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Anna's growing up way too fast
Dear diary
It’s me anna. I havnt written in a diary before so I guess ill start with this. I am 8 and I live with my family in oregon. They are nice peple. Sumthing weird happend to me today. I was riding the bus home from school and a relly nice man came up to me after I got off. Mom always tells me not to talk to strangers but he was nice. He didn’t look scary or mean. He asked me if I ever wished I was older and told me that being a kid like me is not as cool as being a grown up. I told him that I liked being a kid somtimes but that somtimes I wish I was all grown up so I coud do what I want and not be told what to do by mom and daddy. He gave me a peese of candy and told me that if I eat it I will be all grown up before I know it. It looks kind of like a charry coff drop and he said it was magic candy. He also gave me his phone number and said that when I’m all grown up if I want a grown up friend he would be my friend. He wrote it on the first page of this diary that he gave me. He told me that I shud write about my days in it somtimes and write about what the magic candy dose to me. I don’t understand why he wanted me to write about that. He also said not to show anybody or to tell my mom and daddy about the candy and I did not. Somtimes when strangers talk to me I get realy scared and run away but he was so nice. I wished I could be his friend but he told me I was to yung and I need to grow up first. I have not eatin the candy and I don’t know if I will. I don’t know if I want to be all grown up yet. He coud be lieing about the candy to. I also don’t like charry things. I left the candy in the secret place under my droor. Maybe I will eat it later.

Dear diary
Today was a relly bad day. I went to school and a girl made fun of my shirt with bunnies on it. Stupid Tanya always makes fun of the 3rd graders. She is in 5th grade and thinks she is realy cool but she is not. She told me I needed to grow up and start dressing better so I pushed her on the playgrownd and she scraped her nee. The teacher came over and took me to the principals office and he suspended me for a week and called my mom. I had to wait for a long time and then my mom got there and took me home. She was relly mad at me and told me that I need to be more machure. I think machure means to act like a grown up or somthing. Then she told me I was grownded for a month and that I coud not see my frends. I was really mad and now I am in my room and I cryd alot. Then my daddy came in and yelled at me and made me cry more. He told me I need to grow up and if I keep acting like a baby that I will be a baby forever or sumthing like that. I have not written in this diary for more than a week and I had almost forgottan about the candy that nice man gave me. I am going to eat it when I finish writing this. If growing up is what I have to do to make peple like me and not get in truble then I will do it.

Dear dairy
I ate the candy last night and nothing hapend. It didn’t taste good. Charry is yucky and it also tasted kind of salty to. It did not make me grow up. Today I have been siting in my room and it is relly boring. I wish I could watch tv or play my video games but daddy took them away. I don’t have much to say exsept that I am bord.

Dear diary
It’s the forth day since I got suspended and I have been bored. I’ve also felt really weird. I feel like I got a little bit smarter or something. My big sister has been bringing me my assignments and homework from school for me and when I was reading my books and doing my math homework it all seemed really easy. I was able to do my math homework in like 10 minutes. It usually takes me 30 to 45 minutes to get it done. My mom and daddy have also said that my vocabulary and spelling has gotten better and they think I must be studying hard. The truth is I haven’t been studying hard at all. The answers to my homework just seem to come to me. It’s like I know things that I don’t remember ever learning in school or anything. It’s really strange. I thought that maybe it was the “magic” candy that I ate but that was supposed to make me grow up, not get smarter. I am still grounded though and I don’t go back to school for another few days. Wait till I get back though. If this keeps up then I’ll be a straight A student and my teachers and parents will love me!

Dear diary
I’m supposed to go back to school tomorrow but I don’t want to. The kids there are stupid and I’ve gotten so much smarter than all of them. It must have something to do with that candy because everyday since it feels like I’ve been getting smarter and smarter. He said it was supposed to make me grow up but all I’ve noticed is that I’m more articulate now. A week ago I didn’t even know what articulate meant! Actually, reading back on those first few entries is rather embarrassing. They seem so childish and stupid in hindsight. Mom and Daddy even told me that they were proud of all of the work I’ve done for school and that if I keep it up that I could maybe start getting an allowance for good grades. After I’m finished being grounded of course. Anyways, I hope this smart thing sticks!

Dear Diary
Monday 10/10/2011
I’ve decided to start dating my entries. That way I can keep track of what happened when and such. I went back to school today and it was great. Tanya tried to pick a fight with me but I just brushed her off. I’m not dumb enough to sink to her level anymore. We had a pop quiz and I aced it. I hadn’t even been in class for over a week and I got 100%. I was pretty proud and so were mom and daddy. They even said they might give me my privileges back early if I keep it up. Life is just getting better and better!

Dear Diary
Saturday 10/15/2011
The first half of this week was great and then things started getting weird. Weirder than usual. On Tuesday my teacher gave me a vocabulary and spelling test to determine my reading and writing level. Apparently I have the vocabulary of a high school senior. I was doing great until about Wednesday when for some reason I all of the sudden stopped caring about school. On Wednesday I went in well rested and felt ready to work but as soon as the teacher opened his mouth I wasn’t interested at all in what he had to say. He might as well have just been going “blah blah blah” the whole time. I couldn’t focus on what he was trying to teach. For some reason all I could manage to think about was boys. How I wanted a boy to kiss me and run his fingers through my hair and touch me. I thought it was strange because I had never thought about boys like that ever. I always thought they were dumb blockheads mostly but for some reason now I was seeing them in a different light. I thought about it all day and barely managed to get any work done. Luckily there wasn’t a test or anything so I still have time to pull it all together I thought. Thursday was even worse. I sat in class even more distracted by the thought of boys. I didn’t even touch any of my school work. I just daydreamed the whole time looking at all the boys in my class and wondering which ones I would want to kiss. I wasn’t very fond of the boys in my class though. The 5th graders looked much more appealing. They’re more mature and a little more grown up. Yesterday was a total bust though. I didn’t even go to school. I rode the school bus in the morning and then just turned around and walked home. I stopped at the 7-11 on the way home for a treat. I bought myself a giant cherry slurpee. I don’t know why but cherry just sounded so good. I’ve always hated it but now it’s my new favorite flavor. I creeped in my house quietly to make sure Mom and Daddy were gone and turned on the TV. I sat there watching Netflix all day. I mostly just watched movies with guys that I thought were hot. It’s so weird thinking about guys like that. My rational mind knows they’re way too old for me but I have some weird fascination with men. I want them to kiss me and hold me and treat me like a lady. I managed to get away with skipping school by leaving the phone busy in case a teacher or something tried to call. This morning was the weirdest of all. When I got out of bed and stood up I knew something was off. My head felt way too far away from the ground. I looked down and my legs had gotten longer. Much longer! I ran over to the wall where daddy had measured my height over the years. The last time they had measured me I had been 43 inches. I measured my new height and it was now 52 inches. I freaked out and ran downstairs. My mom looked astonished as I told her what was already totally obvious. She called my doctor right away and brought me in. the doctor told me that even though it’s extremely abnormal it’s probably just a growth spurt and that I shouldn’t worry. Easy for him to say. I came home tonight and watched more tv and daydreamed about more guys. These days just keep getting stranger and stranger.

Dear Diary
Wednesday 10/19/2011
I haven’t had much of a chance to write in here lately. I’ve been to busy watching TV and thinking about boys. It takes up a lot of my time. I haven’t gone to school since last Thursday and it’s been great. I can’t think about all those big words and stupid math and all that crap. It’s all boring to me. Even more boring than it was before I got smarter and stuff. Maybe that candy was just a temporary thing and now it’s wearing off. Maybe it just made me think like an adult for a while. Who knows, who cares.

Dear Diary
Friday 10/21/2011
OMG! So I had another growth spurt! Kind of. I got up this morning and my chest felt weird. Then when I looked I noticed that I’m starting to get boobs! I can’t believe it! I’m only 8 and I’m already hitting puberty! I also feel a little taller! This is sooooo exciting! Maybe I won’t have to wait till I’m older to get a boyfriend after all! Not gonna tell mom and daddy. They don’t have to know everything.

Dear Diary
Thursday 10/27/2011
Holy shit, I haven’t picked this thing up in like forever! Things are sooooooo awesome! I still haven’t gone to school and mom and daddy still don’t know. I don’t even care if they find out. They’re fucking stupid and just wanna control me! My boobs have gotten even bigger and I can’t really hide them anymore. Why would I want to anyway? LOL! I’ve gotten even taller too. I’m 4 foot 10! My body seems to be changing too. My ass has gotten huge and my hips have gotten so wide. The little bit of tummy I had a week ago is almost totally gone now. My face is different too. My cheek bones have shifted and my eyes have changed their color! They were an ugly brown but now they’re the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen! I can hardly fit into my regular pants anymore because my butt has gotten so big. I have to wear sweat pants and even then my ass sticks out! I was kinda freaked by it all but then I stopped caring at some point and learned to love it! Mom and daddy are worried about me but they’re morons. They tried to get me to go to the doctor but I won’t. I’m growing up and they’re just too stupid to realize it! I don’t care about school at all anymore. I know I got smart for a while but that’s sorta over I think. I don’t care about getting good grades anymore. Actually I don’t really care about anything. I don’t know what I want to do with myself but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. Besides, I still have more to grow I think. This is so exciting!

Dear Diary
Wednesday 11/2/2011
Well I guess that guy wasn’t lying about that candy. At this point I could pass as being 18! My tummy is totally gone and my tits and ass have both gotten huge! My boobs are perfect! Just the right size! Nice and big but not too much. Mom took me to the store to get me a bra and some clothes that would actually fit me. I guess I’m a high C cup! My ass is amazing. I just love rubbing it all the time. I actually wish somebody else would. LOL! I talked mom into buying me a sexy pair of extra short shorts. I don’t care if it’s almost winter and freezing outside. I want everyone to see my sexy legs and ass! My face looks totally grown up now! My lips have gotten a lot bigger too. Very plump and juicy. A guy at the mall told me I had dick sucking lips. It was so cool! I bought some cherry lip gloss to wear all the time so they look extra juicy. My parents are still very worried but what the hell do they know! They’re just jealous because they’re little girl is all grown up and totally sexy! I’m so glad I ate that candy!

Dear Diary
Thursday 11/3/2011
I skipped school again and my parents finally caught me. Took the dumbasses long enough. I told them I wouldn’t go to school and they agreed because of all of the crazy changes that were happening. Daddy told me we could wait until things with me were a little more stable or something. WHATEVER! I’m never going back to school again. School’s fucking retarded! I think I’ll just go be a model or something. I’m hot enough for sure!

Dear Diary
Tuesday 11/8/2011
My fucking tits have gotten even bigger! They’re like a DDD now or something! OMG! I didn’t even bother telling my mom about it. If I went to the store with her that bitch would make me cover em up with a sweater or something retarded. I waited until she wasn’t looking and took her credit cards! I went off to the mall and bought the sluttiest clothes I could find! I don’t know why but ever since my body started getting really sexy I’ve wanted to show it off. Nothing wrong with that. LOL! I bought a bunch of skimpy little tops, brand new boots, some mini skirts, more short shorts, the tightest jeans I could find, perfume, and some sexy little panties. Mostly thongs and g strings! LOL! I went to the spa at the mall and got a perfect manicure with long sexy red nails. Then I went to the hair salon. I decided I was bored of my plain brown hair and got bright blonde streaks put in. After all that and changing into my new clothes I looked in the mirror and still felt like something was missing. I looked so sexy in my tiny little ass hugging short shorts and my skimpy little pink top that barely kept my enormous tits from popping out. I’m fucking hot! I had my make up all done. Thick black eyeliner with heavy blue eye shadow around my new bright blue eyes, bright red lipstick with my delicious cherry lipgloss over the top and a bit of blush. Then I realized what was missing. I needed to get my ears pierced and get some jewelry! When I went to the piercing place they asked me if I wanted anything else done too. I decided to get my belly button pierced too. The guy who did it was fucking hot! When he was done I found myself hitting on him. I had never hit on anyone before in my life and couldn’t believe how much of a slut I was being but I didn’t care. I love acting like a whore! LOL! We made out for like 20 minutes then I left. On my way home I found myself imagining doing much more with him. Like, having sex! I’m only 8 years old and I’m thinking about sex? It’s so weird. Even though I don’t look like a 8 year old at all. I could probably get into bars if I wanted. So diary, I’ve decided that from now on I’m just gonna say I’m 18. Ten years difference, who cares? LOL!

Dear Diary
Friday 11/11/11
I am not myself at all anymore diary! I don’t even feel like I should be called Anna! I feel like I’m losing my smarts. I’m gettin dumber every day. From time to time I feel my smarts and common sense come back to me but it’s almost always for a really short time. That’s why I picked up this diary right now, while I feel like I have some brain power. I look at these past entries and I can’t believe it. I think like a total fucking bimbo 90% of the time. What the hell is wrong with me? I ate that candy, then I got really smart, then I grew up and got dumber and slutty. I think eating that candy was one of the worst thing’s I’ve ever done. I feel like this is probably gonna be one of the last times I’ll sound halfway intelligent while writing in here. I just feel my brains fading away and I don’t seem to care most of the time. My mind is too preoccupied with acting like a tramp. I’ve been so mean to mom and daddy and they don’t deserve it. I’ve turned myself into something else. I’m not Anna anymore. I should have never eaten that candy.

Dear Diary
Sunday 11/13/2011
That last entry was fucking stupid! So what if I act kinda slutty? Life’s too short to be a fuckin square! Anyways, I totally took like 50 bucks out of daddy’s wallet this morning and went out. I’ve been shopping so much lately so I wanted to do something else. I wanted to make sure I could pass for being an adult so I went into the 7-11 and bought a pack of cigarettes. The guy didn’t even try to card me. He was too busy staring at my tits! LOL! I totally wasn’t even gonna smoke them but then I thought why not? I pulled one out and lit it up. It was fucking good! Throughout the day I’d have one from time to time and they’re fucking awesome! Now I get why so many squares don’t smoke. LOLOLOLOL! Then later at night I wanted to see if I could get into a bar. Sure enough they let me in no questions asked! I met this really hot guy. I think he said his name was Luke or something. I tried a few shots a vodka and it felt soooooo good. I’ve never been drunk before tonight but this was awesome! I don’t remember that well what happened until we got to his place. We went in the door and after talking for a minute he dropped his pants and told me to suck his dick. Just hearing him say it made my pussy uncontrollably wet. I had never been wet before tonight but now I was gushing. I felt my juices flow though my panties and down my legs past my skirt. I wiped some up with my fingers and tasted myself. I tasted just like cherries. I had never tasted anything better. Then I quickly got on my knees, unzipped his pants and put his fat dick in my mouth. I felt it grow in my mouth until I gagged. I pumped my head up and down leaving lipstick and cherry lipgloss streaks on his thick shaft. It just made it taste that much better. In that moment I discovered my true purpose in life. I was made to please men. He cried out loud as he came in my mouth. His cock was like a fire hose as it continuously sprayed cum in my mouth. He came so much it was running down the sides of my face and onto the hardwood floor. I had never tasted anything like it before. It tasted so good! Kinda sweet, kinda salty, but perfect! I think it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted! As I swallowed more and more I felt better. Like a void within me was being filled. His cum was like a drug. It was so good that I licked up every last drop off his dick, my body, and the hardwood floor. I knew I would never be the same again. I stood up, he smacked me on the ass and told me to get out. I know a lot of girls would be really offended by this but I wasn’t. I love being treated like a cheap whore. No, I am a cheap whore. There’s no reason to fight it anymore. That cum was so good that now I just want more. And now my fucking pussy won’t stop gushing and I can’t stop tasting myself. The only thing that tastes better than my cherry pussy is a fat load of cum in my mouth.

Dear Diary
Tuesday 11/15/2011
Fuck! I need a fucking cigarette! I gotta steal my daddy’s money again. Woke up a few minutes ago and my bed was fucking soaked and smelled like cherries. I need to get laid! I’m gonna go to the mall today and try to find some dick!

Dear Diary
Friday 11/18/2011
A bunch of guys at the bar ran a train on me last night. I know it’s bad but I loved being used like that. Then they took turns jacking off in my face and having me lick up all their cum. And I got every last drop like a good little whore. They called me a cumslut. I kinda like that name. Cumslut. It has a nice ring to it. When I got home tonight I decided. Anna is dead. I’m Cumslut now. That’s what I’ll introduce myself as to everybody I meet. Something is telling my brain that this transformation isn’t all the way finished. I think I should call that guy who gave me the candy.

Dear Diary
Saturday 11/19/2011
I called that guy today. Guess his name’s Greg. He told me he was very happy I ate the candy and wants to see me soon. He told me to read him my diary which I did. I was surprised that I was willing to read this to a stranger but he just had such authority in his voice that I couldn’t say no. Actually, his voice sounded really sexy. I’m going to see him tomorrow and he’ll tell me about what I can expect in the future. I think I’ll fuck him. It’s been over 24 hours since I’ve had any cum and I’m thirsty ;)

Dear Diary
Sunday 11/20/2011
Wow, Greg’s place is not at all what I expected! It’s a large house that he lives in all alone. When I got there he poured me a drink and discussed my changes with me. He told me that everything I described was perfectly normal and I was even healthier than I had ever been. Hell, he said the cigarettes and alcohol can hardly hurt me! He told me that the drug on the candy modifies the brain. The first stage makes you smarter only to make you dumber and submissive. Then the body follows. He told me that the drug only worked on young girls because if it was given to a teenager or adult it would kill them. Something to do with aging and immunity and blah blah blah. I didn’t care. I just loved hearing his sexy voice. He was pretty hot too. My legs were a fucking cherry waterfall when he was next to me. Then he told me about how it modifies the sex drive and turns young girls into cum addicted whores. He told me that my sexual cravings would never stop and would only get worse until I die. I guess I am literally addicted to semen now. The drug fucks with my genes to make doses of semen nearly as essential as drinking water. And finally, to ensure that I never get old and used up, my lifespan has been shortened. He said that I’ll probably die around age 30 if I’m lucky. Guess I have only about 20 more years left. You would think I’d be mad at him but all I could think about is how badly I wanted to suck him off. He told me that I should take it easy and get some rest because I have a big day ahead. He showed me to his guest room and gave me a little white pill. He told me that after taking it my transformation would be over and that Anna would be totally gone and I would become Cumslut forever. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I put that little pill in my mouth and hopped into bed. He told me I was a good girl and kissed me goodnight. Tomorrow’s gonna be an exciting day!

Dear Diary
Monday 11/21/2011
2day i sarted the rest of my lyfe!!!! I got up this morning and he told me what was gonna happen. He’s sooooooo sexy!!!! He but a coller on me that sez cumslut! Yay it has my name! LOL! Then he told me that im his whore and he owns me. Then he put me in a cage. I have lil bowls on the flor 4 food. He put me in dis outfit that’s so sexiiiiiii. I don know whut its called but it kinda hurts my waist but makes my boobs look sexiiiii! Then he told me that im to only answer to cumslut and that I’m a whore. I know I’m a whore. I luv bein a whore! Looks like this is how im spendin da rest of my lyfe! I’m dun writin. Its to hard an daddy telz me I cant nemore. This is the last time. Off 2 my new lyfe!

Note from owner
Monday 11/30/2011
Well, it looks like Anna was a total success. She responded to the drug perfectly and she is perfectly healthy. She turned out much better than the previous subjects. At least she can still speak. I have finally perfected my formula and now have my own personal sex slave as payoff for my hard work. The drugs have not only increased her sex drive but the have turned her into a sexual goddess. Nobody can suck a dick like that girl. She has a perfect pussy, a perfect ass, perfect face, everything. She is never hesitant to perform sex acts on either myself or anybody I tell her to. She has completely forgotten about her past life as Anna and lives only to serve me now. I have made a few additional modifications to her as well. I pierced her tongue. Always been curious if what they say is true and it is. She wears a collar now that is locked to her neckforever. It has her precious new name on it. Cumslut. She responds well to any kind of sex. Her favorite is anal. When I fuck her tight little ass she squirts her cherry spray all over and begs for more. She now has a tattoo on her lower back that reads “Daddy’s Little Whore” in elegant letters. She only knows me as daddy now. She refers to herself only as Cumslut by name, or Daddy’s Little Whore during sex. She now has the intelligence of a high school bubble head cheerleader, only sex dominates her mind so much that she rarely gets a chance to think about anything else. She is my masterpiece. She is my sex slave and my little whore. She’s gonna make me so rich.

The End


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Creative, if diabolical, story. You are one sick fuck. Congratulations.

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I liked how the writing changedas the character got "smarter" - I almost thought this was written by an immature writer until the story revealed what was happening. Good work!

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2015-07-06 02:44:59
Dumb previous commenter who said go back to school and learn to spell. It starts out with 8 year old spelling and changes as her IQ advances.

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Great story no such thing as tits too large

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