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A short story that goes right to the point! Hope you all like it! Please keep rating my stories. I would really love some feedback! Thanks :)
         "I don't think you get it," says Henry. He slowly gets behind me, trying to make it seem like he's not gonna hurt me or do anything to me. I feel the warmth of his hands against my neck as he brushes my hair back, off my shoulders. "When I want something," he whispers, kissing along my neck with great tender and passion. "I get it." Once again I feel his hands against me. They wonder down my arms, rubbing them gently as though applying too much pleasure will hurt me or even break me. 
          I felt a surge of anger go through me then. I wasn't just a thing. I was a 'someone.' Who does he think he is? "I'm not just a 'thing' that you can have because you want it," I snap, shrugging the pleasant warmth of his hands off. "I'm not a trophy. I'm not a thing. And I don't think you're getting how much I hate you."
            He grasps me firmly by the waist then, gently grinding himself against me, turning me on slowly, somehow knowing I like it when he takes it slow. His hands once again travel down my arms and then down to my stomach, holding me there for what seems like eternity. His lips brush against my long neck as his fingers undo each button on my shirt. At that moment I knew I wasn't going to be able to get out of this. It was impossible to, I realized. What he was making me feel was extraordinary. Something I hadn't quite felt with just any guy in a while. 
        "My head hurts, Mr. Stones. I think I should get some r―" he cuts me off, apparently not caring at all how I feel. 
          "Bullshit," he whispers, biting my earlobe. Exciting me more. Arousing me to the point that I am not able to resist. He helps me get out of my coat and button down. "If you have a headache, then what we're about to do is going to make you feel a whole lot better," I feel a sudden rush of heat go through me. I felt myself throb as the arousal spread throughout me, making me wet and all the more excited. It was impossible to ignore the feeling he was producing deep within me. It was also impossible not to notice the way his cock kept pressing up against my bum. It felt rather large and very hard. Henry's hands brush against my ample breast, making my nipples harden and push up against the thin fabric of my linen undershirt.  
           "I've always admired you," he whispers with tender, slightly feeling up my breast. I take in a shaky breath, leaning up against him involuntarily. My body wanted it, I didn't. Or at least that's what I made myself think.
         "How? Why?"I say, my voice raspy, a bit too on edge. 
         "You're a beautiful, independent woman. Any man would be happy to have you," he whispers, this time squeezing my breast a bit more hard, as though the situation calls for it. 
           "Mr. Stones," I moan out, blushing at the pleasurable ache on my breast. He takes the opportunity to slide my tight black skirt up over my waist. All of a sudden I feel the straps of my undershirt being taken down and then the shirt itself dragging off my chest, laying on my stomach along with my skirt. "Please stop," I breathe out, unable to keep the longing off my voice. "I'll do anything else but please stop. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't mean to. I―I'm sorry," I start to slowly move my butt in small circles against his hard cock, biting my lip as I feel the contour of it. I wanted it. And I wanted it bad.
          So hard....
          Oh, god. I'm going to hell for this. His hands rub my pussy gently, slowly, arousing me. "Oh, god," one of my hand goes back to grasp the back of his neck tightly. His middle fingers slowly make their way through my wet slit, making me spread my legs out in the process. 
             "You like it," he whispers seductively. Almost instantly I feel the warm pressure of his very middle finger against my clit, making it tingle. I grasp his hair tighter, feeling a deep moan coming. "Don't moan," he warns, stopping his slight pressure before making a motion as though to stop everything he's doing to me. I tense under his arms and immediately grab his hand―the one inside my panties and on my pussy―over the panties, knowing just as soon that I made a big, terrible mistake. 
           "Tell me you don't like it," he growls with great passion in his voice. "Tell me that you don't like it and I'll leave you alone." It's said with a very persuasive tone, as though he's got me already.
           "Stop it," I grunt, still grinding my ass up against his hard-on. "I can't handle it," I whimper, moving his hand on my pussy the slightest bit to make my point. Just then, I start to melt in his arms, to wish he would do much, much dirtier things to me. "I can't handle you," I whisper, this time letting go of his hands and turning around so that his hands slid over to my ass and I was facing him. Almost immediately I begun to kiss him with as much passion as I could, my legs going around his torso while he held me close and tight. Henry helps me sit up on the desk, my legs still wrapped around his torso. I feel his hard on pressing against my tingling crotch. I shudder as his lips keep pressing against mine. My hands tangle up in his short, silky hair, pulling his soft, puffy lips against mine. 
          Before I know it, he's undoing his trousers and reaching into his boxers to take out his cock. But I stop him. "No," I whisper, pulling away from his lips. "Don't."
        "Wasn't this the reason why you kissed me?" he presses the head of his cock against my crotch, making me gasp slightly and hold on to his tie as a current of heat goes through me and shocks me to the core. Oddly enough this makes me wet, makes me want to keep going on. "This is what drives you crazy, Lauren," Henry whispers, his breath against my lips chilling. 
          "It is," I mumbled, kissing him softly on the lips. "But I can't," I begin to push him away, to push everything that we started away, but then he stopped me by kissing my lips tenderly and with such passion and love that I couldn't resist him. Everything seemed to slow down as I grasped his wrist while his hands held my head in place. 
           I softly moaned and hugged him close to me. The kiss we were sharing was leaving my head in a foggy state. "Mmmm," I moan, holding on to him even as his cock begins to penetrate me. I breathe out slowly as I let go of him and begin to move my hips forward, pushing more of him inside of me. A small, quiet 'oh' escapes my lips as the sweet ardor of his cock penetrating me takes over. I let my hands go under his button down and around to his back before dragging my nails down his back and down his boxer. I grab his ass to push him forward. I sit there breathless as I feel the firmness of it. 
            "You've been working out," I comment, milking his cock with my vaginal muscles. 
          "Yes," he grunts, placing either hand besides my legs before slowly pushing his cock in further and then back just a little to tease me. "Do you want me to go faster?" 
           I softly reply, "I don't know if you'd be able to handle me," with a naughty tone and a 'I dare you look.' Just then I saw the smirk on his face and immediately knew that I was in for the whole deal. While gently pulling back, he starts to kiss my neck and squeezing my breast with one hand. I smile slightly at the slight pleasure. This doesn't last for long. I notice how his hands were now handling both of my breast. His thumbs were running over my erect nipples, leaving an amazing feeling of tingle and heat. It was then that I noticed it. As he kept pinching my nipples and squeezing my boobs here and there at a certain pace, his thrust matched it. It was very tender at first. He was letting me get used to it and it was feeling pretty good. But it ended fairly quickly. As his fingers begun to squeeze my nipples harder along with my breast, his pace started to quicken and his thrusts started to be a bit more rougher by the second. 
           "Oh, yeaaaah," I moan, feeling the fire igniting inside of me. Then it started. I felt his testicles slapping against my ass and him ramming up against me as fast and as hard as he could. This led me to moan uncontrollably and dig my nails into his soft skin. My breathing was becoming deep and it felt as though any instant I would explode of pure ecstasy. 
          "Oh, no! Stop! Please! I—" His girth was a bit too much for me. It filled me with pleasure. It made me fill full of him and that I liked a lot. It kept turning me on to the point where he was slipping inside of me with ease yet enough to make him feel the pleasure that I was feeling or perhaps even better. I only knew this because of the dirty things he kept whispering in my ear and the way he was breathing. So heavy and hot.
          "Your pussy is so tight... My cock won't be able to get enough of you...," he started hissing. How hard we were making love was pretty evident by the sound the desk was making. And by the time we were done, the desk was pretty far off it's original post.
         "Henry!" I moan loudly, unable to not say his first name, something I don't really do because he's not okay with it. But god, saying it brought a certain satisfaction to me. It made my ecstasy level go over the line. I wanted to scream out in pure bliss and fuck him until we were both tired as hell. It wasn't long before I felt myself coming as hard as ever. I laid back against the desk as he still held on to my breast, still thrusting quite deep and hard into me. His stamina seemed to be endless. 
        "I'm about to cum," he groaned. His cheeks were flushed a quite attractive pink. His movements were quite erratic and it seemed like his legs had a mind of their own as they never stopped. Then, with a loud grunt that made me all the more horny, he came. I felt every single squirt of sweet, warm sperm hit the back wall of my cervix. He looked straight into my eyes without looking away and giving a few thrusts here and there before he pulled away nonchalantly, cleaned himself up, and put his cock away just like that. 
            I sat up and looked at him before standing up. I felt dizzy the very moment my feet touched the floor. I ran my fingers along his shoulders and carefully grabbed his semi hard cock over his pants. "That was really good. Maybe next time I can ride this big—"
          He grabbed my hand and looked me straight in the eyes with a coldness that I never knew he had, "'next time?'" He had a look of disbelief in his eyes as he shoved my hand away. "There won't be a next time. Now fix yourself you little slut and start cleaning up. Class is about to start." 

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2014-11-15 01:07:37
Wow ! That was so fucking intensely horny and hot my temperature went up and my pussy got sooo wet and juicy. What a horribly great ending , does he mean it ? Will there really be no more, oh please say there will !! It was yummy, thanks for your great work. I prefer a long tale but your writing is so good it makes these little vignettes so tantalisingly tasty and unmissable, thanks. Luvsalik xx

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2014-11-14 00:16:31
Wow ! That was so fucking intensely horny and hot my temperature went up and my pussy got sooo wet and juicy. What a horribly great ending , does he mean it ? Will there really be no more, oh please say there will !! It was yummy, thanks for your great work. I prefer a long tale but your writing is so good it makes these little vignettes so tantalisingly tasty and unmissable, thanks. Luvsalik xx

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2014-06-02 13:58:07
I really wantes to hit him
That was so heartless of him

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