This story is about Ryan, me, and my friend Zach in our first gay sexual experience.

Everyone on the swim team were friends especially Zach and I we were best friends we couldn’t be separated we were, or so I thought at the time, both straight because we each had girlfriends but that was all put into question a Friday night a few months ago. It was a Friday evening and I was just starting swim team practice at the YMCA. I'm Ryan; I'm 16 years old in 11th grade, 5'11", blonde skater hair, blue eyes, and a nice build. When I entered the locker room I was greeted by one of my close friends Zach who is 15, in 10th grade, 5'9", brown skater hair, has blue eyes and the same build as I do. When I walked in I got the usual greeting "Hey, what’s up man?" he said. "Nothing much just getting ready to go to practice.” Now at that time I had no idea what was going to happen later on but something seemed rather peculiar and strange about Zach that day. Like when I was getting changed I noticed him staring at the crotch area of my towel while I got my shorts length speedo on. I smirked a little, "Hey, do you like the view down there?" I said. He quickly looked up and exclaimed "Sorry I just kinda zoned out thinking about something what did you say again?" "Nothing," I said with a strange look on my face.

We went out to practice and we started to do laps in the pool, we circle swam because we had the lane to ourselves because no one else showed up. Whenever I pushed off the wall to start to swim he was always staring at me waiting for me to push off. After the laps we were told to do starts. The coach told me to start us off, so I stepped up onto the block and again right behind me was Zach staring at my balls squeezing through my tight speedo. I kept putting these things aside again and again until finally practice was over. I said goodnight to the coach and headed towards the locker room. Zach trailed behind because he had to speak to the coach about something but he quickly went to the locker room.

I was taking a shower when he walked in and took the shower across from me as always. We talked about the usual things like school, homework, and our girlfriends. We talked about what we did with them and gave each other pointers, I being the more active one gave more pointers than he did. When I started talking about how my girlfriend gave me head and I saw him poke out a little from his speedo. "Dude I think you're getting a little too much fun out of this." I laughed pointing at him. He looked down and said "Why are you looking down there do you like the view?" repeating what I used earlier. "No," I said, "I'm just saying you're getting a boner from what my girlfriend does to me and it’s a little weird." “I just think that your body is fascinating Ryan.” as he moved closer to my shower. “Um, thanks I guess?” I said confused. “Ryan can I tell you something about me and you promise not to tell anyone else?” “Sure,” I said, “you can tell me anything.” “I think I might be bisexual because whenever I think of you I always get an erection but I also love my girlfriend.” I opened my mouth wide in astonishment “I never would’ve guessed, well until what happened today.” “Can we still be friends?” he asked. “Yeh we can still be friends you know how I hate prejudice against people of different sexualities.” “Oh thank god Ryan.” as he hugged me. “I have another question,” he said, “would you be willing to let me play with you for a bit in the shower?” “Um that would be a little weird don’t you think seeing as I have a girlfriend?” “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, what happens here stays here.” “I guess so, Kierstan hasn’t really been pleasing me lately maybe this will be a good thing.” “Thanks Ryan you won’t regret it!” he said while hugging me tighter, I could feel his dick growing harder in his speedo.

So he knelt down in the shower and said, “Ready?” “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I said. With that he pulled down my wet speedo and out popped my flaccid dick at about 4-5”, circumsized. He started to jerk it with his hand and while doing so it got larger and larger until I was fully erect at about 9-10” “Whoa! You’re huge!” he exclaimed. “Haha really I thought everyone’s was this big I guess I’m special then.” (I knew my dick was big) “Mine isn’t nearly as big as yours is.” with my dick still being jerked in his hand. “Really, how big is yours?” I said. He stood up and pulled down his speedo to reveal a roughly 6-7” circumsized dick. “Well, you’re not as big as I am but you’re still big and still growing” I said. “Thanks Ryan, do you mind if I suck on your dick too?” “Not at all but I feel like you should get some pleasure out of this too.” “How would we do that?” “The bathroom in the family locker room is always clean and it has no space under the door and it’s soundproof so no one will know we are in there but us.” “Well ok let’s go there now.”

We quickly put our speedos back on grabbed all of our belongings and walked through the pool area to get to the family locker room. When we got in the locker room there was no one there, there weren’t even clothes in any of the lockers. “Perfect” we both said as we put our things into lockers and proceeded to the bathroom. As soon as we entered the door we quickly locked it. “Ok now we can have some real fun.” I said. Confused Zach said “But I thought that you were straight?” “Now that I’ve thought about it and I’ve gotten a hand job from another guy it felt pretty good maybe I’m bisexual like you.” “Maybe.” he said. We both took off our speedos and put them on the bar on the wall and started to jack ourselves off. After a few minutes of that Zach reached over and started to jack me off while jacking himself. “Ohhh that feels so good Zach!” I said.

When he heard this he immediately layed down in front of me and started to lick my balls while he jacked me off. After a few minutes of that he proceeded to suck my dick which was now seeping in pre cum. “I learned how to do this trick from watching porn and also watching my girlfriend.” he said as he licked the cum off my dick and started to blow me. When he put his mouth on the head of my dick I was in heaven, his mouth was warm and wet, the perfect combination. “Oh that feels even better, stick more in your mouth!” I exclaimed. He listened and put my dick further down his throat. I wanted even more out of this so I shoved his head down right to the base of my dick and did this until he needed to breathe then I shoved it back down. This went on for another couple of minutes until I felt the need to cum so I kept him on my dick and shoved his head down right to the base and cummed down his throat.

He quickly pulled his head up so he wouldn’t choke and when he pulled his head up he swallowed every last drop that was in his mouth. He quickly licked up the cum off my dick and swallowed that too. “Ok now it’s my turn to please you.” I said to him. And with that I started to jack him off, I spit on my hand for a bit of lube first. After a few minutes of that I slowly took the head of his dick and started to suck on it. The pre cum tasted a little salty with a slight sweetness to it. I started to slowly take more and more into my mouth until finally I had all 6” down my throat. “Ohhhh don’t stop Ryan!” he exclaimed. With that I sucked harder and faster until a few minutes later he cummed down my throat. As I said before it tasted a little salty with a slight sweetness to it. After he cummed down my throat I licked up the rest of the cum off his dick.

“Wow I never knew that would be even better than with a girl!” I said. “Me neither,” he said, “but now what are we going to do?” “I don’t know,” I said, “we could try something I did with my girlfriend once.” “Well ok, what are you going to try?” “I was going to try the 69 position if you wanted to.” “Sounds like fun, alright let’s do it!” And with that we layed down on the floor, my dick in his face and his in mine, and we started to suck each other off and I was in heaven. When we were doing this we both cummed at the same time down each other’s throats. After all of that happened we both cleaned up the cum off ourselves with some paper towels, because we both had enough cum for one day. “We should definitely do this again sometime.” he said. “Yes that was amazing hey maybe you could come over to my house tonight, I could ask my dad.” “That would be awesome!” he said, and after that we gave each other some finishing hand jobs got our speedos on and headed for the bathroom door. When we walked out, to our surprise, Jeremy, one of our teammates, was standing right outside the door. “So what were you guys doing in there?”

To Be Continued……[/b]


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