An odyssey of sexual activities between a male and minors. DO NOT READ IF THIS MAY OFFEND YOU
(Following on, my fantasy tale continues…)
I lost control….

Chris remained seated in my lap, her beer-soaked tits inches from my mouth; Jill, behind the sofa seemed to want to be a voyeur, sensuously running her fingers in my long hair, and she pushed against the back of my head, until my face was pressed against the wetness of Chris’ shirt. I took a tentative lap at the beer-drenched shirt, and then looked up to a smiling, knowing, Chris: she wanted me, and I wanted anything at this point, and might have even taken 14y.o. Jill if she had come alone and begun ‘comforting me’ like this.

Chris stood for a moment - long enough to undo and shake off her shorts, leaving her shirt soaked to those small, but delectable tits, and showed me a bare thigh: no panties. She moved my hands from my lap, allowing my cock to spring free and upright and throbbing. She slipped her tongue out to wet her lips, but instead of crouching down to take me into her mouth, she almost leaped back astride and in one movement had my cock inside a wet cunt.

But wait – one thought was able to come through the shock of barely 2 minutes being alone, and now being girl-handled/woman-handled: how old is she, I wondered? As if reading my mind, Chris leaned in to my chest, placed her mouth against an ear and whispered, “I am 18 Mr. L and I am not a virgin; please fuck me.” She sucked at my earlobe, her hands helped her get more comfortable, and she bounced up and then down, burying me fully, and letting out an almost scream as I hit bottom!

OMG! She was no virgin, or she would have had her hymen torn like a matador’s cape from a raging bull’s horn, but she was exquisitely tight, and a soaking wet cunt which she used skillfully to squeeze my cock as she rose up and then dropped herself down on it again…and again.
I could only be a spectator so far, but the excitement, the forbidden nature of this, soon brought my emotions to the forefront and I wanted to please Chris, whoever this girl was – not even known in my life before 5 minutes – so that what we were doing was pleasurable for both.

I raised her arms and slipped the shirt up, letting her own arms stay above her head, when her breasts became exposed to my mouth, and I left her to untangle her head and arms as my lips clasped onto one erect nipple after another. She stopped her bouncing for a moment, just squirming herself on my prick as I sucked her breast into my mouth, my tongue slurping the nipple and up and down the perfectly smooth skin surrounding and supporting that nipple.
Her breasts were not large, perhaps she was still maturing, but they were beautifully able to almost be swallowed whole by my mouth and, as I tried this, she moaned loudly and clenched her cunt around my cock, and I believe she climaxed at the feelings. Good, I thought: my wish is always to give the woman pleasure if I can, and I am more satisfied if this can be so.

I moved to her other breast, and felt 2 fingers already there; light, silky, small fingers and I – guiltily – remembered Jill was watching all this, and probably felt horny as hell. I took the fingers into my mouth, sucking and caressing them but keeping us thus fondling the nipple of Chris’ breast. I had hardly used my hands to this point, so I took those fingers and then sucked them one by one all the way down into my mouth, and my other hand took over the role of tit caresser.
Below, Chris had recovered enough, I was still swollen and under-used, and she re-commenced her riding of my cock, using her hands to keep herself steady as she bounced. She began to moan continuously and as she bounced down, I raised my hips a little to meet her and hoped the pleasure was increasing for her, as it was indeed for me.

Then a lithe naked body jumped over the sofa, wrenching her fingers from my mouth and painfully jammed her mouth to mine, prising it open to allow her tongue in, in an attempt to reach down to my cock from the inside it seemed! She jammed it down my throat, a truly long tongue, until I gagged for air, and she giggled “Not much of a cock sucker are you, Daddy; you need some practice. I can fix that.” Jill used her mouth, and her hands joined with mine to twist and fondle, pull and caress Chris’s breasts, and Chris seemed engulfed in moans as she raised herself to heights of unbridled joy, and lifted her pelvis to jam herself down one last time.

I couldn’t take more, and I twisted away from Jill’s mouth and Chris’ breasts to warn “I am going to cum!” and I struggled to lift Chris off, but she fought and she hit her own climax then, and this time she did scream and she held on to me like a vice with her cunt muscles and her pelvis and her legs while she bucked in the throes of release, and she did release – juices all over my cock and I could feel it running out, and I had to blow! But I used all the strength I had and almost threw her up and off to my side just as my cock erupted and began its own release.
Jill collected the first spurt on her face, then her neck and chest before Chris grabbed my dick and shoved it painfully around to her mouth, and sucked as if her very life depended on it; 2 more spurts and I limply began to just ooze as I collapsed. ‘Do with me what you want girls, I am exhausted, or in Heaven, or perhaps Hell’ was my thought as I passed out.

I woke momentarily, in the darkness to the sound of the door opening and closing; silence followed. I lapsed away into the blackness again, dreaming of, and longing for, Sally…

Then ‘she’ came and ‘her’ mouth was licking the head of my sleeping cock and I moaned in the ‘dream’. My body woke, but my eyes stayed closed, my emotions exhausted and yet full of sorrow. The mouth gently licked me, caressing the head of my cock, waking it but not waking it, making it rise but not making my balls churn, only giving me a feeling of gentle loving.
I stayed in my world of dreams, where Sally was, allowing the uncontrollable bodily response to increase the longing while yet adding to the overwhelming sadness I felt, knowing Sally wasn’t coming home.

I was crying, and then another tongue was licking those tears from my cheeks, gently, so gently, as if understanding exactly why I was crying; yet the other mouth remained on my cock, equally gently as if the ‘one’ person was able to divide themselves and comfort me everywhere. I sobbed as the licking tongue mopped up the tears, and now I throbbed as the same or another licking tongue slid up and down my shaft, pausing to encircle the head of my prick and continue gently to suck, trying to draw out my pain.
“Oh Sally” I moaned, but the answering gentle voice was that of Jill, who paused soaking up my tears to whisper “I am as close as you can get to her Mr. L, and I am sorry for that. But I will help you in ways that I can.” She placed herself kneeling astride my chest, lay herself down enough to enable her small breasts within reach of my mouth, and I suckled her as if I was the baby in need. A growing baby, with teeth, often nips at a mother’s nipples, and now I did the same, slurping them to erectness and gently biting them while my tongue laved around the silky breast skin. It was so comforting, and I began to weep less and more enjoy the here and now sense of not being alone. My arms encircled Jill and roved gently all over her back, down to her ‘smooth as a baby’s’ behind and lightly ran a finger up and down her crack. She moaned inside my mouth.

I woke then fully, feeling the ‘other’ mouth still at work below, while Jill’s mouth was fiercely locked to mine, and thus finally grasping the reality of having 2 girls take care of me. But who was the other? Can’t be Chris, these hands and mouth were almost tiny, and though my cock had been swallowed a few times, it had never been anywhere near my full length; so it had to be a young person.

Whoever it was , small mouth or not, the effects on my cock were intensifying, and it swelled more and pulsed; there was a little giggle before a resumption of licking and sucking at a faster pace. I didn’t know the time or how long it had been since I fucked Chris, but clearly long enough to mix up another batch of cream in my balls as they began reminding me of their job in life: procreation (even if, in my case, a vasectomy years ago precluded any more children of my loins).
As I writhed a little, Jill slid herself up my body while her breasts pulled from my mouth as she placed her bottom sitting on my chest, feet planted to the side, and slid her cunt to my open mouth…a 14y.o. she may be, but with more sexuality and knowledge of desire-fuelling actions than many matured women, and with a libido equally beyond her years. This contemplation took me only a fleeting moment as my mind and my body concentrated on the job in hands – or mouths in this instance.

Jill was already soaking wet, my chin and chest wet being slid across even before I thrust out my tongue to slurp at her matted, golden curls lightly surrounding her vagina, her cunt. I mad no preliminary tingling licks: I headed my tongue straight in, as rigid as it could be. I had never thought my tongue was any special tool, but to Jill it appeared to be, and she writhed with her cunt around it, and sent forth juices which could only mean she had reached a peak and was indeed in the throes of a climax.
I released my tongue back a little and hit her clit, and she screamed and had another, and collapsed over my head, satiated and moaning “oh, oh, please...” so I shoved my tongue back in and let it uncurl and just feel the sides of her tight hole; she felt it again, and a momentary thought told me I had done a pleasurable thing for this young girl, but now was time for soothing, gentle licks as she came down from the peaks.

Perhaps her screams had affected my young cock sucker, as that appendage was being sucked harder and faster; not far into the mouth, but doing a fine stimulating job with a hand on my balls and the mouth trying to suck those balls upward, or at least the cream inside. I was actually perfectly content, but my cock wasn’t listening to me, and a final squeeze of my ball sac sent the contents shooting skywards, or mouth wards as it happened to be, and that little mouth let my prick gush into it and sucked until breath needed to be taken, and any remaining cum had to ooze out where it could. I collapsed, the delicate beautiful sucker of my cock collapsed backwards, perhaps on to the floor, and Jill was still collapsed, her cunt almost cutting my breathing off; one might say it was a satisfactory threesome of couplings.

Jill slithered her cunt downwards away from my mouth, allowing me a suck on each nipple as her body glided further, until her face was level with mine and her body was lying languidly down most of my length. She kissed my mouth, sucking her own juices while drying my face, and then she whispered “You may not be a great cock sucker, Mr. L when it is my tongue in your mouth, but you are a great tongue fucker when we reverse roles! “ I whispered in return “Thank you Jill, though I still know this is – if it isn’t wrong – I don’t think your parents would be pleased at what I have done. AND, who is the other girl who sucked my cock so well – she seems very young.”
“My parents are ok Mr. L, and the other ‘girl’ is my little sister; she’s 8 but we both have had the best of teachers. Good night Daddy, I/we will see you again when you need us.” She kissed my mouth, her tongue gentle this time, and a small voice added “Thanks Mr. L that was awesome! Good night, hope to see you again!” Like 2 wraiths they flitted away, leaving my mind reeling.

A week ago my life was normal, Sally and I doing our normal dad and daughter things; now I had lost Sally, had a wife wanting a divorce, and had been willing and unwilling party to multiple acts of erotic sex. The turmoil was too much and, as I heard the door gently close, I willed myself to fall into the blackness, perhaps hoping never to wake.

But awake I did, to daylight; what hour, what day...I wasn’t certain. But surely it was Sunday, right? I staggered to the door and found my delivered daily newspaper; as I bent to pick it up, the door opened, banging into my head and knocking me sprawling backwards against the shoes rack. I sat there spread-eagled as a cautious Pung poked her head around. Rather naturally, she gasped at my nakedness and said “Oh Mr. L, are you all right?” while roving her eyes down to my exposed dick.
I scrambled up, holding the newspaper to cover my groin, and mumbled “Yes, Pung, a coincidence you opening the door while I was down getting the paper. No problem, I’m fine.” “Why are you here, you have the day off?”
It’s almost 4pm Mr. L, normal time I come home. Do you want me to go again?” “No, no Pung, I just seemed to have lost the weekend and thought it was only morning. Everything is fine, you go on to your room, and I am going to shower and freshen up.”
Pung merely looked at me, and only murmured “I bet you haven’t eaten, I will make an early dinner for you, Anh.”
Anh’ is the Vietnamese word for ‘older/Mr/sir’ – a respectful word and also showing a relationship one to another. She must have learned this from my wife, and now felt it was the time to use. It almost made me cry anew, the memories flooding in, and I hurried to my room.

I emerged to a delicious smell, and realised I hadn’t eaten all weekend – had I? I didn’t know, but felt as if hungry. I sat at the dining table and Pung had already opened a beer for me, and then she brought me dishes of rice, fish and vegetables. “Pung, this is too much for me; you know how little I eat: please join me and eat with me.”
Pung smiled shyly, used to sitting at the table with Sally, but not when it was just me, the erstwhile Boss of the house. “I ate already...Anh, but I will join you, thank you.” I rose and went to the kitchen and returned with a plate, spoon and fork and placed them in front of her, and smiled when she looked up at me. Then I went to the fridge and took out and opened a bottle of white wine, returning with 2 glasses and placing my beer to the side; “Wine is nicer when eating, please Pung, enjoy with me – just a little is fine.”

She was young and shy, alone in the house of her employer, and being invited to eat and drink alcohol with him. But she was also a woman who had lost her main responsibility: Sally, which made her sad, as well as the real Boss of the house, Madam, for whom she could feel no sadness. That left Mr. L, a kind man, she knew, but perhaps a weak man, who never treated her as just a housekeeper, but as the companion to his daughter, and who quietly withstood his wife’s tirades, her absences, her clear signs (to Pung) that she had another man/men on call, both here in Bangkok and in her home country.

But it hadn’t been Pung’s business to interfere, and so she had always bitten her tongue when she saw Mr. L saddened by something; but had also seen him always bright and happy and so involved with Sally, her school, her games, her upbringing, and most importantly to Pung: when she saw them sitting watching a movie on the sofa, his arm around her shoulders and her head resting comfortably on his arm: such a warm and loving dad and daughter, they always were.
It tore at her heart to see his pain now, and she knew he would need her comfort, soon.

I poked at my food, in reverie, in loneliness, even while aware of Pung sitting on the opposite side of the table, and watching me constantly, sympathetically. I ate sufficient for my needs at this time, thought of Pung’s silent offerings, but instead I rose from the table, “Thank you Pung, for dinner and…everything. I think I will take the car out for a drive; if I am late don’t worry; I will be fine.”
Pung looked concerned, but accepted – indeed, as she ‘must’ as my housekeeper – and just said “Be careful Mr. L”. I gave her a reassuring smile and a pat on her shoulder gently. I changed clothes, grabbed my money and keys, and headed out.

I chose to walk downstairs to the car park, but as was about 2 steps up and about to pass the apartment of Jill’s family, her parents came out the door, saying “Bye girls, be good.” They didn’t see me, and I wasn’t comfortable speaking to them in case Jill or her sister overheard me, so I waited on the landing, giving them sufficient time to go to their own car and leave.

As I guessed I had waited long enough, I stepped down one more step…and found Jill’s little sister just running out of her apartment. She stopped and smiled, “Oh Hi Mr. L, where are you going?” Jill then appeared also and waited for me to respond. “Just going out for a drive in the car girls. Maybe nowhere, anywhere, just for a drive.”
“Oh, can we go too Mr. L?” Jill asked, grinning hugely and unashamedly poking her tits out at me through a near-sheer nightie style dress. I stammered, mesmerized and confused “You would have to ask your parents Jill”. “Wait!” she said, and ran into the house and jabbered on the phone. She rushed back, almost breathless to announce: “They said, if it is with Mr. L, then ok, but make sure he has our mobile number to call. And not too late – school tomorrow.”
“That’s it, Mr. L, word for word; so we can go Kathy!” They ran inside for a moment, returning, banging the door closed, and with the same clothes on: Jill’s a nightmarish distraction, so I told myself to place her definitely in the back seat. Kathy, and now I knew her name for the first time, wore a pair of pyjamas, a loose, satiny top and ¾ length pants, cute, very cute. But she would also need to sit in the rear, as my car had airbags and these are too dangerous for young children in the event they blow. (Cocks blowing are almost as dangerous, I had as a fleeting thought, as indeed my cock had risen and was constricted in my shorts.

Down to the car, Kathy insisting on holding my hand, and Jill grasping my other arm to her breast, and I knew this was also not a good idea. I shuffled them both into the back seat, but Jill wouldn’t take “no” as an answer and sat in the front, buckling her seat belt and crossing her arms until I sighed and started the car.
It was a beautiful time of day, the sun sinking, and fiery pink streaks across the light clouds in the sky as we quickly joined the expressway and I headed south-east.
I often made a drive this way, alone with my thoughts, but this was a first: with 2 young girls, babies almost – except they could both suck cocks like no other babes I had ever known. “How far are we going, Daddy?” Jill asked softly, and I stiffened a little before replying. “Well. I like to drive to the beach, sit a while, then come home; say 2-3 hours maximum. Is that ok with your parents, home before 21.00, ok?” Jill smiled coyly “Oh that will be plenty of time, Daddy.” Kathy seemed to understand some private joke with her sister and she giggled in the back, hanging her arms up over my seat to ruffle my hair playfully – something I always hated people doing, but which felt gentle, sexy even, when Kathy did it.

Not more than 10 minutes down the road, Jill’s hand snaked across the centre console and began caressing my bare thigh, running her fingers lightly across the skin, making the hairs of my leg tingle and rise, and my cock to feel the same. “Jill, I am driving, I need to concentrate please.” She made no response other than to move her hand still further and glide it up and down the stiffened cock she knew was straining inside my shorts. “Is this better Daddy?”

I glanced at her a fleeting moment, feeling my prick jump, but I turned my head around and quickly swept the road ahead, then my mirrors and made sure we were safely in our lane, not speeding, and I sighed. “What do you do when your own Daddy is driving Jill?” “Oh, something similar to this, Mr. L; he says it helps him relax.” ‘Relax!’ I thought, how can any man possibly relax with such a nymph beside them/on top of them/ under them perhaps? “Is he your ‘teacher’ Jill?” “Yes, Mr. L, and mummy too; they think it is better we know the ‘good’ ways to have sex, before some boys try to teach us any ‘bad’ ways. What do you think Mr. L?”
I thought to myself ‘perhaps at 8 and 14 years old, better to know as little as possible, just the necessities of puberty and a little more perhaps…’ but to know as much as Jill, and indeed Kathy, seems a mite early. “Well, I agree with the sentiment, Jill, but not sure I could do the same with Sally, for example – be such a teacher I mean.” “Sure you could Mr. L, Sally is all ready for you to teach her; she has wanted you for years, and she tells me everything. I am just sorry she is gone now; I was teaching her all the things my Dad likes, and she was ready to give herself to you.”

My mind left the road for a moment of utter confusion, but instinct took over and I was back in control of my driving before anything untoward occurred. OMG! My little girl; learning this from such an ‘old hand’ as Jill, and ‘ready’ for it with her own Daddy? I remembered her coming to my bedroom and wanting to suck me off, because Jill had told her it would be a nice way to wake me up; but I had stopped her, cuddled her only and hoped I had put those thoughts away in her mind for at least a few or many more years.

Jill’s hand continued to rest on my thigh, sometimes stroking my cock, thankfully somewhat less hard but still clearly bulging through my shorts down the leg of my shorts. But we reached the highway rest stop and I pulled in and parked to go to the toilet, asking the girls if they had need also; they both shook their heads, but asked to go across the road for McDonalds. It was not yet dark, and I would just go inside to piss and then join them, so I said ok, but entrusting Jill to hold Kathy’s hand, and seeing them safely across the road.
We left, Kathy happily munching away in the back with her burger, Jill blatantly sucking on long sticks of French fries and ensuring I glanced enough to note the symbolism. She sucked one and put it up to my mouth, sliding it along my lips when I wouldn’t open my mouth, but knowing I would eventually succumb to her wishes. I did, and she fed me a few more; “It will help you learn cock-sucking techniques better, Mr. L; trust me, it is good practice.”

She slowly sank her mouth down the largest French fry in the box, biting it a little bit until it was all gone. With her tongue licking her lips, she asked “How far to the beach, Mr. L?” “30 minutes Jill, not far.”

With that answer, she stretched her seat belt wider, and leaned herself somehow comfortably over the centre console, and her hand reached for the waistband of my shorts, tugging them down, then with my briefs, until she could manhandle my cock out over the material. It was uncomfortable for me, so I raised my hips a little and she freed it fully. It did feel nice, now unconstrained within my shorts, and even nicer when she grasped my cock head with 2 fingers and rubbed around for the pre-cum she seemed sure she would find: she did, as I had been leaking for the entire trip I knew.

She didn’t waste any time, she slithered a little more forward and took me into her mouth; I could only think Jill was obsessed with sex, or cock at least, and she sucked me as if she hadn’t had any pleasure for…ever! I gave in; I knew she was too dominant for me and what she wanted of me - well she would take/have anyway. I was a weak man when a female was involved, even such a young one it appeared.

I did my best to concentrate on the road, looking for the u-turn I needed to make to the beach, ignoring/cannot ignore the mouth around my cock, and then Kathy piped up from the back seat “I am in front on the way home!” Oh my!
Jill licked and sucked, and I occasionally let my left hand drop down to fondle a long, hard nipple – but that made her suck all the more, and my concentration could have fallen into oblivion, with disastrous consequences, so I did my utmost to watch the road, the mirrors, the signs, and finally made the right turns and exits and stopped at the seaside. There were people around and though I hadn’t come, Jill understood the session had to be over, for now.

We spent a little while lounging in the beachside chairs, but Kathy particularly, wanted to head home, so we paid for our drinks and chairs, and headed back to the car: Kathy angling to be in the front passenger seat, smiling lewdly and ready for what she wanted…

…back home, after a furious sucking from Kathy on the way, but with my mind still trying to concentrate on the road I didn’t cum for her as she wanted, but she appeared satisfied with her efforts and, for sure, the trip flew by as if we were the only ones on the road.
I delivered them to their door, their parents not yet home; they both reached up and kissed me lasciviously on the lips, tongues pushing, hands grasping my cock through my shorts, before I disengaged and bade them ‘good night’.

Into my own apartment, I headed, tired and feeling renewed sadness, to my bathroom and when finished showering and cleaning my teeth, did nothing but make my way to my bed. I climbed under the duvet and sighed. Then I felt an arm come around my naked body and a voice, Pung’s, said “I am glad you are home Anh. I have been waiting for you.”
Naked breasts pushed alongside me, and a slim, bare leg crossed over my groin, where a well-sucked on, but unreleased cock, rapidly jumped to attention. “Oh Anh, it seems you are happy to feel me also.” I sighed and turned towards her, relinquishing myself to the need for my cock to be buried within her.

(End of Part 2)

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