabbed Amanda by the hair pulling her to the ground there was a flurry of fists as the two girls rolled around on the dusty pavement of the parking lot. Finally the Victor it was really hard to tell hair all mussed and clothes half torn off stood.

“Bill can I give you a ride home?” it was Amanda and she got the words out barely intelligible between her swollen lips. I shrugged and got into her car. She started it up and her tires squealed as she peeled out of the parking lot. By the time we got to my house Amanda’s face was swollen and her lips looked like they belonged on an add for some sort of freakish collagen additive. “cnn I kull qu lather?” she asked me as I got out of the car?

“What?” I asked

She scribbled on a scrap sheet of notebook paper; can I call you later?

“Yes” I said to her and added my phone number to the paper.

“ank goo” she said and drove off.

I walked into the house and put down my books. I walked over to the Rodgers house, and laid out on the couch. It had been a long day, and it was entirely too short a time before the door burst open with Nicky and Cindy and Noel, they were talking animatedly while we watched TV. The doorbell rang a few minutes later and Claire joined us. The girls all put on their swimsuits and headed out to the porch, I put on some shorts and went out and watched them. They swam around and splashed, Laughing and giggling. We were out there for maybe half an hour when Carol stepped out onto the deck, “Claire could you come over here for a minute” she asked and my sister dutifully got out of the pool and walked over to where Carol was standing.

“Yes Missus Rodgers?” Claire said.

“I heard you and your girlfriends were teasing your brother”

Claire turned an interesting shade of pink, then turned and glared at Cindy. “I… I just wanted him, well all my girlfriends like him… and… its hot to watch.”

“Yes it is hot to watch” Carol said smiling, “I would like to watch you and your brother.”

“Um… are you…” Carol pulled the string on Claire’s bikini and her breasts came into full view.

“Now Bill come here” I got up and walked over as Carol pushed Claire to her knees. Carol knelt behind carol and whispered in her ear and Claire reached up and pulled at the waistband of my shorts they came down easily enough and my semi hard cock bounced free. Carol watched as my sister’s trembling hands reached out to grasp and wrap around my cock. She stroked it lightly at first. Then after a few seconds Carol whispered in Claire’s ear again; Claire leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock it was like a lighting bolt rocked through my body I lost track of where I was and what I was doing. When I regained my senses I looked down to see my sister’s pretty brown eyes looking up at me, and my cock half buried between her lips. I groaned as I watched her head bob up and down the length of my cock. Carol would lean forward from time to time and tell her to do something else that drove me closer to the edge. “Drink it all down” Carol groaned as my hips bucked against my sisters face, my hot creamy sauce spilling down her hungry throat.

I had to sit down I was trembling so badly my sister stood up and turned to see the rest of the girls naked and tickling their slits with theirs or each other’s fingers. Carol brought me a drink and while I was nursing it she stripped down and jumped into the pool with the others.

After about a half hour of playing the Girls retreated into the house. Carol answered the phone, which had started ringing. I walked over and cupped her breasts and started playing with her nipples, she leaned against me as she talked.
“No I’ll come over just give me a few minutes to get ready.” Carol said “Okay bye” Carol turned and smiled, that was your mom Bill she is having a bad day I’m going to go over to your house for a little while I’ll call you later when she’s feeling better.

“Sure thing Carol”, I said licking her nipple.

“Take care of the girls, but remember I want to watch the first time with your sister so please.

“Okay Carol.” I walked into the living room once again to find four girls naked in various positions the twins in front of the television on their stomach’s legs splayed and their tight little asses just begging for, well all sorts of things that I had in mind. But as spent as I was from my exertions earlier I just sat on the couch between my Claire and Noel. I leaned over and lightly cupped one of Claire’s breasts and suckled on her nipple, and Noel leaned over and nursed on my cock until it regained its strength. Noel pulled my legs up on to the couch, and the other two girls turned and watched while she eased my cock into her tight little slit. Claire watched in fascination and I pulled her up so that she could watch while her pussy was in easy reach of my mouth. She moaned and groaned deliriously as my tongue probed and suckled and tasted every inch of her sweet little snatch. All the while Noels clenching pussy slid up and down my weary cock. I don’t know what they were doing on top of me but it was wild when I felt Noel cum around my cock and Claire followed shortly thereafter.

Claire slumped and the two other girls laid her on the floor. I looked up to see Noel biting her lips as she rode me to another orgasm. Nicky and Cindy watched patiently until one of them decided she wanted to ride my face I’m not sure which one it was and I sucked and licked her to orgasm as noel reached her fourth or fifth. Then I felt little fingers tickling my balls and my hips bucked up as I shot hot baby cream into Noel’s hungry pussy.

I caught my breath and sat up looking at my sister gazing up at me a happy grin on her face. “Okay Girls bedtime!”


“Go on it’s late,” I looked at the clock and it was past nine and going on toward ten. I smacked their cute little butt’s and they hurried off to bed. I walked in to find the two of them in a sixty-nine on one of the two twin sized beds and my cock throbbed weakly as if to say the spirit was willing but the flesh had been abused too much.

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I have never read something this hot pls keep writing these Stories

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- These are so good, and what fab locations and oufttis! I need to know where to go around here that looks like that! Still getting familiar with this place! You're awesome Lindsey, and can't wait to see ya at the next brunch!

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I liked it at first but now im confused and theres WAY too many characters

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