My ex-girlfriend and i having anal
First time i had anal with my ex girlfriend and how it happened

If you've not read any of my previous story's please do :D (i'm bi-sexual and have story's of my expediences with boys too if you swing that way, or just want to have a read)

This is one of the times I had sex with my ex-girlfriend (Laura) so I thought id write about it as whenever I think about it I still get a boner but anyway so….............................

Quick bit about the background and us......................................................................................................................

We had been going out for a couple of months now, I was 15 and she was 14 but only a month away from becoming 15. At the time i was around 6.5" and was quite small height wise for my age all of a sudden, i did have a lot of pubes as well (oh and by the way in a ginge). Laura was my height maybe just a tiny bit taller 32C breasts, skinny (but not stupidly skinny) and had a gorgeous body as well as a gorgeous bum and a well shaven, clean tight fanny...

We were in my room, which is relatively small, just lying together. My parents were out at work and we had a training day from school. She stood up to go plug her phone into charge when I got up and gently shoved her against the wall and put my body resting against hers as my lips touched hers. We began just kissing but then it turned into a proper snog, I kept running my hand down her body and up n down her inner leg while gently kissing her neck. She then began lifting my shirt off and threw it onto the floor, I then moved my hand down her jogging bottoms and began rubbing her fanny through the outside of her panties, which on the day was a purple thong with frilly bits on it, as I rubbed I felt her panties began to get warmer as she became more excited. I then stopped lifted her top off and took off her bra, she was only a size 32C however her breasts were so perky and young it was so erotic. She pushed me onto the bed and quickly took my pants and boxers off of me.....

Laura then took her joggers off and her thong and slipped in top of me with her legs near my head, she grabbed my rock hard throbbing dick and put it into her mouth, at first just licking my bell end with her tongue but then she began moving her head up and down gaining speed, the feeling was immense. At the same time I was grabbing her bum cheeks pulling them apart while I licked her wet fanny making her moan more and more as she deep throated my cock. Her clit was being licked and was throbbing as I worked my tongue.

“oi Tom I want to do anal today, so prepare me”

“ok then”

By this I knew what she meant, she was very clean and so pulled her bum cheeks apart and began to lick round her bum hole after 5 minutes I said......

“right cmon I want to do it now”

We began just normally in missionary position I slid my dick right inside of her, the moistness of her fanny made my cock slip in and out with ease creating a gorgeous feeling as my cock slid past the sides of her fanny. I then pulled my dick out and turned her over and put my cock into her pussy again however this time I got one of my fingers and gently pushed it inside of her arsehole there was a sudden small yelp as it came as quite a surprise to her. I moved it in and out gaining speed then pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and straight inside of her arsehole, the wetness from her fanny made my cock slide straight inside of her ass, she moaned in pleasure.............

“WOW, guess I'm one of those girls that likes anal then”

I quickly sped things up thrusting quicker and quicker her ass cheeks slapped against my legs every time I thrust in. Her moaning became louder and louder. Her ass hole was so tight my cock felt like it was going to rip her. We got bored of that position after 15 minutes and so she laid on her back again and lifted her legs in the air, I stuck my cock straight inside of her again and she began moaning once again, this time I could see her amazing fanny still dripping wet and so I started putting some fingers up there from the reaction she loved this. I kept shagging her and fingering her for at least 20 minutes when all of a sudden her body started to shake, her moaning became louder and all of a sudden she had an orgasm and her juices came dribbling out of her with some little spots of it too, all of it splashing against my body. I carried on humping her. I eventually pulled my cock out and gave two tugs on my cock and my spunk shot out across her body and hit her in the face. Laura wasn't too impressed by this however she licked it off and swallowed it.

That’s pretty much the end of this story if you liked it please tell me and il write about more of my experiences, I'm bi so have experiences with loads of people. Hope you all enjoyed the story. Comment, message me on here or also my email/msn is on my profile so you can contact me there as well. I'm open to criticism so write your mind please. (and I know about spelling and grammar calm down guys)

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2012-02-12 10:57:44
jflhjR Author, keep doing in the same way..!

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2012-01-05 03:07:01
I liked it i am 14 and i read lots of these :D i like most of your stories i hope you keep making them :)

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2011-12-29 19:49:05
I think the story is great. It is short, simple and straight to the point. Its not one of those stories that bore us with useless info. Big ups!

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2011-12-28 00:35:32
Too short and not enough build up or detail

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2011-12-27 21:31:13
Story is way too brief and moves far too quickly.

It's just: "lets do anal", so I licked her ass, then I put a finger in it, then I put my dick in it, then we changed position, then I came.

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