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Stepdaughter Laura: Chapter Four:
“Hey Pop,” Laura called out as she came though the door.
I took a glance at the computer clock. ‘Almost four,’ I thought.
“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming home tonight baby,” he knew she just as well might have gone to one of her other friends to spend the night, after all I was married to her mother and not to her.
“I went to lunch with a couple of doctors I worked for here,” she replied.
Having eaten lunch so late Laura wasn’t very hungry. Slipping into a pair of jeans and a shirt I asked, “So what so do you want to do baby? I know your can’t be hungry right now.”
Laura was still dressed in the outfit she wore to attend her meetings that day.
“Well I do need a few things from Wal-Mart. We can find a place to eat later.”  On our way out to the car, Laura tossed me her keys.
As the two of us made our way to the womens' apparel, I found that our conversation was as if it were her mother I was talking with and not her daughter. 
As Laura stopped in front of a rack of panties, she picked out a couple of different color packs, “Do you like these Pop?” One pack was a mix of blue hipsters and the other was of purple.
“Those are very pretty baby, I like them both,” I had images of Laura modeling the panties for me.
“I like the pink and yellow panties myself.” I turned to see who was speaking and recognized the girl as being a senior at the local high school named Nancy.
Laura tossed all four packs into the buggy, “Do you prefer hipsters or briefs?”

I always buy hipsters or thongs myself,” she said.
Laura and Nancy continued talking as they continued looking though other feminine items with me in tow.
Nancy picked a couple of packs of panties and a bra for herself and the three of us made our way to the check out. 

As the three of us walked out of the store, Laura got Nancy’s phone number. Sometime the next day Laura had called Nancy’s mother asking her if Nancy would be interested in baby sitting for her that coming up weekend. Laura explained that she had a medical conference to attend and that she had gotten Nancy’s name from a friend. Laura also told Nancy’s mother that she needed her to be at the house right after school on Friday and to plan on staying until Sunday evening she told her mother that she would leave a key for Nancy to let herself in upon her arrival at the house. Laura omitted to mention her conversation with Nancy’s mother when she returned to the house later that afternoon to me.

Laura was stripping as we walked though the door. When come into view, she had her dress off and removing her bra leaving her only with her panties still on. She gave me a kiss as she run her hand over my penis and I obliged by slipping her panties off. After she gave me a quick blowjob, we dressed to go get some food to eat. Laura had me hook her bra and then she slipped on a skirt and blouse. She rummaged in her suitcase coming up a pair of pink laced panties. I made a comment on how pretty I thought they were and how much I would like to see her with them on. To my surprise, instead of her putting the panties on, she tossed them to me with the instructions that I was to wear them. I have to admit being out in public with a pair of my step-daughters panties on under my jeans and she was bare under her skirt was some what of a stimulate.

When we arrived at the restaurant we met a doctor and his wife that Laura knew. They insisted that Laura and I join them at their table. The evening went well enough. Laura and the doctor talked about medical topics as his wife and mine were more on a family level. The girls excused themselves after the meal leaving her friend and I alone. Even though my wife and step-daughter were in nursing, my medical knowledge is very limited. We talked mostly about sports until the ladies return. As we were preparing to leave, I felt something being placed on my lap. As it turned out to be, it was the doctors wife’s panties. A bit confused, I looked from Laura to the doctors wife, both of whom just smiled, said not a word, and each placed a hand on my legs. I tried to give the panties back but was rebuffed I slipped the panties to Laura who placed them in her purse.

Outside the restaurant, the four of said our good nights. Laura gave the doctor a hug. She had him at such an angle that he was unable to see his wife as she took hold of my hand placing it up under her skirt and on her bare pussy.

On the drive back to the house, I told Laura what her friends wife had done. She just smiled and told me her friend had finger fucked her as they were hugging lifting her skirt to revile a hot, wet vagina. Laura ask how I liked fingering a doctors’ wife. As if it had a mind of its own, my hand moved into position rusting on Laura’s pussy and my fingers began slipping in and out of her vagina. I had to admit I was not comfortable with my hand under a woman’s skirt that I had just met and the fact that her husband was standing inches away didn’t make things any easier.

The fist thing we did arriving at the house, was to strip, and took a ’MOM’ routine shower. I washed her breast and vagina as she washed ‘her hair’ ,(my penis) then sucked it dry.

As was mom and my routine, Laura and I headed into the computer room completely naked.

I was sitting in front of my computer working on a story when some pictures on Laura's screen caught my eye, “Who's that baby?”

Smiling, “Why pop, you had your fingers in her pussy earlier. That's Susan, Dan's wife.”

“Well baby, how was I to know, she was wearing a dress at the time you know.” taking a good look “I don't think her girls are as large as yours.” rolling one of her nipples between my fingers.

“ Well pop her breast are 38D's where mine......”

“Yes I know dear, 36DD.:

She clicked a few keys on her keyboard, “There you go pop. I saved her photos in a folder marked 'Susan'.”

“That's so sweet of you baby,” I let my hand slip from Laura's nipple until it was resting on her pussy, “does Dan know about Susan's photos?”

“I'm sure he does. They have their house completely wired.”

Laura had my interest peeked, “What do you mean, wired?”

“Just that, when they built the house they are in, they installed video cameras in every room.”

“Oh really!, even the bedrooms?”

“Yea, and the bathrooms.” she seemed to be enjoying making me pull every detail out of her.

“So, how do they have it set up to monitor?”

“They have a room set up with a whole bank of screens and computers.”

“What would happen if someone were to accidentally open the door to the monitor room?”

“Oh, that not likely. The only way in is though a panel in their closet.”

“How come you know so much about it?”

“Susan showed it to me once.”

Eyebrows raised, “Oh, see any thing of interest?”

“As a mater of fact, she showed me a clip of one of her sons and me together.”

“If the room is so secret, does every body know about it?”

“As far as I know, I'm the only one over than Susan and Dan that knows about their setup.”

“What about their kids?”

“Susan said I was the only one to see the spare room.”

“I would like to see the clip you with their son. You think they still have it baby?'

“I'll ask Dan when I see him tomorrow and have him send a copy to mom's e-mail box.”

Laura finished downloading her latest set of photos and headed of to bed.

The next morning, Laura gathered her things and placed them in her car as I fixed breakfast for the two of us. This was Friday and, much to my sir-grin, she would be headed back to her husband Jason.

To be continued
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