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This is a story of masterbation, stimulation, and imagination, and in the end she realises all these years she wasn't getting the full sexual release she really could obtain.
Open to Comments, Enjoy!

It had been far to long since i last had sex. My sexual desires were awakened for the first time whe i was 13, and since then i had become a nymphomaniac. I stuck to keeping the number of the men i had slept with low, and was very proud of myself being 18 and only having had slept with 4 men, which i slept with on a constant basis until a few months ago. Being considerably younger then these men (by 3-5 years) they had already out grown the small town life style i had grown so accustomed to and moved on. In this case, i only got to see one of them every few months. My body ached for a good, rough pounding. I decided i finally had enough of my body betraying me (or more like me betraying my body) when i started to get sopping wet on a constant basis. Not only did this massive leaking soak my panties, but right through my jeans and even the chair i was sitting in!After a few days of putting up with the 'messes' i was creating myself, i decided to do something about it.

I had never really masterbated before but i had played with my clit just to see what it was like. I enjoyed it but i still never got the kind of pleasure that was accomplished during sex. I often cleaned myself so i knew my area well, though honestly i had no clue what i was going to do.

I had spend a day preparing, thinking of things i might need. I had planned to get myself to work around 10 ish that way i could clean up and go to bed without being asked any questions. I had made a list in my head and when about 9:30 rolled around i went through my list of supplies, checking them off 1 by 1. Check. Vibrator and Dildo? Check. Pillow to bite down on, just in case things got loud? Check.

Sitting on my bed i sat there patiently searching for a good porn video, i was hoping it would help. "Good night!" Screamed my mothers voice down the stairs. "Night, love you!" I hollered back, hoping that there wasn't a hint of suspicion in my voice. As i watched the stairwell intently, i watched as the lights upstairs flicked off, leaving the only light coming from my room to seep into the new darkness. I turned a movie on on my t.v. just so no one would hear any noises upstairs, went and sat at my computer and put my headphones in.

I peered at my screensaver and got lost in a short thought, "How did it happen that i have to resort to this?". On the screensaver was a picture of me from a few days ago. My long, red, wavy hair slightly lifted by the wind, blue eyes bright with the bright contrast of the snow, my pale skin a little off contrast from my surroundings. I thought i was pretty, and my bod sexy. I pulled off the only article of clothing i was wearing, my baggy shirt, and examined myself. I took a breast in each hand and held them lightly. My full C cups were still perky and looked delightful wtih my pink nipples rested at the center, already hard with the anticipation of sexual release. They felt soft and warm in m hands, and as i lightly traced my areola i bit my lip realising i was already getting hot. I let my hands trace down my body, down m slim curvy sides. I was maybe 100 pounds soaking wet and 5'6'', but most of my height was mostly my lengthly legs. I slowly moved my hands down over my hips and into my inner thy's. My body was so soft, i had never taken the time to admire myself like this, and i was enjoying it. I felt up to my pussy lips, feeling the soft, shaven skin. I felt the moisture on my fingertips and suprised myself with how turned on i already was! I wasn't used to the slow admiration of my body and just relaxing and enjoying it was really helpful. deciding again the porn, not wanting to ruin the mood i had created, closed my laptop and continued with my adventure.

I layed back and relaxed against my pillows with my hands still feeling my sex. I took a finger and felt my slit, letting myself know how the moisture felt. I felt my juices slide down over my asshole.

My mind started to drift and i made a senario in my head, getting lost in the sounds and feeling i was suddenly in a whole new place.


"Shhh baby, let me take care of you" He said to me softly, looking up to me from between my legs. I answered him with a moan of agreement as he went back to work. He licked and sucked my outter lips, teasing me, making me want it so bad i almost started to beg. He apparently couldn't handle the wait either. He licked up my slit and over my clit and i answered him with a loud moan and a gentle pull to his hair.

I was in pure extacy as he lapped at me furiously as if he couldn't get enough. i brought one hand up to my boob and gripped it tightly. He brought his hand up and slapped mine away and replaced it with his. He took my pencil eraser nipple and pinched it gently between his thumb and forefinger while he flicked my clit with his tongue. I let my one hand grip the sheet. An orgasm was dawning over me, "Oh fuck yes! Uhhhhh don't stop!!" I felt the cool tingling starting from my stomach and spread. The sensation devoured me and i couldn't help but give into the urges. My moans turned to silents screams and played with his hair, encouraging him. My hips rocked, my muscles tensed, i closed my eyes and tilted my head back. I was ready for my full orgasm. I curled my toes in anticipation.

He suddenly stopped. He looked up at me, smiling. "God you tease!" I said, playfully pulling his hair which my one hand was still entangled in. I bit my bottom lip gently ashe kissed his way slowly up my body.God his lips felt so good! He licked and gently sucked the sensitive skin underneith my breast. he used his hands to gently massage them as he worked. He licked, sucked, and bit them egarly, and traced my areola with his tongue. I moaned as he continued sucking and biting my nipples. I could feel his rock hard cock pulsing into my thy and i just had to touch him.. i couldn't help it.

I reached down and gripped his manhood tight in my hand, he let me kno he felt it with a slightly harder bite and a breathy moan. The breeze caused from his breath sent a chill through me. I stroked him gently. He kissed his way from my tits to my lips. His tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth hungrily. I lined his cock up with my slit and slid it over my clit and back down. I repeated this a few times listening to him gently moan with anticipation. He grabbed my hand and pinned it down with the other one over my head. He one hand was big enough to hold both mine down with little effort as he lined his throbbing dick up with my pussy. He leaned down, very close beside my ear. in almost less than a whisper he prepped me for what was about to happen "You're so bad.. Just for teasing me, i'm gunna make you beg me to stop"

He slammed his dick hard into me, managing to slide all 8 inches deep inside me. It was so thick i yelled out in pain..


"Is everything okay down there?" I heard my dads voice at the top of the stairs.

"Yea!" I said while trying to clear my throat "I'm fine."

"Are you sure sweetie? I heart a scream." Fuck! I must've actually yelled! I looked down to find the dildo burried deep into me. When the hell did that get there?! "I'm coming down anyways." My dad said as me made his way down the stairs.

"Dad no!" But i was too late. There was my dad, staring at me fully naked, the dildo still deep inside me and i could tell i was flushed.

Boy.. How was i gunna talk myself outta this one!?

10 comments and 20 positive ratings, i'll write a part 2!

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2012-01-06 02:42:53
Oh my god. Made me completely throbbing hard.


2011-12-30 12:24:42
Very nice. Part 2 should be hot!


2011-12-29 03:18:49
Great story made me so hard

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2011-12-29 03:02:02
Good start! Please keep going, looking forward to part 2!

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2011-12-28 22:43:47
Proof read your writing for crying put loud. This is horrible.

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