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Karen is getting her revenge
The neighbor lady Pt.2
Karen got home late Monday night and found it strange her husband Able wasn’t home yet. Although he had told her it was time to take inventory at work. So she didn’t give it a second thought. Her pussy was so sore from the deep pounding she had received from Lee her neighbor that all she could think of was a hot bath and then into bed.

When she woke the next morning Able was asleep beside her. She got ready for work and was putting her dirty clothes in the utility room. As soon as she opened the door to put her dirty laundry in there she smelled something different. She looked at the dirty clothes basket and saw Able’s work clothes on top. They consisted of dress slacks, a green pollo shirt, underwear and socks. She picked up his work pants and smelled that strange smell again, stronger now. She stuck her hand in his pocket and it was wet inside and smooth. She pulled her hand out and out came a pair of women’s panties. Not hers! She put them back, closed the door and washed her hands. On the way to work she was wondering what the fuck he was up to last night. She was beginning to see why he had not been interested in her lately.

Able woke up and noticed Karen already gone. Oh shit he thought and jumped out of bed and ran down to the utility room. His clothes were still in the dirty clothes basket to his relief. He reached in the pocket and pulled out Felicia’s panties they were a little crusty but still damp. He took a big whiff, mmm! Damn she smelt good! He put his clothes and Karen’s along with Felicia’s panties in the washer and fired it up. Then he went to the phone and called Felicia. “Good morning sexy” he exclaimed. “Hello,” she said. Able got right to the point, can you come over this evening? “Yes” she sleepily answered. Good, be at my place at 6:30. He gave her the address and hung up. Hmm, she thought. I guess he thinks he’s got me over a barrel now just because he caught me taking money from the register. Well, as she thought of it, he did.

Karen got out of work too late to go home so she went straight to Class. When she arrived the Professor wasn’t feeling well and said he would only be there long enough to collect the home work assignments from yesterday and assign new ones for tomorrow, and then he was going home for the day. That took an hour and when she left the parking lot it was 6:45pm. She thought about stopping at Lee’s but thought better of it, knowing he was a big guy with a slight mean streak. Dropping in unannounced may not be a good idea. He was definitely not someone you wanted pissed at you. Besides she loved that big cock and couldn’t wait to get it in her pussy again. So she headed home thinking Able would be at work already and was surprised when she saw his car in the driveway. She cruised on by and parked down the street a little. Karen walked up the alley behind their house and went in the back door quietly. First thing she heard was the dog whimpering in the utility room. Then she heard a woman’s voice, “Oh Able, oh-oh, mmm.

Karen quietly sneaked up to the corner of the archway leading into the living room. She could see a woman, or a young girl, naked on her own couch! Able had his head buried between her legs. No wonder she was moaning Karen thought. That really pisses me off she said to herself, as she watched him go at Felicia like a starved pup after his first meal in a long time. Damn your pussy tastes good he said, between licks. Felicia’s 22 year old pussy was beautiful. Her blonde hair on her head matched her landing strip of blonde hair just above her clit. She had perfect lips, not too puffy but definitely pronounced. Being turned on like she was and enjoying Able’s ministrations, her clit was standing out proudly. She shuddered every time he licked it or sucked it in his mouth and gripped it lightly with his teeth.

Karen didn’t know what to do, so she took out her cell phone and turned the camera on video. She recorded about 5minutes of this action and couldn’t take any more of it. She wanted to get even. She backed out quietly and as she was about to leave she heard the dog again. She got a snack from the kitchen cupboard opened the door and gave it to him. Leaving the utility room door open, she left as quietly as she came in, but with a wicked smile on her face. She walked down to Lee’s hoping he was home and would be glad to see her. As she knocked on the back door Lee was just closing the front door after letting his little 18 year old pet from across the street out. As he watched her swing her little ass and walking a little bow legged, he smiled until he heard the knock.

He saw Karen through the window and she looked a little upset. Uh oh, he thought, she’s feeling guilty now and wants to end his fun immediately. That’s how it normally went anyway. “Hello Karen” he said as he let her in. Is something wrong? “Yes there is something wrong she said.” That little prick of a husband of mine is home right now screwing some little tramp he has been fucking around with right in my living room. Lee wondered how she knew this and said as much. I know because I saw him eating her, her pussy she stammered. Almost in tears, Karen pulled out her phone pushed play on the video and handed it to Lee. Lee quite stunned looked at the video, and said, “Damn him.” All the while thinking to himself, maybe he’s not such a wimp after all. That little blonde was looking pretty hot from what he could see.

“So now what?” he said handing Karen the phone back. I want him to pay! “For what, doing the same thing you’re doing?” Ooh, wrong thing to say. Karen jumped up and slapped him across the face so fast he couldn’t stop her. Well that was her last mistake for the evening. Lee grabbed her in his big powerful arms and even though she weighed around 140-150 pounds, he lifted her with ease and carried her to his bedroom. Ah shit he just remembered, the bed was all messed up from his earlier tryst with his little plaything from across the street. So he threw the comforter over the mess with one hand and threw her on top of it with the other hand. Damn he was a big brute when he wanted or needed to be, Karen thought. Lee half tore her clothes off as he stripped her down. Karen wasn’t really in the mood for this, but the sight of his meat hanging there at about half mast and remembering how good it felt the first time changed her mind. Lee saw her looking at his cock through his open bath robe. “You like what you see Karen?” Of course she didn’t need to answer that question. Lee said, “Suck it then, and lick that dried cum off it too.” Little 18 year old Cassie from across the street had left his cock dirty this time, in a hurry to beat mom and dad home. Normally Lee would never stand for that from her, but didn’t want her parents getting wind of their weekly encounters.

Karen now looked closer at Lee’s cock and could see dried cum on it. She immediately thought, “he must be crazy if thinks I’m cleaning some other girls cum off his cock.” Well exactly two seconds later and one cuff to the side of the head and that’s exactly what she did. Lee was getting completely hard now with Karen’s attention to his used member. She had in fact cleaned it nicely. She licked his big cock all around the head, running the tip of her tongue just below his big head the area where the head is connected to the shaft. There was dried cum left in that area and she got every bit of it off. She was beginning to enjoy her work and the taste wasn’t as bad as she had feared it would be, or as disgusting. She then worked her way down one side of his shaft, feeling every vein and ridge on the beastly man meat. She loved his cock and was beginning to worship it as she went back up the other side. After 10 or 15 minutes of this Lee was rock hard and ready for some more of this bitch’s body.

Then he remembered the slap he had gotten from her a few minutes ago and decided it was time to take her ass. He figured she wasn’t going to like that too much so as she sat on the edge of the bed with his cock in her mouth, he withdrew it and said, “you need fucked.” Karen looked at Lee in the eye and then down at his rock solid 9” gorgeous cock and then back to his eyes and said, “I sure do”! Thinking she was going to get her pussy filled again she was willing to let him guide her onto the middle of his bed face down. Lee said in a commanding voice, “Get on your hands and knees”. Of course Karen had no idea what was coming other than the fact that his big cock was going to be in her in a second and she couldn’t wait. Quickly she rose up on her hands and knees and just as quick Lee grabbed the restraints hanging behind the short head board of his bed. He had Karen’s left hand secure before she knew what was happening and it still didn’t sink in. She thought, “hmm, kinky!”

Lee seeing she wasn’t going to fight it took his time fastening her other wrist and got off the bed and secured both of her ankles as well. The restraints were fashioned in a manner in which he could draw them up tighter to spread her legs farther apart, which he did. Walking around the end of the bed Lee went to his bedside table, opened the drawer and produced a tube of KY jelly. Karen knew her dripping snatch didn’t need lubed and then it dawned on her what he had in mind. Immediately she jerked on the restraints and shouted, “No not that”!

Lee said, “No shouting or screaming or I’ll use this,” reaching back into the drawer he pulled out a ball gag and laid it next to her hand on the bed. “Why are you doing this to me?” She wanted to know especially after what she had already been through seeing her husband eating a young girl’s pussy in their living room a half an hour ago. “Well” Lee said, you are going to learn right now to never ever raise a hand to me again. You’re lucky I didn’t knock your teeth out right then, but I have another way to remind you, at least you’ll be thinking of it for the next few days every time you sit down. With this Lee lubed his cock up with the KY, stroking his meat nice and slow, running up and down the entire length of his long shaft rubbing the ridge that the head makes where it meets the shaft. “Damn that feels good he thought,” then squirted a big dollop on her ass crack right above her cute little butt hole. Setting the tube beside her he crawled up behind her on the bed. Spreading her ass cheeks as her brown eye closed shut harder he stuck his tongue right on it and began to lick all around it trying to pry it open with his tongue. Karen was struggling against the restraints to no avail. Her ass was beginning to relax and she feared what it would mean.

Knowing it was going to happen no matter what, and the fact that Lee had began to rub her clit in nice soft circular motions, she just relaxed. “Ah, that’s better Lee said.” Now let’s see what we have in there. Lee took the KY that was beginning to run down the crack of her ass and pushed it in her butt hole with his middle finger. Oh wow that’s tight, he said as he began to work it in and out slowly. Karen was starting to enjoy the feeling when she felt the tip of his cock against her opening. She tensed up again and received a swat on the right butt cheek for it. “Relax damn you,” Lee shouted. The harder you make it the more its going to hurt you fat ass bitch. Never strike me again, and as he said that he shoved the big head and about two more inches of his big cock into Karen’s tight little hole. She started to scream from the pain, then remembered the ball gag laying next to her. The scream came out sounding more like a chirp. As she gritted her teeth against the sudden invasion her ass hole automatically tried to push Lee’s big intruder back out.

But Lee was ready for this and just held a good constant pressure against his meat stick. Enjoying the moment he just sat still and let her ass get used to the invasion for a moment. The lube was sufficient to prevent any tearing so it was just a matter of a couple of minutes to let the anal ring adjust. Once Lee felt it relax again he began to add another inch and then draw that inch back out, squirt a little more KY on his pole and work it all a round his shaft while the original two or three inches remained inside. Once he had the KY all the way around his massive shaft, then he proceeded to give Karen another couple of inches.

It went in even easier now, so he began to pump with short slow strokes. Damn her ass was tight and hot! Lee knew that since Cassie had sucked him completely off swallowing all his cum and then he drilled her tight little pussy till he came again, less than an hour ago, he wouldn’t cum any too soon now. With that thought he settled in for a long wonderful ride. By now Lee was giving Karen’s tight ass hole about half of his length and it was feeling great. Even Karen was getting into it a little as she reached back and started to massage her clit. 10 minutes into this drilling session and she was starting to push back into his cock, trying to get more of it. Lee thought, “you big assed bitch, your getting into this.” Well it was meant as punishment and for his pleasure only, so the next time she pushed back into him he shoved his cock the rest of the way into her in one hard lunge! Ugh! Lee said as his balls slapped her wet pussy. Ahh! Karen said as she tried to pull away. Lee felt he was getting somewhere now and began to pump his whole fucking nine inches into her on every inward stroke. All the way out and then back in until his balls were slapping against her wet pussy at a steady pace.

Karen was going, Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Closing her mouth in between grunts to hold back a scream, she was getting a good pounding. Lee felt like this was more the kind of fuck he wanted to give her for slapping him; with plenty of stamina he just kept hammering that ass, even slapping it once in awhile. For fuck’s sake is he ever gonna cum she thought, as he drilled her poor ass into a red, raw, gaping mess. Lee was happy as a pig in shit and just kept pounding her ass. They had been going at it for at least 25 minutes all together and Lee’s cock was starting to get a little tender from the constant pressure of Karen’s tight ass hole pulling and gripping it. He was ready to come, but his balls weren’t. So he reached around Karen and grabbed two handfuls of those huge tits of hers and began working them over. That left him kind of laying on her back locking his elbows and forearms around her waist. With the last of his strength he poured the coals to her like a big steam engine, just pumping and pumping, mauling those big tits.

By this time Karen was about out of her mind, totally exhausted and worn out. As she was once again wondering if he was ever going to cum so they could end this, Lee’s balls tightened up and he blew a huge load of hot thick cum right into her ass canal. Ugh! He shouted as he emptied into her. After a couple a more pumps Lee’s cock head got real sensitive as it usual did just after orgasm and as he slowly pulled out of her he shuttered a little. Lee looked at Karen’s totally used ass and asked, “you ever going to strike me again? “No Sir” she responded immediately. As Lee untied her he said, “Good, now lick my cock clean.”

Oh no way he can be serious after all that, she thought. But one look into his eyes and she knew he was serious. After she cleaned his cock to his satisfaction, he told her to get dressed and go home. He went to the shower.
Upon arriving home Able was gone the house was empty except the dog who was licking something off the floor and the leather couch cushion. Guessing what that was Karen went upstairs for a soak in the tub, her ass was killing her. As she set down in the tub of warm water she did remember what Lee had said. Owe, she thought and promised herself to never hit him again.

Karen’s revenge-
Lee met his buddy from work at the local water hole and said, “Hey Lionel, I’m buyin’ the rounds tonight, sit. Lionel was just as big as Lee, but as black as the ace of spades. Lee had never seen Lionel’s cock but could guess by the size of his hands and feet that he was probably hung pretty well. They talked for awhile about work and bitched about the latest bullshit that was going on there. After about three rounds they decided to head back to Lee’s and grill some steaks and potatoes.

After a great meal they sat on Lee’s patio and enjoyed cigars and a couple more beers. By then it was 8:30pm and Karen came walking up the alley. Hearing Lee talking to someone she slowed down and peeked through an opening in Lee’s privacy fence. She saw a huge black man sitting on Lee’s patio smoking and listening to Lee’s story intently. She went to the gate and knocked. Lee went down to answer it and saw it was Karen. Hey come on in he said and opened the gate for her to enter. Lee led the way to the patio an introduced Karen to Lionel. Lionel smiled warmly and rose from his chair to shake hands. Karen’s average sized hand disappeared inside his huge paw. They greeted and Karen sat down between them. Now Karen is a good sized woman, standing about 5’8” and weighing roughly around 147 pounds. But she looked small sitting between the two giants. Lionel noticed Karen’s big tits right away and when he looked at her face she was looking right at his crotch. Hmm, this could get interesting he thought.

To be continued-

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