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Umm please be really nice on the cristism. i do take it personally. uhhh it's not my best work since it's my first time trying out this type of sight. nothing sexual about this, but it will soon come :D
I watched as the rain pour down outside my window, licking at my full dry lips as the nurses went around doing their daily thing. One nurse always caught my eye though, she always had a smile on her face unlike all the others. I watched her threw the conner of my eye for a moment before turning my gaze back to the window.

“Good morning Stepheniiee” Bryant stated, gruffly as he got out my medicine placing it next to me with water.

“Who is that new girl?” I stated, bluntly as I grab both cups taking them.

He turned to the side where my gaze stood and smirked at the nurse who seems to be talking to the malfunctioning patient.

“That Amber, Amber Johnson. The wardens daughter” he said, shaking his head and taking the cups from my small hands.

“Amber? What's the dimwit doing in a place like this?” I asked, clearly already bored with the topic already.

“She'll be your knew nurse. Didn't you hear?” he stated, as if I should have known already.

My body stiffened up as my eyes turned to slits, “No I haven't heard yet.” the words slipped threw my lips like venom.

Bryant quickly walked away knowing that if I'm mad or upset things can get a little messing. I growled spitting out the bitter medicine into a near by trash can. *How can they do this to me?!?* I thought, to myself as the bell rang signaling for us to go to group therapy. I stood up sluggishly walking to the door with little help from the nurses.

“Wa-wait Stepheniiee!” the new nurse Amber called, after me while walking towards me in a hurry. She stopped in front of me no older then 23, “I just wanted to let you know that you'll be my patient from now on.” she smiles happily.

I sighed closing my eyes swinging side to side before opening them again pulling my full lips into a fake smile.

“That's wonderful news!” I said, having a small pep to my voice causing her eyes to shine bright.

“oh well I bet we'll be great friends!” she stated, patting my shoulder and walking away.

Bryant came back with amazement in his eyes “yo-your not serious are you?” he asked quietly causing me to face him. I leaned against his body nuzzling his neck as his arm cautiously wrapped around my waist.

“now why would you believe that I would trust her? She's just there for my pleasures.” I whispered softly grinding against him making him blush.

“St-Stepheniiee w-we shouldn't do this in public!” Bryant said nervously, grabbing my shoulders and gentle pushing me away.

I pout rolling my eyes as I walked to my therapy door tailing my back length brown hair in the ribbon thread given to me. I turned winking at him before walking inside the door as Dr. Lyiiran sat down at the end of the group.

“Ah Ms. Knigha so nice of your to join us.” She stated, giving me a fake smile.

I stared quietly at her before giving her a fake smile of my own, “Oh Katheryn I wouldn't miss it for the world.” I spat, at her in a false friendly tone.

She pushed her glasses above her nose and shuffled her papers as the other group members begin to pile in as I took my chair in the back of the room. Ayiian spotted me right away and quickly made her way next to my side. She was my right hand best-friend in this cold place we called home; and truth be told I loved the girl with all my heart.

“Hey Aniie!” she stated, with one hand in her pocket probably playing with the pills she didn't take.
“If you keep missing your medication your gonna go insane” I whispered, to her which made us break out into fits.
“Would you two like to share whats so funny with the group Ms. Dwarven and Ms. Knigha?” Dr. Lyiiran asked as everyone looked at both of us. I shook my head smiling widely as I got up turning my chair around and sitting in it with my legs spread across it. Ayiian leaned back in her chair as Katheryn begin her lesson for the day.

“Ms. Dwarven would you please tell us one of your wonderful memories.” she asked, trying to hide the smirk that spread across her lips. I scratched my head for a moment as my fully lips begin to tug in a wonderful smile.

“Well Katheryn I believe my most wonderful memory was when I was raped.” I stated knowing at a few female and male patients was raped. I watched as they all stiffened and listen to every word that dripped from my voice. I smiled, as Katheryn shifted in her chair, “It started when I was young, the age of 10” I stated, making all 10 with my fingers.

“My dear brother was the one that took my innocents from me. Boy was it painful” I said, pulling with my fingers looking down with a fake sad expression. I looked under my fully eyelashes as Kate the main one who was in her because of rape begin to fidget in her chair.

“The first time he thrusted inside so fast that I didn't have a change to scream or struggle.” I stated, looking at each of the others covering my face slightly.

“Do you know what he said when he was done?” I whispered as everyone was near panic attack. “Your gonna get raped once again if you tell any body” I said with a demonic tone causing Ryiian to giggle uncontrollable. Everyone who was raped got up screaming loudly causing Katheryn to jump back and call in security for everyone including me and Ryiian. “Now Doc. We've done nothing wrong!” I giggled, softly as I was dragged down the halls by Ricky and Rodney.

“No need to man handle me boys theres enough of my to go around.” I giggled, wickedly as they threw me into my room. I smiled as they locked and left me to my own thoughts which didn't take me long to sit in a corner with my knees to my chest and think.

*Welcome back Stepheniiee...* Kyiiyan whispered in my ear softly as her pulled me into her embrace. I closed my eyes covering my ears “Shut up. Shut up, shut up!” I whispered to myself as a giggled erupted threw my head. “STOOOOOOOP!!” I screamed as loud as I could, causing a few nurses and guards to run into my room sedating me.

I struggled against a few of the guards until the medication hit me. “do-don't...she'll” I mumbled as everything went dark. *Oh Stepheniiee.. my love how have you been?* she smiled as her form took figure to my eyes. She was indeed beautiful; just another me in a much more sinister way that'll make a grown man cry. She has made a few of them cry in the past, but thats where I come in. “Kyiiyan why are you hear?” I stated knowing I was in my mind.

She pushed her (my) brown her from her face as her blue eyes stared back into my own icy blue eyes. *Is that anyway to talk to your savior?* she said as her fingers slipped threw her (my) hair again. I took a step back as she took a step forward; like in a blink of an eye she had me pinned to the wall. My eyes widen as I pinned down with her thigh between my legs rubbing a very sensitive spot causing a low moan to escape my throat. *See Stepheniiee I make your body tingle with lust.* “Kyiiyan let me go. Now!” I hissed in her ear with all my heart.

I felt her chest vibrate at the chuckle she let loose. *Damn Stepheniiee if I was to know you'd reject me like this I would have never let them catch you, and let you find out who I was in the first place.* she laughed in that annoying high pitch voice I so hated. I groaned as she pushed her thigh up high using the gravity making my body tingle as my clitoris was pushed on. “please d-dont do that” I whispered in almost defeat as my head leaned over her shoulder and stared at the dark abyss of my mind. She chuckled again taking a step back and watching my clutch and claw at my own body.

*Your becoming weak child.* she whispered in my ear licking the earlobe softly pulling back as I launched my fist at her. “the only reason I'm here is because of you, you fake bitch!” I growled glaring at her. She smiles as her soft blue eyes stare coldly into my icy blue one, *The only reason your not dead is because I'm alive, remember that Dollie* she stated it while licking her fangs slowly and fading. I glared at her feeling my body tingle from her sudden sexual approach and watching as her body begin to fade further into darkness. * Mon coeur ne bat que pour toi* she whispered softly as I shook my head.

“Yea well my heart beats for you to” I mumbled rubbing my shoulders as a chill went threw my spine. I closed my eyes and let the darkness consume my body as I woke up to the white fluorescent light. I run my fingers across my body to my female sex feeling the wetness it head there, sighing as I got up. “Why must you start things you never finish?” I mumbled to myself (her) as I walked to the door waited as the nursed got everyone up. I was always ready to be the early bird of the tormented family, but I could never fall asleep on time.

Everything felt a little off like something would go wrong any moment and I wouldn't be able to stop it. I frowned as Amber made her Happy-go-lucky ass way to my door opening it with my female washing trinkets. I stepped out padding my feet across the floor passing Ryiian on the next route to the bathroom. Why did everything seem so off? What could possibility go wrong with out me doing it?

I tried to shrug life off taking my meds from Amber waiting till she stopped watching me to throw the medication some where other then down my throat. my body slowly started to tingle when i notice what the time was. licking my lips slowly I slowly walked into the rec room when Ryiian flirted with Jason her personal fuck buddy. Looking around the room until i spotted Amber near Bryant... *Da fawk was wrong with her...? better yet; him.* I let out a loud cough Announcing i was in the room sending Bryant in a wide panic mode before controlling his self cowering to my presences.

To think i was going to give him a present.........

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