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This is about 90% true. A few minor alterations were made to ensure privacy
All I wanted her to do was answer a simple question. I wanted to know what day her school got back from winter break. I had been out of school since June of last year but she still had a year to go. It was a cold December afternoon and I was waiting at the bus stop to go to work. I didn’t even like this girl. I thought she was the bitch from hell. She had been dating one of my best friends for about a year at that point and she perfectly represented every trait on the psycho girlfriend checklist.

Clingy? Check!
Irrational? Check!
Ridiculously insecure? Check!
Must dominate all of my boyfriends’ time? Double check!

Needless to say, my friend and I weren’t seeing much of each other these days. This girl tried to convince him that I was a terrible friend and that he shouldn’t hang out with me. Who would have thought the little bitch would be so right?
The last time I had spoken to her was when I decided that she was evil and told my friend to break up with her. I was at his house while he was on the phone with her like usual. I had my friend’s guitar handy and started improvising a little song about how he should get off the phone and be a man. She then demanded to speak to me and proceeded to point out all of my so called flaws and shortcomings. I mostly just mocked her and made sarcastic jokes and this just got her even more furious. The conversation ended with her saying something along the lines of “I would never, ever date a pathetic bottom feeding loser like you”. I hung up the phone and told my friend once again that she’s crazy and needs to dump her. I could understand why he hadn’t. She was very good at making people pity her. Her life wasn’t exactly glamorous. She lived in an old run down house with her equally crazy mother and her two oddball sisters. Her dad had not been around in years and had been in prison for drugs and such. Her afternoons consisted mostly of doing homework, household chores, and babysitting her sisters. She had very few real friends outside of school. Her mother was very poor and hadn’t worked in years. My friend was her only real salvation and if things with him weren’t like a fairy tale she would turn into a complete lunatic. Screaming, throwing things, hitting him, etc. But she would never break up with him. Not until she found somebody better at least. She did get a lot of attention from boys however. She was very small, about 5’1 and had the figure of a 50’s pin up girl. She had a tiny little waist with just a small amount of tummy, big wide hips, a smooth, pale white complexion, and plump juicy lips that could make a priest toss aside him beliefs. One feature that stood out in particular on her tiny frame was her breasts. They looked massive in contrast to the rest of her and made a lot of guys stare. They were big but they were not quite cartoon like, but close. They didn’t sag or look gross at all like so many girls with massive chests do. They were the perfect size for her.

I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. I couldn’t get a hold of anybody else who would know when the break was over. It rang a couple times until she answered.

Her: “Hello?”
Me: “Yeah, hey Grace, it’s me. Listen, I have a question for you.”
Grace: “What?”
Me: “When is your schools winter break over?”
Grace: “Monday, the fifth. Why?”
Me: “I wanted to see I would be able to plan something with Paul but I couldn’t get a hold of him”
Grace: “Oh, well yeah, it’s the fifth.”
Me: “Alright, see ya.”
Grace: “Wait, I have a question.”
Me: “Okay, what?”
Grace: “Do you think you might wanna hang out sometime? Like, just me and you?”
What? The girl that had no more than a month ago told me about what a pathetic loser I was now wanted to hang out with me? A million questions popped in my head. Why would she want to see me? Is she trying to use me to make my friend jealous? Is she trying to be nice? Did he put her up to it to try to get us to get along? What the hell?
Me: “Um, correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you pretty much hate me?”
Grace: “No. I feel bad about saying all of those things. I was mostly just mad at David, not you. I want us to get along.”
Me: “Okay well, apology accepted.”
Grace: “So, do you wanna?”
I didn’t know what to say. Maybe she was just trying to be nice. But maybe she was trying to manipulate David somehow.
Me: “Yeah sure.”
Grace: “Great. How’s Friday work?”
Me: “That works fine.”
Grace: “Cool, see you Friday.”

And then Friday finally came around. I told David that she and I would be hanging out. He said he was fine with it and was hoping it would help me and her get along so their relationship would be less stressful. I was sitting around my house waiting for her. She had chores to do and had to get ready. Get ready? I thought. Does she think this is a date? We had agreed to go to a movie. Maybe it is a date. But she’s dating my friend. But she’s really hot. Hmm… She said it was only a date if I were to pay for her ticket too. What should I do? Thoughts like this ran through my head as the time passed waiting for her to show up at my house. Finally the door bell rang and I rushed to it a little too eager. She looked stunning. A cute little pink top with spaghetti straps that revealed just enough cleavage without looking slutty, a short jean mini skirt, and cute little flip flops. Her hair was perfectly straightened and looked gorgeous and she was wearing just a touch of makeup to highlight her beauty. I found myself staring into her beautiful eyes trying to figure out if they were blue or green. It was hard to tell.

Grace: “Ready to go?”
Me: “Uhh, yeah. Did you bring a jacket? I know its warm now but it might get really cold later.”
Grace: “Oh, its fine. I don’t get cold easily. It’s great to see you!”
She gave me a big hug and I felt her amazing bust line press against my chest. She held on just long enough for me to acquire a sizable erection
Me: “Yeah, good to see you too.”
Grace: “Alright, let’s go!”

We made our way to the bus stop talking about school, and work, and caught up. She hadn’t always been an enemy. We actually got along really well in the past but her relationship with David seemed to ruin that. We talked about how we met in science class and joked about the teacher and classmates. With every word that came out of her mouth my hostility toward her melted away more and more. It was hard to hate such a beautiful creature. While sitting next to her on the bus I found myself wanting to rub my hands all over her milky white thighs and lean over and kiss her luscious lips. It was hard to focus on everything she was saying but I tried my best. Before I knew it we arrived at the theater. We got to the ticket booth and before she even had a chance to pull out her money I handed them my card.

Grace: “Aww, thanks. You didn’t have to do that.”
Me: “It’s cool. I wanted to.”
My not so subtle way of telling her that I wanted to make it a date. I know I shouldn’t be taking my friends girl on dates but all of the other variables had all but faded from my mind. All I cared about at this point was the goddess before me. As the movie played I found our hands getting closer and closer. I finally just went for it and took her hand. She just looked at me and smiled. When the movie got out we walked to the bus stop after a quick bite to eat. Sure enough it had gotten pretty cold and she looked pretty chilly. Without a word she put her arms under my big puffy winter coat and we embraced.

Grace: “I had a great time with you.”
Me: “Yeah, me too”
Grace: “That was sweet of you to pay for the movie and my food. I was really wrong about you. You’re amazing.”
Me: “I don’t know if amazing is the right word but I’m okay I guess”
She turned her head and looked up straight into my eyes. God, she looked beautiful.
Grace: “No, I mean it. You’re really great.”
Me: “Well thank you Grace. I think I was wrong about you too. It’s been a pleasure seeing you today.”
Grace: “Really?”
Me: “Really.”
She let out a flattered sigh and smiled
Grace: “Say, what do you have planned for tonight?”
Me: “Nothing really. Have something in mind?”
Grace: “Well, I was just thinking that we don’t have to cut this date short.”
Me: “Date?”
Grace: “It is isn’t it?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Grace: “Well good, I’m glad.”
Me: “You could come over to my house tonight. My parents are out of town for new years and I have the place to myself.”
Grace: “Well then let’s go.”

The bus ride to my house was filled with long stares and blushing. We had some laughs and held hands the whole ride there. It was magical. We arrived and I gave her a quick tour of my small little house.

Grace: “Wow, this is a cool little place. Much better than my house. Can I see your room?”

Luckily my room was actually clean. I hadn’t planned on company. I turned on the light and showed her some of my stuff.

Grace: “This is a really cool room. I could see myself hanging out here quite a bit.”
Me: “Yeah? Well you’re more than welcome whenever.”
We stood in the middle of my room with our eyes locked onto one another. Just looking in her eyes was enough to make the crotch of my jeans tighten. I wanted her. Every little bit of her all in that moment.
Grace: “So, what do you want to do?”
Me: “I don’t know. We could watch TV or something.”
She smiled
Grace: “Hmm, isn’t there something else we could do?”

Without even thinking I stepped closer and put my hand on her shoulder. She looked deep into my eyes and licked her lips. I could smell her fruity lip balm. There was no point in resisting anymore. I put my hand on her cheek and pulled her to my face kissing her more passionately than I had ever kissed before. I heard her let out a sensual moan as my cock became rock hard. I rubbed my hands all over her body and made my way down the front of her pants.
Me: “I want you.”
Grace: “Fuck me.”
The next thing I knew her shirt was off and I was dropping it on the ground. She started undoing my belt and pulled out my throbbing cock. I felt harder than I had ever been. She got down on her knees and began sucking. I was in heaven. Watching her move like a pro while feeling her thick, juicy lips take me in and out repeatedly. I didn’t pay my friend any thought at all. I was in another place.

Me: “Stand up.”
She released me from her lips and did exactly as I said. I bent her over the computer desk in my room and pulled up her skirt. Little pink cotton panties with cupcakes on them were what she had underneath. I pulled them off and threw them to the ground next to her shirt and my pants. I ran my hand over her sexy ass and caressed it.
Grace: “Spank me!”
Me: “What?”
Grace: “Go on; spank me like a bad little girl.”
I slapped her ass and she moaned out with pleasure.
Grace: “Come on, be a man. Spank me!”
I spanked her until her pasty little ass turned red.
Grace: “Yeah! Hurts so fuckin’ good.”
Me: “You like it like that?”
Grace: “Yeah baby, play with my fuckin’ ass!”
I spread her bright red cheeks and ran my index finger around her tight little asshole and shoved it inside.
Grace: “OH GOD! I love it in my ass!”
I reached my free hand around her waist and felt her pussy. I had never felt a girl get so wet in my life.
Me: “Your pussy’s so fuckin’ wet baby.”
Grace: “Yeah. It’s wet just for you! Fuck me. Please fuck me hard. I need it bad.”

I let her go and turned her around. She yanked my shit off and started rubbing her hands all over my chest. I reached around to her back and undid her bra revealing her amazing breasts. I kissed my way down to her right breast and started teasing her nipple with my tongue. I fingered her now swollen clit as my mouth alternated between her fat tits.

Grace: “Fuck me! Please. I need a real man to teach me a lesson.”
I shoved her back onto my bed and jumped on top of her kissing her passionately. I kissed and licked my way down to her pussy and started eating her out. I could feel her juices flowing in my face as I took the first lick. She tasted fruity and delicious. I couldn’t get enough. I flicked my tongue up and down between her pussy lips and shoved my tongue inside of her. She cried out once again as my tongue started fucking her. Then I ran it back up to her clit and licked until she came.

Grace: “Oh my god! You’re so good! I need your cock inside me right now!”
I moved my face back up toward hers and put my cock into place. I teased her clit with the tip of my cock before shoving it inside. She cried out yet again only loader than before. I slowly started moving it in and out as every nerve in our bodies caught on fire.
Grace: “Oh my god. You’re so big!”
Me: “You like that?”
Grace: “YES! It’s fucking amazing!”
After slowly building up speed shoving my fat hard cock in and out I grabbed her legs and pulled them up into the air.
Grace: “FUCK!”
I felt her as she became even wetter than she had been before. Before this it had been hard to go fast because of how tight her pussy was. Now I was fucking her faster, Harder, and deeper than before.

Grace: “yeah, fuck me like a whore!”
Me: “You really wanna be fucked like a whore?”
Grace: “Yes! Use me! I wanna be you’re whore!”
Me: “I don’t know if you deserve it”
Grace: “I know I don’t. I’ve been such a nasty little slut. I just really wanna be your little whore!”
Me: “Oh I’ll fuck you like a whore.”
In that moment her face looked up like a Christmas tree. She wanted to be used and abused. I pulled my dick out and made her stand up. She had a little trouble because her legs were shaking.
Me: “You wanna be a whore? Then stand the fuck up!”
Grace: “I’m sorry. I’m trying.”
I bent her over the chair near my desk and shoved my cock back inside of her. Her moaning became even louder as my body slapped against her little ass with every thrust.
Grace: “I’m such a naughty little girl.”
Me: “Yeah you are. Fuckin’ little slut”
Grace: "Ohh baby, I’m yours. You own me. Do whatever you want to me. I wanna be your slut."
She came and came again as the time passed. The passion and intensity didn’t let up for a second. She continued saying all kinds of dirty things to me and getting me worked up. I had never been this sexually charged ever. I was ready to do anything.
Grace: “Baby, will you please put it in my ass? I want your fat cock inside my little ass.”
Me: “You really are a fuckin’ whore aren’t you?”
Grace: “I’m your whore. I’ll do anything you say. I want you to own me.”
I gave the whore what she wanted and shoved it in her ass after throwing her back on the bed. I didn’t need lube or anything. She had been gushing so much from her pussy that it ran down to her asshole.
Grace: “Yeah! I know I have a boyfriend but I wanna give it all up for you. You own me now. I’m yours.”
Me: “Yeah, you gonna leave him now?”
Grace: “Yes. All I want is you. I’m sorry I’m such a bitch. I’ve wanted this for so long. I knew you could give it to me.”

As I pumped faster and faster inside her squeaky clean little ass it all of the sudden started feeling tighter. Like pressure was building and the walls of her ass were tightening. I felt myself getting close.
Grace: “Oh my god! Here it comes!”
She had difficulty speaking as she trembled from pleasure. Her screams got louder and louder and her pussy got tighter and tighter when it happened. She exploded as I shot my load into her ass. She squirted all over my bed sheets seemingly non stop. After I had finished cumming she was still dripping. The poor girl couldn’t help herself. Somebody might as well have dumped a bucket of water on my bed. We both collapsed down onto the bed with my cock still in her ass. When I regained my strength I managed to pull myself up enough to pull out. We both just laid there quietly soaking in her juices. She pushed herself up slightly and my cum came dripping back out of her ass. She managed to catch most of it in her hand before it all got on my sheets. After all, she had already made such a mess. She stared at the contents of her hand with a certain strange lust in her eyes before she began to lick it clean like a dog licking a plate. She sucked off every one of her fingers until she got everything and then got all that she could off of the bed. I looked at her with a new found disgust. God she was a whore. The dirtiest kind.

Me: “Taste good?”
Her: “Mmm, yes. I love the taste of cum so much. Yours is particularly good.”
Me: “You really weren’t kidding about that whore thing were you?”
Her: “Mmm, no. I’ve always wanted to be owned. Having a boyfriend doesn’t work for me. I like being used more than I like being treated with respect.”
Me: “I see.”
Her: “So, can I be your whore?”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Her: “I want you to own me silly. I’ll do whatever you say and you can use me for whatever. I don’t work so well on my own free will. I just need someone to tell me what to do and fuck me good like you do. So, you up for it?”


2011-12-29 01:30:43
Haha, if you wanted to fuck the real "Grace" it wouldn't be very hard. She'd give it up to just about anyone these days.

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2011-12-28 01:05:22
If I could I would fuck grace so hard with my 11 inch cock she would be nearly dead

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2011-12-28 01:04:53
If I could I would fuck grace so hard with my 11 inch cock she would be nearly dead

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2011-12-28 01:03:12
If I could I would fuck grace so hard with my 11 inch cock she would be nearly dead

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I want to fuck grace so bad

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